Anita’s Humiliation Continues 01


Meenakshi: Madam, did Guru-ji tell you to go to town with him?

Me: Yes. He told me just now.

Meenakshi: Sorry Madam for this trouble, but I am really helpless.

Me: Its absolutely okay. You just take rest.

When I entered from outside in the room, my eyes took some time to adjust. Now I noticed that Meenakshi was lying on the bed in a very tempting way considering a male is present in the room. I was shocked to see that her pallu had so much shifted off her big round boobs that half of her treasures were clearly visible above her blouse and Rajkamal being seated near her head was getting a majestic view. As I looked more intently, as if a shock wave went passed my spine, as I noticed Meenakshi was lying on bed on doubt, but her head was on not on the pillow, but on Rajkamal’s lap! He was applying balm to her forehead and the way Meenakshi was breathing I smelt a rat.

Meenakshi: Madam, I have been to Mr. Yadav’s place prior also, you won’t have any problem there.

Me: Okay. But what will I have to do in regards to the yagya?

Meenakshi: Madam, there is nothing much to do, but to arrange the yagya materials like the logs, oil, other list of yagya items, flowers, utensils etc., which Sanjeev will guide you and its more or less like the puja you perform at home.

I was much relieved hearing that, as I definitely was a little anxious.

Me: Guru-ji was saying something about ‘medium.’ What is that?

Meenakshi: Madam, in simple words, its like during the yagya a common man needs a medium through which he or she can attain the goods of the yagya and Guru-ji says to get best effects the genders should be different.

Me: ‘Different’ meaning?

Meenakshi: A male should have a female medium and vice versa Madam.

Me: Okay, okay, I got it.

Meenakshi smiled very meaningfully as I said that and I could not comprehend the significance of that smile.

Meenakshi: I am feeling thirsty.

Rajkamal: One sec…

Meenakshi slightly raised her head and Rajkamal got his lap out and alighted from bed and brought a glass of water. Meenakshi tried to get up, but Rajkamal forced her to stay back in her position and helped her to drink water from the glass. As Meenakshi drank, some water dripped down her chin onto her upper chest and Rajkamal openly touched her upper breast area to wipe it. I tried to take it in the normal spirits, but what he did next did not allow me to get convinced.

Rajkamal kept the glass on the adjoining table and got back to his original position and Meenakshi also readily lifted her head to his lap.

Rajkamal: Did water spill to your blouse?

Meenakshi: I don’t know. My body temperature is so high that I cannot feel that.

Rajkamal: Okay I will check, you relax.

Meenakshi: Madam, its better to take one set of clothing with you, as you will have to take a bath after the yagya.

Me: Yes, I also have thought so.

While we conversed, I noticed in the pretext of checking whether water had spilled onto Meenakshi’s blouse, Rajkamal was virtually feeling every part of Meenakshi’s heaving globes. And most surprisingly Meenakshi was so casual about that and did not even bother to cover her breasts with her pallu. My heart almost stopped when I saw he was touching her cleavage, which was exposed over her blouse, with his fingers to see if it was wet!

Rajkamal: Madam, can you get me a cloth from the cupboard?

I was a bit surprised at Rajkamal’s words. Why does he need a cloth?

Me: What for?

Rajkamal: Actually her blouse is wet at parts and I just want to put a cloth inside so that she does not catch a cold over her fever.

He wants to insert a cloth in the blouse of this fully matured 35-year-old plump woman lying on his lap! I got off and got the cloth and tried to save Meenakshi from feeling embarrassed.

Me: Let me put it. Which part is wet Rajkamal?

Meenakshi: Madam, you please do not get worried. Rajkamal will do it.

I was spellbound by this lady’s attitude. She wants to have a male hand inside her blouse! I had no other option but to hand the piece of cloth to Rajkamal.

Rajkamal: Thanks Madam.

He now shamelessly pulled and lifted Meenakshi’s blouse from the front off her skin and inserted the cloth onto the top of her boobs. I could clearly see this lady’s very attractive sized tits going up and down within her bra. Rajkamal inserted his fingers along with the cloth on her boobs within her blouse and planted the cloth there. I am sure he got enough opportunity to feel and cup her matured boobs while offering this ‘help.’

Then Rajkamal was back with his fundamental job of massaging and I thought there was no point sitting here and watching these shameless acts any more.

Me: Okay Meenakshi, take rest. I will go now.

Meenakshi: Okay Madam.

Rajkamal: Bye Madam.

I went back to my room and started preparing to go to this disabled man, Mr. Yadav’s house with Guru-ji. Bayan Escort Gaziantep

I was spellbound by this lady’s attitude. She wants to have a male hand inside her blouse! I had no other option but to hand the piece of cloth to Rajkamal.

