Anniversary Gift

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I sit stoically behind my desk, slightly slouched in my chair anxiously awaiting five o’clock. It’s my anniversary and Lord knows that I’d give life and limb to be anywhere but here. The clock reads 4:56 p.m., damn. I sit and I think about last year’s gift. A slow smile creeps across my face as remembrance sets in. Image after image go by of what was a magical night. The icing on the cake: I remember sitting reverse-cowgirl astride Kaytlin’s face as she gave me slow, deep swirls and licks, teasing my clit and labia. I moan and arch as I face you, Anna my beloved girlfriend of 2 years and I watch intently as you slide your 9 inch strap-on in and out of her pussy as she gives me head. The image still makes me shudder.
4:58 p.m., My mind is buzzing with thoughts of what lay ahead, heat pools in my stomach and radiates from the “v” that is my core. I pressed my legs together tightly as I snap back to reality and straighten my desk. The hell with those last two minutes I think to myself as I grab my purse and hit the light switch on the wall near the door. I’m fumbling through my purse for my keys as I bee-line for the elevator, absent of those around me, consumed by my own raunchy thoughts.
The drive home was hellish, traffic was a bitch, moving to slowly for my liking. I’m usually calm and hardly ever rushed but today was a special day. I’ve counted it down the entire month now, April 24th. I almost trampled an elderly neighbor as I burst through the doors to the apartment complex, not caring enough to say excuse me. Finally, I was home. Immediately entering my apartment I was peeling off my clothes. I ran water for a bath, added my favorite bubble bath scent and took the plunge. As the heat from the bath took away all the days’ tension, I checked my watch. 5:39. I’d made good time after all. Six was fast approaching and you’d be home by then. I let the warmth of the water take me away again, I thought about us and what your’s planned for me tonight. You’ve never been one to give out to many details so all I had to go on was a, “you’ll love it, I promise.” I reach for my loofah and bath gel and begin to wash my body. I imagine it’s your hands on me trailing lazy circles on my stomach and breasts as you’ve done countless times in the shower. I slide my loofah down more as I spread my legs, I like the way the harshness of it feels against my silken flesh. I realized I was masturbating with my bath sponge and I quickly replaced it with two of my fingers. I rolled and pinched my nipples with my other hand. I outlined my entire pussy with my fingers and slide them in, tired of teasing myself I quickly finger-fucked myself to climax. As I came, I gave my nipples a final pinch and decided I’d better stop fooling around because you’d be home soon. I let the water out and reached for my towel and I heard your keys at the door. Just in time I thought. Excitement coursed through me all over again as I opened the bathroom door and saw you come in carrying a black shopping bag. I smile at you and dropped my towel. You quickly close the door and turn to face me smiling back. I walk naked towards you and you meet me halfway. After a string of passionate kisses, you disappoint me by saying that all of this will come later and telling me to be patient. I pout playfully and then smile as you swat my hips on the way to the bedroom.
As I follow you in I ask is there anything in particular you want me to wear tonight. You tell me it’s all in the bag and once again I’m excited. My heart is pounding because that bag looks pretty small.
“Baby?” you said. “I’m going to dress you tonight ok?”
I wonder why but I nod my head in agreement. I think about asking if you wanted me to sit or lay down to make things easier for you, but you as usual are two steps ahead of me.
“Sit on the edge of the bed for me and straighten your back so that your breasts are thrust out for me.”, you say. I oblige, careful to pay attention to detail and wait. You come around and blind fold me and my nipples are instantly hard. I hear your footsteps fade and I hear cabinets. I wonder what your getting from the kitchen, hoping it has something to do with whipped cream. After what seems like an eternity, I hear your footsteps approaching. I want to peak at you, but I know that your watching me. Just standing and staring simply because you like to. I hear something that sounds like plastic and my interest peaks. You bring my hands forcefully behind my back and handcuff me.
