And Your Aunt, Too Ch. 01


A few years ago, during the summer after my freshman year at college, my parents went away on a second honeymoon. They headed out on a road trip to Florida and set sail on a Caribbean cruise from there. The last time they went away, back when I was in high school, I had a HUGE party and the house got wrecked. Although I assured my folks that this wouldn’t happen again, they insisted on having my Aunt Kim come stay with me at the house as insurance. Aunt Kim had talked about visiting for quite some time and this would give her a good reason to finally come. The plan was for her to stay with me while my folks were away, and then stay a couple extra days after my parents returned from their trip so they could spend time with her too.

I didn’t really know Aunt Kim before she came to stay that summer because she didn’t live in the same state. I think I may have met her on a couple of occasions when I was young but had to ask my mom to see a photo of her sister to refresh my memory. Mom pulled out a photo album and pointed Aunt Kim out to me. Her smile lit up every picture she was in. To give you an idea what she looked like, I’d say she resembles the blonde mom from that TV show “Modern Family.” I think she was in “Happy Gilmore” too.

You could definitely tell that Aunt Kim and my mom were sisters because they looked very much alike, but Aunt Kim was slightly shorter, a bit thinner, and she had lighter hair. I asked who was older and my mom, who is forty-three, said Kim was about to turn forty, so my mom had three years on her. She said Kim is a free spirit and was a bit of a handful for their parents when they were younger. My mom wondered aloud if Kim would be the one throwing wild parties in their absence, then laughed it off, figuring by forty years of age her “little sister” must surely have matured enough for that kind of thing not to happen.

Aunt Kim arrived the day before my parents left for their trip. Given the packing and preparation my folks had to do, they didn’t have much time to spend catching up. They were off on their way very early the next morning and my aunt and I were left alone to get to know each other. We talked a lot the first day she was there. She seemed like a really cool lady, more of an older sister type than an aunt. She had a great sense of humor and we really hit it off. I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe it won’t be so bad having her here after all.”

Most of my friends had gone away for the summer so I wound up staying home quite a bit. That was fine with me because Aunt Kim was so fun to be around. She didn’t know anybody out where we lived so I was her personal guide and chauffer. Aunt Kim was even cool enough to buy me alcohol and let me drink as much as I wanted to, as long as I wasn’t going to be leaving the house.

I wasn’t quite sure what my mom meant when she said Aunt Kim was a “free spirit” but it may have something to do with not liking to be encumbered by a lot of clothing, or a bra most of the time for that matter. Most of the time when she was around the house Aunt Kim wore a tank top or a t-shirt and shorts. She had a great body and didn’t appear to have any problems with showing it off. Whenever she moved, her firm B-to-C cup breasts freely bounced and swayed, with her nipples frequently jutting out against the fabric of her shirt. I had to make sure not to stare too much, or at least not let her catch me staring at her tits. We were having a bit of a cold spell when Aunt Kim first arrived and she kept saying how she couldn’t wait for the weather to get back to normal so she could lay out by the pool and work on her tan. By about the third day she got her wish. The cold front moved out of the area and it was a typically hot Southwestern day. By the time I rolled out of bed that morning Aunt Kim was already catching some rays while reclining on a lounge chair by the pool. She looked like she worked on her tan quite a bit because she already had quite a good one going. Her tanned skin really stood out against the bright yellow bikini she was wearing. I figured I’d join her by the pool so I got my trunks on, grabbed a towel, and headed outside.

Aunt Kim greeted me with a friendly, “Good morning sleeping beauty, come to join me by the pool?”

“I had to cancel a few appointments on my busy social calendar, but yes I am here to join you,” I replied.

“You came out just in time,” she said as she sat up and grabbed her tanning oil, “it’s time for me to turn over and I need some oil on my back. Would you mind putting it on me?”

“No problem,” I responded and I tossed my towel down as I moved over to her chair. Aunt Kim got up and I helped her put the chair in the flat position and grabbed the oil as she laid back down on it. I sat next to her on the chair as she reached behind her and untied the bikini strings around her back and neck.

