Angela: Bored at Home


For my 40th birthday, back in 2013, my husband agreed to pay for redo of my boobs. I wanted to get new implants, to replace old ones with safer new models, and tighten the girls up. Not increase in size, just renewing. I was happy enough with size. I was more than happy with the result – they stood better without bra, and plenty of guys (and some girls) paid more attention to me. That’s what I love the most – attention (and shiny things). Rest of my body is nothing to ignore, either – I spend plenty of time in the gym and sunbathing, I’m blonde, and I have a lovely face.

Couple of months later, I was out on Friday night with my friends, celebrating Janey’s 39th birthday. We had dinner, then hit a couple of bars and a club, and got wasted drinking. I even managed to have a quick hook up in the back of the car in the parking lot of the club around 3 in the morning. God bless designers of hot little black dresses! It was with a guy I had some fun with before, but I don’t remember much from that time. I know I came, but I was too drunk for details. Too much drinking impairs memory.

I came home just after 6 in the morning on Saturday, and went directly to the shower because I was reeking of sweat, smoke, and spilled tequila shot. I walked naked into bedroom, woke up the husband getting in, but I was too dizzy to sleep or have sex, so I got up from bed, pulled on a robe, and kept him company as he got ready for his morning of golf. He would not be back until late afternoon. I had plenty of time to rest after he was gone.

I had a walk in the garden, then realized I was too awake to go to sleep, so I started to clean up a little. By 8 I had vacuumed the house, and was about to dust the living room when the doorbell rang. I actually sweared who would be up that early. I went to the door, making sure the robe was closed because I had nothing under it. I opened the door and my husband’s nephew was there. I completely forgot he was coming over to take out boxes of old stuff from the attic down to the garage to be thrown away. I knew it would take him 2-3 hours at least, so I let him go upstairs.

Nephew, Jake, youngest child of my husband’s older bitchy sister, recently turned 18 and was on the football team, playing tackle or something like that. I didn’t pay much attention to that, I wasn’t interested in that sport. As he kept going up and down from the attic, I couldn’t notice that he bulked out his muscles in the last two years. His grey sweatpants and white (now dusty and dirty) t-shirt made it obvious he had a lot of muscle. He was about 6′ (182cm) tall, and about 200lbs (90kg) or maybe even more.

When I was done with cleaning, I asked him how it was going, he said he was about quarter done, so I told him he should stay for lunch, it should be just ready when he is done with carrying it all. He would do me a favor so I wasn’t alone at home.

I went up to the bedroom, and cleaned myself up from dust, refreshed my makeup, and switched the robe for a light blue summer dress. I didn’t bother putting on underwear since I was at home. I stepped into 3.5 inch open toed mules, and went downstairs to the kitchen. First things first – I needed a pick me up, since I was not going to go to bed any time soon. By the time the nephew was done and gone, hubby would be home again. I made coffee, and drank it while surveying the fridge and pantry, deciding what to cook. By the Antep Escort Bayan time I prepared everything I needed on the counter, I was done with coffee, and pulled out coffee liqueur and made myself a Black Russian (1 part vodka, 1 part coffee liqueur, cola of your choice to taste). Just because it was 10 in the morning didn’t mean it wasn’t past 5 somewhere else in the world.

Sipping the cocktail, I cut up vegetables, and put the meat through the mincer. Had another Black Russian, and made one for nephew, then went up to the attic to check on him and bring him a refreshment. Stayed up 10-15 minutes and talked to him a little. I caught him glancing at my boobs, and it made me feel good. I did some light flirting, with no real intent, then went back to the kitchen. I made the dough for the dumplings, and let it rest while I was mixing meat and veggies. Nephew stopped by a couple of times for a refreshment and a little chat. Not to mention to enjoy the view. By 11, I was half way into my third Russian and I was ready to stretch the dough for dumplings.

Halfway through rolling it out, nephew came down and said it was the last box. I told him to go clean up, then he can keep me company while I finish the food. He was back in a few minutes, minus the t-shirt, and I bit my lip when I looked at it. Yummy. He pulled out a clean one from his bag, and pulled it on. Party pooper. I had him make us another drink, and we chatted. I was with my back turned to him, rolling out dough, cutting it up into squares. I could feel his look on me, and the topic was coming back constantly to my gym regime because I looked so fit (his words, not mine). I would just laugh and thank him. I was really feeling the buzz, and there was cotton in my head from being awake for over 24 hours.

I could hear myself being flirty with him, even though I knew after I said it that I shouldn’t. It kept happening. He flirted back, and I was excited by that, even though I knew it was a bad idea to keep doing it. Then I more felt than heard him move behind me, putting his hands on my waist.

“Aunty Angela, I have a question for you,” he whispered in my ear. His breath was so warm that I felt goosebumps on my arms. “I heard couple seniors last year brag how they were fucking you at a party after the win in quarter finals. Is that true?”

I kept working the dough, thinking what to say. “Is it true you like young guys?” he whispered as his hands moved up on my breasts and he pushed his crotch against my ass. I tried to move forward but with nowhere to go, I could clearly feel how hard he was against my ass. He was squeezing my breasts, and each time he did it I would feel a throb in my pussy from excitement. I kept cutting the dough, and told him he was being rude and I’m his aunt, he should stop doing that.

He didn’t say anything, just let go off my breasts, and moved his hands down my hips and thighs. He took my dress and raised it to my waist, then reached in front of me and slid his hand across my hip down between my legs and put it on my pussy. “You’re not ever wearing underwear,” he whispered again. “Is that how much you like dick? Always prepared to take it?”