“Don’t slouch”, you say while pressing your hand to the small of my back to straighten me up causing my breasts to jut out further. You take what feels like saran-wrap and bound it around my breasts and torso. My body tenses and you sense my fear and tell me it’s ok. I know you’d never hurt me so I relax and try to concentrate on what you’re doing. It seems that every time you go around me this wrap gets tighter. I feel like I’m holding my breath but I’m not. After about six or seven layers of wrap, you finally take a step back. You’re watching me again. You begin squeezing my breasts. It’s almost painful. Instinctively my nipples harden and you cut out small circles through the wrap to all my nipples to be exposed. The fresh air against my nipples make them harder. I sit here handcuffed, blind-folded, torso bound up with my nipples exposed and my pussy has never been more wet. I still don’t know what’s in store for tonight but I dam sure am excited.
You push me onto my back, but it’s hard for me to lie on my back being handcuffed this way, so you position me face down with my ass in the air, doggie-style. You spread my legs as far apart as they would go without making me collapse into the bed and once again you’re watching. I feel exposed and vulnerable but yet my clit is throbbing. You drop to your knees and spread my ass cheeks apart exposing my drenched pussy even further. I can smell my juices wafting through the air. You’re smelling me too. I fell the hot air from you breathing against my pussy. I think I’m going to die from excitement. I’m praying for just one lick. I get a finger instead, then two, then three. Just when I begin to feel like I would explode, you withdraw your fingers. Disappoint again. But then I feel something being inserted in me. And it wasn’t your fingers. One, two, three, four. Then it dawned on me, the ben-wa balls we bought a few weeks ago but never tried. It was a strange feeling at first, but then I began to relax and almost by instinct my pussy muscles began contracting around the balls. This sensation was totally new to me. I felt her rolling me over then standing me up. I thought the balls were gonna fall out of me, but surprisingly they didn’t. She raised one leg then the next and slid a really short skirt up my legs and over my ass. next I felt her placing a coat of some sort over my shoulders and buttoning up the front. You ask me how I’m doing and I say fine. You say good then and that it was time to go.
“Go? Dressed like this? Where?”…my mind was racing as I blurted this out.
“Out. You’ll see, and don’t question me like that again or else you’ll be whipped.” that was all she said. I bit my bottom lip and tried to think of where she could be taking me. She placed me none to gently in the car and closed my door. It was hard to think being so stimulated, so I stopped trying and rest my head on the headrest and listened to the sounds of the street. About fifteen minutes later we pulled up somewhere, she let me out and directed me up a pathway. She rang the doorbell and said “anniversary gift” into the speaker. I hear the door being unlocked and a woman’s voice greets her.
“Hello, I’m Chloe and you must be Anna, it’s good that your on time and I see you brought company. Come in please.”
“Thanks Chloe this is my girlfriend Trish and it’s our anniversary. Kaytlin said that she would set up something special for me. Can you tell her were here please?”
“Sure thing, please make yourself at home. You will be in the green room this evening. It’s the third door on the left. Go ahead and get settled and I’ll send her right in.”
I hear you say thanks again and you’re shuffling me down the hallway. At the mention of Kaytlin’s name images from last year began to swirl again and I knew I was in for a treat. I just don’t understand why she didn’t come to our house this time. I hear a door close and I assume were in the green room.You place me on the edge of the bed and take off my coat. You place my feet on a foot-stool and spread my legs. My nipples harden once again from the sudden exposure to air. I hear footsteps and assume it’s Kaytlin. Then I hear voices, it sounds like five or maybe six people. I can’t tell. I hear you laugh and then you approach me. You whisper in my ear that you love me and tell me that tonight is my night. I shudder from the implication in your tone.
