Anita’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 09


Chapter Nine: Game Day

For the next week when Pa wasn’t around, my brothers would make barking noises at me and giggle. Pa had to go back to Charlotte and Ma was still on an extended dry out. This gave us ample time for my brothers to fuck me like a dog as we smoked Steven’s pot. They took turns fucking me from behind as I barked like a dog for them. They got a kick out of this and besides you can’t get pregnant fucking doggy style. I didn’t get to practice my cock sucking ability too much this week. I hoped maybe cock sucking would be like riding a bike. Once you learned, you would never forget, but still it was nice to stay in practice. I tried talking my brothers into letting me play Pearl Harbor with them instead of this doggy fucking all the time. It was no dice. It was beginning to creep me out. I feared for the local strays.

Pa came back from Charlotte and that weekend we had Jim Boulanger (pardon my French) over for a little get together. Yes THE Jim Boulanger of “Pay the Lord”. Fish, Pa’s business partner also showed up. Billy was so impressed he left for the Peach Blossom Motel so he could give the bone to Felicia. She had her standards- no car fucking. If you couldn’t afford a cheap motel, there would be no pussy plain and simple. I liked fucking in the car too much to adopt her high standards.

The five of us, Steve, Pa, Jim, and Fish talked in the living room and drank some adult beverages. Ma didn’t trust Jim, even on a sober day. She claimed he was lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon wheel rut. Sometimes she would add “in Death Valley,” but we got the general idea without it. Pa liked the man and trusted him with his and our future both in this life and the next one. They mostly talked about how well Jesus’ theme park was going and how they would all be ga-zillionaires and what they would do with all that money. They all had different ideas and then Fish said he was going to be a world gambler and play poker for the rest of his life. The guys all laughed at Fish and issued him a challenge. They were all going to gamble with the money they did not have.

The men moved from the living room to the kitchen table. I was just going to watch. I was a little under dressed for the event. I had on my daisy Duke outfit, cutoff shorts and a shirt tied around the middle. I was braless and giving the boys a treat every time I twisted my body or for that matter even moved. Boulanger’s eyes didn’t stray far from me, likewise Mr. Fish kept tabs on my cleavage.

The four men sat around the table and hashed out the rules for betting, chip value, etc. I would be their official beer fetcher. When the first hand was dealt I pulled a chair up next to Pa, but he didn’t want me in a position where I could see Steven’s hand and his hand both so he told me if I wanted to watch, I could sit on his lap and bring him luck.

I didn’t know if he really meant it, or just wanted me to leave, but I wanted to be a part of the group. So I put my hand around Pa’s neck and sat on his lap. He gave a slight “oomph” as I was not nearly as light as I was when I was a little girl on Pa’s lap. I hoped Pa or Steven for that matter, didn’t do anything that might implicate we were as close as Lot’s family.

I sat there quietly on Pa’s lap helping him decide what to do. With my help and advice he would break up a pair and try to draw 3 to an inside straight. He was so unlucky. Steven was winning a lot of hands and Pa was buying more chips. Pa suggested I go sit with Steven for a spell to help his “luck” along. Steven’s jeans were as rough as corn cob on my bare legs. I kept moving around to get comfortable and mostly to do a little scratchin’ on my legs.

After Steven lost a couple of nice pots with second high flushes my fidgeting got the best of him. He said, “Oh you like to move around,” and he began to tickle me on the side. I moved around a lot more. My breasts jiggled nicely for the boys as they became more exposed. When I tried to cover myself up, Steven would tickle me some more so I would have move my arms to stop him. I eventually fell on the floor with a nipple exposed. I quickly covered myself up. I said, “I bet Mr. Fish wouldn’t mind if I sat with him.”

Mr. Fish looked surprised. “Why, why no I wouldn’t mind,” he sputtered as he pulled his chair back a few inches to make room for me. I sat on Fish’s lap. I noticed his eyes kept trying to look inside my blouse. He was getting a little woody. I knew I was sitting on his dick which was now sprawling down his pants leg. I winked at him as I slowly rocked back and forth on his hard-on. Every now and then I would lean over and point at a card for him to keep or throw. This would allow him a better view of my chest. I could feel his hot breath on my cleavage whenever I did this.

Fish had a bad hand and started making heavy bets. I thought he was trying to bluff, but no one was buying into it. In fact Jim raised him back a few million or whatever those blue chips were worth. Fish was called and he laid his hand out. “Flush” he proclaimed as he placed all red cards on the table.

The guys looked dumbfounded as Fish reached Casibom for the chips. Finally Pa said, “That may be a flush in the Low Country, but up here they still have to be of the same suit.”