The oil drizzled out of the bottle as I squirted it over my aunt’s back, and I set it down and began to spread the oil over her soft skin. In a few easy motions I covered her shoulders doeda and upper back with the slick, coconut-scented liquid. I enjoyed running my hands over Aunt Kim’s tanned body, and my dick quickly began to get hard as I went along. I made sure to take my time and cover every exposed inch with oil. After getting her back and shoulders, I squirted more oil into my hand, rubbed them together, and began to apply it to her sides. I started at her bikini bottoms and moved slowly up her torso to the sides of her breasts, which were slightly bulging out from under her.

“Want me to do your legs too,” I asked.

“Please,” she responded, and I moved down beside her legs. I squirted a line of oil up one leg and down the other and began slowly coating them like I had with her back. She had wonderfully smooth legs and I couldn’t help but admire them, and her wonderful bikini-clad ass, as I smeared the oil over her skin. My hands slowly moved up from the backs of her knees, to her thighs, and all the back down to her ankles. I made sure to get the insides of her thighs, my fingers coming dangerously close to her crotch before heading south.

After running my slick hands up and down Aunt Kim’s sexy legs one last time I announced, “All done.”

“Thanks,” she responded.

By that point I had a raging hard-on, and since I was wearing swimming trunks it was VERY obvious. Not wanting to suffer the embarrassment of having Aunt Kim see me in the state I was in, I quickly dove into the pool. The cool water helped to rapidly shrink erection and after floating around a short time I waded back over to the edge of the pool, at the foot of my aunt’s chair. My eyes again made their way over her shiny, tanned skin and I gazed up between her legs at the yellow fabric covering her ass. I had to look away because I wanted to get out of the water but was starting to get a boner again.

We stayed out at the pool most of the day and, literally, talked about everything under the sun. The following morning Aunt Kim told me she wanted to take her first solo trip out of the house. She said she wanted to go the mall and shop and didn’t want to subject me to whole ordeal. I had been showing her around so she could get her bearings and after a few days of running around with me, Aunt Kim felt acquainted enough with her surroundings that she could head out on her own. I made sure she had our home phone number, as well as my cell phone number, in case she got lost, and she headed out on her own.

After surfing the internet for a while I got my trunks on and took a quick dip in the pool. While floating around in the water I tried to think of what I wanted to do for the rest of the day. I decided to watch Braveheart, my favorite movie of all time. After swimming for a bit I dried off and, since I was alone, peeled off my trunks out on the patio, and hung them over a chair to dry. I then tied the towel around my waist and headed inside to watch my movie.

We’re usually good at keeping our movies organized, and put away where they belong, but I wasn’t finding the Braveheart DVD anywhere. I searched and searched and began to wonder if we had lent it to someone. The last place I had to look was my parents’ room. They have a TV and a DVD/VCR combo on a small cabinet that has storage in it. If it wasn’t in that cabinet I would have no idea where it could have disappeared to.

I opened the cabinet doors but didn’t see the DVD. “Damn,” I thought as I looked back into the darkness. I reached back and fished around the back of the cabinet, just to make sure the DVD hadn’t gotten pushed back where I couldn’t see it, and I felt a VHS tapes in the very back corner. I pulled them out and found they didn’t have any labels on them. I was curious to know what was on them. They could have old TV shows my parents recorded or movies that were on TV, but my suspicion was that it was porn. Why else would they be shoved to the back of the cabinet?

I put one of the tapes in the VCR and turned the TV on. When the screen came on my suspicion was confirmed. It was porn alright. If I had to guess I’d say it was probably from the 80’s. The movie was called “Taboo 2.” I scanned through some of the dialog and sex scenes and found it was a movie dealing with incest. In it, there’s a few scenes featuring a guy fucking his sister and later in the movie he fucks his mom, too.

As I watched parts of the movie my dick swelled to its full length and was pushing uncomfortably against the towel I had wrapped around my waist. I undid my towel and let it fall to the ground as I viewed the hot sex playing out on the television screen, and began lightly stroking my cock. The movie featured a threesome with the brother/son and two older women, him fucking his girlfriend, an orgy scene, and in the end the sister sneaks into her parents’ bed and fucks her dad while the mom is sleeping right next to them.

