Angels Ch. 05 – Saving Her Job


This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts sex between consenting adults, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


John is now Angels Lingerie’s Art Director, tasked with propelling their brand name into the stratosphere and doing a decent job of it. Before that though he headed up the IT section making the complex hardware and software knit seamlessly which when he sat back reflecting seemed a million miles away from his life now; all be it he was occasionally dragged back to that world to assist the successor he had chosen. It certainly was a leap but since he was a lad, photography had been his life’s passion and now it was his job, but before all of that…

It wasn’t unusual to find him sat in the office on a Saturday morning; it was the best time to clear his desk without the telephone interrupting him. When he heard the door close, it was more out of irritation than interest to see who had entered his section. Instead of it being one of his fellow managers who might occasionally be working on a weekend, he found it was Jean, one of the women who worked in his section.

“Hello” said John with a surprised tone. “What are you doing here on a Saturday”? He watched as she crossed the office timidly; his main focus was, as always, her chest. John knew it was wrong to lust after his staff, but he was an out and out tit-man and Jean did have very nice breasts that she unwittingly shoved at him on more than one occasion as she leaned over his desk.

“I came to have a private word with you while no one else was around. I knew you’d be here today,” ventured Jean. Instead of sitting in the chair opposite his desk, she came around his side of the desk and perched herself on the edge of his desk.

“Well fire away,” said John, leaning back in his chair.

“Well… You know that David has just been made redundant” he had heard that the factory her husband worked at was closing. “And I’m sure you’ve heard the rumours that this place may be taken over” she continued. “It’s just that being one of the newest in the department, I know I’m probably the first out the door. But with David still looking for work we can’t afford for me to lose this job as well. I’ve talked this over with him and we agreed I should come and talk to you”. John drew in a deep Haramidere escort breath and was just about to tell her that she was probably one of his best staff and had no chance of being made redundant. Especially as the rumour about their company was completely wrong, just then Jean leant over and said in a low whisper “I will do anything to keep this job” as she leant forward, she gently squeezed his crotch.

“Wow, wow” said John in complete surprise holding his hands up, “What would David say if he saw you?”

“It was his idea,” quickly returned the shapely 45-year-old, a lustily look on her face. “I’ve seen you watching me from time to time and thought I’d chance my arm. He’s waiting outside in the car for me, if I return so soon he’ll know I haven’t been successful. Please I really need this job,” she was pleading now.

All this time Jean had been softly massaging the hardening lump under her hand. “Are you sure about this? I can’t make any guarantees” John replied to which Jean simply nodded. “Well, there is someone I’d like you to meet” pointing at his crotch as he pushed himself away from the desk. Jean just smiled and got down on her knees in front of her boss as she licked her lips figuring the best way to win him over was with a blowjob. “Before we begin, blouse off” ordered John.

Leaning back and smiling knowing what her boss wanted, Jean slowly undid each button of her crisp white blouse. As each button became undone a little more of the expanse of chest was exposed, the soft white flesh, the deep cleavage followed by the lacy bra. Eventually after the slow tease, the blouse was opened wide and removed, all the eroticism adding to John’s excitement. His cock was once again the centre of attention as John’s trousers were undone. Jean ventured a slender hand into the opening and gasped as she extracted the now hard penis. She licked her lips and asked, “Can I” nodding to his cock.

“Be my guest,” replied John smiling and sighed as she gently licked the underside of his cock. The sigh turned into a low moan as Jean gently wrapped her lips around the head and slid her mouth along the length of her boss’s cock. Tiny sighs escaped her lips as she went to work on pleasuring his dick. Gently, suction was applied as she slowly raised her head along his cock; her tongue flicked the appendage as she buried her nose back in his pubic hair. Time and again she exposed his wet cock as she pulled back sucking longingly only to take the entire length to the back of her mouth.

Five minutes of this kind of attention was too much for John, who knew he was about to shoot his wad. “I’m going İkitelli escort bayan to come in your mouth, and I want you to swallow every last drop,” he ordered his new fuck toy. Boom… he gripped the arms of his chair as he began ejaculating, his knuckles white. Another sigh escaped from Jean as she began quickly swallowing the salty liquid. She never let her husband come in her mouth, but this was different, she wanted this more than anything else at the moment. She was being carried along by the moment. Jean didn’t know if this was down to her submissive side, being dealt all the orders or whether it was just so unlike her to be in this situation.

