Anna’s Adventure Ch. 01


As Anna finished packing her weekend bag she still found it hard to believe that she was about to drive to a hotel and meet a total stranger. All of her better judgement kept telling her that it could be dangerous, but a deep, almost hidden, urge to set off on this adventure overruled any other fears or thoughts she might have. Anna checked her weekend bag for the umpteenth time before finally setting off in her car to the hotel.

It had only been a few weeks since she had first read his stories. The effect on her had been incredible. She pictured herself as the female in the stories and could not believe how the wild and sometimes depraved story lines matched her own private fantasies. His latest series that she had just read turned her on incredibly. She felt a little embarrassed as she reminded herself how she had sat at her desk avidly reading the latest chapter with one hand up her skirt gently caressing her pussy.

As her journey continued she reminded herself of how foolish these past few weeks would seem if she were to tell any of her friends. Here she was, driving to a strange hotel to meet a man she knew nothing about except that he wrote stories that turned her on. Worse than that, she had confessed many of her wildest fantasies to him and even sent him pictures of herself naked! Anna then blushed a little, still not really believing that she had also sent him pictures of her pussy.

Even now she had no idea of who this man was or what he looked like but deep inside she felt really horny and naughty knowing that he had examined her so intimately already. An image filled her mind of this stranger gazing at the picture of her pussy and rubbing his stiff cock as he imagined what he would like to do with her. She realised that as her thoughts were wandering she was absentmindedly rubbing her thighs together as she continued to drive.

As she neared the hotel she started to feel apprehensive about the evening that lay ahead. She wondered what he would look like; big, small, slim, fat. She really hoped he wasn’t fat but decided that it would not really matter. After all, a man with such similar fantasies to her own just had to be good.

The arrangement they had made was that she would meet him in the bar of the hotel at 8 o’clock that evening. She had asked how she would recognise him and he had suggested the rather old fashioned and corny solution of wearing a red rose in the lapel of his jacket. Actually, the red rose idea had really appealed to Anna. She somehow imagined she was the heroine in an old Hollywood movie, meeting the handsome male star.

Anna arrived at the hotel at about 5:30pm and after parking her car she entered the lobby to check in. She gave her details to the check in clerk and was pleased and a little stunned when he said, “welcome Anna, we are expecting you. Your room is a luxury suite and everything is paid for in advance. The bellboy will show you your room. Please enjoy your stay with us.”

Anna followed the bellboy to the lift and then onwards to the top floor. As the bellboy opened the door to her suite she could not suppress a soft gasp of wow! The room was huge and dominated by a massive bed. She gave the bellboy a tip and he swiftly left the room leaving Anna to gaze around in amazement.

The main room was dominated by the bed and, she noticed with some amusement, had large mirrors on each wall. As she moved toward the bed and briefly laid on it she confirmed that she could see her image reflected in all of the mirrors. There was also a lounge area with two large armchairs. The one other feature that dominated the bedroom other than the bed was a large plasma screen TV.

Anna started to unpack her weekend bag and settle in, making her self feel at home. She carried her toilet bag and cosmetics into the large bathroom and, as she checked to make sure she had her razor, made a mental note to shave her pussy before finally going down to the bar. In the mean time she realised that she had a few hours yet. Time for a long hot soak in the bath before she had to get dressed.

She opened the wardrobe to hang up the clothes she had brought with her and, as she opened the doors, noticed a gift wrapped parcel with the words, ‘To Anna’ written on it. Intrigued and excited she picked up the package and rushed across to the bed to open it. She opened the box and tipped the contents onto the bed. Initially all she could determine was a pile of black lace trimmed in red and a small greeting card. She picked up the card and opened it. Written inside was a message that read, “I have carefully selected some underwear for you Anna. Please make sure that you are wearing it when we meet in the bar. Loveking. X

Anna looked more closely and started to separate the items. As she examined each item she started to realise what might lie in store for her later. The first item was a black lace basque trimmed with red silk. As Anna held it up it took a few seconds to realise what was different about it. There were no actual cups in the bra part! It had a small amount of under-wiring and support but, Anna realised, about Betturkey 60% of her ample breasts would be completely uncovered. The body part was wired like a corset and had black lace suspenders attached to the bottom.

