Another Business Dinner

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After my divorce I moved away from my hometown and took a little cottage in the back of nowhere. Well actually it was one of a row of three; I had the middle one, in a small hamlet. I dived into my work and used the house more or less as a place to sleep in and receive friends on summer weekends. As the weeks passed, I got to meet my neighbours, an old couple one side who were charming and a single professional woman the other side. She was, I guessed, in her late thirties and worked away from home nearly as much as me. Our meetings were infrequent and mostly restricted to “Hellos” and passing the time of day.

As the summer came, I neared the end of my current contract which had paid well and enabled me to consider taking some time off to enjoy the warmer weather and perhaps do something with the patch of grass that passed for a back garden. Then I was offered a contract that started in September so the decision was made for me – I would take three months off.

I set up a small office in the bedroom so that I could keep in touch and surf the net in the evenings, then set about the garden; stripping out the weeds, planting some attractive plants and flowers and generally trying to turn it into my idea of an English country garden. Every day when the sun was out, I would take off my shirt, put on shorts and try and build myself a tan.

My lady neighbour (Mary as I found out) used her weekends to much the same effect, and we chatted amiably over the garden fence about plants, what a great summer it was and how she envied me the chance to enjoy it. She, it turned out, worked in public relations, and she was in the middle of an important assignment for one of her clients. It took her abroad frequently, so she spent less time at home. My offer to “look after” her house was accepted and she gave me a key so that I could tidy the mail and generally watch over things.

I had never thought of Mary in anything other than a neighbourly way. She was attractive, but not beautiful, with a slim, almost boyish figure. Her blond hair was cut fairly short and she wore little make-up, at least when I saw her over the garden fence. What I did notice on one particularly hot afternoon in July was that she was in the habit of dispensing with a bra; her plain T shirt, damp with sweat from gardening, showed two nice little bumps where her nipples rubbed against the cotton fabric.

Until the middle of August I saw little of Mary as her work took increasing amounts of her time, she stayed in London during the week or was abroad, and we frequently missed each other at weekends. Then one typically English summer’s day (it was raining) she rang my front door bell. I showed her into the kitchen and made us a mug of coffee each. “Will,” she said after her mouthful of the hot brew, “I want to thank you for looking after the house for me. This job is easing up now so I will home more, but its been great knowing that you are looking after things for me, collecting the mail and even cutting my grass. That was sweet of you.”

“No problem” I said smiling, “Always willing to help a neighbour. Who knows I may need to ask you to look after my place some day?”

“Well it was very kind nevertheless and I would always be pleased to look after your house if the need arose.” She pause then and looked at me with a slight smile, “In fact, I have another favour to ask of you, if that’s OK?”

“Shoot” I said

“Well, it is a bit of a cheek really,” she began “but it may be a way of also saying a small Thank You for your efforts”

“Mary there is no need to thank me, but what’s the favour then?”

“Well,” she started somewhat hesitantly, “this client I have been working for have arranged a black tie dinner to launch their new product that I have been working on and I need a partner”

“Its at the Hilton in London so it should be OK. The downside for you is that it will be a working night for me, so I may have to circulate and keep my client happy.”

I looked at her and smiled. Perhaps I had hidden away in the country for too many weeks. A night out in London with free food and wine and the chance to meet some ladies seemed attractive. “OK then, you have a date, when is it?”

“This Friday I’m afraid, can you make it? Have you a DJ and everything?”

“Friday’s fine and I will just need to dust off my DJ and I will be ready”

“Oh that’s great. I hoped you would say yes. They are sending a car to take us and bring us back, so we can afford to have a few drinks and hopefully, enjoy ourselves.” “About 6:30 if that’s OK?” Sure no problem, I will be here all day. I will come around to your door just before 6:30 then on Friday.”

We continued to make small chat and then she left, telling me should would be in Frankfurt until Friday lunchtime.

The week passed quickly as I started to muse over what may be in store on the Friday night. It would be good to get dressed up and have a night in London and Mary would make for an attractive partner, even Kayseri Escort if she was going to leave me alone for some of the evening.

