Annual Check Up


Was raining, windy and cold out. Bob was not in a good mood… He was not looking forward to this annual checkup. Thoughts rumbling in his head of how he’s got another new Dr. Why is he getting the doctors that are close to retirement or move away?

Walking into the clinic he shook his head as he was so wet from being outside. Running his fingers through his hair trying to make himself presentable. Unknowingly that there was two way glass from the waiting room to the staff all room.

Dr Laird Was getting a coffee in the staff Room when she got a Glimpse of Bob. Watching him run his fingers through his hair her stirring of her coffee slowed down. She liked what she was seeing. As he stood straight, she was looking at a 6 foot man that intrigued her.

His salt and pepper hair gave him a look that was making her feel slightly warm. She thought to herself he looks cold and wet, how she had a warm wet place he could stick parts of him. Wonder who his Dr is?

Mind drifting to thinking about this man was leading her to start become uncomfortable with her pussy swelling, throbbing. Glad she was wearing a short skirt and wasn’t wearing pants and having the seam rubbing against her.

Bob had noticed the sign that said to remove all wet and dirty footwear. Rolling his eyes while letting out a sigh of disgust he bent over to remove his shoes. This caught Dr Laird’s attention as her eyes widened looking at a man’s perfect ass. Bending over pulled his jeans a little tighter forming around his buttocks. Dr. Laird could not resist biting her lip and thinking it would be so nice to be rubbing that perfect ass.

She found herself rubbing her neck slowly moving down to wear her cleavage began just trailing it with her fingers as she was thinking of this wonderful looking man. Just then nurse Catherine came barging into the staff room talking so loudly about how she has taken long enough to get her coffee and she needs to be getting back to work. Dr.Laird rolled her eyes reminding the nurse that she was all caught up with her patients. If she wanted time for a coffee she was going to take it.

Nurse Catherine wasn’t pleased, snapping that she has a patient waiting for her now in room 2A. Dr. Laird said thank you for letting me know I will go and take care of this person.

In the meantime Bob had gotten his shoes off and registered to have his check up. Standing at the counter he asked the nurse who his Dr would be. The nurse informed him that it would be Dr. Laird and that she was new to the clinic and a very good doctor. Bob thought to himself yeah we’ll see.

A few minutes later nurse Catherine went to the waiting bursa sınırsız escort room and called for Bob. As he reached the door where the nurse was waiting for him, she tried to start small talk with him. He wasn’t in the mood chit chat. He followed her into the back of the clinic, turning down that hallway then another turn before reaching a room 4D. As the nurse was saying to just have a seat the Dr. Will be in shortly. The nurse asked if he needed anything. Bob shook his said no. Nurse Catherine said she’ll inform Dr. Laird he’s waiting for her and that she was done for the day.

15 minutes had passed and nurse Catherine came to room 2A to inform the Dr she was taking too long with her patient and that appointments are to be 10 minutes. Dr. Laird was just finishing up with her elderly patient giving her a prescription and wishing them a good weekend. After the elderly lady left Dr. Laird pulled nurse Catherine into the room and proceeded to tell her that if she wishes to take more than 10 minutes to speak with a patient she was going to. Also that she should never come in while she was with a patient and to never do what she just did again or else she would take action by go to the board of directors. Dr. Laird made it clear to never barge in while she was with a patient again, no matter how long she’d been in with them. In a huff nurse Catherine said her last patient was in 4D and she was done for the day.

He’d been waiting at least 15 minutes impatiencently when he heard footsteps coming down the corridor. Then the door clicked open, and he felt a gaze on him while hearing a soft seductive voice “Good day, I’m Dr. Laird”. Extending her hand to shake his he turned to see a woman that was had long red hair pinned up in a bun, white button dress shirt that wasn’t fully buttoned to the top showing the start of her magnificent cleavage, curves that were his weakness wearing a short black skirt, beige panty hoes with heels. He shook her hand feeling the warmth and softness of them. “pleasure to meet you Dr. Laird”

She asked a few routine questions to start with. Once finished that she asked him to sit on the table and remove his shirt. He was thinking to himself he’d rather remove her shirt and see the full cleavage and firm large breasts creating it.