You take a few steps back and someone steps up. Feminine hands grope my breast and compliment on the job you’ve done with my restrictions. Someone else is rubbing up my thigh as the first assailant continues to knead my breasts. I can smell my sex strong and musky in the air. I can no longer keep track of the hands on my body. They’re everywhere all at once. Someone has a finger in my mouth, someone is rubbing my clit and talking to Anna about the ben-wa balls that are still in my pussy. One nipple is being sucked, the other being licked and someone has their tongue in my ear. It’s too much I want take it. I’m moaning and whimpering and grinding my pussy into whosever hand is rubbing my clit. I feel the balls moving inside me as I arch so willingly into this stranger. The hand on my clit is gone, replaced but a tongue. Swifts licks over this spot and I’m yelling out as my orgasm comes. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss was over me. Finally I calm, and you take over. You stand me up and kiss me deeply. I moan into your mouth as you turn me on once again. You reach behind my head and snatch off my blindfold. I automatically shut my eyes from the blinding light in the room. As I open my eyes slowly I count 7 strange faces and then Kaytlin. There are chairs lined along the wall forming a “U” around the bed. Almost so that everyone, no matter where they sat would have birds-eye view. You turn me around and once again I find my ass in the air, legs spread. I put my face into the sheets as embarrassment hits me from having so many onlookers. Nothing is happening, it appears as if everyone is waiting on something. Then I hear you call Kaytlin’s name. My breath catches in my throat and I’m waiting. She drops down behind me and licks me from my pussy all the way up to my ass and back again. She got up and someone else did the same until gaziantep escort each person except you had done this. Everyone was taking special care with my ass. licking and sometimes even digging a finger in it. When I was just getting to the point when I thought I couldn’t take it no more, I looked behind me and saw that you were back behind me. You have something in your hand and I couldn’t quite see what and then horror set in. I felt the slightest nudged at my ass hole and my whole body tensed. Surely she didn’t mean to fuck me there? Especially not with all these onlookers. My question was answered in one thrust. You plunged your strap on deep into my ass and I thought I’d scream from the pain, but you just waited. My anal muscles clenched and instinctly tried to push you out, but you’re holding my hands that are still handcuffed behind my back. You feel that my ass has adjusted to being penetrated, and slowly begin to move. It was intense. I feel dizzy as you slowly and deeply fucked my ass. Before I knew it I was pushing back onto your strap-on urging you to go faster and deeper. I feel like a slut. I had an audience and I didn’t gave two shits about them watching. As I got into having my ass fucked someone was cheering you on. I was moaning and grinding and hollering for you to fuck my ass harder and I surprised myself at my outburst. You must have really liked it because you begin to spank my ass as you thrust in and out of my ass. I tell you I’m about to come and you pick up the pace thoroughly fucking me until I came.
As I collapse into the sheets thinking that I couldn’t possible take anymore, I feel you easing out of me slowly. You turn me over and kiss me slow and deep. I have sweat on my forehead, you have sweat on your face. You tell it’s time to go and I nod and smile slowly. Your dressing yourself and Kaytlin is dressing me. She gives me a quick peck on my face and says happy anniversary. I thank her and you’re escorting me out. We drive home in silence as I sit and think of the wonderful evening we just had. Then I wonder why you haven’t unbound me yet.
As you lead me into our apartment, we stop at the door for a brief kiss. You tell me to head to the room and I start down the hallway as you head for the kitchen. You return with a small knife and cut me out of my wrap and then released my handcuffs. As my hands dropped to my side I start to realize how sore they are from being in that position all evening. You draw me into your arms and hold me, saying that were not quite done yet. You strip out of your clothes and take me out of what’s left of mine.
You lay me on the bed and spread my legs, eating my pussy and giving me another soul-shattering orgasm. Then you finally take out those ben-wa balls. I feel empty. I can’t believe those small balls caused so many intense feelings. After you removed the last one, you lay beside me we kiss again and I thank you for my anniversary gift. I let you know that I too have a gift for you. A questioning look is on your face. I slide down your body, taking special time to tease each curve every inch of the way, I find my target and launch my tongue at your pussy. Just as I’d suspected your pussy is soaked. You’re over excited from tonight’s activities and your body quickly responds to me. I take my tongue and explore your pussy lips and clit and when I feel you arch into me and grab my hair, I slip two fingers inside you, taking you where you just recently took me. Sometime later as our breathing shallowed and sleep crept up, again I’m smiling, counting down until next April 24th.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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