Angie Ch. 02


The Ulleann Pipes are real and the music that comes from these simple reeds and covered or uncovered finger-holes is haunting. Some of the pieces still claw at my soul. Here are YouTube titles, for those that want to hear such music for yourselves:

Davy Spillane – Caoineadh Cu Chulainn Uilleann Pipes.flv

I am asleep (Air) & The Clumsy Lover (Reel) Uilleann pipes Chris McMullan”The Gael” Uilleann Pipes Caleb Cox

Uilleann pipes – Chris McMullan – Sliabh Na Mban & The Bunch of Keys

Braveheart Theme by Eric Rigler

Uilleann Bagpipers (Gay McKeon, Emmett Gill, Amy Campbell) | LIVE at The Kennedy Center

Must see!! Best Off Uilleann-Pipes – Celtic Duelling

Titanic – Hymn to the sea Uilleann Pipes remember [Andzull]

“Pipes Solo – Lark in the Morning”, Cillian Vallely & Alan Murray

Davy Spillane – Boolavogue (Buaile Mhaodhog)

Port na bPúcaí – Slow air on Fiddle and Uilleann Pipes

A Gift of a Thistle (Braveheart)

Outlawed Pipes

Uilleann piping

Uilleann Pipes and Bodhrán

Uilleann Pipes (Jigs) When sick is it tea you want & Paidin O’Raifeartaigh chris mcmullan

The boat referred to is a 39 foot outboard powered Sharpie houseboat – see Mark V Designs.

This is a sex story. There’s a lot of it here. For those who still want wall-to-wall ultra-graphic sex on every page, I ask that you get a life. For those who are easily offended because I didn’t write exactly what you wanted to read, I’ll say the same thing.

Plus, for those of you who will say this work is just a ‘stroke’ story (yes I know who you are, Anonymous and others), about all I can reply is that you have never had a long-term, married relationship with a ‘darksome wench’. What I have written here is mild compared to the reality.


By TheKeith

“Angie, how long have you been a slut like this?”

With my full length buried inside her, and her wetness flowing all over my crotch fur, not to mention big bare boobs dancing and rolling around on her chest, she giggled. She said, still giggling, “About an hour ago, lover.”

“I decided to be a slut when we were going out to your car, just before you invited me to dinner. I was gonna seduce you and get fucked in the back seat. I wanted to strip bare and suck your cock, right there in the hall.”

“I just decided ‘to hell with convention,’ that I was thirty-nine years old, and that I wanted to give myself to a man—to you—and I wanted to give the man everything I’ve learned in my life. Everything I’ve seen in porno flicks and videos. I wanted to be the sluttiest old chick there ever was, and I wanted his cock so deep in me, and then have him drive it in hard, so that I could cum and cum and cum.”

She concluded, her body starting to buck back against me, as her rhythm of fucking increased, and she started to gasp, “Now I’ve got your cock right where I want it. Oooh, so good. Oh, fuck me hard and deep. Damn you, look at me. Look at my tits, how you’re making them bounce and jiggle.”

“Oh, yeah, just like that, I’m gonna cum, don’t stop, don’t you dare stop, yeah, yeah, now, now, yesyesyes …”

She arched, hard, and her face twisted, as her eyes closed, and she grunted, her cuntal muscles grasping rhythmically at my invading shaft. She slowly relaxed, and then started pushing back again, as she grunted and heaved, her breasts swimming all over her chest. I watched her nipples go soft and then re-erect, as she went into another cum, this time clutching at my hips with her legs, ankles locked over my lower back.

I couldn’t last, it’d been too long, and this was just too much. I got super hard, and, shouting and screaming, I shot load after load of sperm into my mature slut lover. Escort Bayan Gaziantep I know I screamed at her, something like, ‘fucking sluts,’ and ‘fuck you,’ and ‘take it, you slut.’

She pulled me into her, as tight as she could, and milked my spurting cock of it’s liquid manhood, as she grunted and groaned with pleasure. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a willing woman.

Coming back down, my cock started to soften, and I started to back out of her, inwardly cringing at the expected comments from the ‘goddesses:’ “Is that all there is?” “Why couldn’t you go longer, cause my last boyfriend could?” And the like.

I didn’t get any of it. Instead, I got what even the porno videos and books didn’t say. Angie slithered off the couch, and fell to the floor, to take my softening cock in her mouth. Carefully avoiding the super-sensitive head and glans, she sucked the jism-and-wet-stuff—our combined flavors—off my cock shaft, and kept up the gentle motion for several minutes, until I’d shrunk to barely a two-inch length. Then she kissed the tip, so-so-gently, and sucked at the small hole, sucking out and swallowing the last couple drops of my semen.

