Andrew and Me

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A recent Saturday morning in February finds me sitting in my living room watching the snowfall at 4 o’clock. So far it’s not sticking but I don’t get the feeling that it will stop anytime soon. The weather report had predicted 6 to 10 inches.

Fortunately it’s my weekend off because I really don’t feel like battling the weather. Let someone else care for patients. At age 24 I am a new RN hire at U Michigan Health. I should just go back to bed and stay there. I’ll check snow conditions again at 8 o’clock.

I can see a lonely day ahead now that Darren Olsen is no longer in my life.

Darren is a hunk. At 6′ tall he has a muscular physique that gives testimony to lifting weights. His dark hair frames his square face. He has wide thin lips, an upturned nose and dimples. His eyes are brown.

Unfortunately the 40 year old had left me. That sucks because he had told me that the age gap didn’t matter. Bullshit it didn’t matter! It’s not like he gave another reason for dumping me.

We had fun together while our relationship lasted. I had met him at a bar just before I graduated U Michigan school of nursing.

I have to admit we are not cut from the same cloth. He’s a typical male, someone watches sports. I have an effeminate personality. I’ll admit that. I’m not a sorts fan. I enjoy engaging in girl talk at work, or any other setting.

Anyway I sat up only for a few minutes then got back under the blanket. Sex with men is always on my mind these days. Barely a minute under the blanket my briefs landed on the floor and my left hand went to my dick which soon became stiff.

I was to be someone’s boyfriend porno izle again and it was completely unexpected.

With Memorial Day just a week away my friends will no doubt get together. If so, they would include me.

I happened to be on my on my way to the cafeteria when my phone rang in my pants pocket. I wonder who that is. Caller I D accompained a female voice. The caller turned out to be Larry West.

“Hi Larry”

“Steven hi.”

“Let me call you back in a few minutes.”

Larry is a friend who is in a relationship with a dude his own age named Michael. They’ve known each other since highschool, having become acquainted at an LGBTQ meetup.

Julie, a fellow RN, took a seat across the cafeteria table. Not intending to ignore her, I said that “I need to call this person.”

I pulled my phone from my pocket to check my missed call log. Ordinarily she and I would’ve chatted. She might talk about her husband and trivial incidents in her relationship. I could talk about my boyfriend, if I still had one.

“Boyfriend,” she asked.

“Just a friend.”

I picked Larry’s number from the contact list.


“Hi Larry, what’s going on?”

“A bunch of us are getting together Monday by the lake. Can you make it?”

“I have to check my schedule. If I’m off I’ll be there.”

I had gone at least 6 months without without getting laid. Larry has a lot of friends. I hope he has a friend who’s single. I need a dude.

There were 6 of us who came together on the shore of Lake St. Clair just to walk and talk, get lunch someplace and just enjoy the scenery. No one had porno even considered going to a club although we might still do that.

“Steven this is Andy.”

“How are you doing?”

“I’m good and you?”

“Very well.”

Andy is my height, 5 10. He’s blond with green eyes and a sharp nose.

“What are you into? Have you ever been here?”

“Figure skating. I love watching it, especially couples.”

Cool, one common interest.

We chatted about that topic.

I asked after a few remarks, “do you skate.”

“I do. Do you?”

“Sometimes. I don’t do all the stunts.”

We spent much of the afternoon chatting with each other becoming acquainted. A few times our chit chat was interrupted by our friends but we were able to resume it.

By 5 o’clock all of us were at Benito’s Pizza outdoor seating. A mild westerly breeze chilled the air. Six beers and three large pizzas had been brought to our table by a cute brown-haired boy with blue eyes, probably under age.

Andy and I took seats directly across from each other.

“Steven will you call me?”

“You bet!”

Score! I’m going to get laid.

“Give me your phone.”

I handed him my phone. Seconds later he handed it back with his number on my contacts.

Beaming, I read the number then looked at him. I set my phone beside my dish.

My joy was not lost on my companions.

“Someone’s getting laid soon.”

Night had fallen when I arrived back in my apartment by myself. Tuesday will be just another work day for him as well. I plopped into my sofa in the dark.

The clock on my microwave registered rokettube 9 05. All is right in my world because I have a date Friday night with a smoking hot dude. I can’t stop thinking about Andrew.

I pulled my shirt off and tossed it forward. In under a minute my pants, shoes and briefs are with my shirt in front of the coffee table.

Naked, my fantasy went from G rated to X rated. Holding my dick loosely, I made slow upward strokes until the limp organ became stiff. I tightened my grip and tilted my head to watch my hand sliding rapidly.

The mental image of lying naked naked on my belly as Andrew’s tool hammers my prostate gland keeps my hand busy.

Friday evening at 6 finds Andrew and me entering the movie theater. We had already decided what movie to watch.

“I got this,” he said.

A second later he handed his VISA card to the attendant, a high school age boy.

“Two for ‘Phantom of the Open’.”

The movie is about a middle-aged English shipyard crane operator who decides to become a pro golfer. He’s not good at it.

The theater was approximately half full when we came inside and took seats near the front. Patrons were still coming inside while the coming attractions were playing.

The featured movie had been playing for about 10 minutes when I placed my hand on Andy’s right thigh. He turned his head to me and put his hand on my hand.

Do you want to make out?

Once again my brain creates an image. I’m lying on my back with my legs above him while his thick cock hammers me. Grunts mask intense delight in having penis inside me.

I whispered close to his face. “I want to have sex tonight.”

“That makes two of us.”

As the words hung in the air between us open mouths touched allowing tongues to probe deep.

So what if people object to us making out in the theater.

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