Angel’s Love for Daddy Ch. 1

Big Dick

I remember lying in bed at night listening to my parents make love. The moaning and sex talk would drive me nearly insane, leaving me hot and bothered until the day I found my hands rubbing my wetness. My Daddy would call my mother names that excited me. He would use the same tone with me when he spanked my bottom; little did he know with each swat my panties would become wetter.

I would understand just how much I loved my Daddy after my 18th birthday. His tall broad frame held love, comfort and discipline that I desperately craved from him.

As time passed the love making noises had come to a stop, mother was too busy with her work and friends to take care of Daddy like he needed. I found out how much he needed when I would spy him stroking himself while sitting on the end of their bed. He would slowly stroke his shaft while I secretly stood in the hallway rubbing my wetness. I knew it was not right for me to watch him.

One Saturday morning after my mother went to work I snuck upstairs to watch him. There he was freshly out of the shower, his white robe open, big firm fist sliding up Hatay Escort and down his shaft. Daddy was so beautiful, strong, and sexy; it took all I had not to run in the room to help him. Although once I was there I wasn’t sure what I would do, or what to do. I did not have to wait long to find out.

“Angle, why don’t you come sit next to Daddy? Aren’t you tired of always standing out there watching?” His voice startled me; I felt a twinge of something deep inside me making my vagina contract.

“Don’t be shy honey, you’ve been watching Daddy for some time now. Come closer and kneel in front of me.” Without hesitation I knelt in front of my Daddy his throbbing manhood only inches from my face. A strong urge surged through me to reach out and touch it, but I looked up at him first.

“Daddy can I touch it,” holding my breath in anticipation for him to answer. I felt his hand against my chubby little cheek with a feather light touch he strokes my face, his thumb barely gliding across my curious lips. He smiled down at me and I felt the love in his stare.

“Oh, my angel face, Hatay Escort Bayan I have waited for this moment for so very long.” He took my small hand in his larger one, slowly letting me grasp his hot member while his hand closed over mine. His eyes closed, he moaned loudly as I began my first journey into loving Daddy to the fullest.

I watched his face change as his thickness increased, my face flushed as he instructed me what to do next. “Angel, you are being very naughty with Daddy. What would you like to do?”

I waited for moment before answering, feeling a wetness between my legs and an ache I had never felt so strong before. “I want to kiss it Daddy, like you used to tell mommy to do in the night.”

“Is that all you want my little cock kitten?”

Venturing even further, “Daddy, will you please touch me like a woman, please, just once?” I looked up at him with my big brown eyes, so trusting, needy and ready to please.

Knowing my Daddy the way I do I knew he would agree when I give him “the look”. He picked me up off the floor gently laying me on the Escort Hatay bed next to him. My face still close to his pulsating member; my hand firmly grasped around him slowly gliding up and down his pretty hot cock. “Kiss it my little baby, kiss Daddy’s cock and tell me what you think of it.” My head lowered as I placed little baby kisses all over the big purple head as my lips touched his pee hole I tasted my first drop of Daddy’s love juice. Licking my lips as he watched, “Oh my naughty little angle loves her Daddy’s cock, baby you make me so happy. Now put the head in your little mouth for me, show your Daddy how much you love him.”

I felt his fingers sliding up and down my newly awakened sex, finding my special button. I heard him moan loudly as he picked my up setting me on his face. His fingers splayed open my flowering little pussy while he began kissing my button sending wonderful sensations throughout my body making my nipples tighten. My mouth descended on my Daddy’s big purple head as I tried to fit it all in my stretched mouth.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so good, please don’t stop.”

“That’s it baby girl suck your Daddy’s big cock head, tell him how much you are going to love being my little cock sucking slut.” With these powerful words I felt my body begin to convulse in my first orgasm, which Daddy quickly lapped up.