And then, finally, she got back up on the couch, pulled her visibly trembling legs up, and exposed her red, swollen inner pussy lips, and held them apart with her hands, as I watched in awe. My jism and her wet liquid combined, and she offered me her body to my view, giving me a cream-pie of several thick, viscous drops, that drooled down her buttocks and over her ass, to fall to the carpeted floor.

“My God,” I said, still gasping for breath.

She smiled up at me, releasing her legs, where we hugged and kissed.

She whispered in my ear, saying, “I just got laid. I’ve been fucked by you. I loved being a real slut. Your slut! I loved hearing you call me one, when you came. I really loved showing off my cream-pie to you. I love being spread open for sex. I don’t wanna go back to being a lady until I have to, tomorrow.”

“Let’s fall asleep, right here on the couch, and you can sleep with a real, live slut, all night, OK?”

I grabbed at a couple of Mom’s old blankets, in a pile on the sofa, where I just had Angie, pulled them over us, and we both passed out in a couple of minutes.

It must have been about two in the morning, when I came awake, to feel Angie not beside me, and to realize that I just had to piss. The light was on in the bathroom, and, droop-peckered, I padded over there. I found that my totally nude and huge-bosomed slut was sitting on the can, about ready to take a piss, too. She looked up, smiled, and just gestured to the spot between her thighs, which she spread even wider.

Wordlessly, I knelt, and slipped my penis into the small opening to the water below. I started to piss, and then, so did she, and we both laughed and giggled as her hot pee splashed all over my limp cock, as I peed out and splashed against her pussy. We were still laughing hysterically, when she took tissues out to wipe herself dry, and wiped me dry, too.

I ran warm water in the sink, and washed off my cock and crotch, and then turned to Angie, as she let me gently wash her pussy crotch clean, too. I was gentle and careful, as I reached my cloth-covered finger into her hole, and then again, as I rinsed traces of the gentle soap I used. She smelled lightly of lavender when I finished.

We hadn’t spoken much, and we were still mostly silent, as I kissed her, there in the bathroom of Mom’s apartment, first gently, and then with a great deal of force. She said, “You can do that again, any time you want.” She tugged me back toward the living-room where our blankets were, and we snuggled down into the mutual warmth of our two bodies.

“Angie,” I said, “I want to be really clear. I’ve never had sex like this. I’ve never had a real slut before, and I like it. Do you have a husband or a boyfriend that I have to worry about? I’m asking because I want to do this to you again and again.”

Angie ‘hummed’ in my ear and guided my hand to her breasts, as she answered, “Nope. I had a husband from school, but we divorced years later, after which I became a stripper and a pole-dancer. Then I had a second husband, but he died a couple of years ago, so now I’m a widow and a nurse. And I’m a nude, big-boob cum-slut, too.”

“What did you have in mind, lover? Ya need a fuck-buddy? I’m available, if you want me.”

I grinned, as since she was kissing my face, she could feel me doing it. I said, “well, I’m divorced, and it was a ‘scorched-earth,’ get-even-and-die kind. I had a couple of kids from the marriage: they hate my guts, except for wanting me as a money-pump and they’re both alienated from me. That was about four years ago.

I’ve been taking care of Mom for the last two years, and now she’s gone. So I’m free. Really free.”

“Yes, I’d really like a hot-shit fuck-buddy, ’cause one of the points of my divorce was that my 1st wife thought I was ‘way over-sexed’ and ought to be castrated for my own good. When she tried to hire someone to enforce that opinion, I left town and didn’t ever come back.”

Then I added, more seriously, “But what I’d really like, besides a slutty fuck-buddy, is a true wed-leased woman. With a written contract. Somebody I could take out to dinner, or a movie, or maybe even to more formal stuff, like the orchestra, or a stage play, down in Center City. Somebody I could buy stuff for, and take on trips, cruises, and things like that.”

Anyone you know might be interested in being my leased wife?”

Angie smiled, saying, “Oh, I know just the girl for you. She’s black. Really dark. She’s such a fucking slut, and she loves sex. Any way she can get it. I think she’d like to be taken out, too.”

“But there’s just one thing that you have to be clear on. She’s a slut, through and through, but she’s not a ‘precious-metals-excavator’ or a whore. This girl has her own money and she has her own money. She even owns her own car, ‘cept right now it’s in the shop for a lot of bodywork. So she doesn’t need to be a gold-digger, she doesn’t need any of your money.”

