Ann: A Love Story Ch. 90


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Slipping on a pair of grey Dockers, I pulled them up my legs, spreading my thighs to hold them at my knees. I looked at my tasseled hair in the mirror, running my fingers through the wet strands to straighten them out before grabbing a navy blue dress shirt that was lying next to the sink on the vanity.

“I could watch you do that all day,” Heather said from the bathtub behind me, her right leg dangling sexily over the side as she used a sponge to soap her breasts. She was staring at my bare ass as she playfully washed herself; her long curly hair looked darker and straighter from being wet like mine. She had it pulled up on top of her head, exposing her sexy neckline.

Glancing at her in the mirror as I put on the shirt, I winked. “I could say the same thing about you. Want to shave your legs again for me?”

“Only if you’ll come back over and shave your balls again for me,” she teased, lifting her other leg straight out of the water; her toes pointing toward the ceiling.

Buttoning the shirt, I turned around carefully, giving her one last look at my cock before tucking it and my shirttail inside, closing the pants. As I zipped up I stared as she tweaked one of her nipples. “It’s tempting, Heather. But I really do need to get to work.”

“What time is it?”

Checking my watch as I picked it up off the counter, I smiled. “It’s 7:00.”

“Can you wait a half-hour?” she asked, her eyes pleading with me.

“Sure, I suppose. Your place is a lot closer to work than the hotel is.”

“How much time do you have?”

“Oh, about forty minutes. But I’m pretty sure I’m done, sweetie. I just came an hour ago; that’s four times in the last twenty-four hours.”

“It felt more like twelve. Ann was right; you came just as much this morning in bed as you did the first time last night.”

“If you say so.”

“Oh…I say so,” she giggled.

“It’s a gift,” I shrugged, putting on my belt.

She batted her big eyes, her dimples lighting up the room. “It’s just as well. I’m going to be walking funny for a week as it is. It’s one thing to fuck me the way you did, but it’s another for it to last that long each time. I think we had sex more than we slept.”

“We could have slept more. You’re the one that woke me up.”

“What did you expect? Ann only let me have you for the night. I had to take advantage of the time we had. Besides, you didn’t complain when I sucked you awake.”

“HA…no, the only one that complained last night was Mrs. Henderson.”

“God Neil…I still can’t believe you did that,” she snickered, her hand covering her mouth and nose.

“Yeah, well…I was just trying to be polite.” ~*~*~*~*~*~

I was sleeping soundly, erotic thoughts filling my dreams once again. It seemed every time I closed my eyes, visions of some kind of sexual event filled my head. It had been that way ever since fate brought Ann into my life. Almost all of those dreams involved her, this one included. And that was interesting, since I was dreaming about what I’d just done with Heather hours before.

I’d had that happen several times, where something that Ann had set up with another woman would come to mind, yet I substituted her into the scenario instead. And that’s because as much as I loved her letting me be with other women, my heart belonged to her and her alone.

Stirring from that erotic dream, I felt a pair of lips kissing my shaft, which was already hard from what had been playing out in my unconscious mind.

“Good…you’re awake. Mind if I play with this,” Heather whispered as she held my cock in her soft hand, gently squeezing my balls with the other.

“No, I don’t mind,” I said with a sleepy smile, raising my arms over my head to stretch.

Crawling up my body, she continued to grip my shaft as she kissed me. “Can we take this into the other room, Neil?”

“I’m not sure I can handle that mattress again, Heather. My knees are really sore.”

“Mine too. But I’ve already taken care of that. Come on…please,” she hissed, licking at my ear, biting at my lobe.

“You’re hard to resist,” I groaned as I sat up, moving her with me.

“And you’re hard. I want to take care of that for you.”

Getting off the bed, I lifted her up, carrying her back into her living room. She’d left the lights off, but she had been a busy girl. She’d lit several candles, the soft glow offering a totally different mood. But there was no doubt we were going to fuck, and fuck wildly. I could see that in her eyes as I cradled her in my arms, her hands around my neck. If that wasn’t a big enough clue, the fact there was a high backed barstool in the middle of the room got my attention. The couch had been folded back up, and it was obvious she had plans for the stool.

Setting her down, she got on her toes to kiss me again, my hard cock brushing against her belly. “What did you have in mind,” I asked as I took her into my arms, holding her as we kissed.

