Angel of the Night


It was dark and raining hard that night. I was on my way back from delivering a broken down car to the nearest city dealership. I had left directly from the dealership, instead of spending the night; I get tired of sleeping in strange hotel rooms. I had decided to surprise my boss by coming back early so he had the use of the truck the next day.

Half way home, driving through the blinding rain I was beginning to second guess my own judgment. Rain slick roads, and the sheer mountain drop offs beside the roadside, had me slowed right down to a crawl. Still one hundred miles to go before I could reach my own bed, at this reduced speed would take me a least a couple of more hours unless this damned rain let up.

It had already been a hellish long day. The calls had started around 10 Am., mostly tourists locking their keys in their cars. Family men on vacation, who are too lazy or inept to change their own flat tires, the Asian family who were too engrossed watching the mountain scenery to pay attention to the road, driver included. Thankfully, these new cars are so safe now that even though the car was upside down on the rocks everyone escaped with minor cuts and bruises. I hope they took out the extra rental insurance, otherwise they just bought the rental agency a new car. Then about 10pm the call comes in about the last car. Family stranded 30 miles south of town, on their way home to the city. On warranty, deliver them to their home, take the car to the dealership and spend the night in the city.

So it’s now 3 am and the tense driving conditions are beginning to take their toll on me. I’ve driven this highway so many times I could probably drive it in my sleep, but tonight that would be suicidal. Scanning my memory I know that there is a large roadside pullout about 10 miles ahead. Large enough, that there is room for my truck and at least an RV to safely sit off the road. Hopefully there are not two RV’s parked there tonight.

The rain is really pouring down now, cats and dogs rain, as my mother used to say. Slowing down for the approaching corner, I know this one is bad. Wind and driving rain have fractured the rock face for thousands of years. Combined with our frigid winters and the action of the frost there is usually a scattering of small rocks on the road surface. Sometimes the larger ones, 12 inches or bigger, are plenty capable of ripping out the oil pan on even my taller truck.

Suddenly I see flashes of light. I can barely make it out, seems to be coming from the edge of the road. Easing on my brakes I turn on my strobes and warning beacon lights. I flick on my front spotting lights and I come to a gentle stop. Now I see someone waving a flashlight on the road edge. They come running up to the truck looking like a drowned cat. Long blond hair plastered down to their scalp wearing a light jacket, completely soaked to the bone. I invite them up into the cab of the truck.

In the interior light I see it’s a young woman, completely sopping wet. Water dripping off her long hair and sodden clothes she sits down. Hastily I grab a blanket from behind the seat and hand it to her. I tell her to wrap herself up. She’s shivering with cold.

With chattering teeth she explains that she came around the corner and seen the rocks on the road and panicked. She swerved to the left lane to avoid the rocks but was going to fast, and spun around and headed into the ditch. When she came to a stop her small RV was completely off the highway stuck in the wet soft shoulder. All she could see from the driver’s seat was her headlights pointing out into empty space. Hurriedly she scrambled out the rear door grabbing nothing but a flashlight. She had been huddled up against the cliff on the inside lane waiting for hours for anyone to come and help her. She was too scared to climb back into the RV to grab even a heavier jacket, afraid that it might slide further down the slope into thin air.

I cranked up the cab heater onto high and grabbed my rain jacket and a flashlight and told her to wait in the truck and warm up while I went to investigate. It was an impressive sight. Her front tires were about 12 inches away from dropping off a steep incline down a slope of broken rock that was at least several hundred feet deep. The wet shoulder had her RV mired in to the bottom of both front and rear axles. It was going to be a wet messy job to bring it back onto the pavement. I couldn’t tell if there was any damage to the underside, hopefully there weren’t any large rocks wedged up underneath the vehicle.

Climbing into the cab, I briefly explained to her what I was going to do. Grabbing my rain pants I hurriedly slipped into them. Grabbing flares and reflective triangles I set them up on both sides of the corner. Thankfully I would be winching from the apex of the corner so there would be no excuse for anyone to run into me as I was winching with the truck sitting across both lanes.