Rajkamal: Thanks Madam.

He now shamelessly pulled and lifted Meenakshi’s blouse from the front off her skin and inserted the cloth onto the top of her boobs. I could clearly see this lady’s very attractive sized tits going up and down within her bra. Rajkamal inserted his fingers along with the cloth on her boobs within her blouse and planted the cloth there. I am sure he got enough opportunity to feel and cup her matured boobs while offering this ‘help.’

Then Rajkamal was back with his fundamental job of massaging and I thought there was no point sitting here and watching these shameless acts any more.

Me: Okay Meenakshi, take rest. I will go now.

Meenakshi: Okay Madam.

Rajkamal: Bye Madam.

I went back to my room and started preparing to go to this disabled man, Mr. Yadav’s house with Guru-ji. I went to the toilet once and used the conveniences to be absolutely fresh. Since I had a tight sleep, I thought it would not be a problem for me to keep awake till late night if the yagya takes longer period of time to complete. I took a spare sari, blouse, and petticoat in a bag along with a set of bra and panty. Around 6:30 p.m., Nirmal came to give a reminder to get ready, but I was ready by that time. I locked my room and went with him to Guru-ji’s room. Guru-ji was also ready and Sanjeev and Uday were arranging the yagya materials in one place. Within another 15 minutes off we went from the ashram in a car, which Mr. Yadav had sent.

There was not much conversation in the way except Guru-ji and Sanjeev telling me not to be anxious, as they would guide me what exactly to do. We reached within an hour to Mr. Yadav’s house. It was already dark as the clock said it was nearly 8. The house was a two-storied building and we went straight upstairs and Mrs. Yadav greeted Guru-ji very warmly. I noticed Mrs. Yadav was a matured lady, probably nearing 40, who had a proportionate figure for her age though slightly on the plump side. She took us to the drawing room where Mr. Yadav was sitting on the sofa. He was also an elderly man, 50+ surely, with specs and a thick beard on his face. He was wearing a white kurta and pajama and his left leg was strapped in a wooden cast. He was holding to a walking stick and was clearly handicapped I noticed, as when he tried to stand up, Mrs. Yadav had to support him.

Mr. Yadav also greeted Guru-ji with a warm welcome, but I could not find the girl for which Guru-ji had come to perform the yagya. Guru-ji was addressing Mrs. Yadav as Nandini and Mr. Yadav as Kumar. After the initial chat, Guru-ji introduced me to both Mr. and Mrs. Yadav and explained that Meenakshi was ill and could not come.

Guru-ji: Nandini, where is Shilpa? I am not seeing her.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji, she is taking a bath, as I told her she needs to attain the yagya.

Guru-ji: Fine.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji we both are very concerned about her studies. You know that she failed last year and this year also…

Guru-ji interrupted Mrs. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Nandini, have faith on Linga Maharaj. The yagya will take care of your child. Don’t worry.

All along Mrs. Yadav was standing by her husband and it seemed to me he takes a lot of care for her husband. Just then a nice-looking, jolly girl entered the room. I could realize this was Shilpa. She looked quite matured for a class XII girl I noticed, both inn her face and physically also. She was wearing a green top and a black long skirt and with her hair tied up high and a smile on her face, she looked pretty attractive. Everybody’s focus was on her now, obviously.

Shilpa: Pranam Guru-ji.

Shilpa came forward and bent to take ashirwad from Guru-ji. I noticed that her boobs jiggled under her top, as she approached the center of the room towards Guru-ji. She must be wearing a loose bra I thought, which we females do wear sometimes at home. I noticed Sanjeev’s eyes were already fixed on this girl’s very youthful waggling breasts.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beta, what’s happening to your studies?

Shilpa: Guru-ji, I am trying my best, but somehow I am unable to produce what I am learning at home.

Guru-ji: Hmm. Concentration problem. Don’t worry Beti, now that I have come, I will take care.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, I am very anxious. My marks have been very low.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, the yagya will make your mind blossom fully and you will have no problems in concentration there on.

Shilpa along with her parents seemed very pleased with Guru-ji’s words. I could realize all this time while Guru-ji and Shilpa conversed, Mr. Yadav was giving me stares through his specs. Mrs. Yadav was still standing very close to him. Initially I didn’t notice that, but now I am quite sure that he was eyeing me. Out of natural womanly virtue, I adjusted my sari over my boobs and hips though it was perfectly all right. I looked at Mrs. Yadav if she is noticing her husband, but she seemed too engrossed with Guru-ji’s words.