Fish looked again. It seems his “Cadillacs” had failed him, but rather he placed the blame on my orbed distractions. Fish claimed he couldn’t win with me on his lap and since Jim won, he also won my distractions. I went and sat on Jim’s lap for a while. His hand became very friendly with my butt real fast. I knew he was signing Pa’s paycheck so I didn’t say anything. When Jim’s hand started to work his way over to my crotch area, I created a roadblock my placing my hand there to stop the preacher’s progression to the promise land.

I got up and went to the bathroom while Jim dealt. Pa followed me. He intercepted me on the way back and I was asked, “Is Jim getting fresh with you?”

I answered honestly for once, “He’s tryin’ Pa, but I ain’t lettin’ him.”

“Would you mind lettin’ him. It is important we make him happy. You know he doesn’t sleep with his wife anymore?” Pa said.

“You want me to sleep with Jim Boulanger?” I asked for clarification.

“Well, no Sunny. But if that what it takes would you mind?” Pa continued.

I hesitated and looked for a way out. “Gee Pa, I don’t know. I luv ya Pa, but this is going to be tough. You know what Ma thinks of him and my thoughts aren’t far off of hers.”

“I know Sunny. If you don’t want to do anything with him, that is fine too. I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.” Pa answered.

I got the love answer I wanted to hear from Pa. he really did care about how I felt. I said, “Okay Pa, I do it for you. You don’t think Fish will mind the show?”

“Fish? Naw. He has had a hankerin’ to get into your pants for a long time now. I am sure he won’t mind,” Pa replied giving me more information than I wanted to know.

I went back to my seat on Jim’s lap. In fact I skipped back to my spot, making my boobs bounce a little. I was going to act like a hoochie-girl for my Pa.

I rested myself on Jim’s lap. I “accidentally” touched his crotch as I moved around a little to get comfortable. That was his signal that things had changed, along with me putting both my hands on the table.

It didn’t take Jim long for his hand to find my poontang. He felt it from outside of my shorts. The denim was thick so he had to use a little force to make an impression. Jim would occasionally bring his hand up away from my poontang, when he wanted something to drink or had to deal. When he did that, it would always softly brush against my breast and linger for just a moment.

After a few hands of this feel-me-up stuff, I decided to give Jim a quick feel. Just to see how his crotch is doing. I placed my hand down at the side of my shorts, pretending to rest it on my pocket, and rubbed his little pecker till it got real good and hard.

I felt so devilish. Jim had to make a pants adjustment just to get comfortable.

While Pa was dealing, Jim slipped both hands down to my shorts and unsnapped them. He slowly and quietly moved the zipper down. This allowed Jim to touch my bare bush with his fingers. I looked at Pa with wide eyes and a cocked head as Jim was unzipping me. He knew Jim was up to something. Jim continued to play cards with one hand holding the cards, and with the other twiddlin’ with my fur.

I would rub Jim’s crotch from time to time. This he liked, even when I almost made him spill his drink. I slid down on his lap a bit to loosen my shorts. This allowed his fingers to grace my pussy lips, although coming in from the top he couldn’t really finger me too good.

When it was Jim’s turn to deal, he would remove his hand and coyly rub his face with it, sniffing my pussy aroma. I has sitting on Jim’s left leg, mostly while Fish sat to his right. Fish became suspicious of our play and leaned his head over to the side of the table to have a peek. Neither Jim nor I did anything to cover ourselves. He got a good view of my bush and of Jim with his hand down my shorts. He leaned back and didn’t say a word. He curiously looked around the table at Steven and at Pa.

Finally Pa said, “Anything wrong, Fish?”

“Nope, nothing at all”, Fish said. “This ain’t my first rodeo. Everything is fine by me if everything is fine by you. She is your daughter. I just wish I hadn’t given her up so fast.” ” Well,” Pa said as he rubbed his face in a long exhausting Brian Keith (Uncle Bill, Family Affair) manner. “Perhaps you can win her back from Jim. Why don’t we have Sunny sit on the winner’s lap after each hand? But we would have to play longer games, like 7 card stud, or maybe jacks to open trips to win marathon. Unlessin’ you would want Sunny to be a hoppin’ all over the place every couple of minutes?”

Pa’s words reminded me of a joke Billy once told me.

Q: What is green and hops from bed to bed?

A: A prostitoad.

Get it? Billy is so funny.

