Anna’s Transformation Ch. 03

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Monday – Day Three

As usual for a workday, Andy woke up before Anna. He looked over at her. She was sleeping on her back, with one arm over her tummy and one up over her head. Her breasts looked bigger than ever, even tightly constrained in her “sleeping bra”, which he could see was, after only a year “in service”, too small for her ballooning boobs. He felt his arousal coming on, but, knowing that Anna was not amorous in the morning and he had to get to the office, he got up and headed to the bathroom.

Anna’s last words before they went to sleep rang around in his head. His wife for the first time had multiple orgasms, and Jack, even though not present, was a contributor! Or was he the main reason? Andy was both excited and filled with a level of dread at what was happening.


Anna slowly came out of her slumber and looked at the alarm clock — she had to get up in 20 minutes to get ready for her last workday of the school term — summer vacation started tomorrow. Suddenly last night popped into her head. Dinner with Jack. Feeling his eyes on her as she walked up the path. Sex with Andy. THREE orgasms. And what she had admitted to Andy. She simultaneously felt guilty, embarrassed and — aroused. She felt her nipples flushing, growing with every heartbeat.

She stretched, padded into the bath, flipped on the shower and slipped off her sleeping shorts and bra. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her apparently uncontrollable nipples stood out tall, engorged, and proud from her firm, heavy breasts. Below her flat tummy her taught, slender pussy lips were swollen. At the top, peeking out from beneath the folds, the item her older sister Sara had informed her was her ‘clitty’ protruded. Being a natural blonde, she had only a few fine stray hairs “down there” and so rarely had to perform any maintenance.

She slipped into the shower and enjoyed the warm water flowing over her body. Her thoughts went right to Jack, envisioning him touching her, reaching for her breasts. Without thinking, one hand began caressing her nipples while the other slipped into her folds and rubbed over her nubbin, which followed her nipples’ lead and engorged and sprouted up. She looked down at her now-protruding clitty and suddenly what felt like a bolt of electricity shot from her clitty through her body to her nipples as she experienced a sharp orgasm.

“Oh my god, Jack,” she gasped, shivering as her orgasm quickly waned.

Ana was not one to regularly masturbate, so what just happened shocked her. It took her a while to regain her composure, wash her body and hair and get ready for work. She went to her closet and looked at her panty collection. Most were “full coverage” and boring — what she was used to. Andy had made her wear her only French-cut panty last night which initially made her feel uncomfortable. She wondered if Jack could see them through her shorts. She leaned over and grabbed them from her dirty clothes basket. She could smell her juices from last night. “Can’t believe he did this to me!”

And on cue with the thought of Jack her nipples began to spout. “Damn, there they go again!’

She quickly washed the panties out in the sink, dried them with her blow-dryer and slipped them on, enjoying the feel of silk against her pussy lips. She selected her biggest bra and slipped it on, wrestling her big boobs into the cups and loosening the shoulder straps yet again. For the last few weeks, the twin hillocks of freckled tit flesh bulging out at the top had been growing ever higher. For the thousandth time she cursed her runaway breast growth. ‘I need to bite the bullet and get new bras — but they’re so expensive — Andy won’t be happy.’

She dressed and after a quick breakfast she headed out to her car. She looked over at Jack’s front yard and saw him washing his car. He was again bare chested and wearing compression running shorts. She stared at him as he moved around the car, watching his muscles flex. ‘Oh my god- look at those muscles ripple….’ And, of course her nipples sprang out at the sight of him. She looked down, making sure nothing was showing, and looked back at Jack.

He was looking right at her, grinning. “Hi, pretty neighbor,” he chirped, dropping the hose and walking towards her. “How are you this beautiful morning?”

“Um, great, um, Jack, how are you?”

“Doing great, thanks, Anna,” he said as he stopped in front of her. “That sure is a pretty outfit you are wearing.”

Flushing, casino oyna she managed back. “You are so sweet to say that, Jack. But I know this dress isn’t much to look at.”

“It wouldn’t be – if it wasn’t covering you!”