Guru-ji: Okay then, Nandini lets move to the ‘puja ghar’.

Guru-ji and Sanjeev followed Mrs. Yadav and I had to trail them and was rather happy to get out of Mr. Yadav’s eyesight. The ‘puja ghar’ seemed at the end of first floor, but I saw there were steps going above. Mrs. Yadav was climbing the steps first followed by Guru-ji, then me, and last was Sanjeev. As I looked up, my eyes automatically focussed on Mrs. Yadav’s huge undulating gaand, as she climbed the steps. Probably a blind man also would not miss that. Mrs. Yadav, though looked nearing 40 age wise, I noticed her bottoms looked quite tight and firm as they swayed behind her sari. Guru-ji was just behind her and his face was nearly touching her swinging gaand as he followed her.

Alarm bells immediately rang in my ears, as I realized my moving ass would also be a feast for Sanjeev’s eyes, as he was just behind me climbing the steps. I had no way to bypass the situation and had to climb the stairs just in front of him. It must have been a grand view for Sanjeev, as by any means my bottom-line was pretty attractive for a woman of 28. Thankfully there were only a handful of steps and we were there at the ‘puja ghar’, which was located at one-and-half floor.

Guru-ji: Nandini, I notice you are panting. But you only climbed a small number of steps?

Mrs. Yadav: Ji Guru-ji, I have developed this problem recently.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, check her pulse once.

Sanjeev: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji and I walked past them into the puja-ghar, but as I glanced back I saw Sanjeev standing to Mrs. Yadav alarmingly close, which sparked a curiosity in my mind. The puja-ghar was a rather small room with images of gods and goddesses. Guru-ji was busy to unload the yagya items and asked me separate the flowers and garlands, but I was rather interested to see what Sanjeev was doing. So I shifted my position such that I was quite close to the door.

Mrs. Yadav: I do not believe in these allopathy medicines Sanjeev. Dr. had given me some, but am not taking.

Sanjeev: But Nandini Madam, your problem will aggravate if you do not take the pills.

Mrs. Yadav: What more aggravation of problems are you talking about Sanjeev? You know Kumar. He is a drunkard. Moreover, he is now handicapped for the past 5 years. Shilpa failed last year. Sanjeev, which way should I go?

I could not see them directly, but could hear them clearly and was getting an unknown thrill overhearing them like this. I could clearly sense that Sanjeev has a good relation with Mrs. Yadav, as she was quite frank to him.

Sanjeev: But Nandini Madam, you cannot change your destiny. Still I tried to do my best within my limited capacity.

Now I shifted my position more towards the door. I looked from the corner of my eyes at Guru-ji and saw he was quite occupied in arranging for the yagya. The pathway to the puja-ghar was adequately lit up and hence I could clearly see Mrs. Yadav and Sanjeev. I noticed there was certainly a changed behavioral pattern in Mrs. Yadav – in front of his husband and now in his absence. Sanjeev to my utter shock was almost hugging Mrs. Yadav!

I could not believe my eyes and my eyes almost popped out seeing this scene. Sanjeev’s one hand was roaming around Mrs. Yadav’s waist and buttocks and she was also leaning on to Sanjeev in a way, which was very indicative. I noticed she stood as if with a broken waist and her buttocks were looking very provocative, protruding outside, and boobs were thrusting forward towards Sanjeev. As a woman I could readily understand Mrs. Yadav’s intention seeing her pose.

Mrs. Yadav: I do not blame you Sanjeev, it’s my destiny. I have been suffering for 5 years.

Sanjeev remained silent. I could well understand that there was a relation among them, most likely physical, because no married woman would allow another male to touch her the way Sanjeev was holding her. With a handicapped husband, I could clearly see the missing desired sex life in Mrs. Yadav.

I could clearly see that Sanjeev’s right hand was now very evidently feeling Mrs. Yadav’s flesh of her wide ass cheeks over her sari and she was also inclining more and more towards Sanjeev. I couldn’t see Sanjeev’s left hand from my position. Was it on her boobs? I guess so because the way Mrs. Yadav is subtly moving her heavy ass in the standing position, it was very suggestive. I was deriving immense pleasure, I don’t know why, overseeing them in that compromising position.

Sanjeev: Nandini Madam lets go inside, otherwise Guru-ji might.

Mrs. Yadav: Yes, yes. Kumar can also silently come down the hallway here.

I realized they were parting and I pretended to be engaged in my work with flowers. Sanjeev came inside, followed by Mrs. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, did you find a faster pulse in Nandini?

