Anna’s Entanglements (Juan)

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It’s been a month since Anna’s last entanglement with Pepe. She was dating again with the guy she broke up with. He was a nice guy loved her unconditionally but she didn’t feel the same he was a safe bet though. Anna at this point has her boyfriend help her with her child’s upcoming birthday being held at her ex’s house. Her boyfriend spends a lot of money helping her set up her part of the party. The day of party it’s a hot August day so she decides to wear something comfortable for her sons party she puts on some shorts and a tank top with a pair of cute sandals she looks in the mirror her curvy body looked great and she looked cute she had her hair down and was feeling good. She heads to the party and her boyfriend meets her there and the festivities begin. Half way through she sees one of her ex’s uncles she had a problem with a while back. The man was in his 50s skinny probably weighed under a buck fifty in weight brown skin.

Anna remembered the situation like it was yesterday she was stealing from another of her ex’s uncles landscaping company and blamed it all on this man named Juan. Juan was a single man his wife left him at a early age with his kids and he moved to the United States to work and get away. He hoped to start a new life he had been struggling a lot with his hate towards women and how they have messed with him.

Juan works in landscaping in the family business his brother started but was just an employee who gained scraps. He was also given a place to live but it was with his parents they where very old and frail they mostly stayed at their double wide trailer in bed. They where both in their 90s and their time was almost up one was even hooked up to breathing apparatuses. So he lives with them in his own room. They mainly stayed in theirs so he got privacy and a place to stay for free at least. Most of the family felt bad for him so they gave him what he needed to survive as he continued life alone. He saw Anna at the party and he also remembered the situation they had he hated her. She was always acting better than him and he knew she was a slut. One day he walked in on Anna and his nephew with out them knowing having sex in the company office trailer over one of the desks.

His hate for her was great but he did admit to himself Anna was a very good looking young woman. Her wide hips are what he liked about her the most. He would imagine her that day he saw his nephew fucking her from behind in the office. grabbing Anna’s hips and thrusted himself into her. He thought to himself what it must feel like to be able to grab them and be inside Anna’s thick body. He stood there off to the side wondering as his cock hardened a little and pressed against his clothes slightly. Anna was looking at him with guilt for what she did and noticed the print of his 7 inch cock and then it disappeared. She was in awe.

Through out the party Anna couldn’t stop thinking of what she saw and it excited her. She began to think the perfect mate an older man twice her age short skinny. A man no one would expect her to be with sexually she was thinking now of how to make it happen. Even with her boyfriend there her urges got the best of her. She told her boyfriend that she would stay and help clean and she would text him later so he left. She stayed back and as Juan started to leave she stopped him.

“Hey Juan can I talk to you? In private? I can give you a ride home if you’d like?” She asked. Hatay Escort Juan walked to the party the house of Anna’s ex was literally a couple properties down from his.

“Okay yeah Anna that’s fine,” Said Juan. He was shocked at the kind look on her face especially after everything that happened. Plus he was taken back that a woman as beautiful as Anna was being nice to him. They walked to her car Anna in front as they did Juan was up close. He saw Annas thick ass and how it was partially started to swallow the shorts she was wearing this is how he knew she had a thong on. He got in the car it was a Kia Soul her thick legs sat wide in the car seat. Her shorts scrunching up her thick thighs digging into her thick legs. Juan couldn’t help but stare saving the mental image for later. They drove down to the property and she parked outside the double wide trailer.

“Can we go inside to talk?” She asked softly.

“Sure but just don’t be too loud my parents are probably resting,” He said. Anna remembered about the grandparents.

“Oh yeah I’m sorry Juan but yeah I just want to talk please,” She pleaded. They both headed inside into the living room and sat on the couch.

“I know I’ve been a bitch to you and I’m sorry I can’t take back what I’ve done Juan and it’s not fair to you especially with what you have been through,” She expressed apologetically. She sat next to Juan on the couch. She had fake tears roll down her cute chubby cheeks, She was a great actor.