She blushed even deeper. ‘He thinks I’m pretty!’

“So, have you and Andy decided to accept my reservation for the pool party tonight?”

“Um, I’d like to, but we haven’t talked about it yet.”

“Well, I’ve got some more of that pinot you enjoyed last night, and I picked up some fresh crab and fish at the market this morning. “Does that help to get you to yes?” He grinned.

Anna’s resolve melted. ‘God, that smile of his.’

“Um, sure we’ll be there, Jack.”

“See you at five-ish then,” he said, turning and walking back to his car.

Jack saw no need for Anna to know that he was washing a perfectly clean car — he just wanted an excuse to be in the front yard to catch her as she left.

Anna switched the AC to high as soon as he got into the car and drove away. She felt hot, flushed — and yet again aroused!


She texted Andy from school letting him know she had accepted the invitation.

‘Hmmm….not surprised at this decision,’ Andy thought when the text popped up on his phone.

Driving home, she reflected on how scattered she was all day — preoccupied with Jack.


That afternoon Andy walked into their bedroom where Anna had her one and only swimsuit — a very conservative one-piece — laid out on the bed.

“Hi honey — what’s up with the swimsuit?” He said, giving her a quick kiss on her cheek.

“Well, it is a pool party, but I’ve never been comfortable in a swimsuit, especially this one.”

“Well, you’ve taken back every bikini I’ve bought for you, so it looks like this is your only choice.”

She pouted her lips. “Well, it’s been a while since I put this thing on, and, as you may have noticed I’m getting fatter, so it may not even fit.”

Andy put his hands on her shapely hips, sliding them up to her perfect waist. “Honey, you’re not getting fatter – everything here is just as it always was.” He kissed her again.

“Well, yes, but the problem — or problems — are up here, dear.” She grabbed her boobs. “I’m down to one bra that even sorta fits and I’ve gained another pound — all up here!”

He stared at her holding her own breasts. “But Anna, most women would kill for your boobs!”

“Well, not this one,” she fumed.

Andy rolled his eyes as she grabbed the suit, went into the bathroom and closed the door. Ten minutes later he was reading the paper when Anna walked out, wearing a brightly colored sarong and her favorite high-heeled sandals, a cross look on her face.

“Uh-oh. What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Look at how I don’t fit into this thing!” She growled, peeling back the sarong. Andy’s jaw dropped at the sight of her in the maroon suit. Actually, all of Anna wasn’t IN the suit. A goodly portion of each breast bulged over the top of the suit’s molded, built-in bra cups. It was almost like she had four tits!

Andy was smart enough to know he’d end up with a black eye if he said what he was thinking. “Honey, it’s ok — we’re not going to a public beach so it’s not like you’ll be on display — you’ll be in the pool most of the time.” He kissed her. “It will be fine — let’s go.”

She covered herself with the sarong, grabbed her phone and off they went.


Jack wore his swimsuit under a pair of loose-fitting shorts, an open button-down shirt, and no shoes. He had very carefully selected which suit to wear. He had the wine poured and the seafood cooked when he spied Andy coming down the walk, following by Anna.

They exchanged greetings and sat down, Jack not failing to notice Anna’s legs. “That sure is a pretty sarong, Anna — where’d you get it?” Jack asked as he raised forkful of crab.

“Oh, well, thanks. I bought it on a college trip to Hawaii. I love the colors.”

“Me too!” Jack said smiling at her.

Anna felt her nipples surge in their tight swimsuit prison at the sound of Jack’s compliment. They had more good conversation, with Andy again noticing how well Anna and Jack connected. After dinner they moved over and sat with their feet in the pool, sipping wine.

“Ok, who’s ready for ready for a dip?” Jack asked.

“I’m in – the water’s perfect.” Andy announced, standing to take off his shirt to show his slender torso and diving in.

“How about you, slot oyna Anna?” Jack asked, having waited all evening to see what was under the sarong.

“Um, I’m not sure — I may just sit here.”

“But I thought you liked to swim?” Jack implored.

