Anna, Gets taken by surprise Pt. 02

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Big Tits

After my attempt at a no cock weekend ended up with me getting used by a group of rugby playing horny guys. Well used and gang banged I guess.

At least on Sunday I had a quiet day, just wandered around the house resting my cunt.

If you have read my sex experiences you will know I just love cock. At this time I am

20, engaged to Derek, or D as I call him. He was away at UNI and only came home every two or three weeks.

I am slim, dark hair, with a bush. 34CC tits and told I have a great ass.

My parents arrived back from their weekend away and my mother looked fucked out. She could not remember how many cocks she had taken at the sex party they went to. She went straight to bed and my dad and I sat talking.

He told me about their party, he said there must have been twenty couples and during the evening and night, the party ended at dawn, he thinks mum must have had most of them. He had his fair share as well.

I then told him about my eventful Satuday, I told him it all, even me riding the gear stick before the rugby guys turned up. I could see he was getting aroused as I detailed the how they used my cunt and ass.

As I told how I was covered in cum, all over and every hole filled he said.

“I don’t know who is the worst, you or your mother. Your both cock mad.”

“I know daddy, that’s why you love us”, I said as I knelt in front of him. I undid his trousers and pulled his, by now hard cock, out and started sucking it.

“Tell me more about your party, who you fucked please daddy.” I was licking his balls and looking up at him. I licked along his shaft, I pushed the tip of my tongue into his pee hole, that was leaking pre-cum.

As he told me I was taking his cock deep in my mouth, holding and squeezing his balls with one hand. My other hand was under my skirt rubbing my cunt and clit.

He reached down and pulled my blouse off. I undid my skirt and pulled it off.

I was now naked on my knees sucking like mad on my dads cock. He was playing with my tits, twisting my nipples, which he knew I loved.

“Fuck Anna your a better cocksucker than your mother, no wonder guys like you. Take it deep down your throat, oh god that’s it I’m fucking cummming, swallow it all please.”

I did as he asked, two or three spurts of his spunk shot down my throat. I pulled back and jerked another couple of spurts over my tits

“Love you daddy.” I smiled at him.

I went off to bed and thought how well he had done after his sex party. His cock was still rock hard as he came in my mouth.

The next morning my mum was up, looking much brighter, a big smile on her face as I told her I wanted to hear all about her party after work.

Work was quiet, even my boss was too busy to fuck me so I was quite horny when I got home.

My mum, Diana and my dad, Bill were already home. My brother, James was in his room. I looked in on him as I went to change, he was on his bed, cock in hand wanking himself off as he was looking at a girly magazine.

“Help me out sis, finish me off please?”

I smiled as I slipped my dress off, got on the bed and started sucking my brothers cock. I looked at the mag, just girls with big tits. He undid my bra and was soon playing with my tits as I sucked him off. One hand went behind my head as he thrust his cock in my mouth, face fucking me.

Mum popped her head around the door, “don’t be too long you two, dinners nearly ready.”

“OK mum I’m nearly there.” My brother said as he exploded down my throat. I greedily swallowed his cum and then licked his cock clean.

“Thanks oğuzeli escort sis.”

“Your welcome, anytime!”

I quickly washed, brushed my teeth and slipped on a long tee shirt that just covered my ass and went downstairs. Mum had quickly made a pasta dish and the table was laid. Dad had even poured out some red wine for all of us.

“Come on then mum, tell us all about your party, we want to know all the dirty details.” As we ate our meals my brother and I listened in silence as she described how and how many times she was fucked. One time she was even dp’d standing up.

I thought I must try that.

I noticed my brother had one hand under the table playing with his cock. My cunt was getting juicy as we listened to our parents night of sex. Even my dad was getting a bit flushed as my mum left no detail out.

My dad stood and cleared the table, poured some more wine with a tent pole in his trousers.

My brother stood up, his cock was rock hard. “Fuck mum, that was pure sex, I need a fuck now.”

Mum slipped off her dress, she was naked underneath.

“Let mummy oblige you dear, only take it steady, I’m still a bit sore.”

Mum bent over the table and James, my brother was soon between her thighs. I stood up to watch as my brothers cock disappeared in my mums cunt. I love watching cocks as they fuck.