The next item she picked up what looked like panties and, after having seen the bra, was not surprised to see that the panties were crotch-less. They were in a matching black lace with red silk trimming the edges that should have covered her pussy and bottom. She was not surprised to find a packet with 30 denier black stockings inside but was surprised to find what looked like a black lace trimmed collar. She looked at it for a while, noting that under the lace was strong leather and then confirmed that it was in a fact a collar. Like a dog collar, complete with a fastening for a lead. Other than those items she was relieved to find that there was not a lead included!

Anna ran a hot bath and as she lay and soaked she started to look forward to dressing in this naughty underwear. She wondered how obvious it might look under her white blouse and black skirt but somehow the idea of walking into the hotel bar dressed like that excited her.

Having soaked for long enough she stood up and reached for her razor. She had already rubbed her hand over her pussy and felt it could be in need of a good close shave to make it baby smooth. She applied the silk shaving cream to her pussy and pubic area, then, with one leg up on the edge of the bath carefully shaved her self. She ran a hand over her pussy to check she was completely smooth and then rinsed off the remaining shaving cream. She stepped out of the bath and dried her self on a large fluffy towel before walking out to the bedroom completely naked.

Before she started to dress she looked at her reflection in the many mirrors. The powerful thought struck her that the next time she was naked would be in the presence of the man she knew only as Loveking, a stranger whom she knew nothing about except for his stories.

Almost subconsciously she stooped down, close to a mirror and opened her thighs. She looked at the reflection of her baby smooth pussy and ran her fingers lightly over her outer lips. Satisfied that she looked and felt smooth and sexy she stood up and started to dress.

First she picked up the basque and manoeuvred the strange bra part over her breasts. It took a little time to sort out the straps and the multi-hooked fastening down the back but eventually she had it properly fitted. She turned around to see her self in the mirrors from different angles. Anna was amazed at how well it fitted her and pleased at her appearance. The corset part held her firmly and accentuated her beautiful breasts. The design of the bra partly lifted her breasts and gave some support but left most of her sexy flesh naked and exposed.

Next she pulled on the panties, realising straight away that, like the bra, they exposed rather than covered. The red silk trim drew her gaze, and anyone else who might look later, directly to her fleshy pussy. Anna ran her hand between her legs to confirm what she already felt that the knickers left her pussy and bottom completely uncovered! She then unwrapped and pulled on the sheer black stockings one by one, reaching round and fastening the suspenders.

Finally she reached for the accessory she was least sure about, the collar. She looked at it for a while and then placed it around her neck and fastened the small buckle. She looked at her self again in the mirror; her exposed breasts accentuated by the black lace and red silk. Her legs now covered in sheer sensuous black nylon. The black lace suspenders adding to the sexy image that she was now seeing in the mirror. “MMMm,” she muttered appreciatively to her self, “not bad!”

Anna then went to the wardrobe and took out her white blouse and black skirt. The blouse was quite sheer and as she put it on she could see that her breasts were visible through the fabric. Next she pulled on the skirt. She had bought it especially for this adventure and as she pulled it on realised it was a little tighter and shorter than she remembered. It also had a slit in the side and as she finally fastened the zip and looked in the mirror she realised that she would have to be careful when sitting down that her stocking tops did not show.

Finally she put on some heeled shoes and walked around the room. Her eyes felt drawn to the mirrors and as she walked she could feel and see her breasts moving freely under the sheer blouse. She tried to imagine how she would feel walking into the bar later on knowing that there would almost certainly be a lot of men in there. The thought sent a nervous tingling excitement through her body as she imagined the men staring at her breasts as she entered the bar. She started to have doubts about if she could do it but then firmly dismissed these doubts determined in her mind to be bold.

Finally Anna sat down at the dressing table and applied her make up. The lipstick was a brighter red than she would normally use but somehow it suited her horny mood. It was now Betturkey Giriş 8 o’clock as she checked herself one last time in the mirror. She looked at her red lips, her naked breasts under the sheer blouse, the tight skirt and thought, “I feel like a tart tonight so I might as well look like one!”