WOW! I was going to be a big time hoochie-girl for Pa. I was curious, with us having company and all, what kind of “activity” Casibom Giriş Pa and Steven would engage in when I sat on there laps with my shorts half off. As it turned out it was pretty much nuttin’ they wouldn’t do anything if front of strangers that would be wrong. Their laps were pretty much like “Free Parking” exceptin’ Steven who would grab a quick feel when he thought no one was a lookin’. When we had a new winner, I would get up from one spot, hold on to my unzipped shorts with one hand, and then shuffle carefully over to another lap.

Jim didn’t object to this new arrangement, although both him and Mr. Fish seemed to have played a little more aggressive, staying in pots longer than they should in hopes of winning. This of course helped Steven and Pa. I eventually made it to Mr. Fish’s lap. He wasted no time “fishing” as his fingers went straight toward my poontang.

He didn’t even pretend he was behaving as a gentleman. I didn’t stay long on Mr. Fish’s lap before I again found sanctuary on Pa’s lap.

It was here we had a turning point. Jim won the hand and had gotten up to go to the refrigerator for some adult liquid refreshers which we in the south call “Budweisers.” He came back to the table with five beers as I was in transit from Pa to Jim. In doing so I had to go by Steven. Jim handed me a beer. As I reached for it with one hand, Steven grabbed my other arm. With both hands free, my shorts fell to the floor. I stood there with my butt and pussy hanging out. “Oops-a-daisy” I said.

I set my beverage down on the table, gave Steven a dirty look, as if to say “look what you did” and commenced to go to a recovery mode when Pa spoke up. “No sense putting those short britches on now. Everyone has seen what you got. You might as well leave ’em off.”

Pa was such a logical philosopher. I could see where Billy got his brains. I did what the wise old sage told me to do. I kicked my shorts off and sat on Jim’s lap bare-ass naked, ‘cepting I still had on my top. Jim quickly developed a new card playing technique, holding his cards in his left hand while fingering my poontang with his right. This was not the best position for him and he was constantly flashing his cards at Mr. Fish, who just happened to be peaking over this way anyway. My pussy was warming up to the attention it was getting and being fingered like this in front of other men was a bit of a turn-on for me, as I was already a bit of an exhibitionist from all that flashing I had done from Steven’s car.

I went to Steven’s lap next. Unlike before, he became open with his attention to my poontang. He reached down and ran his finger along my wet pussy lips and said, “You’re getting a bit moist down there, Sis.” He never called me Sis. It was always, Sunny.

I grinned and said, “You can blame Mr. Boulanger for that, he’s the one that has been giving it all the attention.” Mr. Boulanger just smiled back at me. Steven had won a few times in a row.

My pussy was getting use to his touch. Mr. Fish had a losing hand and slammed his cards on the table. I hadn’t sat on his lap since I lost my bottoms.

“I’m rooting for you Mr. Fish,” I said in hopes to calm him down. The next hand Fish raised a lot of money. It was an obvious bluff, but no one called him. I think they wanted to diffuse the situation. I sat bottomless on Fish’s lap as he became reacquainted with my pussy. Mr. Fish was real happy now. In fact he took us to a new level. Instead of just being content with playing with the young girl’s pussy, he took his finger, stuck it just inside my loose fitting shirt, pulled it out a bit, just enough to expose a nipple, and said, “Whatcha got in there?” as he looked curiously at my boobies.

I looked around at the table filled with men as they looked at my boobies. I said, “Pa, do you think I should take this shirt off since y’all have seen my boobies anyway?” Pa had learned me philosophy real good. But I still wasn’t a great thinker like Billy.

“I guess so,” Pa responded.

With his approval I turned my attention to Mr. Fish. I asked him, “Do you care to do the honors?” as I held out my tummy knot to him.

Mr. Fish didn’t waste any time. He untied the knot and I slipped the garment from my shoulders. It seemed this had opened up a whole new playground for the boys. My tits became a new vacation home for Mr. Fish’s hand. He would play with my nipple with his left hand while studying his cards. No doubt he wanted to make sure he knew which suit they were before he laid them down.

After a spell I ended back on Jim’s lap. He was eager for me to sit down on his leg being all naked like. As Mr. Fish before him, Jim had just joined the Explorer’s Club and roamed his hands all over my naked body in front of my Pa and everyone else. I was getting a bit excited. In fact I pulled Jim’s cock out his pants while there at the table and stroked it in front of Pa and the world at our kitchen table. I couldn’t help myself. I needed to feel something hard. I was being so bad.

I think Jim felt a little embarrassed having his cock out in the open like that. He must Casibom Güncel Giriş have wanted to hide it, because he slid me over on top of him, to cover him. I felt Jim’s dick inside of me as I looked again over to Pa. Again I was smiling with big eyes, head cocked, as to let him know I was getting dicked my Jim. Jim held my butt and did a little pumping between bets. I was worried about him cumming in me and having a mess running down my legs.