At this point I was just holding and squeezing the dough with my eyes closed. I knew it was going to happen, and I was feeling stupid for encouraging him, and hot because he was so fit and, let’s be honest, his hand was on my pussy and I could feel his hard dick against my back. I just stood there, and slowly spread my legs a little. He whispered I was very wet, then he let go off my pussy and pulled down his pants to his knees, crouched behind me and I could feel him aim between my legs. I was excited.

I felt him open me up and slide in without stopping, then his hands were on my breasts again and I leaned forward on my elbows to make it easier for him. He was not patient type, he went right away to a full speed fucking. I ended up with my feet barely touching the floor, hanging on the edge of the counter, held back from sliding down by his hands on my waist and his pounding dick inside me. I was soon moaning pretty loudly, really enjoying it.

Less than 5 minutes in he grunted and I felt him cum inside me. He stood there for 20 seconds, catching his breath, then he pulled out of me, pulled up his pants and said he was not staying for lunch. I slid down back to the floor, held to the counter to come to my senses, and then got pissed! I turned around and started screaming his head off – is he fucking insane, fucking me in my own kitchen? I’m his fucking aunt, and he disrespected me and his uncle like that. He was dumbstruck, with a shock on his face. I’m head shorter than him, significantly lighter than him, but I was acting like I can rip his head off, and he was afraid.

“And on top of it, you fucked me selfishly and didn’t make me cum!” I poked him with my finger into his chest yelling at him and then he was against a couch and just fell back on it. I told him to pull his pants down and make sure he is still hard. He did as he was told, and his dick was still hard enough for me to sit on it and start riding it. Soon he started getting harder and then I felt much better. I was anger-riding his dick, and it felt so good. I didn’t let him touch me, just used his shoulders to lean on with my hands while I was riding it fast until I came.

After I stopped cumming, I sat on his dick, getting my breath, then got off of it, told him I am going to clean up, and he can use the other bathroom to clean up, and then he will set the table. I did not cook just for myself. I went to the toilet, then washed up and cleaned his cum from my thighs, checked my makeup, and went back to the kitchen. I finished making dumplings, put them into a pot to cook, then checked on him. He was in the living room watching TV, avoiding my eyes. We sat and watched it together, not talking, until dumplings were done, then I served them with a glass of wine for each of us.

He said they were good, and complimented me on my cooking. We finished, I had him help me wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen. Then I called hubby to check when he is coming and how he is doing, told him Jake has cleaned up the attic and we just finished eating. Yes, he was a good boy, polite and listening to what he is told. I said love you and bye, hang up, and said that hubby won’t be back for 3 more hours. Does he want to fuck me again before that?

I could literally see his dick get half hard in 5 seconds that took him to process my question and mutter out a “yes”. I told him to get naked, and I pulled the dress off of me, pushed him back onto the couch and kneeled over his lap. I told him to keep his mouth shut about this, or he won’t get a chance to fuck again. He said his mouth was shut, then I kissed him and ground against his half hard dick until he grew fully hard. Then I stopped kissing him and kept sliding my pussy against his dick, working myself up to another orgasm. I let him suck and kiss my boobs, which only brought me closer to cumming. I came hard, then stood up from him, and told him to come with me. I went upstairs to the bedroom, lay on my back on the bed with my legs spread.

He climbed between my legs, and I took his dick in my hand, stroking him for a little bit, then pulled him closer to my pussy, and put my legs up on his shoulders. I let go off his dick and he guided himself inside me. I told him to keep it fast and rough, but don’t he dare cum until I tell him. He pushed in and out a few slow strokes, then started doing it fast, going all the way in with loud slapping sounds against me. He fucked me in that position for a few minutes, making me feel so good. Then he pushed my legs toward me and leaned down to kiss me. He was so deep inside me and kept it rough and fast, while I was bent in half under him. His weight felt so good on top of me. I came a second time and told him to keep going, and a minute later I came again.

I let him pick his position then, and he wanted doggy style. He got off of me, and I turned around and got down on my knees and hands and soon felt him slide back inside. He didn’t fuck me as hard and fast as on top of me, but his dick felt nice sliding inside me, too nice, and I dropped face down after 5 minutes, just my ass up in air. He kept fucking me in that position for another 10 minutes I guess, before I came. Then he pushed my ass down and laid on top off me, making it hard for me to breath and started rough and strong fucking me, reaching one hand bellow me and rubbing my clitoris, and other squeezing my breasts.

I loved how his weight felt on me, squeezing me into the bed, making me fight for every breath, while his dick was sliding in and out of me, slapping his pubes against my ass. He was relentless, he kept that pace for 15 minutes, kissing my neck and shoulders, rubbing my pussy, and all I could do was grab the covers or pillows, and bend my legs at the knees. I could not move under him, and then I was ready to cum again. It felt so good. My legs were shaking as I was closing to it, and then I came! It was the strongest orgasm that day. I tried to curl up, but couldn’t because of him. I probably sounded like I was having a stroke.

He kept his pace without stopping, and when I calmed down I told him to get off of me and on his back. He rolled off of me, and I barely didn’t get on my knees how exhausted I was from the sex. Cover under me was soaked in sweat. I thought I’ll have to put it in the washer before hubby is home. I knelt to Jake’s side and told him he can cum now, and lowered my lips onto his dick. I took a few exploratorty slides up and down, then started to move up and down it fast, like I was fucking my face. He didn’t hold back, and was done in under a minute. He came when I was at the top of his dick, so all his cum was on my tongue – he was salty sour, not a bad taste.

I told him to go home now, I’ll let him know if and when I wanted him again. I I pulled off the covers and sheets, and put on fresh ones, then took these sweaty ones to the washing machine. I had another shower, got dressed in a clean dress, and made a very strong coffee. I was going to need it before I had the opportunity to go to bed. I looked out the window at Jake walking down the road and smiled. Sometimes unexpected pleasure happens.