Anna picked up her key and left the room, heading for the lift. As she walked along the corridor a man appeared from a door and she immediately felt his gaze on her breasts. She felt bold and smiled at him as he looked back up to her eyes. They both walked toward the lift and waited.

The lift ride passed in a blur and before she knew it Anna was walking towards the bar. She felt very conspicuous as her breasts joggled freely under blouse. She knew that her nipples and large dark areolae could be seen clearly through the sheer fabric. She could see that the bar was quite crowded, mainly with men.

As she entered she was instantly aware of male eyes checking her out, trying to undress her in their minds eye. Some younger guys were drinking in a corner and stopped as she walked past. She clearly heard one of them say, “look at the tits on that guys!” She heard another of the young men say, “I would love to squeeze my cock between those two!” These comments both embarrassed and aroused Anna. As she continued her walk into the bar she suddenly saw a man standing up at the bar at the far end. The first thing she noticed was that he was wearing a red rose in his jacket lapel. The second thing she noticed was that he was not anything like what she had been expecting.

He looked up and smiled a warm smile as she approached. He was quite tall and dark. He was a little older than her but still quite handsome. She felt his gaze roam freely over her body. Checking her out from her red lips down over her sexily exposed breasts to her sheer nylon covered legs. His gaze then returned to hers and he said, “Anna, very pleased to meet you. Would you like a drink?” Anna replied, yes please, that would be nice, I’d like a gin and tonic please but what do I call you?” He looked her directly in the eye before saying, “Anna, you might not have noticed yet but this hotel is not an ordinary hotel.”

Anna looked at him slightly puzzled. He pulled a remote control from his pocket and said, “look up at that large screen above the bar.”

Anna looked up at the screen that was similar to the one she had noticed in her room. As she looked he pointed the remote towards it and the screen came to life.

Anna was still puzzled because all she could see was a picture of a room. Slowly it started to dawn on her. It looked like her room. “Shit,” she thought as she noticed the empty box that had contained the underwear still on the bed, “it is my room.”

Before she could say anything the picture flickered and she saw herself unwrap the box and inspect the underwear. She looked at him in shock. “That’s right,” he said, as if predicting her question, “we all watched you getting ready earlier on; caused quite a stir!”

Anna looked back up at the screen and saw herself completely naked coming out of the bathroom. Before she could say anything the whole bar applauded loudly as they watched her (for the second time she assumed) crouch down, open her legs and inspect her freshly shaved pussy! Anna then realised that they must have many cameras in the room all hidden behind the mirrors.

As the scene changed and the men in the bar watched her dressing in the black basque he turned to her and said, “Anna, you can go and get dressed and leave now or you can stay. If you decide to leave I will turn off the screen and help you to gather your things and go.

If you decide to stay I guarantee that you will not be hurt but you will be expected to do ANYTHING I tell you or you will be punished!”

The choice is yours.

The bar went completely silent and on the screen Anna was pulling on the black stockings. Anna was quiet for a few seconds and then said, “OK, I want to stay!”

All the men cheered loudly again and as the cheering and applause died away he turned to her and said, “If you are staying then you will refer to me as Sir or reply to my requests with, “yes master”.

Anna was stunned but a deep feeling of wild anticipation and excitement was filling her senses as she replied, “yes master.”

Anna had forgotten about the drink and was reminded when the master said, “here, enjoy your gin and tonic.” Anna took the drink that he was offering and gulped it down. She was not sure why she gulped the drink but put it down to feeling apprehensive about what would happen next.

Anna looked around the bar noting that it was mainly filled with men. There were a few women in the bar and two pretty little Asian barmaids behind the bar.

As she looked around the two Asian barmaids walked up to the master and one of them said, “shall we prepare Anna for you sir?”

He didn’t reply directly he just turned to Anna and said, “go with Jasmine and Jenny and they will prepare you for the next part of the evening.

Both girls lifted Betturkey Güncel Giriş up the hinged part of the bar so that Anna could go through to the other side. They then led her away through a door to a back room.