Andy spoke up. “Anna isn’t happy with her swimsuit, and how it fits her.” Anna blushed, with a pained look on her face.

Jack offered. “Hey, you’re among friends — we won’t criticize your bathing suit if it’s not perfect.”

“It’s not a minor fit issue,” she said, “It’s that I can’t get all of me in my suit! I’m too fat.” Jack could see her eyes beginning to tear up. He had a pretty good idea of what part — or two parts — of her were not fitting in her suit. “Anna, it’s ok. Look, I’ll turn my head while you get in the water, then you can stay in up to your neck if you like.”

She hesitated and wiped her eyes. “Ok. Look away, please.”

Jack did and could hear her sarong being peeled off and her slipping into the pool. He got up, grabbed her sarong and laid it over a chair.

“The water feels so great — are you coming in, Jack? She said with just a trace of hesitancy.

Jack didn’t reply, but pulled his shirt off, revealing his muscled chest and ripped abs. Anna gulped, and felt her nipples quickly respond to the sight of his body. He bent over and quickly slipped off his shorts and stood up, directly facing Anna. She couldn’t help calling out “OH MY GOD!” at what she saw.

Jack’s bathing suit was the opposite of her “conservative” suit. He had chosen a Speedo, which bulged obscenely in the front, attempting to contain a long, thick cock that curled under a set of balls the size of a baseball. Jack was clearly massively hung. Andy just stood still, speechless, staring at Jack’s endowment. Anna had her hand up, covering her mouth.

Jack couldn’t resist. “So, Anna, you’re not the only one having trouble finding a swimming suit that fits.”

After showing off for a few more seconds, Jack dove in, coming up next to Anna.

“How do you like it?

“it’s….it’s…’s so big!” She blurted out.

“Actually, I meant my pool, but thanks for the compliment — at least I hope it was a compliment?” Her face turned a deep red and she dove under the water and swam away.

Andy found his voice. “Jeez, Jack, you probably scared her with the sight of that thing.”

“Sorry, Andy, didn’t mean to do that!”

The conversation settled down a bit as they enjoyed the pool. Anna slowly worked up the courage to move closer to Jack as Andy climbed out of the pool and toweled himself off. “Enough for me.”

“I’m so embarrassed at my reaction to, um, seeing you in your swimsuit, Jack — I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok, Anna.”

She stammered. “I just, well, I’ve never seen a man that looks like, I mean has your shape, I mean looks like you…….”

Jack stepped in to save her. “It’s ok, not the first time I’ve gotten that reaction!”

Finding a confidence she didn’t know she had, she gave him a big smile. “Yea, I’ll bet!”

They began chatting while moving around the pool as Andy had his fourth glass of wine up on the pool deck. He couldn’t always hear their conversation but did notice Anna’s more and more frequent giggles. ‘What are they talking about?’

Jack and Anna ended up at the far, deep end of the pool with Jack hanging on the diving board and Anna leaning back, with her arms flat out over the side of the pool. She realized her bust was just barely below the waterline. She had a full, close-up view of Jack’s torso and powerful arms. Very slowly, trying to not be too obvious, he worked his way down the diving board, closer to Anna, until they were just a foot or two apart.

She stared at his upper body, glistening in the twilight. ‘Oh, he’s just all muscle — so manly.’ She fought back her shyness. “You must work out a lot to keep such big muscles,” she said in a low voice, looking up into his eyes.

“I work out every day in my home gym — right through there.” he said, nodding over her head.

“I used to work out before we moved here, but there were too many creepy guys at the gym we went to, so I stopped. I miss it.”

“Why don’t you work out with me, here — I’ve got all the equipment you’ll need.” ‘And I’d like to show you my equipment right now!’

“I’d love to, but I don’t really have any good workout clothes.”

Andy, by now a bit tipsy, piped up. “And she needs a bra refresh, too!”

Anna threw him an evil canlı casino siteleri look. “Andy — too much information!”

