Animalistic Girl


My name is Kail. I’m a college student who loves to bike. Unfortunately, the school lacked a club or group for that purpose but I’m still an avid biker. Since campus was not too far from my house, I would usually bike home. Today was no different. As I came into the street with my house, I noticed my friend Seri. She was a college student as well, even though our respective schedules didn’t match. I had known her for a few years. She was a fairly odd girl, considering she seemed relatively emotionless most of the time. This also made it hard for people to approach her, especially myself. I had an interest in her for a long time but her odd nature made me unsure how I should tell her.

I pulled in my garage and put up my bike. Seri was walking in front of the house as I closed the garage door. She walked up to me and asked with unwavering eyes, “Do you mind if I hang out here for a bit?”

This wasn’t an abnormal occurrence for her to spend time at my house. We alternated going to each other’s house all the time, usually just sitting in our room playing games or watching a movie. We hung out at college somewhat and talked a normal amount, which is another reason why I had a hard time telling her my feelings. We just seemed like normal friends.

“Nah, I don’t mind but you’ll have to wait for me a few since I desperately need a shower.” I flapped my sweaty shirt jokingly and grinned like an idiot.

“That’s fine,” She said in a dreamy monotone.

I had her wait downstairs as I went to take my shower. I started thinking to myself what could she be doing all by herself. She must be extremely bored just lying around the downstairs area. My parents were out for a while, so she had no one to talk to for a bit. Usually, she visited while I was decent. So, I hurried up in the shower and got dressed. When I left the bathroom, I went to drop off the dirty clothes in my room.

Once I got my hand near the doorknob, I heard a shuffle. I hesitated for a second, and then opened the door a crack. My eyes widened at the sight I was seeing.

Seri must have snuck into my room while I was in the shower. She was on my bedroom floor writhing around randomly. Her legs were together at the knee but her feet were spread out in opposite directions. Her toes curled as her body stiffened every so often. One of two alluring things about this was that her hand was shoved down the front of her shorts and a small wet stain was spreading from the region between her legs. The other thing was what was in her opposite hand. It was the sweat soaked t-shirt I had left in my room previous to entering the shower. She was sniffing it so strongly. Her small moans reverberated inside my head like an empty room. Her normally expressionless face was contorted in ecstasy and her cheeks were heavily blushed. This girl I was looking at was completely different from the Seri I knew. Suddenly, her whole body jerked and her back arched as her hand went deeper into her shorts. The small wet stain instantly grew larger. After several seconds, Seri’s body collapsed on my bedroom floor and her heavy panting was all that was heard.

I had had enough. I opened my door the rest of the way and walked in. She saw me instantly and started clumsily and frighteningly getting up then falling down with her butt hitting the floor with a thump. Without the strength to get Escort bayan up, her eyes darted up at me in horror. They were wide with fear. It was the first time I had ever seen such deep emotion in her face before. Soon enough, tears started streaming down her face.

“I-I’m sorry,” she stammered as her eyes darted down at the floor at a diagonal angle. “I just….love your…. scent.” Then her face became one of confusion. “Ah. Wait. No…. I mean….. that I…… love you.”

“I see. So…….. we felt the same way.” She seemed to perk up at the mention of that. The look she had was so different from her usual demeanor, so it made her all the cuter for me to look at. I advanced toward her and she flinched away at first, but I was faster. I forced my lips on her own and kept a hand grasped around the back of her head, keeping her from running away. After a few seconds though, she gently pushed against me. I waited at first, and then I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She whole heartedly accepted it and intertwined her own tongue with mine. As I looked at her face, I could see her closed eyes glistening at the edges and her cheeks were steadily getting redder. I was able to tell that something was tripped. Her restraints were breaking and I was responsible. Strangely enough, I was enjoying it and wanted to see how far I could take it.

I found an opening and gently closed my teeth around her tongue, trapping without causing too much pain. Seri opened her eyes in surprise as I pulled back lightly. Those deep grey eyes were staring into my own. I started to lick the tip of her tongue in a swirling motion, which made her eyes glaze over in pleasure. Her breathing became more ragged and erotic. I took the chance to slide one of my hands along her slender legs up to her shapely hips. I had the other one go up under her shirt and work its way up towards the small swell of her breasts. I could feel with both hands how much her body was shivering in excitement. Her skin was soft and warm.

I finally released her tongue from the grip of my teeth. As soon as I did so, I was able to see how much she drooled from the ordeal. Her face seemed slightly slack with her tongue hanging out a bit.

Her words were somewhat slurred but I was able to understand, “Why did you do that to me? My tongue is so numb now.” Those words struck a chord in me and I pushed her down, making her lay flat on the floor. My hands, which were playfully petting every region except what was the most important, finally went for their mark. One hand slipped into her panties and started rubbing the soft, tender, and wet mound that was cradled between her legs, while the other pinched and fondled her nipple. Her body arched in what I could only assume was pleasure and a moan escaped Seri’s mouth. She instantly clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle herself from letting out such erotic sounds. My first and only thought was that I couldn’t allow that. I removed the hand I had playing with her nipple and took the hand away from her mouth, while I also spread the lips of her vagina and rubbed a finger around the entrance. She yelped and moaned from the stimulation and reflexively brought her other hand up to cover mouth. I caught it and was now holding both her hands in one of mine. I pinned them together to the floor behind her head and pressed my finger into the Escort entrance of her vagina. It tightened as I curled my finger and started scraping the inside of her wet folds. She screamed a little from the sensation and her back arched even more as her thighs closed themselves tightly around my wrist. I was unable to remove his hand from her, not that I really wanted to.