Friday afternoon came and at about 4 o’clock I started to get ready. I saw that Mary’s car had returned so she was probably getting ready herself. I took a long hot shower, shaved, sprayed on my favourite cologne and started to get dressed. Clean new briefs, starched white dinner shirt, blue bowtie and my DJ and I was ready to roll. I looked at the clock; 6 PM. I made myself a weak G&T, watched the first part of the TV news and at 6:25 left my house and knocked on Mary’s front door. I heard some noises inside then, after about a minute the door swung open.

Mary stood before me in a lovely blue mid calf dress. A scooped neckline revealed just the slight swell of her breasts. Around her neck was a modest gold necklace and her hair was done in a soft wave which framed her face. She looked stunning.

“Will I do?” I asked trying to stop myself gaping at the lovely woman in front of me.

“You look great, my perfect partner,” she replied. “How about me? Do you think that this dress is OK?”

“I should think its perfect for the occasion and you look wonderful in it.” As I finished, the purr of a Mercedes announced the arrival of our car. Mary grabbed her clutch bag and a thin silk wrap and pulled the door closed behind her.

We chatted as the car made its way through the traffic into London. By the time we arrived at the hotel, I knew enough about her client and their new product to not make a fool of myself. We entered the room for the dinner, noting our table number as a glass of champagne was offered.

“Here’s to a nice evening.” Mary toasted, “we are on the table with three of the directors and their wives so it may be hard going. Sorry.” “Never mind I’m sure we will have a great time.” Hopefully I sounded convincing, although my heart sank as I imagined three stuffy old guys and their equally unattractive spouses.

I was surprised therefore when we took our seats to find that the directors were all in their forties and their wives in their thirties and forties. As was perhaps to be expected, Mary was sat away from me between two of the directors, while I took my seat between two of their wives. To my left sat Wendy, a slightly overweight lady in a claret dress, to my right was the youngest of the wives, Teresa (please call me Terri). As dinner progressed, I made small chat with Wendy and Teri, both of whom seemed intent on getting full value from the evening, keeping the waiters busy refilling their glasses. Wendy became happily drunk, making unfunny jokes and jabbing me in the ribs at every opportunity. Eventually she became tired of me and turned to Teri’s husband to her left to repeat all her little stories to a new audience. I kept looking across at Mary, who would smile apologetically when she caught my eye, but was otherwise engrossed in talking shop with her client.

Teri was also getting somewhat tipsy. She moved her chair closer to mine and, as the meal progressed, started to tell me what life was like as the wife of the youngest, high-flying, director. She had a nice house in North London she said, went on expensive holidays, shopped at all the finest stores, but hardly ever saw her husband during the week. Even at weekends he was either too tired, was playing golf, or working, for them to enjoy a social life. I offered sympathy, perhaps too much because as coffee arrived, I felt the touch of her foot on my leg. “Thank you for being so understanding,” she whispered “I wish Mike was as considerate as you. I bet you would not treat me the way he does.”

She was starting to come on to me and in another place at another time it would have made my evening. She was very attractive, a very curvy figure, clad tonight in a simple black dress which clung to her in all the right places. Virtually backless, the front was also cut into a deep V which ended mid-way down her cleavage. Her blond hair was long, shoulder length and beautifully cut so that it almost floated around her shoulders. I was starting to get turned on, her foot felt good edging under the leg of my trousers, but I was acutely aware that my companion for the evening was sitting opposite and her husband just the other side of Wendy. This was no place to do anything, especially anything that would cause a scene and embarrass Mary.

Thankfully, dinner came to an end and I excused myself to the little boys’ room as they cleared the tables. I took my time, but returned to see that we were all sitting around a smaller table at the corner of the dance floor. As I neared the table, the music started and Mary appeared at my elbow “Dance?”

We went to the floor and started dancing to the band’s version of a standard pop classic. “Hope you are OK.” Mary raised her voice over the music, “Sorry to have left you on your own between those two.” “I’m fine. we just made some small talk and had to listen to Wendy’s awful Kayseri Escort Bayan jokes”

Mary smiled “Yes she is known for them and Terri is a bit of a vamp, I have heard stories about her that would make you smile.” I did not ask what the stories were about, but I could guess. I was sure that I was not the first to get the ‘come on’ from her.