Jack had started to pull himself out of the water, doing pull ups on the diving board. Anna watched him with rapt attention, her mouth gaping. On his third rep he pulled out far enough to expose his Speedo and held himself there — so Anna could get a good look. And she did.

Right in front of her face was his big package, his wet, thin suit now clinging to his every inch and curve since earlier he had removed the lining. Anna swallowed quickly, looked up at Jack’s grinning face and then looked back at his endowment. ‘God, it looks even bigger than before — is that even possible?’

Jack was tempted to edge even closer to her but didn’t want to push it too far. He whispered. “Do you like my suit?”

Every emotion there is swirled through Anna’s beautiful head. ‘What do I say — gee, you have a really big penis?’ Finally, she whispered, hoarsely. “Oh yes, I like it.”

“Good. I’ll wear it again.”

Andy, looking at Jack from behind, couldn’t see anything except how close his crotch was to her face, and that she was getting an up-close view of it. Jack slowly lowered himself back into the water.

Andy called out. “Honey, it’s late, we should get back.”

Jack quickly hopped up on the pool deck at the ladder and extended his hand. “Here, I’ll help you out.” Anna hesitated, knowing she’d be showing everything to Jack — and Andy. She could swim to the shallow end and have Andy bring her sarong to her.

But she didn’t. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this. Here goes….’

She reached up and grasped Jack’s hand as she stepped up on the first rung of the ladder. His powerful arm pretty much lifted her out of the water. She ended up right in front of him, with water cascading off her. ‘God, he’s so handsome, so masculine, so strong.’

Now it was Jack’s turn to stare. And he did, at her wet, glistening freckled chest. ‘Oh my God.’

“Now you see why I hate this suit,” she whispered. She was blushing again, and her pussy moistened.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Even in this ridiculous suit, you are incredible.”

‘Wow, he thinks I’m beautiful, this handsome man. He’s looking at my breasts.’

Her nipples, even though tightly packed in their cups, were visible. Jack marveled at them.

Suddenly realizing where she was and what she was doing, she walked over to Andy. Jack for the first time saw her perfect bottom, her cheeks moving back and forth under her suit. He followed her, picked up the sarong, and placed it over her shoulders. Since she was still wet, it clung to her every curve. She sat down to put on her sandals.

“So, you aren’t working tomorrow, right?”

“No, not working.”

“Andy, I know you must be cash-poor, paying for the house and all. Since Anna is going to start working out in my gym, how about I spring for some workout clothes for her? It so happens I have a pile of gift cards left over from my company that never got used.”

Andy hesitated. “Um, well, I guess that would be ok, if Anna agrees.”

Anna thought for a moment. “I guess that would be ok.”

“Great. Anna, I’ll look for them tonight and you can come by and get them in the morning, ok?”


“Just come around back anytime — I’m an early riser.”

“Ok, thanks.”

She and Andy collected their things and headed back up the path. ‘This wet sarong isn’t hiding anything back there, so I’m sure I’m giving Jack a good show,’ she thought as she wagged her behind just a bit more than last night.

Jack smiled. ‘THAT is a magnificent ass!’


Andy and Anna were quiet as they showered (separately) and got ready for bed. Andy finally broke the silence, going right for the elephant in the room.

“So, what did you think of Jack’s swimsuit?”

Anna blushed, and looked away. “Well, there wasn’t much too it.”

“Looked like there was a lot IN it, don’t you think? Andy teased.

“I’ve – I’ve never seen anything like it – that big,” she stammered.

“Me neither. I wonder how a woman would even handle that thing when it’s hard? He’s bigger soft than I am hard!”

Andy didn’t know it, but Anna’s pussy clenched and became wet at the thought of just how big Jack’s erection might be. Her nipples felt about to burst through her sleeping bra. “A woman would have to be very wet and try very hard to take all of that inside her.” She said softly, almost to herself.

“For sure,” Andy replied. ‘My god — she’s actually thinking about taking his cock!’.

Anna stared at the ceiling fan, replaying Andy’s words in her head: ‘He’s bigger soft than I am hard.’

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