I felt my ass being squeezed as my dad lifted my tee shirt up. He put his fingers in my juicy cunt, finger fucked me for a bit. Then his finger was pushing my anus open. I pulled my tee shirt off and leaned over the table, facing my mum.

His cock was soon pushing my anus open, I groaned as I felt the head pop in. He held steady for a moment before sinking his cock, balls deep in my back passage.

“Oh god yes dad, fuck me, fuck my ass hard.”

I knew my dad loved using my ass as mum was not as keen on anal sex as I was. He caught hold of my hips, pounding his cock up my rectum. I looked at my mum across the table as my brother fucked her. Her tits were swinging backwards and forwards as James was really giving it to her.

We both smiled at each other as we were fucked.

“Swap over dad?” My brother said.

Dad just said “no son I’m just about to cum.”

With that he filled my ass with his spunk. His cock flopped out, I felt his spunk running out of my ass.

“Go on James, finish in your sister, my cunt is still sore.”

James pulled his cock out of my mum, walked around behind me.

“Ready sis, I could fuck forever tonight.”

“Go on bro give it to me, make me cum.”

Our parents sat down and watched their children fucking each other like there was no tomorrow. James went from one of my holes to the other, making it last.

I screamed.

“I’m fucking cumming, harder please.”

James unloaded up my ass first, then another spurt in my cunt. He asked me to turn around and suck him dry. I dropped to my knees and took my brothers cock in my mouth. He managed a few more spurts of cum as I sucked hard.

Then the phone rang, mum answered.

“It’s for you dear, Derek.”

“Hello D lovely to hear from you, what do you want?”

“Aside from some telephone sex I will be home on Friday for the weekend. Can you pick me up from the train station?”

“Of course I will, now telephone sex, are you wanking yourself off. I’m rubbing my clit for you, my cunt is so wet and full of my brothers spunk.”

“Has he just fucked you, the lucky bastard.”

“Yes and mum.” I giggled.

I told him about my no cock weekend, all of it. I heard oğuzeli escort bayan him groan as he said.

“Fucking whore, I’m cummming.”

We said we loved each other and agreed I would pick him on Friday wearing very little.

The week went by quickly, my boss fucked me a couple of times. I sucked James off a few times and dad came into my bed one night and used my ass. A normal week I guess.

Friday arrived, I left work early and went home to change. I put on some stockings and suspenders, I knew he wouldn’t want me to wear too much. I stood in front of my mirror, what else to wear. I put some high heels on. That’s enough I thought. My mum had a 3 raincoat in plastic that was nearly see through. I tried it on, you could make my nipples and my bush, just. Perfect I thought.

I jumped in my car and drove to Yeovil junction train station, just outside of Town. I parked and waited for the train. As it pulled in I got out and leaned against my car with a cigarette, posing like a slut. I held the coat closed as people got off the train and walked out. A few had a good look at me, but I just smiled.

Then I saw D, as he approached I opened my coat, he saw my stockings and my naked body along with quite a few others. He hugged and kissed me, one hand straight between my legs.

“Dirty bitch.”

“Love you too.” I said.

As we got in the car I left my coat open.

“Find somewhere to park, quick.” He said.

I knew a secluded spot halfway back to town.

I jumped out, left my coat in the car, and bent over the bonnet. D had his cock in my cunt and proceeded to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. He came after about six or seven thrusts and just kept going, his balls banging against me.

“Keep going D, fuck me, make me cum.”

“Don’t worry I not stopping for a while, god I’ve missed your cunt.”

His second load filled my cunt, his spunk was running down my thighs. He just kept going, pounding his cock up my slit. My orgasm arrived just as he managed to unload a third load of spunk up inside me.

“Fuck I needed that.” He said as he pulled me up, his hands on my tits, his cock still inside me. He was kissing my neck as I rubbed my clit to finish myself of. I then licked and sucked his cock clean.

“Fancy a drink now, alcohol not cum!” He said.

“What dressed like this?”

“You will be ok, lets go to the sports club.”

