Another Dream

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Big Dicks

After a night of offering you my most private entrance and having you accept it with your signature patience and care, I wake up with your right arm as my pillow, our fingers intertwined, your palm cupping my breast. Your left arm drapes over my waist, your hand gently pressing against my hip bone, and my hand covers yours, holding you tight to me.

You are still asleep. I feel your morning wood pressing against the small of my back. I arch my back, like a cat stretching. My ass rises a bit, almost high enough to reach your cock. I stretch again and feel your hands tighten on me, but I don’t think you are actually awake. With my third stretch I actually feel your cock at the entrance to my ass. I press back against it. About half the head enters me. I take a deep breath and push just enough for the head to enter me. I gasp and feel you get bigger. I know you are awake when you start massaging both my breasts.

I try to push back farther, but it is painful after last night. You kiss my back and neck. My hands fall to your hips to make sure you won’t move them. The pain is too much and I know I need to get you out but I can’t pull away because of the pain. I take a deep breath, bite the bullet, and do just that.

I turn to face you and you see the silent tears and the disappointment in my eyes. I wanted to wake you with this gift. You know it is too soon and I need time to heal so you pull me toward you and roll me onto my back, kissing me, owning my mouth. Your hands are on my breasts bursa evi olan escort massaging gently but with a purpose. You are on your knees, straddling me. You rise to wash up in the restroom. When you get back my eyes are half glazed with lust, my right hand has fallen to my pussy, stroking myself. My left hand is massaging my breast and you straddle me again, your mouth on my nipple. Then your hand is between my legs, stroking my slit. My back arches. my hands are on your hips, pulling you to me, hoping to aim you into me. You are resisting! I hate when that happens! But you know how much my body craves the show of power. It makes me want you more and your hand is rewarded with a coating of my juices.

You know that my body thinks I “need” you inside, but it is really only desire at this point. You feel confident that you will know when I truly need you. I know you will find the perfect moment. That split second before I lose my mind. I relax back into the pleasure. You watch my eyes as they hold your gaze and fog over.

You are so perfect for me!

I am concentrating on your face when I realize the head of your cock is at my entrance. I roll my hips to give you better access, but you don’t take advantage of it. You keep the head at the entrance, your finger is on my clit. It feels like too much stimulation, but you keep me right on the edge before it becomes too sensitive.

I want to cum, but I never want this feeling to end. Now I am holding myself altıparmak escort back to keep up this floating sensation. It is like I am watching it and feeling it. Kind of like being in and out of my body at the same time. My breathing becomes deeper, but suddenly starts to speed up! I NEED to cum now! I am reconnecting with my body. This time when I roll my hips and pull you into me, you don’t resist. You enter me in one smooth movement. Not pounding, just filling me. You are fucking me fully, in and out. But it is slow, gentle, measured. You want this to last a long time and so do I.

I want to feel this way forever. It is unhurried, two people who know how to pleasure each other. Lovers who can spend all day inside each other, getting and giving pleasure. Your mouth is on mine kissing gently yet insistently. The perfect combination.

With that thought, I feel a tremor. A tiny orgasm, just enough to whet my appetite. The contractions feel really good to you as well and I feel you grow a little. I pick up the pace, I want more of that!

You let me speed up, but not much. You are still in charge. I am wondering why you don’t want to cum faster and then I remember how generous, considerate and, powerful you are as a lover. You are not going to make me beg or verbally ask, but you are going to make my body take what it seeks. This is my show!

I entice your tongue more deeply into my mouth, my hands trapping you against my body, pressing your body to every available nerve ending. When you see my eyes rolling back before I am on the edge, you know you may have to take over.

I speed up, pitching my hips more, keeping my clit in constant contact with your bone and increasing my enjoyment. small spasms are nearly constant!. I nod at you and you take over controlling the pace and force. My body and mind are starting to tire. You don’t start pounding, as a matter of fact I don’t even notice a difference.

You have an agenda. You want to keep me rising and relaxed. You love the slow pace because you can control me and my pleasure better this way. You can exhaust me, physically, mentally, emotionally. That power is your ultimate desire! It makes your orgasm more intense, more fulfilling, and more explosive!

You feel the cum rising in your balls but don’t speed up or become more forceful. You feel my spasms becoming more intense and nearly constant. That is exactly where you want me. Before you actually start cumming, you tell me you are and that is all it takes. I am crushing you, bucking against you! It is like riding a wild horse. All you can do is hold on and concentrate on staying inside me!

My body literally seizes the orgasm from yours, forces it out of you and into me! Each spurt makes my orgasm stronger. The feel of your sperm against my walls sensitizes every nerve ending in my brain and body. The world is bright and black at the same time! You look at my face and can’t tell if I am in unbearable pain or ecstasy. My eyes have completely rolled back into my head and my body suddenly goes completely limp. You check for a heartbeat because you have never seen me like this. My heart is racing, you relax and suddenly collapse on top of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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