And Then There Was Katie Ch. 07


“Who’s Julie?” Katie asked as Mike stepped out of the bathroom after his long shower and redress.

Fuckin’ A, Mike thought, his heart skipping a beat or three. The jabbing knife of panic extracted itself from his stomach as soon as he saw Katie holding up Julie’s business card for him to see. Trying to act like he had not just nearly shit himself, he said daintily, “Oh, she was my press liaison for the day.”

“Your what?” Katie asked with furrowed brow.

“We won the award,” he said matter-of-factly, “so I had to give a bunch of interviews and stuff.”

“You won? That’s so exciting!” Katie said vibrantly, a wide smile spreading across her face.

“Yeah, I’ll tell you all about it on our date. Speaking of, are you ready?” He noticed that she had already changed into a short pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt.

“I am,” she answered, “ready for you to fuck me.” Mike had already stepped in her direction, and her comment added even more spark to the horniness that began the second he saw her standing there. As his arms slid around her waist and he leaned in to kiss her, he was completely hard despite the hard pounding he had given Julie not even an hour earlier.

Smiling and opening her mouth to accept his, Katie closed her eyes and threw her arms around Mike’s neck, squeezing him tightly as their tongues slowly lapped at each other in rhythm with their opening and closing lips. Mike could not help himself as he slid his right hand across Katie’s left hip, across her stomach, and up to her ample breast. He delighted in discovering that there was no bra beneath her loose t-shirt, and he slowly and gently massaged her, paying close attention to her hardening nipple.

He could feel Katie’s chest rising and falling and knew her breathing was becoming more rapid. Her arms retracted from around him until just her hands remained on him, firmly holding the back of his head and forcing his tongue deeper inside her mouth. Just as Mike decided he would take Katie not only during and after their date but also before, he not-so-gently pinched her nipple, prompting her to break their kiss and quickly step back from him.

With a blowing exhale, she said, “Whew! We’d better save some of that for our date! Let’s get going.” Grabbing her small purse, she walked past Mike and strode toward the door. He turned and followed her, adjusting the hardness in his pants so as to hopefully not be as noticeable to any passers-by in the hall.

Their trek to the parking garage was uneventful, and soon Katie was navigating the downtown area like a pro. It was only a few minutes before she turned into the parking lot of the Hard Rock Café, zipping up to the valet station. “When we leave here,” she started, “you’re going to love this place for more than just the loud music and hamburgers.”

Laughing as he reached for his door handle, he quipped, “Are you saying we’re going to bring a whole new meaning to ‘hard rock?'”

Opening her door, she answered, “If I have anything to do with it, yes.” Within seconds, they were strolling up the steps, between the tall columns, through the restaurant’s front door. Katie walked in front, hurriedly making her way to the hostess station. After being greeted by the scantily-clad teeny-bopper, Katie sweetly announced, “We have a reservation for two under ‘Katie.'”

Checking her list, the smiling hostess – Annie, according to her nametag, said, “Of course – right this way.” Mike followed the two women, surveying the restaurant he had visited on more than one occasion. Annie led them upstairs to the mezzanine level, which Mike immediately noticed was much darker than the rest of the establishment. He did not remember there being a seating area upstairs, but it was obvious that Katie did when they stopped at a round corner booth at the opposite end of the section.

As they scooted around the bench seat, Annie placed menus in front of them and told them the name of their server, which Mike forgot as soon as he heard it. Then suddenly, they were alone, sitting close to each other in the middle of the booth a good thirty feet from the staircase. “All the way down to the specific table,” Mike said, eyeing Katie appreciatively. “I’m impressed with your planning.”

“Not a bad place to try for a public screwing, huh?” she smiled, talking as quietly as she could and still be heard over the blaring rock-and-roll. As their waitress approached, Katie leaned over and whispered, “My panties are already soaked just thinking about it.” Her hand slid under the tablecloth and subtly rubbed Mike’s thigh as the server greeted them.

“I’ll have an iced tea and a cherry vodka sour,” Katie announced, surprising Mike with the alcohol request.

At his turn, Mike said, “Also an iced tea, but nothing from the bar for me.” Since he had no qualms about trying to get down and dirty with Katie in the booth and he was not a big drinker anyway, he decided to pass.