I grinned and put my coat back on and drove to the companys sports club. As a major employee in the town it had a large sports area. Football, rugby fields etc. And a good bar and dance clubhouse.

As we pulled up there were some guys playing rugby and football and it was quite busy.

“Are you sure, a lot of guys are going to get a cheap thrill with me dressed like this.”

“Of course, come on you love it as much as they will seeing you.”

I did my coat up, not that it made that much difference. We walked in and it was quiet, D got some drinks and we sat at a table looking out over the sports fields. I felt some cum still leaking out so went to the toilet. They were along a corridor leading to the changing rooms and showers.

I cleaned up between my legs and down my thighs. Had a pee and headed back. As I left the toilets the corridor was full of guys coming off the sports field.

I held my head up, pushed my tits out and smiled as they walked past. I had lots of comments, mostly harmless banter until half had passed. Then.

“Fuck, it’s that slut we fucked last Saturday, looked at her, she’s fucking naked under escort oğuzeli that see through coat.”

“Want some more cock love?”

I smiled as I recognised some of them.

“Maybe another time guys, I’m with my fiance.”

When I got back D could see I was smiling. I told him, “you know those guys who gang banged me last Saturday, well there here. It must be a company team.”

I sat and had a drink, D leaned over and undid a few buttons, top and bottom of my coat. As I sat back my coat fell open, exposing my cunt.

“What are you doing?”

“Well they have seen it all before, go on tease them, display yourself.”

I could feel my cunt getting wet as I opened my legs, I turned slightly so I was facing the door. My nipples hardened as D smiled.

“Do you want me to let them fuck me again, there is a lot more of them.”

As I said it I was nearly cumming at the thought.

“Do you want to, I can see your hard nipples, and, you did love it.”

Just then the door opened and five guys walked in. They got some drinks and soon came and sat near us. They were just looking at my cunt. I had to, my hand made it’s way between my legs, I stroked my bush.

“Fucking hell, she wants it again, don’t you slut?”

“Your fiance is one hot cunt,” one said to D.

“I know, she just loves it and she is a great cocksucker.”

One moved closer to me, his hand joined mine between my thighs. He soon inserted a couple of fingers up my wet slit. I moaned.

D undid the last buttons on my coat.

I was now fully exposed, being fingered as more of the team walked in.

“Do you want to fucked again? There is a few more of today, can you take us all on?”

With the guy fingering me, I felt my orgasm building.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming, yes I want to fuck all of you please guys fuck me.”

With that they got up and took me and D, with all our drinks down to the changing rooms.

My coat fell off along the corridor, I saw D pick it up with a smile on his face. I walked into the room, it smelled of mens sweat and aroma, it turned me on even more.

There were benches and a table, they led me to the table.

“Bend over, spread those legs, brace yourself slut.”

Someone asked D if he wanted to go first, but he said no. ” I can fuck her anytime, enjoy yourselves guys.”

I felt the first cock go up my cunt, god I wanted it, I wanted to be used over and over.

“My mouth is open guys, come on fucking take me, I need cock?”

Some guy got between me and the table, I put my hands on his hips as his cock went straight in my mouth.

Over the next hour I took all the cock they could offer. I was on my knees, on my back on the floor, anyway they wanted me, mouth cunt and ass.

I loved it, my cunt and ass was running in spunk, I swallowed loads. I had cum all over me. D faced fucked me once as I was being double penetrated.

I mouthed I love you as he took his cock out, letting his spunk run out of my mouth.

I heard loads of comments.

“What a cocksucker.”

“What a tight cunt.”

“Best ass I have ever fucked.”

“She never stops cumming. She just loves it.”

“What a fucking slut.”

And so on. Everything they called me turned me on even more.

I was in cock heaven, I was not sure how many I fucked in the end but it was the most for me up until then. I had cum in all my holes, over my face, tits and ass.

I finally showered clean, someone gave me a towel.

I put my coat on and D and I went back to the bar. They told us about a fancy dress party coming up and would we come.

One told D his wife would return the favour and he could fuck her, the rest of the guys said they had fucked her.

“Of course, we would love to.” I replied.

They had drinks lined up and I was congratulated and voted best cunt of the year by the team.

The party was in two weeks at the sports club!

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