She stepped over to sink to wash her hands thinking to herself oh good lord he’s my patient, even more sexually appealing than she saw from the staff room looking into the waiting room. Starting to dry her hands she wished she told him to remove his pants instead, God she was horny, so long since she’d been with anyone. She caught herself thinking of him in bursa üniversiteli escort ways she should not have been, especially when he’s in the room…

Turning around she fought the urge to squirm as she looked at his bare chest. Stepping closer she took her stethoscope and placed it on his chest asking him to take deep breaths. Her arousal was starting to increase as she could smell whatever after shave he was wearing. At the same time he was picking up on her sent as she leaned in pressing the stethoscope onto his chest. He was trying to get a glimpse of her cleavage as she bent over slightly moving the stethoscope around his chest.

He could feel himself starting to get hard. Her breathing was telling him all she would never admit out loud and her cheeks were turning red because of it.

She asked him to stand and move to the side a moment as she was needing reach some equipment on the wall behind him. He rose and Walked past her, his movements calm and quiet. How much she longed for his touch. She sank her teeth into her lip, to keep myself from moving or speaking until she enough composure to face him.

“Hmm…” came from behind and I knew he was stood over me, inspecting me, dragging his hot gaze across my positioning. I bit harder into her lip. Then his hands were on her hips moving down her legs, forcing them apart even wider. She had a sharp inhale and he stepped in close. His jeans pressed firming against her so she could feel how hard he was. Feeling his breathe on the back of her neck he whispered in her ear “you’re driving me cazy Dr. Laird and we just meet. I want to fuck you so badly.”

She let a sigh of relief as she was wanting the same thing. He whipped her around, his hand on the back of her head, pushing her hard into his groin. She gasped, gazing deep in into his eyes. The longing to raise her fingers, to unzip him and feel his skin on hers. His fingers wound through her bun as removed the bobby pins holding it up and he yanked her head back, her eyes still fixated on him, leaving her gasping unspoken wants into the air.

He pressed himself against her face again and she could feel his cock hard, straining under his jeans. She moaned and squirmed. Fuck, she thought wanting him inside her…

His eyes in shock but his dick already hard in his pants. He takes her by the hand and leads her to the wall where he leans her against a wall and just slightly rubs his hands over the top of her clothes. She in exchange grab him and bring him close to me and forcefully kiss him to let him know that she needed his dick by rubbing her hand bursa anal yapan escort on his cock through his jeans.

She takes his hands and run them up the sides of her legs and pushing her skirt up then placing his hand in that warm spot between her legs who is awaiting wetness. Then she unbutton and unzip his jeans…take out his rock hard cock as she slides down the wall until her lips find the tip. She runs her tongue all around the head of his dick while looking up at his face because she wants to see the expression when she wraps her lips around him and suck him. Her mouth pushing him as far down her throat and take…gagging herself on his hard cock. His eyes roll back and he says “omg”…I stop before he cums in my mouth.

She stand up turn to face the table walking there as she slides her butt back onto the table and tell him to “lick me”… he falls to his knees and eats her pussy. His wet tongue, caressing her deep inside telling her how beautiful her inner folds are as he makes her moan for more while trying not to scream out in pure orgasmic pleasure. She licks her lips and tells him” fuck me hard” Staring right into his eyes and let him know how bad she wants it.

He takes his hard cock in his hand while sliding her to the edge of the table placing it before her wet pussy. Teasing her by rubbing her clit with his cock before pulling her onto him. She gasps loudly taking a deep breath as he starts moving penetrating her further. She grabs the back of his shoulders as he begins thrusting she moves in timing with him.

He’s picking up the pace thrusting harder and deeper than any man has ever gone inside her. Her legs start to tremble, he grabs her by the back of the knees pulling her harder onto him. Pushing her legs up spreading them wider as he starts ramming her at an incredible speed. She feels the strength he has in him when he hits the point of no return for her. He feels the sudden gush of her squirting around his hard cock.

“oh yes that’s it baby,” he says to her as if it put him into a state of warp speed and his cock felt as if it grew and was harder than before. He slides out of her, yanking her off the table, turning her around spreading her legs wide while bending her over the table. His extremely hard cock driving into her anal cavity, hands on her hips pulling her down on him as he starts fucking her like a rabbit in heat.

She’s fighting with with everything she has not to scream out in pleasure. She starts losing the battle when she feels his large hand covering her mouth. Diving deep inside her backside she can she’s going to squirt again. No sooner had the thought went through her mind she felt herself dripping wet. “ohhh that’s a good girl” he said still covering her mouth.

Taking his other hand now he was rubbing her clit hard and fast. She starts squirming, legs trembling as he thrusts with everything he has. She’s going to lose it again cumming so hard that his jeans are wet. Making him finally cum inside her.