Looking curiously at Katie as Antep Escort Bayan the waitress left, she answered his glare. “I want to do it, but my nerves might need a little encouragement.”

“Does that mean you’ve never done anything like this in a public place before?” Mike wondered aloud.

“Never,” she answered. When Mike said no more, she caught on. “Are you saying you have?” she asked incredulously.

“Yeah,” he said hesitantly. “You know, once or twice.”

As the waitress returned and set down their drinks, Katie laughed. “Yeah right. That’s code for ‘a whole hell of a lot.'” Mike just smiled sheepishly in response before telling the waitress that they would need another few minutes before ordering.

When she walked away again, a naughty look spread across Katie’s face. “Tell me about the best time.”

Mike slid his left hand onto Katie’s bare right thigh as he began. “You remember when your dad took us all to Italy?”

“Sure,” she answered, taking a healthy swig of her drink. “God, that was like five years ago.”

“Exactly,” he said. “Well you remember that hotel where we stayed in Sienna? The one where you, me, and Jennifer sat out on the balcony that one night just hanging out?”

“Yeah! That place was so cool,” she said, as she reached the halfway point of her vodka sour. Mike just looked at her, seeing if she would figure out the rest of the story on her own. After a few seconds, she picked up on his gaze; a few seconds after that, he could see the realization wash over her face. “You mean y’all did it right there on the balcony?” she asked in astonishment. When Mike’s only answer was a raise of his eyebrow and a shrug of his shoulders, she continued the questioning. “Did anybody see you?”

Chuckling, he answered, “Not more than a few people.”

“Oh my god,” she said, still seemingly amazed. Mike slid his fingertips up underneath the soft material of her shorts as she asked, “And that didn’t bother you?”

“You asked what time was my favorite. I didn’t tell you about this one because we were intimidated by being seen, because we weren’t,” he stated. “Knowing that people were watching made it one of the hottest times we’ve ever had, period.” By the end of his explanation, he was probing the hem of her panties, running his fingernail up and down the valley of flesh where her leg and crotch met.

He loved watching Katie get hot and bothered, and he could already feel an incredible amount of heat radiating from between her legs. Things were also more than a little moist. Thanks to the darkness of their booth and the tablecloth covering their laps, their server was none the wiser when she reappeared to take their order. Mike looked to Katie and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Oh, I am so ready,” she replied, keeping a straight face in the midst of the double-meaning in her statement. “I’ll have the New York Strip, well done.” As she ordered, Mike noticed the hostess seating another couple across the way from them. He quickly evaluated lines of sight and decided that he and Katie could remain mostly unseen from his side of the booth. He wondered if Katie could overcome the “mostly” and follow through with their plan.

“Well done means no pink, and it will take about twenty minutes to cook. Is that alright?” the waitress asked.

Smiling, Katie answered, “That’s fine,” ending her answer with a sharp inhale as Mike pressed the tip of his middle finger directly in the middle of the small crotch of her thong.

Mike’s heartbeat increased its speed at the thought of momentarily fucking Katie, assuming that was her reason in placing an order that she knew would take awhile to prepare. In his turn, he said, “I’ll just have the Hickory BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, and can I get a side of ranch dressing with that?”

Scribbling furiously, the waitress said, “Sure you can. Would y’all like some refills, maybe something else from our bar,” looking at Katie.

“No thanks,” Katie quickly interjected. “We’ll be fine until our food is ready. You can just wait to bring us more tea until then.”

“Alright,” the waitress said, turning to leave. “Just let me know if you need anything.”

“Thanks,” Katie called after her. As soon as the waitress was out of sight, Katie turned herself so that she could simultaneously shove her tongue inside Mike’s mouth and start the process of opening his pants with her hands. He now wished that he had forsaken his belt, as it took Katie about fifteen extra seconds to get it unbuckled and out of the way. Kissing her feverishly, he lifted his hips when he felt her grab hold of the waistband of his clothes, allowing her to slide everything down to his knees.

Katie quickly gave a look across to the other patrons on the mezzanine level. Apparently satisfied with what she saw, she stood up enough to be able to slide onto Mike’s lap with her back facing him. After a few seconds of leg wrangling and trying to get everything into position, Katie looked back over her shoulder and said, “Ready?”