Sanjeev: No Guru-ji, its normal.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji, when shall I ask Shilpa to come here?

Guru-ji: I will need all three of you in the beginning. I will send Sanjeev to call you. Still it will at least take half an hour to arrange everything.

Mrs. Yadav: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: As you know, in the yagya, all should sit in clean white clothes.

Mrs. Yadav: Yes Guru-ji, I remember that.

Then within half-an-hour all was ready for the yagya. The fire was created at the center of the room with the image of Linga Maharaj just behind that. There were so many items neatly arranged by Guru-ji, me, and Sanjeev that I appreciated the arrangement in my mind. Sanjeev closed the door and Guru-ji started the yagya. It started at 9:00 p.m. With the fire flame, the scent of sandal incense sticks, and Guru-ji chanting mantras loudly the atmosphere within the room instantly changed. Guru-ji sat in front of the fire and Sanjeev to his left and myself to his right. Sanjeev had already called the Yadav family.

Mr. Yadav was wearing the white kurta and pajama, as he was wearing earlier when I met him in the drawing room. As he came I noticed he was leaning on to his wife and trembling. What a change in Mrs. Yadav! She seemed to be so devoted to her husband now, as I saw her bringing him to the puja-ghar. She has changed her sari and was wearing a white cotton sari along with a white blouse, which was extremely transparent, I must quote. Anyone and everyone could clearly see the position of her white bra inside and her fair skin through the transparent material. Shilpa was wearing a nice tight-fitting embroidered white salwar suit and looked quite appealing, as she was not using a chunri. They all sat opposite us in front of the fire.

Initial mantras and worship went on for around 20 minutes. I really had nothing much to do once the yagya started. The atmosphere in the room was getting stuffy with the smoke and the heat of the yagya fire, more so as the room was pretty small and there was no ventilation. I realized since I was sitting close to the fire, I was sweating and my armpits and lower back were already wet.

Guru-ji: Now, I will do the individual ritual for Shilpa. Each of the parents must participate in it. Though the main yagya will be involving Shilpa Beti alone, but this is also mandatory.

Mr. Yadav: Guru-ji, if you start with me it would be of help as…

Guru-ji: Yes Kumar, absolutely. I do not want to strain you unnecessarily. I will start with you and then release you. You can take rest.

Mr. Yadav: Thanks Guru-ji.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji, please call me when you are done with Kumar.

Guru-ji nodded and Mrs. Yadav and her daughter went off and Sanjeev again closed the door.

Mr. Yadav was again giving stares at me, but I was more concerned about sweating. My blouse was getting wet already. I wiped of some of the sweat from my back and neck with my pallu. Just then Mr. Yadav talked to me for the first time.

Mr. Yadav: Guru-ji, Anita is feeling hot I guess, can we not keep the door open?

I was shocked to see he was addressing me by my name straightway. I was quite irritated understanding that he was watching me closely.

Guru-ji: No Kumar. That would deviate concentration.

Mr. Yadav: Right, right.

Guru-ji: Anita, you will now act as Kumar’s medium in this part of the yagya.

I looked dumb, as I was still not sure what exactly I have to do to be the ‘medium.’

Guru-ji: Kumar and Anita, come to my left side. Sanjeev you start preparing the ‘bhog.’

Sanjeev already was preparing for the ‘bhog’ I noticed sometime back and now I realized that there was no other option but to go and help Mr. Yadav to stand. I had to do that. I alighted from my sitting position and had to wriggle my ass a little in front of these three males as my petticoat and sari were sticking to my ass. I then went to the opposite end to Mr. Yadav.

Me: Can you stand up alone Mr. Yadav?

Mr. Yadav: No Anita. I need your help.

I was getting increasingly irritated each time he was taking my name, but was helpless due to Guru-ji’s presence. Before I could offer an assist, he grabbed my hand and with the other hand put pressure on his walking cane to stand up. In turn, I held his hand and shoulder and helped him. He was very shaky as he walked and I felt bad for the disabled condition of this man. I offered to hold my shoulder, as I saw Mrs. Yadav was doing, and he walked better clinging to my blouse-covered shoulder.

Guru-ji: Anita, now hold this ‘thali’ and offer it to Agnidev first. Kumar, you hold her from behind and whisper mantra in her ears, which I tell. And Anita as the medium you will utter that loudly to Agnidev. Okay?

Me: Ji Guru-ji.

I took the thali from Guru-ji and stood in front of the fire. Now I was directly in front of Guru-ji, the yagya fire separating us. I noticed Mr. Yadav slowly came and stood behind me with his walking stick.

Guru-ji: Leave the stick Kumar and hold this book in one hand.