After the movie finished there were a few lesbian scenes that appeared to have been recorded from eş değiştirmeli porno different movies, and some with older men fucking younger women. Then a movie called “Private Teacher” came on. A couple of the women from “Taboo 2” were in this one too. In this movie a guy who lives with his aunt repeatedly spies on his two hot neighbor chicks through his telescope while they’re screwing guys. He is also seduced by his tutor, fucks the hot neighbor chicks, and later gets a blow job from his aunt’s friend and nails his aunt.

Given that it seems like all the people in porn nowadays seem to shave their pubes off, it was odd seeing so much pubic hair, but I kind of liked it. It was a welcome change seeing dark patches of hair down below. I had been standing in front of the television lightly stroking my throbbing cock while I checked out the videotape, but didn’t want to make myself cum just yet. After skimming through “Private Teacher” I was getting close, and my balls were aching for release.

I could see why my parents chose those movies, and sex scenes, to record because I thought they were all pretty damn hot. It was odd to think of my parents watching porn but given what was on the tape, I got a glimpse of the kind of stuff they get off on. I must have inherited some of the same turn-ons from them because I rather enjoyed it too.

As the movie ended the picture turned to snow for a second and I thought that might be the end of the tape. But then something else came on the TV screen. I was shocked to see the room on the TV screen was the bedroom I was standing in. “Holy shit,” I said to myself, “this is homemade.”

The camera was aimed at the bed. My mom was lying on it and my dad entered the scene, joining my mom on the bed. My mom was wearing some sexy lingerie and dad was only wearing boxer shorts. I felt like the son in “Taboo 2” because there was a scene in that movie where he peeked through his parents’ bedroom door and watched them having sex.

My dad began to kiss my mom and massage her breast through her nightie. He began kissing her neck and my mom said, “Susan from next door came over today.”

“Really, what did she have to say,” asked my dad as he continued to kiss her neck.

“She just wanted to chat. She was really excited because David made the varsity diving team this year. She’s hoping he can get a scholarship.”

“That’s right, he’s a senior this year,” responded my dad.

I thought it was odd that my mom brought up the neighbor coming over in the middle of their foreplay, and began talking about their son, who by now had long ago moved out and graduated from college, but I began to see what was going on as they continued talking.

“Susan was so proud. She brought over some of the pictures the school photographer took of the diving team. He’s really grown into a handsome young man.”

“I bet he really fills out his Speedo nicely, too, doesn’t he,” dad said, egging her on.

“Mmm hmm…they all did. I was getting so wet looking at all those boys with their athletic bodies, and tiny Speedos.”

Dad took my mom’s hand and placed it no his erection, which was sticking out of the opening in his boxers, and said, “I bet you imagined getting your hands on his hard, young cock, like you’ve got it on mine now.” They kissed passionately as my mom stroked my dad’s dick, then he broke their kiss, and continued talking.”

“What would you do with it then?” he asked.

“I would take his hard cock and run my tongue up and down it, licking every inch of it, and then I’d suck it.”

After she said that dad got up, took off his boxers, and moved up next to mom, sticking his dick in front of her face. Just like she said she would do to David, my mom began licking dad’s dick, running her tongue up and down the shaft. She even took his balls into her mouth and sucked them as he reached down and began playing with her tits.

As she began sucking his cock, dad said, “That feels so good, Mrs. King. I’ve fantasized about you doing this for SO long. I would lie in bed at night and masturbate while I thought about you sucking my dick.”

Dad’s talking made my mom suck dad’s dick more hungrily. She swallowed and jerked his pole as he moved his hand down to her crotch. He pushed aside her panties and began rubbing her pussy with his fingers. “Your pussy is so wet, Mrs. King, can I put my finger inside it,” he asked.

Mom took dad’s dick out of her mouth and said, “Put your finger in my pussy, David.” She moaned as dad stuck his finger inside her and went back to sucking him as he moved his finger in and out of her pussy.

Watching my parents talking dirty and having sex on the screen was getting me so hot. I had been tugging on my cock the whole time and was going to shoot my load any second. Mom took dad’s dick out of her mouth and said, “David, I want you to fuck me.”

Dad moved down between her legs, ripped her panties off, then…

The phone genç porno in my parents’ room rang loudly and I nearly jumped out of my skin! Thinking it might be my aunt calling to tell me she was lost, I answered it. I was wrong, it was my mom. She was calling to check on how things were going back home and said they were having a blast. She told me to get some money at the ATM and take Aunt Kim out to dinner to thank her for coming.