As the music started for the next tune, we were interrupted by Mike and Teri, joining us as we jived to the music. After one more tune, the tempo slowed and before I realised what was happening, Mike had swept Mary into his arms and Teri had her arms around my shoulders, pulling me close.

“See what I mean? He gets an opportunity to dance with me and he’s off with your lady, no doubt talking about work!” She pulled me closer “still I have you now to take care of me.”

She pressed her body closer and her arms went around my neck. My hands held her in a vain attempt to keep her at a semi-respectable distance. The dance floor filled up and we were soon lost among the dancers. I allowed my hand to roam over her back. I could feel her warm skin and when I let them travel lower, I could feel the waist band of her underwear – something very like a G string if I was correct. She pressed closer to me, starting to rub her front against my abdomen. My cock started to thicken, no matter what I did to try and control my reactions. She purred into my ear and pulled me closer, now rubbing her pubic bone against my hardening cock. Thankfully the band came to the rescue and the dance came to an end. I escorted her back to our table and offered to get her a drink.

The visit to the bar allowed my cock to return to its normal size. When I returned, she was gone and I saw her dancing with another guy. Relieved, I started to mingle with other guests, avoiding eye contact with Teri, hoping that Mary would be able to end her busy chats and come to my rescue.

Eventually, the evening came to an end, Mary reappeared apologising for leaving me alone all evening, hoping that I had managed to get some fun. I helped her on with her wrap, just as Teri and Mike showed up.

“Thanks for a great evening Mike.” Mary sounded sincere.

“You are more than welcome Mary. You have been a great asset to us in the run up to the launch.” As Mike was speaking, I felt something being pushed into my hand. A piece of paper. I looked to my left to see a smiling Teri. I went ahead of Mary to look for our car. I quickly looked down at the paper

“I hope you enjoyed this evening, I enjoyed your company. Let’s meet. Call me” it read, with a mobile phone number at the bottom. I stuffed the paper into my jacket pocket, making a mental note to make a call on Monday. There was our car and I beckoned Mary over and we jumped in.

The drive back was wonderful, at long last I was chatting to my date. More apologies from her, her lack of attention to me, hoping I had found people to chat with, etc.

All too soon we were back at our cottages. We stood on her doorstep as the car drove off into the darkness of the lane. “Coffee? Nightcap?” asked Mary, “Love a drink now that I do not have to mind my Ps and Qs. Vodka and tonic would be nice, thank you.”

We went through her front door and into her small lounge. Mary lit some small table lamps and went off to get our two drinks. She returned and switched the radio on, finding a jazz station. As the soft jazz music quietly filled the air I accepted my drink and settled onto the small two-seater couch.

Mary joined me. “Oh its so good to get home and finally unwind” she whispered, shucking off her shoes and pulling her feet up onto the couch. Her dress rode up her legs to knee height and she settled back against the couch. I kicked off my shoes, undid my bow tie and collar button and eased my jacket off my shoulders before settling back alongside Mary.

“Thank you once again for coming with me. It was important for me and I felt I needed a partner.” She looked towards me as she spoke “I only wish I could have spent more time with you.”

“It was a great evening and we are both here together with no directors or directors’ wives to interrupt us.” I took her hand and squeezed it gently as it to emphasise my sincerity. She applied gentle pressure to the back of my hand, those soft blue eyes still looking into mine.

I leant towards her, bridging the gap until our lips touched. Just a gentle touch but one where electricity was jumping as our lips met. Her mouth opened slightly as my tongue slowly traced the outline of her mouth before finding hers, touching, then twirling around each other as our kiss became stronger. Her eyes closed as she fell into the kiss her hands rising to touch the sides of my face. My hands caressing her shoulders and neck before coming to softly stroke each ear lobe. We kissed for minutes, but it seemed like hours, ever more intense until we both broke for air. Those eyes looked at me, inside me. I knew then that I wanted Escort Kayseri this woman and her look told me that the feeling was mutual.