“Its okay Anna I’m over it and it’s in the past. I wish you would’ve asked for help. I know my nephew is a dead beat dad but it doesn’t excuse you for doing what you did. Anyway it’s okay now just don’t worry about it,” He said in a disappointed way.

“Yeah he is a deadbeat and I know but I’m happy you accept my apology but I feel I owe you something more,” Expressed Anna. She puts her hand on his thigh.

“Is there anyway I can make it up to you?” She asks looking at him with lust in her eyes. Juan hasn’t been touched on his leg for a long time. It was sort of a shock. His urges kicked in. He thinks of what her and his nephew were doing long ago and grabs her hand and pulls it towards his crotch. As he does Anna is jerked closer to him her face close to his at this point. They lock eyes Juan looks into her beautiful hazel eyes and kisses her passionately as Anna’s hand is rubbing his crotch on its own.

For a couple minutes they make out passionately and Anna jumps over him on the couch. Juan’s hands run over Anna’s legs to her ass. He grabs her ass cheeks Anna is turned on and so is he. She takes off her top exposing her bra she takes it off just as fast. Her tits drop and Juan goes straight for the areolas and starts sucking them. His hands meeting his mouth at her soft milky tits. Anna with pleasure tilts her head back and exhales. As she bites her lip Juan goes to town licking her areolas biting the tips and squeezing. He plays with the soft natural tits rubbing them all over his face. He is extremely hard at this point.

“Want to see me put it in my mouth daddy? Yes?” She says with a cute smirk on her face. When she asks that she is rubbing what is now his hard cock through his shorts. Juan eagerly and excitedly nods yes.

“Fuck yes!” In an excited tone Juan exclaims. Anna giggles and gets off him and gets down to her knees Juan stands at the same time and Anna undoes the button Hatay Escort Bayan to his shorts and unzips them. The shorts fall down revealing his 7 inch cock hard as a rock.

“Oh my god your so nasty! Were you not wearing underwear at the party?” Anna asks laughing.

“No he-he it gets in the way,” Juan said with a smirk.

“I bet, my god you should’ve shown me this sooner,” Anna said in a naughty tone. She starts staring at his 7 inch cock. Smiling with a naughty look on her face she stares at Juan as she proceeds to grasps it and starts to jerk it. She then looks at his cock with hungry eyes. She sticks her tongue out and presses it against the mushroom head of the cock. Juan exhales with pleasure.

“Oh! Yes! I’ve been dreaming of this for so long Anna fuck… You don’t know how many times I jerked off thinking of you doing this. My cock in your pretty mouth your beautiful eyes looking up at me,” Juan explained.

“Well you don’t need to jerk off anymore daddy you can just use me now,” Anna said as she stuffed the cock into her mouth.

“Mmmhhmmm… slurp… slurp… gug… gug…” sounds filled the living room as Anna’s head bobbed back and fourth back and fourth as Juan stood and watched his 50 something year old cock get sucked by his nephews beautiful 25 year old ex girlfriend.

“Arggg… uhmm… fuuuuuhhh…” Juan moaned and groaned with extreme pleasure. Anna worked his cock in her mouth and on her tongue. She simultaneously looked up at Juan to watch him enjoy the amazing blowjob he was getting. Juan after a 5 minute blowjob decided he was ready to go deep inside of her.

“Come let’s go to my room he-he,” Juan told her in a sinister way. Anna stood smirking and as she did Juan smacked her ass and got behind her real close his head barely reaching her shoulders. He kissed her shoulders and walked up behind her basically almost piggybacking her. He groped her tits guiding her to his room his hard cock being bent down between her soft tan ass cheeks. Once there he sat on the bed and told Anna to take off her shorts Anna did nice and slow revealing a black laced thong hugging her thick meaty hips. They caused an indent from how tight the thong was on her thick wide hips. Juan grabbed her by the hips and jiggled her ass. Waves of thickness moved as he did.

“Fuck Anna your so thick and meaty,” Said Juan. Anna stood there letting him play with her while smiling at him.