“I Antep Bayan Escort was thinking we’d fuck,” she giggled as she kissed along my jaw.

“Did you have someplace in particular in mind?”

Pulling back, she shot me a coy smile. “My pussy, sweetie. I’m not ready to take that big thing up my ass like Ann or Carol.”

I knew she knew what I meant, but I loved that she was being lighthearted. “Oh, I don’t want to fuck your ass.”

“You don’t,” she said, an eyebrow arching as if she was suddenly considering it, and wondering why I wasn’t.

“No…I’m not done wearing out your pussy,” I smirked.

“Funny, it’s sorer than I can ever remember. You sure you didn’t wear it out already?”

“We could always stop.”

She ran her tongue seductively along her upper teeth, her eyes narrowing into a sultry stare. “I said I’m sore, not stupid. I’m hornier than I’ve ever been in my life, so if you want to wear out my pretty little pussy, be my guest. Besides, I’m sure you’re sore from wearing that harness for hours on end two days in a row. Who knows, maybe I’m going to wear out your balls first.”

Grabbing her ass, pulling her hard into my body, I grinned. “I’m willing to take that chance.”

She patted the seat of the barstool as she pulled away. “Then hop up here and we’ll try to wear each other out.” I sat down and she climbed up, straddling my body as she faced me. Easing her reddened pussy down over my swollen shaft, she sank down, engulfing me. “God I feel so full,” she sighed. “Now remember, the louder the better.”

“It’s pretty late, Heather.”

“Trust me, Neil, this won’t be the first time someone in the building woke up the neighbors with the sounds of fucking. It’s just the first time it’s going to be me making the noise!”

~*~*~*~*~*~ Standing behind Heather, I was concentrating on the job at hand, which was pounding her pussy as hard as I could, trying to wear it out. She’d ridden me for about twenty minutes on her way to another loud orgasm, but she’d tired of doing all the work…and making all of the noise. I’d been reserved, content to let her have her fun and wake the neighbors if she wanted. But the change of position changed all of that.

Once she came, she climbed off of me, her sweat-slickened body shining in the candlelight. As soon as I got off the barstool, she stood on the lowest rung and bent over the seat, holding onto the back, which was to her right. She looked over her left shoulder, her ass the perfect height as I moved in behind her, and I teased her by rubbing the tip of my cock against her puckered asshole.

She bristled, her body tensing. But I was amazed that she didn’t object. Instead, she grabbed the back of the chair, gripping it tighter as she looked at me. Her eyes were wild, the irises blazing as she waited for me to do something…anything. I moved my cock lower instead, guiding it back into her slick pussy with a long, firm stroke.

“Oh God,” she cried, feeling me stretch her wide once again. “I love this feeling!”

“Yeah, how about this one?” I growled, smacking her right ass cheek with a stinging blow.

She flinched, screaming “FUCK!” as she felt my hand mark her skin. Looking over her shoulder again, she leaned down, creating a more intense angle. “FUCK ME! MAKE ME YOUR SLUT!”

It was the first time I’d ever heard Heather say something like that and it caught me off guard. There was a time when that word would have made me blanch. In fact, it would have turned me off so much I would have likely just stopped what I was doing. But Ann changed that. She got me to see that it was just a word, and that words have different meanings. I’d originally associated it with my ex and the activities she’d engaged in, which was one way to define it. Ann’s definition proved to me that being a slut could actually be a very good thing.

When Heather said it, I had to keep from chuckling because of how different it sounded in her southern accent. Instead of turning me off, it spurred me on. I felt my hand raise again, my palm landing on her ass cheek in the same place a second time. Her nostrils flared, the desire flashing in her blazing eyes.

“You want to be a slut?” I asked as I started fucking her harder.

“Yes…YES!” she seethed through her clenched teeth as my hand struck her again.

We’d fallen into roles of sorts. Actually it wasn’t role playing, it was fucking. But she wanted to be treated more roughly this time and with my being woken up and a little tired, I was more than happy to oblige. I continued to spank her, my palm landing in the same place every time. The blows were sporadic, but stinging; just enough to keep her in the frame of mind she wanted, which kept me feeling the same way.

I didn’t realize how much I was talking, or how loud I was being. I was just fucking her like the slut she was begging to be. Maybe I’d been conditioned by Ann; whenever she wanted her sex hard and angry, I became more aggressive. I was just never aware I also so much more vocal doing it.