My hands continued their caress of her shoulders, but bolder now they gradually descended to capture the sides of her breasts, lifting them in her bra and the dress, making them swell over the neckline. I bent my head and placed a kiss in the valley between them.

Mary shifted towards me pressing her cleavage to my lips. My hands released her breasts to circle her body, to cress her sides and back. My mouth continued to kiss and caress the tops of her breasts as my fingers sought, and found, the long zipper at the back of her dress. Locating the tab, I gently pulled the fastener down until her dress opened fully at the back. Not loosing my lips’ contact with her body, I eased the material from her shoulders letting the dress fall slowly down her arms. A small blue lace bra came into view, the soft material holding her twin orbs still to my lips. I reached for the bra clasp, then slowly peeled away this wispy material to let her breasts free of their restraint. Revealed for my pleasure, my mouth moved to cover each nipple in turn, planting little kisses at first on each one before returning to suck hard on them.

A gasp from her lips told me that her nipples were highly sensitive and that this stimulation was something we both might enjoy. As I continued my oral caress of her hard buds, a thought entered my head on how I might increase the sensation for her. Taking a chance I reached out with my hand for my glass and fished out an ice cube. Gripped between my fingers, I drew a path with the ice across each breast, lingering over each nipple while kissing the other. The impact was immediate; she arched upwards pressing herself against the ice and my mouth.

“Oh yesssssss” she gasped, “that feels soooooooo good”

All too quickly the ice cube melted on her hot skin and I lapped the remaining melt water into my mouth, teasing her hard nubs with each stroke of my tongue. It was time to explore further and my lips now traced a line downwards over her stomach. My hands sought the top of the dress and slowly pulled it down. She rose from the couch to help me, and I pulled the material down her thighs until it lay in a blue pool of material at her ankles. My lips continued downwards, eventually reaching the top of the matching lace thong. They moved over the material as I breathed warm breath over her pussy until they came to rest over the damp entrance.

“Oh please, please ……” was all she could say before I stopped her flow of words by licking the inside of her thighs, gently easing them apart. My fingers pulled the thin strip of material aside to allow my tongue to describe the outline of her pussy. The lips were already opening, as her early juices glistened. I lapped her wetness, poking into her hot centre with each stroke, lingering to tease her hood at the top until her clit popped out and offered itself to my tongue. As I lapped her engorged clit, my fingers played in the fold of her sex, teasing the lips open before gently probing inside.

First a single finger then two, I hooked them inside, massaging the inner walls of her pussy behind her clit as I sucked and licked on that hard love button. She was building towards orgasm, thrusting her pussy against my mouth and probing fingers. I withdrew my fingers, reached for another ice cube and then brought it to her hot centre.

“Oh God, No its too cold. No please. Yesssssssss” her cries spurred me on as the ice travelled over her pussy lips, melt water running down to soak her already damp thong. I pushed with my finger and the ice cube popped into her tight box.

The reaction was instant, she threw her back reached for my head to pull it hard against her clit and thrashed herself against me.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Yessssssss I’m coming. God Yesssssssss”

I felt her pussy spasm as she came, then she expelled a large quantity of juice and melt water over my hand. Another orgasm racked her body before she collapsed back against the couch.

She pulled my head off her clit and up to her face.

“I’m too sensitive” she whispered kissing me fully on the lips “Where did you learn to do that you bastard?” I just smiled.

Then she pushed me back against the cushions, her hand driving down to my trousers and quickly opening the fly before reaching in for my hard cock. I helped her ease all the material away and down my legs leaving my seven thick inches standing proud of my groin.

She reached down with a hand to caress it softly before gripping me and pulling back the foreskin to reveal my purple head. She bent forward and licked the clear liquid escaping from the eye. “Mmmmmmmm” she said looking back into my eyes. “My turn to return the favour.”

She reached over and took her glass and sucked two ice cubes into her mouth. Then she bent again to take the head of my cock between her lips. The sensation of the ice on my hot flesh was incredible and I surged forward forcing my cock deeper into her mouth, reaching the top of her throat. I could feel the ice melting around my hard flesh as she started to work her lips up and down my shaft. Her tongue swirled around my cock as her lips kept up their pressure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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