I am sitting at work waiting for quitting time. Tonight’s our anniversary and I cannot wait; I have been excited and wondering all day since you told me this morning that you had a surprise for me. It is almost time to go and the delivery guy comes in with a package for me. I open it and there is a note from you telling me to wear what’s in the box, follow the directions, and meet you as soon as possible. I run to the restroom and see that you have sent me a sexy short dress, no underwear, and heels. I change clothes then open the directions. There is a hotel key looking thing and an invitation. I cannot tell where I am supposed to go but knowing that you are there, I race through the streets following your directions. I reach the destination and look around. It is a large Victorian House in a nice neighborhood. I am confused until I see a discreet sign pointing to guest parking. I pull up and the valet opens the door. He smiles at me and asks for my invitation. I hand it over and he points me to the door and tells me to take the elevator to the 3rd floor, go to room 305, and use my key. He winks at me and tells me to enjoy my stay. I am now wondering what you have done. You have been rather elusive lately but yet with a sexy little smirk that tells me that dirty mind is cranking away. I feel a little shiver move through me at my own imaginings.

I get to the door, take a deep breathe, and open the door. It is a wonderland of colors and tapestry. There are candles Betturkey everywhere. You walk in and pull me in for a melt my bones kiss. You pick me up and carry me to the bed. You make love to me slowly. Afterwards, you lean over and ask me if I am ready for my surprise. I thought this was it and you chuckle and say not by a long shot. You look me deeply in the eyes and tell me to trust you that you would never make me do something that I did not want to do. I am excited now about what you have planned. You stand me up and walk me to the middle of the room. You take my arms and place them above me on a bar with soft silky ties. You tie my ankles too. I am now standing naked in the middle of the room standing spread-eagle. You lean over and play with me a bit then put the blindfold on. I am moaning form the anticipation. I feel you lick my nipple and take it into your mouth. You do the same to the other. You circle around me and I hear a noise that did not come from you. I can feel that someone else is in the room. You whisper in my ear to ask me if I was okay with everything so far. I nod, straining to listen for the other person. I gasp when I feel a mouth on each of my breasts. There is more than one other person in the room because you are still whispering in my ear about how much seeing someone else lapping at my breasts is turning you on. That you want to fuck me so bad while they suckle me. I know one is male cause of the mustache Betturkey Giriş and I think the other is a woman just from the softness of the lips. You move a little and I feel someone else part my pussy lips and lick my clit. I am in shocked but not enough to stop. I would die if you stopped it now.

I remember telling you a long time ago that I would love to have multiple people making love to my body. You have finally made it happen. You describe to me what it is doing to you to see these three people worshiping my body. You tell me that you are going to move away and watch but all I had to do was say stop and it would.

I hear you sit down near by. I am just overwhelmed with the feelings these mouths are causing my body to have. I am close to weeping from the sheer excitement coursing through my body. Then suddenly there is a mouth kissing my ass. I moan because now I know there are at least 4 making love to me. I wonder if there is someone sucking you but you read my mind and tell me that this is all about me that you are content to watch me be pleasured.

They switch places and now I feel fingers slipping into my cunt. I can feel that it has to be two different people. The fingers are different sizes and coming in from different angles. Then someone licks my clit and I come undone. I cry out with my release but they keep sucking and rubbing. The bar above me moves and I am now bending forward. I feel someone’s cock Betturkey Güncel Giriş rub against my clit from behind and then it slides in. It is huge. Larger than anything we have tried before. It stretches me to the point of pain but now I have someone sucking my clit and I don’t care about the pain. I just want another orgasm. Just before I cum again, you stop it all and have me lay down on the bed. I am untied but still blindfolded. You move away and let them start again. I know have a cock in each hand, a face in my pussy, and, oh my, a pussy on my face. I have never tasted another woman but I am so turned on I just have to eat her out. I am close again and they stop again. I moan in frustration and hear you chuckle.

They switch and I have a cock in my mouth, mouths on my breasts, and a cock pounding my pussy. I am in sensation overload by now. I get close again and you stop them. You come over, take the blindfold off, look at me with such passion, and impale me with you hard cock. You fuck me hard and fast. I can feel the hands and mouths of the women on us both. It drives it both over the edge. You turn me on my side, spoon me, and we watch together as the other 2 couples please each other. They leave once they are done but not without first showing their thanks by orally getting us both off. The women lap at your cock and sit on your face while the men lap my pussy and fuck my mouth.

I attack you as soon as they leave and fuck you for all I am worth. We roll over and just as I start to fall asleep. I hear a noise. I look up and there is a man leaving the room. I see that he was video taping our night and left the tape on the TV with a big bow. He looks at me, winks, flashes me his hard on, and leaves. I chuckle, burrow into your arms, and fall asleep.