“She really wants to be clear that what she really wants is a lot of good lovin,’ showin’ off her dark, bed-wench body and her sexy thoughts and lots of sloppy, drooling, thrashing-around, screaming-out-loud sex. Is that OK by you?”

“Perfectly,” I said, grinning, and then asking as a joke, “ya know where this paragon of penetration is?”

Angie said, jamming her wet tongue in my ear and pressing her nude body against me, “Oh, yeah, your girlfriend’s right here!” The little female slut slid up on top of me, and let her large boobs dangle on either side of my face. I tried to enter her, but my cock was only at half-mast, and made of rubber, and had to give it up as a bad idea.

Angie laughed, saying, “Not yet, lover. Let’s sleep some more. Then you can take me in the morning, and use my nice, clean twat for more deep, slow sex. Then we can get breakfast, and I can go to my job.”

I slid her off my chest, wanting to breathe normally, and we both dozed off again.

We woke in the morning, and I buried my cock in her flowing cunt. Somehow, after fucking her for a few minutes, I managed to pull out, and then I licked her pussy and clit until she screamed and came a dozen times, and finally I re-fucked her—deep, hard and fast—until I came, too.

I had to rest for a half hour until I got strong enough to stand up and make breakfast

We had a short talk, after Angie had struggled back into her bra and panties plus scrubs and shoes. I said, “Angie, I think we need a few code word, to make sure to each other what you and I are going to act like. You got any ideas?”

She answered, with a twinkle, saying, “Not bad, lover. How about you ask me, uh, yeah … ask me ‘slut?’ or ‘tease?’ to make sure how you’re gonna act. And maybe you can ask ‘lady?’ too.”

I answered, “That’s OK, but let’s add ‘serious,’ for those times when you have to be around me but not teasing or making plans to get yourself laid. Like when you have to make out your weekly billing sheet, or things like that.”

I added, “Maybe you’d better plan to tell me those code words yourself, so that I can act right around you. Especially if you say, ‘slut,’ because then I’ll consider pulling down your scrub-pants or pulling up your sweater and blouse, maybe you suck me dry or me demanding that you bare your pretty titties.”

“In case you haven’t noticed it, I’m a boob man.”

She said, giggling, “Oh, I’ve noticed, right after my nips were sucked up to a inch long and don’t get soft anymore.”

“So,” I concluded, limp cock dangling in front of her, “what’s it gonna be, right now?”

She answered, “slut,” and flowed into my arms until about 9:50 AM.

Slipping out the door of Mom’s apartment, into the hallway, she looked at me, and then said, “I’ll be back at 6:00 PM. Be ready.”

She kissed me, lightly, said, “Lady,” and then scampered back up the hallway, toward her job with the old-woman complainer/screamer.

I put my kilt back on, and started working on Mom’s stuff, to keep my mind occupied until the evening.

Strangely enough, I managed to just about clear out all of Mom’s stuff, including the paperwork and documents. I had brief phone talks with the lawyer acting for her estate, and was not surprised to find myself executor. After all, even given the ‘witto baby boy’ treatment, who else did she have?

I had myself put on her checking account, discovering that I was now effectively a modest multi-millionaire, with a comfortable monthly income. I could work or not, as I chose.

By late afternoon, the consignment people had come and gone, estimating what they wanted of Mom’s stuff, which was pretty much everything durable. I had plans to dispose of the rest to the local churches and charities, and I’d called a group of local cleaning folks, to have Mom’s place restored to pristine status, before having to turn it back to the apartment owners.

I realized, with a start, that I hadn’t heard anything out of Angie’s patient for a few hours. No ethnic insults. No shrieking racial rants. No top-of-the-voice whines for attention. Just silence.

At 5:50 PM, I settled down in one of the last chairs, to wait on Angie. At 6:03 PM, the door-knocker sounded, and at 6:04 PM, I had an armful of a large-breasted, darksome brunette, thoroughly kissing me and gently massaging my cock through kilt.

Angie calmly said, “My old patient passed away this afternoon. I called the family and notified them. They immediately demanded that I give them my last billing and to get ‘my thieving, black butt’ out of their mother’s apartment. All the racist and ethnic stuff the old lady shrieked about must have been common verbal insults for the whole family. So I packed up my stuff and put it in the office area, off the lobby. Now, it’s a motel for me, tonight.”

Looking back, up and sideways, in that womanly pose that they all seem to know from age 4 years on, she added, “That is, unless a certain kilt-wearing, white Scotsman with a huge, long, thick cock might just take me over to his boat. Some private boat place, where I just might be able to strip naked, then rape and devour him until he passes out from exhaustion.”

Dumb question.