The pounding on the door coincided with how I was fucking, the rapping almost perfectly in time with my thrusts. I ignored it at first, spanking Heather on the other cheek, her playful yelp reverberating inside my head. The second knock actually made me turn my head to look toward the door, but I kept fucking. It wasn’t until the third, followed by a female voice calling for Heather, that I paused.

Pulling out, I walked around the chair. Heather was pleading for me to come back, but for me, the moment had been lost. Or at the very least, it had been temporarily misplaced, and I marched to the door to find it. Releasing the chain on the safety latch, I flipped the handle on the deadbolt and grabbed the doorknob, whipping the door wide open. I was suddenly standing in the entryway with my throbbing cock pointing directly at the unwelcomed guest.

“Can I help you?” I asked in a gruff tone.

“Uh…I…I…” the woman stammered as her mouth hit the floor, her unblinking eyes going straight to my glistening shaft. She was standing there, frozen in place in a short pink robe. I knew who it was. At least, I thought I did. But I hadn’t expected my reaction. I guess I was expecting her to be…anything but what was standing there.

She was beautiful, even without her makeup, which she’d obviously taken off for the night. Her long, brilliant red hair was mussed, probably from tossing and turning on her pillow attempting to sleep. Her perfect porcelain skin had become flushed at her neck and cheeks, embarrassed from the way I answered the door.

I could just manage to make out what was a well proportioned chest underneath the robe, her ample bosom lifted up by her crossed arms. And there was no mistaking the long, shapely legs that were trembling slightly, almost all of them on view for me. She kept shifting from one bare foot to the other, yet her piercing green eyes never left my crotch.

What surprised me was that I was instantly attracted to her. I’d said many times, and even believed in some ways, that redheads weren’t my cup of tea, so to speak. I’d even harshly said that I found freckles and alabaster skin unappealing. Yet the instant she came into view, I began to question all of those beliefs. Here…here was a woman that proved all of those views to be wrong.

I suppose I knew for quite a while that I’d been wrong. My opinion had softened when Dawn and I had invited Denise to join us at the hotel where she worked in Ann Arbor. Then there was Nancy, the sexy receptionist at my former job, with whom I’d had a brief sexual encounter in my office. Then there was Ann herself, who donned a red wig and pretended to be an escort.

Of course, all of those women had been tan and that was what I’d always pinned my revised opinion on. It wasn’t their hair color I’d reason…it was the idea of pale skin and freckles. Yet somewhere deep inside, I slowly came to realize that my rationalization had always been irrational. And it was Ann as a redhead that convinced me, even though I didn’t know it at the time.

As I studied the woman in front of me, I saw her classic beauty. She wasn’t just pretty; she was stunning, even while looking tired and disheveled. The freckles weren’t a turn off. Instead I found myself wondering how many she had and where they might be; the idea of discovering them became very intoxicating. I felt my cock raging again, as if I’d never stopped fucking. And yet, I was puzzled.

If she was who I thought she was, I couldn’t help but wonder why on earth a woman so gorgeous would ever be jealous of another woman.

With my new outlook on the beauty of redheads standing right in front of me, my straight face softening into a smile. I could feel my cock twitch as she gazed over my body, making her blink, the corners of her mouth turning up ever so slightly in what I took as an inquisitive grin. Perhaps even a little naughty.

“Can I help you,” I asked again, my voice softer and more inviting.

“I…I was expecting Heather to answer the door,” she responded, her arms falling to her sides. The front of her robe fell open to show her cleavage, displayed prominently in a sheer red teddy that barely held them.

Turning my body slightly to the side, I moved to my left, looking back into the living room. “She’s busy right now,” I pointed.

Heather was leaning far over the barstool, her big tits swaying as she raised her left hand and waved her fingers. “Hi Mrs. Henderson,” she moaned sheepishly.

“Uh…hi,” she responded, waving almost automatically.

Taking advantage of the unusual situation, I reached down and stroked the tip of my cock like I was trying to keep myself hard, although that was never going to be a problem with Heather as she was, and her neighbor’s eyes wandering all over me.

Taking in a deep breath, I moaned seductively. “I love your scent. Is that vanilla?” I asked, moving slightly closer to her.

“What? Oh…yes,” she said bashfully, the personal comment catching her off guard.

“Well, it’s very alluring.”


“So, is there something I can do for you?”