“Hell yes,” Mike hissed. “Are you?” Looking across their table at nothing in particular, she hiked up the right leg of her shorts. She slowly lifted herself up from his lap until he felt his hard cock slide underneath the back of her thigh and in between her legs. Pulling both her shorts and panties hard to the left, she reached underneath her, took him in her hand, and lowered herself back down, his hard cock feeling no resistance as it entered her. She immediately started rocking herself from front to back, releasing her clothes and pressing her palms on the table for balance.

Even though Julie was a hot lay, she was no comparison to Katie, who immediately started squeezing him with her tight pussy. He felt her panties and shorts dragging along with every movement, which did not bother him a bit but apparently did not work for Katie. In an instant, she lifted herself off of him, yanked her shorts and panties down to the middle of her thighs, and re-impaled herself on him, gasping as she did so.

Mike was glad to let Katie do most of the work, freeing up his hands for other activities. As his arousal quickly built, he slid both hands up under her shirt to her bare breasts. He loved how she felt beneath his fingers, those firm mounds filling his hands but not so much that he could not still envelop them completely. She reacted to his touch, arching her back and leaning her head back on his shoulder as he fondled her. Despite the loud music, Mike could hear her little whimpers and moans as her excitement grew.

After a brief recess, Katie renewed squeezing him with her soft yet strong insides. Mike felt like his cock was being sucked and fucked at the same time, and in just two short minutes, he knew he was very close to cumming. All of the sudden, Katie quickly slid back to the left, slipping her drenched pussy back off of him. “Waitress,” she hissed as she tried to make sure the table cloth adequately covered her partial nakedness.

Mike did the same as his eyes confirmed the approach of their server, whom they had all but told to leave them alone until their food was ready. He had to scoot forward on the seat and throw his napkin down in his lap to accomplish his part of their cover-up, and he was still fiddling with the cloth as the waitress reached their table and said, “Is everything alright?” reaching for their tea glasses to fill them up.

Thankfully, she did not look at Katie very hard or she would have seen the bright red flush in her cheeks, the beads of sweat on her forehead, and the heaving of her chest. As the waitress topped off their drinks, Mike asked, “How much longer do you think it will be on the food?”

“I just checked,” she answered, “and they said probably another ten minutes.”

“Okay, thanks,” he said as the waitress headed over to attend to the other people sitting in the section. Mike found his hips to still be undulating slightly, but to the blaring Bon Jovi instead of Katie’s thrusts upon him.

“Bitch,” Katie mumbled, climbing back on top of Mike’s lap as he slid backward yet again, throwing the napkin to his side. Keeping a close eye on the activity at the other table, Katie once more guided Mike’s body into her own and resumed her limited movements on top of him. This time, he reached his right hand around in front of her and found her clit as she rocked back and forth. Using her wetness to glide easily across her slippery flesh, he began to slowly rub her from side to side, again causing her to arch her back and open her legs even further for him.

Despite his expert pushing of her buttons, Katie was relentless in her attack on his cock. In another few short minutes, he was on the brink again, and he let Katie know it in the midst of her moans and subdued squeals. She doubled her efforts, practically shaking the table off its base in bouncing up and down on him. It was enough, and Mike erupted in orgasm, lifting his hips from the bench and thrusting up into her as he sprayed her insides with his cum.

Just as the last drops dribbled out of him, he heard Katie say, “Fuck,” and again dismount from him. He saw the large tray of food heading toward them, and they repeated their dance to hopefully keep from being discovered. A young man who looked better suited to tuning guitars than to serving food set the side of the tray on the edge of the table before unloading the plates, announcing in turn what each of the two meals were.

“Enjoy,” he said before throwing the tray under his arm and returning to the staircase. Mike’s cock was still semi-hard, and he felt it leaking cum onto the inside of his left thigh where it rested. He knew Katie had not yet cum, so he looked at her to see if and how she wanted to proceed.

He almost laughed at how delicious she looked. So many times had he seen and loved the fire in her eyes, the flush in her cheeks, and the color in her lips after making love to her. The casual passer-by might not interpret those signs to mean that her insides had just been ravaged by a cock, but Mike knew the look at a glance. He knew it, and he adored it.