Climbing back into the truck I had to wipe the insides of the windows. Her being Bayan Escort Gaziantep saturated with cold water and the high heat had completely fogged up all the windows. At least she was no longer shivering. She was still shaking though, but now I could see she was quietly sobbing. She explained that she had been so scared of dying alone in the cold lonely mountains that the adrenaline was just started to wear off.

Consoling her briefly as I positioned the truck, I handed her my jacket to wrap up in.

I felt mean spirited as I explained to her that I had to recover her RV as quickly as possible while my flares lasted. The last thing I wanted was to stop halfway while winching to set out new flares. Some people are just stupid enough that if they were speeding they might not see the truck in time to stop.

It was a wet and miserable recovery. Shoveling out a path underneath the RV so I could securely attach chains, I was soon covered in mud. The rain if anything was coming down harder. Colder too, it seemed, to make things more uncomfortable. I ended up setting out new flares twice, before I had completed winching it out of the ditch onto the hard pavement.

I moved the truck back to the inside shoulder lane against the cliff. I tried starting the RV up to get it parked safely behind my truck, but she had left her headlights on for too long and the batteries were completely dead. Once again I repositioned my truck in preparation of towing her RV. I still couldn’t tell if there was any damage underneath, there was so much mud wedged up on the underside. Finally everything was all hooked up and ready to go. I walked back to collect all the spent flares and triangles.

One last trip into the ditch to make sure I hadn’t left any tools and to shovel the ruts full so there wouldn’t be any trace left after the rains let up. That was to keep the Park Wardens happy. I take pride in the fact that I leave a scene cleaner that it was before I arrived.

At least the driving rain had rinsed most of the mud off my rain coat and pants. Stripping them off outside the truck I tossed them in the tool box. Only then did I realize how much I had been sweating underneath them with all the work. Now I’m shivering as I climb back in the cab. My passenger is asleep with my jacket wrapped around her. I guess the stress she’s been through just caught up with her. Oddly I don’t even know her name yet. I crank up the heat again, and roll down my window a little so the windows don’t fog up again. Hopefully there is no one parked in that roadside pullout. I was tired before, now I’m running on fumes.

Thankfully there is no one parked in the pullout. I drive right in with my passenger still asleep. I decide to let her sleep on a while longer. Jumping out of the truck I climb back into my wet muddy rain clothes. The ten miles of mountain road has shaken all the mud loose from her RV. With it still up in the air attached to my truck, I crawl underneath and take a close look. Amazingly there is no damage at all, just some mud up in the frame rails. A quick trip to the truck wash will clean that up. Lowering it down to the ground I unhook it and run out my cables to charge the batteries.

After charging her batteries sufficiently, I started up her RV and cranked up the heat so it’d be nice and warm for her. Gathering all the pertinent information I was ready to start writing out her recovery bill. Climbing once more out of my wet rain clothes I hopped back into the truck. My unknown passenger is still asleep in the cab. “Oh well, I’ll let her continue on a while longer until I’m done the invoicing”, I think to myself. Reading her rental agreement from the RV, I now know her name is Maria and she’s from the southern end of the province. Odd that a young lady would be traveling by herself in a rented RV…

Completing her invoice, I gently shake her shoulder till she wakes up. After introducing myself I explain that I’ve completed the recovery, and that I’ve brought us to a safe pullout. Telling her that there is no damage to her RV and that it’s warming up right behind us, it’s time to discuss payment. She readily pays the fees in cash, and I hand her the receipt, and her rental agreement. I tell her I’ll go grab her jacket, so she doesn’t get soaked again, and check and see if her vehicle is warm enough.

Running back and forth between our vehicles has soaked me to the bone as the rain has picked back up again. Once again I’ve taken another chill, “Oh the joys of my career”, I think to myself. Handing her a dry jacket I tell her to wait a few more minutes till her RV gets a little warmer. I’m still curious about her situation, and so we start talking.

Seems that her boyfriend had died in an accident six months ago, and they had prepaid for their dream vacation in the mountains, and she decided to continue on with those plans. I could hear the sadness in her voice, and I apologized for bringing up sad memories. Then I explained that I had lost my own brother in a car accident many years ago. That the pain seems unbearable now, but eventually it will pass in its own time and way and you’ll be able to remember the good times without the heartache.