Once her boss had stopped coming, she released his cock with one last intense suck and threw her head back and swallowed the last of his come. “Mmmm” she sighed “That was… ” pausing, “…. Incredible” she smiled smugly before wiping her mouth.

“Yes, I’d have to say it was pretty intense for me too” returned her boss, smiling from ear to ear “But I hope you don’t think you’ve finished just yet” John said helping her to stand.

“I was kind of hoping I hadn’t” replied Jean.

“Get your butt up on the desk,” ordered John. “I want you to masturbate for me”. Jean’s eyes went wide and grinned as she removed her skirt. John was glad to see she had come prepared for the occasion, wearing white stockings and a suspender belt, from the company’s catalogue if he wasn’t mistaken. After breasts, John would class himself as a legman. Despite approaching her fifties and being a mother of three, Jean was still in very good shape and could still turn a few heads when she wanted to make the effort.

Sitting down on the desk, she hooked one leg of her now transparent panties aside and opened her legs wide. It was evident to John that she was very aroused judging by the amount of pussy juice smeared between her legs, the sweet nectar smell reaching his nostrils. With fingers either side of her erect clitoris, Jean slowly worked her hand up and down. After a few moments of her own attentions, she threw her head back and inserted two fingers in her own vagina. They soon became very wet as she slowly worked them in and out, making a delicious squelching sound as she worked herself up.

Although John was enjoying the show he quickly knelt down in front of her and took Jean’s fingers from her damp hole, briefly licked them clean and replaced them with his rapidly darting tongue, working its way long and deep into her damp pussy. “Ohh yesss” hissed Jean long and hard gripping the back of his head with her free hand. In less than a minute, a powerful orgasm Escort Çapa ripped through Jean’s body making every extremity tingle, her butt bucking up and down on the desk. As her boss continued his oral assault, she was gushing come at his lower face as he tried in vain to lick up as much of the sweet pussy juice as he could.

Jean lay back on her elbows, weak and panting, bathed in the post orgasmic glow. John never missed a beat. He inserted his now hard again dick into the still sopping pussy and gently stroked his full length in and out of his favourite employee in long deep thrusts. With the first thrust, Jean was taking active participation in the proceedings, shifting slightly to get a conformable position, and applying a very talented method of squeezing his pistoning cock with her vagina muscles. John had never felt this before and knew he would soon be blowing his second load.

Her boss was soon ramming into her at a furious pace, he ripped the now shredded panties from her followed by the quick disposal of her lacy bra. John bunched Jean’s 44DD breasts together salivating and sucking over them as he bucked away. Each long deep thrust of his cock was greeted by a moan from his fuck toy as she threw her head from side to side; her eye’s not really focusing on anything, as she was lost in her deepest desires.

He knew he couldn’t last much longer and was a little worried how long they could continue without being discovered. Just at the point of no return her took his cock out of Jean’s dripping pussy and climbed up on the desk. As he hovered over her tits, he blew his load over those wonderful boobs. Once he’d finished Jean leant her head forward to suck her boss’s cock clean and then continued to clean up by licking his come from her breasts.

As they dressed John said “Look I’ll see what I can do, but as a little extra incentive I think you’d better come by next Saturday”. Jean knew that she had started something that wouldn’t end at this one visit, not that she minded. If she could keep her job the occasional extra marital screw would be quite nice, she was flattered that a man in his late twenties would want to carry on fucking her.

When she got back to the car, her husband looked at his watch and said “Well?”

“He’s going to see what he can do and come back to me” Jean replied lifting her skirt to show she was panty less; she never mentioned the return visits. David nodded and smiled.

When they got back home David pushed his wife over the back of the sofa, lifted her skirt and proceeded to give her a good hard fucking. Jean was in seventh heaven, two men to satisfy her. As it turned out the occasion was very fortuitous, not only did she keep her job, but as John had been promoted internally, he made sure Jean got his old job and salary as well as being introduced to new sexual pleasures by her boss, who introduced her to a group of lesbians at their company but that’s another story altogether.