Fish moved his head around the corner of the table and watched Jim playing hide the sausage. “Shoot! I got to win the next hand!” Fish exclaimed. And indeed he did. I glided off of Jim, gave his dick a quick kiss and sat on Mr. Fish’s lap. He quickly pulled out his weenie as I mounted him. His hands went all over my boobs and my pussy as he felt me up and fucked me in front of Pa, his business partner. Mr. Fish’s glory didn’t last but one hand as Steven won next!

I sat on Steven’s lap bare-assed and he pulled his dick out in front of Pa and everyone as if to fuck me. Then Pa said, “I know you ain’t going to try anything funny with your sister. I don’t want any grand young-uns looking like your Uncle Roy.”

Uncle Roy was Ma’s brother. He had a weird shrinking disease and never grew above four and half feet tall. He also had this eerie lazy eye that was like out of a Poe story. Ma’s parents were cousins, although I don’t know if they were first or second cousins. I thought it was pretty cool. Growing up I would flirt with and tease my own cousins, flashing the boys at times. I believe cousin Bob lived to see my titties. Now thinking about Uncle Roy being a genetic defect gave me the creeps.

Steven seemed a bit disappointed. He placed his finger to my mouth as I sucked it, and said, “Pa, maybe Sunny could do something with her mouth. That won’t make a young-un.”

Pa thought for a moment as the sage combined science with philosophy. He looked over at Jim for some kind of sign from the Lord. Jim finally said, “The boy is technically correct. You can’t get pregnant from oral sex.” Fish nodded in agreement. There was now a consensus opinion that oral sex does not make babies. Pa’s wheels were a turnin’ and a burnin’. He was rubbing his face, doing Brian Keith again when he rendered his decision. “I reckon’ a little oral sex wouldn’t hurt.” This was spoken by a true red state Republican-go figure.

I got on the floor under the table. Steven dropped his pants to his ankles and slid his chair a bit forward to meet me. His huge one-eyed trouser snake stared me right in the face. I struck at him first. I placed a lip lock around its head and took his shaft deep into my mouth.

My hands played with his balls as I sword swallowed his meat. The other guys would peer under the table from time to time to check up on me and made sure I hadn’t passed out or anything. And they also got to watch me suck cock as a reward for their caring.

“HOOO-EEEE” Fish proclaimed as he watched me take Steven in my mouth. “Where did you learn that lil’ lady?” It appeared to be one of them there rhetorical questions which I couldn’t answer with my mouth full. As the winner changed hands I was instructed to go to a different cock under the table. I was allowed to suck everyone’s cock, keeping them harder than Chinese ‘rithmatic. It was odd when Pa won his hand and I went to him the first time. I wondered what he would do in front of Jim. Well as it turned out, Pa dropped hid pants like everyone else and allowed his philosophy to prevail, “Well, I guess, when in Rome…,” he said.

I sucked on Pa’s cock but I was concerned about what would happen after I made someone cum. What would they want me to do next? I found out with Mr. Fish first, who got on a hot streak. I stayed under the table sucking his cock for several hands. I caressed his balls first as I licked his shaft for “good luck” as he requested. I took Fish in my mouth and grasped the base of his shaft and stroked it. His hot sticky cum filled my mouth. I kept stroking his cock slowly in order to make sure his gun was empty. Fish had lost that hand and opted to get out of the game at this point as he claimed, “I just don’t have the motivation to win any more.”

At this point I scooted over to Steven and gave him a blow job too. Steven’s huge cock didn’t last too long. I was on a roll. Steven excused himself. Pa was next on the list. I sucked Pa hard and fast. He didn’t stand a chance. He exploded in my mouth before the hand was over. This just left our not so poor out of town guest, who was sitting alone at the table with his pants at his ankles and his weenie sticking out, pointing at me. I crawled under the table to Jim.

I didn’t want him to cum too fast. I knew Pa would want me to take extra special care of our TV preacher guest. I held his cock in my hands as I licked him with long strokes of tongue, culminating at the head where his cock would get a quick suck. Then I would work my way down to his balls, which I would suckle in my mouth. I could feel his cock twitch in my hand. As I licked his cock, Jim’s hands went to my head and were trying to force his dick into my mouth. I surrendered to his needs and gave him a good ole fashion country girl cock sucking. I took Jim’s wand all the way down to the root. Of course he was no Biggerstaff. Jim had a hold of my head as Pa, came into the kitchen to fetch some beers.