Mike tilted his head slightly downward while raising his eyebrows in a questioning glance. In response, Katie quickly and subtly nodded in affirmation. Looking under the table, Mike pressed his palms to the top of the table and slid the tablecloth forward to provide more shielding from wandering eyes. Once satisfied, he quickly pulled up and buttoned his pants before slipping under the table and disappearing from sight.

Kneeling into position, he slid Katie’s clothes down to her ankles, pulled her legs apart, and leaned in between them. When he still could not reach his goal, he tried to move forward a little only to knock his head on the table. Wincing slightly in pain, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Sliding his hands up the outsides of Katie’s tanned thighs, he firmly grasped the cheeks of her ass and jerked her forward a few inches, causing her to noticeably slouch down in the booth. Renewing his charge forward, he smelt the strong aroma of their mixed juices just before his outstretched tongue made contact with her sticky pussy.

The thumping bass of the Nirvana song rocked Mike’s soul as he began to rock Katie’s world. He tongue-fucked her like a madman, licking and sucking and grinding his face into her pussy. He forced himself into her all the more when he felt both of her hands pulling on the back of his head and her crotch start to thrust up at him.

Katie’s legs started to twitch and squeeze his head as her pleasure approached its peak. Just when Mike thought he was about to hit pay dirt, Katie’s pussy suddenly disappeared from in front of him as she bolted back upright her seat. As her hands withdrew from around his head, she gave a slight push away from her to his forehead.

“How is everything?” Mike heard the waitress say.

“It’s great,” Katie said impatiently with Mike realizing how ridiculous that statement would sound if the waitress noticed that they had not touched their food as of yet.

“Do…I need to come back?” she questioned Katie, sounding confused.

“He had to go make a phone call,” she gestured toward Mike’s seat. “It’ll probably be five or ten before he gets back, so check back then.” She sounded very demanding and short, but Mike hoped the waitress would heed her request and stay away long enough for them to finish the deed.

He remained motionless, afraid to move lest he catch the waitress’s eye. Wondering if she had gone or not, he felt Katie’s thighs brush past his face as she slouched back down, reaching down and again grabbing the back of his head. She shoved her dripping crotch into his pleasuring mouth and immediately started her rocking thrusts anew.

Mike attacked her hole with his tongue, shoving his nose into where he thought her clit should be residing. His pace was frenetic, and it took no more than another half-minute before Katie’s orgasm ripped through her like fire through a dry forest. When it hit, her hips vaulted upward, pinning Mike’s head between the underside of the table and her creaming pussy. As his oxygen supply was all but cut off, he imagined how she must look, head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth gaping open, hands back helping her to thrust herself outward, cumming long and hard.

He continued to lick and suck her the best he could, and he decided he must have been doing a pretty good job since it took about thirty seconds of her legs quivering before her prolonged climax finally slowed enough for her to collapse back onto the seat, freeing his face and leaving him gasping for air. As quietly and nonchalantly as possible, he climbed out from under the table and plopped down on the bench, buckling his belt to get himself all put back together.

Katie looked incredibly sexy, slumped down, breathing heavily, eyes closed, body shuddering, neck bent at an unnatural angle where her shoulders met the back of the booth. He had a clear view of her bare hips and pussy, which he knew was probably still twitching and oozing.

After a few more moments, she slowly pulled herself back into a normal sitting position, using her fingers to fan out her short hair from where it had matted itself to her sweaty face. Reaching under the table once again, she pulled her panties up and over her hips followed by her shorts. “Hurry and start eating,” she said, obviously concerned with the pending return of the waitress.

Mike dug into his burger, feeding his raging appetite now that his sexual hunger had been temporarily satiated. After downing several bites and half of his glass of tea, Katie finally appeared to pull herself together and pulled her plate in front of her, cutting into her steak. “You alright?” Mike asked.

“God yes,” she said as she chewed. Laughing as she swallowed her first bite, she said, “What’s the matter, stud? Did you think you caused permanent damage?”

“Naw, you just seemed pretty shaken up. It was a good one, I take it?”