It was almost surreal to be standing there, talking to my mom on the phone, while I stood there with my dick in my hand watching her get fucked by my dad on the TV. I did my best to get off the phone with my mom as quickly as I could so I could get back to the business at hand, but as I was saying goodbye to her, I heard a door at the other side of the house shut.

“Fuck,” I thought to myself, “I can’t catch a break.” I certainly didn’t want to get caught standing naked, masturbating in the bedroom my aunt was staying in so I quickly turned the TV off, ejected the tape, and wrapped the towel back around my waist. I quickly ducked into my room, shoved the videotape in a drawer, and went out into the hallway, as I heard Aunt Kim calling out my name. My erection had quickly subsided but I was left painfully blueballed as I greeted Aunt Kim in the kitchen.

She seemed to have enjoyed her running around, and had bought some new clothes. I suggested that she wear one of her new outfits when I take her out to dinner. I advised that I had just spoken with my mom, that they were due to be back in about three days, and that Aunt Kim was to be treated to dinner, per mom’s orders.

We went out a little while later and had an early dinner. Aunt Kim looked stunning in the form-fitting baby blue minidress she had bought. She picked a good Mexican restaurant to eat at and when we got there I told her to order anything she wanted. Aunt Kim had a couple margaritas and we both enjoyed our meals as we talked. After dinner she suggested we pick up a video at Blockbuster so we stopped there and looked around.

Nothing was really catching our eyes until Aunt Kim found an independent movie she had heard about and had wanted to see. It was a Spanish language film with English subtitles called “Y Tu Mama Tambien.” I know a little Spanish and I believe the title translates to “and your mother too.” I wasn’t really in the mood to read a movie(due to the subtitles) but it was Aunt Kim’s night so I went along with the movie she chose. Anyway, it continued with the Mexican theme from dinner. We got the DVD and she asked that I stop by a store so she could get the makings for margaritas(again, keeping with the theme). I couldn’t get any alcohol at the restaurant so I more than willing to stop and get something to drink.

After we got home I changed into some basketball shorts and, due to the hot weather, I opted to go without a shirt. Aunt Kim changed into her usual tank top and shorts and we met in the kitchen to whip up some margaritas. After making a batch we took our glasses of booze into the living room and settled down on our own sections of the couch to watch the movie.

After a couple of credits screens the movie started out with a bang, showing two teenagers going at it. “This movie may be alright after all,” I joked and we both laughed. A couple minutes later, a second teenage boy goes up to his girlfriend’s bedroom and they start going at it while her parents are right downstairs. “Oh yeah, I’m DEFINITELY gonna like this movie,” I added.

Aunt Kim threw one of the couch pillows at me and called me a horndog after that remark. “What? You picked the movie,” I shot back. That was it for the sex stuff in the beginning so I kept quiet and we watched the movie. Then came a scene where the two teenage boys are laying on their backs on diving boards masturbating by a large pool at a country club. They have access to the country club when it’s closed for maintenance and they’re bringing up their girlfriends or whoever they think is hot while they jack off.

Like I said before, my aunt has a great sense of humor, and during this scene she asked, “Is that what you do out on the diving board out back?”

“Only when you’re not around,” I answered. Again we both laughed.

One of the guys mentions a pretty older cousin of the other guy, whom they had recently met, and at that point one of them shoots their load into the pool.

“On that note, I say we pause the DVD because I need another drink,” she said as the guys’ spooge floated in the water. I downed the little bit of margarita I had left and we went into the kitchen to refill our glasses. As we got another drink Aunt Kim asked if the portrayal of the teenage boys in the movie was realistic.

“Somewhat. They’ve got the horny part right, but I could never picture jerking off with one of my buddies.”

After getting drinks we settled in and started the movie back up. When the guys had run into the cousin they mentioned a trip they were taking to the beach and invited her to come but she wasn’t interested. Later, after the masturbation scene, the cousin’s doucebag husband goes on a business trip and cheats on her. He calls her and drunkenly confesses to her and she’s crushed. She then takes her cousin and his friend up on their invitation to join them on their road trip.