Once in the back room Jenny said to Anna, “just relax and try to enjoy everything that happens tonight, first we must remove your outer clothes. Do you want another drink?” “Yes please,” said Anna. As she stood in the centre of the room she could still not quite believe what she might have let her self in for. As she stood, deep in thought, she was aware of tiny hands unfastening her white blouse. Soon it was undone. She felt the zip fastener of her skirt being pulled down and the skirt unfastened completely. This whole situation already felt strange to Anna. In her everyday life she liked to be in command but here she was, already having agreed to call her mysterious author sir or master and willingly letting these two Asian girls undress her.

She felt her skirt being pulled down over her thighs and as it reached her feet she lifted one leg and then the other to enable it to be removed completely. At the same time her blouse was being pulled off her shoulders and then removed completely. The girls paused and quickly fetched Anna another gin and tonic. As Anna stood in the room, drinking her gin and wearing just the sexy and revealing underwear, she watched the two girls neatly fold her outer clothes and place them on a chair.

She felt self-conscious as the two girls stood in front of her openly checking her over. “Nice big titties Anna,” said Jenny, as she reached out and squeezed one in her tiny hand. “The men will love playing with those.” As Jenny spoke she reached up with her other hand and now, with a hand on each breast, started to boldly caress and play with them. Anna had never been touched by another woman before but was surprised how natural and how good it was starting to feel to have this Asian girl expertly caress her breasts. After a while both girls announced that they must make sure Anna was ready and started to adjust the straps on the bra of the basque. The end result was that Anna’s breasts were now pulled up a little higher making them look even larger.

Anna tensed as she felt a small hand pushing between her legs. “Just relax,” said Jenny, “we must prepare you properly.” Please open your legs Anna, said Li, we need to check your panties.”

Anna obediently shifted her feet so that they were about three feet apart. She looked down as both girls knelt on the floor, Jenny in front and Jasmine behind. Anna could feel small hands pulling and adjusting the gap in the crotchless panties. Without any warning Anna suddenly felt Jasmine bury her face in her buttocks. At the same time Jenny pushed her face against her shaved pussy. In an instant Anna felt her legs go weak as two tongues expertly licked her pussy and her anus.

Anna had never considered her anus to be a source of pleasure but the feelings this Asian girl’s tongue was causing were fantastic! As Jasmine continued to make delicate movements with her tongue across Anna’s anus Jenny was already parting Anna’s pussy lips with her tongue and seeking out her clit. As Jenny’s tongue made its initial contact Anna thought she would fall over because her legs felt like they had turned to jelly, but somehow both girls managed to support her.

The evening had only just started and already Anna was experiencing the expert touches of two women. She felt disappointed when they stopped licking her and stood up. As Jenny stood up she brushed her fingers over Anna’s pussy, parting the outer lips and briefly dipping a finger into Anna’s wetness, commenting, “your pussy feels ready for action!”

Both girls then walked slowly round her, both of them checking her out before Jenny said, “OK Anna, you are nearly ready, we just need to attach the lead!” As Jenny spoke she reached into a nearby cupboard and pulled out a long leather dogs lead. Anna just stood still as she felt the lead clipped onto her collar. As Jenny stood holding the lead Jasmine walked around Anna again. As she stood behind Anna she said, ” just bend forward a little please. “Why?” Said Anna, because of two reasons, Jasmine replied, rather forcefully. Number one you must quickly learn to follow instructions. Number two I need to check that the gap in the panties is enough to make your anus easily available for the master!”

Anna leaned forward and instantly tensed as she felt Jasmine’s fingers touch her tight hole. “Excellent!” exclaimed Jasmine as she walked around to Anna’ front. She then said, “OK Anna, stand up straight again with your feet apart. Anna obeyed and Jasmine exclaimed excitedly, “that is perfect, the whole of your pussy looks visible and available!”

Before Anna realised what was happening she felt Jenny pull the lead that was attached to the collar and followed her back through the door to the bar. It wasn’t until Jasmine flung the door open that Anna suddenly felt so exposed and vulnerable. Jenny led her out into the main part of the bar. The cheering and applause was deafening as all the men and the few ladies all stared at her. At first Anna just looked down at the ground, but gradually she allowed her self to look up. As she looked up she felt the shock and surprise show instantly on he face. All of the men and women were now completely naked!