She asked me if I was continuing on right away as she would feel reassured if I followed her on to my hometown, as she had booked a campsite there for a few days anyway. Explaining to her that I just didn’t have the energy to drive any further without at least a couple hours sleep, I had just planned on stretching out across my truck seats and crashing here. She agreed that I probably had the right idea, and asked if it would be alright if she also stayed in the pullout and did the same. I told her that would be a good idea and if she was awake after I woke she could follow me into town then.

Then she insisted that I come back to her RV and at least wash up, I quickly agreed. Especially when she told me she had a bottle of 18 year old scotch for a quick night cap. Besides even after being rain soaked and then baked in my truck she was still quite good looking. Once inside her RV, she complained that perhaps just washing up wasn’t going to cut it, she asked me if I had a change of clothes, which I did, but behind the seat of my truck. Insisting that I hop into her shower, she donned her jacket again and went to get my spare clothes.

The hot shower felt so good after working out in the rain and mud. Calling out to her through the bathroom door I asked if she had found my clothes, I didn’t hear any response. Wrapping myself in a towel, I went out into the main room. Calling out once more, she mumbled out something from behind her closed bedroom curtain about Scotch on the table. Sure enough there was tumbler filled with ice and an unopened bottle on the table, but no sign of my clothes. As I filled my glass I heard her rush behind me to the bathroom, and the lock click shut on the door. Knocking on the door there’s no response but I hear the shower running. Peeking in her bedroom I don’t see my clothes anywhere.

Not one to ever waste a good Scotch I settle in to enjoy it as I wait to find out what exactly is happening. Eventually she comes out wrapped in a robe. With her long hair combed out straight she’s quite good looking. She explains that she couldn’t bear the thought of her rescuer sleeping on those wet muddy seats while she slept here alone in comfort. Handing me my wallet and pocket change, she explains that she left my clean clothes in the truck, and tossed my muddy clothes out the bathroom window. Seems I have no choice in the matter, unless I want to rush to my truck wrapped in nothing but a towel and my boots. Then she tells me I’m not to think of stealing her towel with a mischievous grin.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I sit back down and decide to see how this plays itself out. Pouring her a healthy shot of Scotch and refilling my own glass we settled in and talked. It didn’t take long before the Scotch hit me, and I started to doze off there at the table. Insisting that I take her bed she led me there by the hand and said she’d sleep on the couch. By this time, I was so tired I was beyond arguing.

The early morning sunlight filtering through the blinds woke me. I had my arms wrapped around the naked woman spooned in front of me. Her warm body felt great snuggled against me. My morning hard on was pressed against her firm ass. Her ample breasts felt wonderful beneath my arms. As conscious thought slowly returned to me, I couldn’t recall anything past her leading me to the bedroom. I wasn’t complaining, mind you. I hadn’t been with a woman in a long time. My job doesn’t lend itself to stable relationships. Long days, few days off, or no summer vacations don’t make me a good mate.

Pulling her tighter to me, I start to gently kiss her neck. Tracing soft kisses up to behind her ear I gently nibble on it. My free hand starts caressing slow circles. Down her side, and hip, moving slowly to her thighs, brushing her pubic mound, upwards across her belly, to her firm breasts. She moans now, and arches her back closer to me. Shifting her hips she has slipped my cock from between us, to between her thighs.

The feel of my hard cock resting between her ass cheeks and gently rubbing against her pussy is making me wet now. I now have a breast firmly in each hand. Gently massaging each in my hands, working from base to each hardening nipple has her moaning.

Turning her onto her back, I can now begin kissing her breasts. I kiss wet circles around her aroused nipples, my lips just barely brushing her dark pink hard buds. My rough wet tongue gently licking at the tips is making her groan. My lips nibbling and teeth nipping at them are making her writhe beneath me.

Positioning my hard swollen cock between her thighs, I pull her legs together between my own, trapping my manhood, up against her womanhood. Tracing kissing between her womanly breasts, I work my way upwards. Up her long neck, the underside of her chin, her cheeks, her lips. My mouth deeply engulfing her lips, I pull her breath away. Kissing her cheeks, upwards her eyes, and forehead, turning her head aside, kissing and nibbling on her ears.