“Thank you I’m glad you like it,” she said in a naughty tone. He helped her out of the thong she was wearing. He stood and bent her over the bed slowly inserted his cock inside Anna’s fat juicy wet hot pussy spreading the lips and in he went.

“Ooo… mmmm…” Anna moaned as her eyes widened with the penetration. Juan was inside and all he could do was hold his breath and finally grab Anna’s waist like he always wanted. He proceeds to pull her by the hips with force into his crotch getting maximum penetration right away. This was a shock to Anna it was a rough way to start. The pulling motion Juan did was with a lot of force her mouth was opened her face filled with an oh shit expression of worry.

“Oh yeah you stupid bitch fucking take this cock bitch! Yes ima fuck the shit out of you now Anna you stupid slut,” Juan said in an angry tone. As he with force continued to pull Anna into his crotch. His cock came in and out and going in deeper with every slam. Escort Hatay

“Oh! God Juan fuck me! Oh my god please fuck me Juan! Oh Juan yes fuck me yes harder! Harder! Oh harder pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassseeeee fuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk!” she moaned and screamed as she was penetrated with force. Both of them forgot that his parents were home and could possibly hear Anna screaming from the rough fucking she was receiving. For a skinny guy Juan had some strength and Anna took his 7 inch manhood trying to hold on to dear life. Her hands clutched the bed sheets as she was getting pounded from behind. There was a mirror in front of her. It revealed the sight of Juan’s angry facial expression behind her just laying it into her with malice. Waves of motion with every thrust worked through out her hips and ass like an ocean. Juan felt like he was in a hot juicy wet ocean being inside Anna. Anna finally came after 5 minutes of being fucked hard and she collapsed on the bed. Juan then slowed down realizing what happened.

“Oh yeah you slut! Fuck! you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that Anna. Mamacita finally I get to take my anger out on you ha-ha,” Juan expressed laughing in a sinister way. He pulled out his cock from inside Anna and proceeds to the other side of the bed and lays down.

“Come here I want to see you on top,” He ordered.

“Ever since you had your kid your body has gotten thicker Anna. You have it all in the right places you know that,” Said Juan. Anna gets up and makes her way over to him. She mounts him like a bike and faces him. Juan just watches in awe of Anna’s beautiful sculpted body. Her big tits, Her wide hips and thick legs on top of him. Anna’s 185 pound body engulfed Juan’s skinny old body. She inserted his cock inside herself for him and moaned as she did. She sat with it inside herself for a minute to catch her breath. She then started to ride him and it turned into a bounce Anna’s tits jiggled and bounced as she did. A flopping noise filled the room as Juan met her with every bounce lifting his penis into her as she came down. Anna looked like a goddess her hair down her pretty face with the expression of pleasure on it. Her tits bounced and ass shook while her wide hips rolled. Juan was enjoying it a lot she was good at it. Soon Juan lost control he was feeling it. The warmth of the pussy juices and looking at this girl fuck herself on him was too much. He was going to explode he didn’t say anything he didn’t want to get out of Anna’s pussy it was like a honey hole.

“Aaaaaannnnnnaaaaaaaaa…” was all he groaned as he exploded deep inside Anna’s womb. Anna felt the hot gooey cum shoot deep into her it washed over her insides like a shot of whisky. She didn’t even think about it but wasn’t worried she was on birth control. she stopped grinding on Juan gets off and devoured his cock slurping the juices and extra cum off him clean. He laying there watched exhausted and with the biggest smile of his face. Anna looked back at him and also smiled and started to Giggle.

“Did you have fun?” she asked.

“Yes Anna fuck yes…” he said in a tired tone. Anna then got up and dressed as he was still laying there watching her.

“You gotta go?” He asked.

“Yeah my boyfriend will probably wonder where I am,” she said laughing.

“We can do this again some time?” She asked. Juan could only sit there and say nothing. He was tired and he closed his eyes to rest. Anna walked out and blew him a kiss as she did. Anna walked out of the trailer and headed home with a huge smile on her face. She was satisfied and happy. She couldn’t believe what she did and she kept thinking of the hard fucking she had received all the way home. The end.

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