She found the strength to stutter a few words in between the sounds of ecstasy she was making, “S-Stop. I-I can’t t-take any mo-ore. P-plea-se take it out.”

As mean as I thought it was, I couldn’t resist teasing her more and more. I leaned in and said to her, “If you want me to remove my hand from you, you first need to open your legs. They are pinning my arm here. Otherwise, my finger will continue to be stuck inside.”

“But, I-I can’t w-when you w-won’t stop mov-ing your finger like th-that.”

“Well then, I’ll just have to keep going like this, won’t I?” She whined in response with trembling lips and quivering thighs. She was now looking down at her legs and was trying to separate them to allow my hand to be free. They slowly parted, relieving the pressure on my wrist until I cringed my finger and pulled hard. They instantly snapped shut around me again as she moaned loudly, leaving her in the same position as before.

Unexpectedly though, her hips lifted an inch or two from the bedroom floor and started twisting with my movements. Contrary to her words, Seri’s body was reacting of its own accord and going with the flow. I then placed a second finger inside her and rhythmically curled each finger and pulled them back alternately. I watched as her body stiffened and her moans jumped in volume.

“I can’t t-take an-anymore.” I stopped my fingers and pulled them out of her. She collapsed. Her body was limp and trembling. Even her hands stopped trying to escape my grasp.

“Do you mind if I take your clothes off?” I asked expectantly.

After several seconds of heavy breathing, Seri finally recovered enough to nod and mouth a silent yes. I removed her clothes slowly, feeling the softness of her skin as I slid articles of clothing over her head or down her legs. In comparison of her breasts to her hips, they didn’t seem to match, but in my own opinion, it made her look extremely cute and alluring.

We had relocated a few feet over to my bed and I took my own clothes off. Seri was sitting on my bed while I was standing in front of her. She had asked in a very cute voice if she could try giving fellatio to me. I couldn’t refuse her so there we were. She grasped onto my penis with both hands and moved closer, sniffing it. It was rather embarrassing. She looked up at me with those animal-like eyes and started licking affectionately.

As she kept going, my hands moved towards her head hesitantly. I grasped her hair and pulled back on her head, driving her mouth further onto my penis. My own breathing became harsh from the wet and soft feeling of her mouth swirling around me. She moaned slightly which made her mouth tighten a bit around me and I pushed deeper into her, as my penis throbbed.

Suddenly, I felt that feeling of being so close building up as I thrusted into her mouth more, and then I finally came. I was spurting thick streams of my cum deep inside her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of my penis as Bayan escort I came, making my penis pulse more and more. That overwhelming feeling made me shoot out my cum so hard and thick. She made a little noise as she gulped it down slowly, letting it pour down her throat.

When I was done, Seri pulled back and dragged her mouth to the tip of my penis and sucked a little on it as she tentatively licked it as well. My penis was red and swollen as she let go of it and stared timidly.

Then she hung her head low and whispered something I could not pick up on…

“Seri, you need to speak up or I won’t hear what you’re saying…,” I told her softly.

She seemed to sit there in silence for a few seconds, wriggling her hips a little and shifting her legs. Her hands were wedged in between thighs and her nipples were swollen and slightly red, instead of the pink hue they had earlier.

Finally, she got on her knees and turned around, leaning down while on all fours and putting her ass in the air for me to see. Her hand was covering her vagina, and I could see juices dribbling from between her fingers. She whimpered a little and spread it open slowly.

“I want…. you… to put your dick in me like this…. pl- please?” she begged in a soft voice. She was looking back at me with an intense look in her eyes. Her bangs slightly covered them but they showed through easily and I was so excited from her display.

I grabbed her hips with both of my hands and moved forward, letting the head of my penis brush against the opening of her vagina. Her hips shivered and her vagina twitched as I teased her. Then, I shoved my penis in really fast and made her scream a bit as I pierced her, and also pushed through something soft. When I pulled out, I noticed my penis had some blood on it.

She noticed my surprise and said, “Don’t stop. Please keep going… it…. feels so… good.” I don’t stop to second guess her and thrust slowly at first, but soon enough I thrust harder inside her, feeling her clench around me and gasping while she lay her head on the floor. I lean over her from behind and reach my hands under her to start playing with her nipples. Her body reacted as I touched them. When I pinched them, her vagina tightened around me so much, as if it were trying to milk me of all of my cum. I responded by thrusting deeper and harder. Seri moaned loud and couldn’t stop her voice from coming out.

Out of some random urge, I pull my hand back then strike her ass. She yelped and clenched again.

“Sorry, Seri. I sort of lost con–,” I started.

“….. again”

I looked at her and said, “What?”

Her hips wiggled a bit and she said louder, “Do it again. Please Kail…?”

I pulled back my hand and struck her ass again, making her yelp and driving me to thrust harder. I did it over and over again until her ass was red from my hand and then I pulled her hips back onto me and forced myself as deep as I could before I came. I started pulsing and throbbing inside her as I spurt out my cum. it wouldn’t stop and was filling her up. She whimpered from the sensation and came as well, gushing out juices all over me, letting it pour down both of our legs.

It finally subsided and I pulled out of her, letting that sticky stuff I spurt so much of into her, spill out and drip onto the floor. My penis was still dripping some of it out and Seri turned around to lick it up gently.

We both then lay down on the floor as she curled up against me and nuzzled her head in my chest. I held her close and pet her head as she cooed softly.