Meanwhile my hard cock is rubbing against her moistening vagina. Lubricating with our combined juices, it’s working between her pussy lips. Pressed firmly against her engorged clitoris my swollen cock is grinding against her yielding cunt, always slipping up and down between her moist flushing cunt lips. Her pussy is getting so hot and sticky, seemingly begging for more.

I kiss my way downwards again, past her gasping lips, down her arching neck, back to her breasts. Engulfing each breast in turn, I inhale as much of each into my hot moist mouth as I possibly can. I bite each nipple as I release first one then the other. Kissing a path between her breasts I slowly trace my rough tongue down her belly. Gently licking at her belly button till she giggles, downwards I continue, until I reach her shaved pubic mound. My wet tongue traces a path around her small amount of pubic hair.

My tongue dragging slowly downwards, drawn by her sweet aroma, tempting my nostrils. My curled tongue traces a straight line down the center of her swollen moist lips, dragging her escaping moistness downwards. I lick her sweet cunt honey off my lips. My tongue now traces circles around the outside of her vagina. I quickly dart my tongue between her swollen lips to make her gasp in delight.

My lips are now kissing the inside of her left thigh, downwards, small kisses down her quivering leg, down to her toes. Each toe gently kissed and sucked into my hot mouth, each in turn. Now her other foot starting with each toe, working my way upwards back towards her womanhood. Wet kisses now, covering each millimeter of her swollen engorged outer lips, licking up her dripping honey that is escaping her cunt. Gently with my fingers I spread her rose colored lips apart so I can see her gaping cunt open willing for me.

Her hands are now wrapped around my head urging me towards her glorious pussy. My probing tongue licks her dripping cunt from bottom upwards, soon encircling her engorged little clitoris. Soft licking strokes on her love button soon bring her to orgasm. Her hands are now urgently pulling my head deep into her crotch. The tongue now a hard dart I drive it deep into her gripping pussy. Spearing her as deep as I can I fuck her clenching hole with my tongue until she rewards me with an explosion of her cum. Greedily I lick her clean and zero in again on her little clit until she rewards me again.

I crawl upwards over her body until I can position my dripping cock between her pussy lips. I can still feel her cunt pulsing as she recovers from her last orgasm. My purple crown feels so hot as its wrapped in her moist lips, its all I can do to resist slipping it deep into her throbbing tunnel, but I have more plans for her now. Instead I kiss her passionately, pushing her lips apart with my tongue; I share her sweet cunt juices with her. She’s grinding her hips up and down against my cock, trying to trap me with her hot pussy. Instead all she’s accomplishing is to further excite her enflamed clitoris on my ridged purple crown. Now she’s orgasming again as she mashing her mouth against mine, until she screams in a primal heat as she reaches her peak.

I roll over onto my back and slide down the bed until my legs hang off the edge. I ask her to sit above me facing my feet, and she complies. Her pink pussy is above me now, still dripping its sweet nectar. Above I can see her tight little puckered asshole. I ask her to sit up so I can zero in on this new target. One hand reached around her hips so I can finger her wet cunt, as I begin kissing her firm ass. She’s so very wet that her honey is dripping on my neck and chest. My wet tongue is licking up and down her ass crack, lubing her as my fingers probe her hungry cunt. With 2 fingers now pumping her pussy I dart my tongue into her tight little asshole. I feel her hand slip down above mine and she begins to frantically finger her aching clitty.

My fingers, her fingers, and my tongue fucking her ass soon bring her to a monstrous orgasm. She’s now crying out and shaking above me, so I abandon her ass and drive my tongue deep into her orgasming cunt to lap out her sweet honey, until she’s in the throws of another huge orgasm. Her cries are now primal, and loud, as she’s feeding me her exploding pussy, literally thrusting it down to meet my lapping tongue, until she crawls off of me totally spent. She lies down beside me and asks me to hold her. I hold her spooned in my arms until we both drift off to sleep.

I awake to feel my cock engulfed in heavenly bliss. She’s got it firmly entrapped between her lips. Slowly gliding up and down, coating my entire length in her saliva. As soon as she sees my eyes open, she winks at me and takes my engorged cock deep in her throat, until her lips are gripped tightly around the thick base. I groan in pleasure as I feel her teeth lightly drag upwards until my throbbing wet cock pops free of her talented mouth.