“Uh…Oh. Yes. I hate to seem rude, but you’re being awfully loud and I can’t sleep.”

“Really? This is a brand new building, isn’t it?”

“Well yes, but the walls are still rather thin. I can hear everything you’re doing.”

“Is that why you showed up wearing the teddy?” I smiled, nodding toward the gap in her robe.

“Certainly NOT!” she snapped, as if coming to her senses. But she never bothered to cover herself. If anything, her robe opened a more, the soft inner flesh of her shapely chest coming into full view.

I shrugged, “Okay. I have to tell you though; I’m a little surprised you came over. If you could hear us so well, you had to know what we’re doing, and that you’re interrupting us.”

“Well…you were interrupted my sleep,” she complained, the exasperation in her voice sincere.

“Mrs. Henderson, I — “

Clearing her throat, she batted her amazing green eyes. “It’s…Jennie.”

I found the fact that she offered her first name very curious, and a little exciting. Flashing a toothy grin, I went back to flirting. “Jennie, I refuse to believe a woman as gorgeous and sexy as you are hasn’t woken up the building a time or two in the heat of the moment.”

“Are you kidding…I’m married! I don’t act like that.”

“That’s a shame,” I sighed, shaking my head in disbelief. Eyeing her body through her parted robe, I added, “And if you don’t mind me saying, it’s also a bit of a waste. Your husband needs to step it up…I’d be making you scream every night.” Winking, I let go of my cock and slowly walked back over to Heather, leaving Jennie standing alone in the open doorway.

I got behind Heather, patting her gently on the ass, making her bristle. Looking over her shoulder, she said, “You’re not going to take it easy on me just because…Jennie showed up, are you?”

Arching an eyebrow, I rubbed my cock against her open pussy. “Still feeling slutty?” “Yeesss!” she hissed once more. Sliding my cock back inside her wet, tight pussy, I spanked her left ass cheek hard twice before lacing my fingers into her hair and pulling her head back. Slamming my cock deep into her cunt, she screamed out again.

“OH…FUCK!” she cried as I started pounding her, making her big natural boobs flop back and forth.

“Oh my God,” Jennie moaned, her words barely audible, yet resonating as if she’d yelled them at the top of her lungs like Heather was doing again as she begged me to fuck her harder.

Turning my attention to our guest while I continued to slam into Heather, I stared into her dazzling green eyes. “I’m sorry Jennie, but you need to shut the door so we don’t wake anyone else up.”

“Shut…the door?”

“Yes. You’re welcome to join us…or, you can go back to your apartment. I’ll be done with Heather in about an hour.”

As her hands fell to her sides, the front of her robe totally opened. Her face was in total shock. I stared at the sexy body that was wonderfully framed in the teddy she was wearing. “J…Join you?” she stuttered.

“JOIN US?” Heather snapped. So did her head as I let go of her hair. She turned to glare at me over her shoulder. I winked as I kept fucking her, knowing what Jennie would do as soon as I challenged her.

Actually, it took a little longer than I thought. She stood frozen in place, unable to tear her eyes from the scene that was playing out in front of her. At one point her left hand moved across her abdomen, her fingers coming closer and closer to her mound.

When I took Heather’s hands and held them behind her back, forcing her lower against the barstool, pinning her there in a dominate way, I heard our voyeur gasp. But a moment later she moved through the doorway, closing the door behind her as she left in silence, returning to the safety of her apartment.

I let go of Heather’s arms, and she forced herself upright. She looked first at the door, and then back to me. She started to say something, but I smacked her ass again.


“Turn around, Heather. I want you to look at the door while I finish fucking you.”


“I want you to think about what might have made you do if she had stayed.”


Heather was drying her hair with a towel, running naked around her apartment as she looked for something.

“Can you wait five more minutes, Neil?” she pleaded once more.

“Sure, Heather. I told you I could stay until 7:40. I’ve got fifteen minutes.”

“What time is it now?”

Laughing, I said, “Well, that would make it 7:25, wouldn’t it?”

“Where is my damn robe!” she complained, searching through another closet.

“Uh, I don’t know. Why do you need a robe? You look perfect.”

“Thanks. But I can’t say goodbye to you at the door like this.”

“Of course not…you need heels,” I grinned.

She laughed hysterically, walking out of her bedroom a minute later in four-inch black spiked heels carrying a white silk robe over her arm.