Another Week on the Lake Ch. 07

Big Tits

Author’s Note:This is a sequel to “A Week On The Lake” and “Snowed In.” A few of the characters in this story appear in the “Lucky Cable Guy” stories also. Readers of my previous stories will already be aware that sometimes my group sex scenes involve guys messing around with each other, “so if that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like, and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.”

Special thanks to SpotInTheSand for story consultation and editing. Check out his stories. They’re excellent.

Additional thanks to Stonehammer69 for ongoing story consultation and idea brainstorming. He’s also got a couple of stories posted so go read them and tell him in the comments to keep the chapters coming!

It’s been quite a while since I posted a chapter, so I figured a quick recap was in order. This is Will and Eva’s second year at the lake with their best friends Jack and Sophie. Will and Eva are also celebrating their first anniversary as a couple. They’ve been exploring the lake a little more than they did last year and meeting quite a few more people and having quite a bit more sex with most of them.

There’s something special about this lake, although Will and his friends don’t know exactly what. People seem to both lose sexual inhibitions and gain sexual desire and potency. This chapter is going to get into that idea, so some of the stuff ahead leans a little toward the unusual side.

Also, we’re going to see the narrative taken over by Eva for certain sections for this chapter and the next.

Here is a quick refresh on who is who:

Jack’s Cabin:

Will – Our protagonist

Eva – Will’s girlfriend of one year

Jack – Will’s best friend. His family owns the cabin

Sophie – Jack’s long-time girlfriend, now fiancee

Maggie – Jack’s cousin by marriage

Dani and Kristen – Maggie’s friends

Next door neighbors

Mike and Tara

Josh and Liz

Marine Patrol

Barbara, “The Chief”

David – Barbara’s husband

Jodi – Marine patrol assistant

Brad – Jodi’s boyfriend

Characters from Lucky Cable Guy (this story takes place thirteen years after LCG)

Jason and Amber

Matt and Tina

Jack and Stacy

Trevor and Emma



Kaylee’s group

Kaylee and Connor (this takes place the summer before “Connor’s Senior Year”)

Jill and Tommy

Jess and Roger

Katrina and Tyler


Maggie, Dani, and Kristen were in the driveway packing Maggie’s car when Eva and I got back to the cabin on foot, lugging our gear, but well rested and happy after a night alone in the tent.

“Oh no!” Eva called as we approached. “Are you guys leaving?”

“Yeah, it sucks,” Maggie said. “But I already stayed longer than I planned and work is starting to get a little pissy. Plus the cabin is starting to get crowded.”

That’s when I noticed the third vehicle, and then we heard the sound of the screen door swinging open and slamming shut as Becky burst from the cabin and nearly tackled me and Eva to the gravel-covered ground.

“Surprise!” she cried as she pulled Eva and I into the same bear-hug. Becky’s wonderful lightly-freckled boobs were already clad in a bikini top and they were the only thing in the world I could see for a few seconds while she squeezed us.

“Becky!” Eva squealed and threw her arms around the tall auburn-haired beauty alone once Becky had released us. “I thought you weren’t coming!”

I looked up just in time to see Felicia bearing down on us from the main yard on the lake side of the house. The statuesque blond was also wearing a bikini and her gorgeous tits threatened to spill out of it as she ran to the driveway to greet us.

“Felicia!” Eva outright screamed when she saw her old friend. She’d known Felicia before meeting any of the rest of us last year. The three girls hopped around in a three-way hug while Becky’s boyfriend Todd and Felicia’s on-again off-again squeeze Robert came around the corner in their swimming shorts and t-shirts.

“About time you guys showed up!” Todd said cheerfully, extending his hand, which I shook before pulling him in for a hug and a few slaps on the back.

“Todd!” I said with genuine happiness. “Long time no see!”

I repeated the greeting with Robert, who we’d not seen for an even longer time. While Becky and Todd had spent a snowy night with me, Eva, Jack, and Sophie in our apartment last winter, we hadn’t seen Felicia and Robert since leaving the cabin last summer. Todd was lean and athletic, and his blond hair had grown out into a messy sort of surfer-dude look. Robert’s crew cut was unchanged from a year ago, but it seemed as though he’d been hitting the gym a little harder recently, as his dark skin bulged with more muscles than I remembered.

“I managed to reschedule some stuff,” Felicia said as she leaned in to give me a hug. “So a couple of days ago we all decided to just go for it and get up here for Casibom a couple of nights at least.”

“I’m sure it’s no coincidence that one of those nights is Bonfire night,” Sophie said, she and Jack having joined us sometime during the commotion of the surprise greetings.

“You guys missed an epic breakfast,” Jack said. “Maggie whipped up one hell of a farewell spread. But we saved a couple of plates for you.”

Maggie and her two friends had nearly finished loading the car with their bags and belongings, and our congregation on the driveway turned to one of goodbyes and promises to get together again. We waved as Maggie and company backed down the driveway and took the road back toward civilization.

“Booze cruise?” Jack inquired of the group.

“Booze cruise,” I said.

* * *

Eva and I crammed down a plate each of partially cooled breakfast food before we took a quick shower together then put on our bathing suits. The other three couples were all waiting for us on the boat when we emerged from the cabin with our towels and sunglasses and marched through the yard to the dock. Eight people was just about all the old boat could handle and Jack assured us that we’d be keeping a leisurely pace and finding some nice spots to swim.

Becky handed us each an ice-cold beer, assuring us that it was indeed five o’clock somewhere, while next to her in the bow seats her boyfriend Todd rolled what looked like show-stopper of a joint.

“We’re only here for two nights,” he said. “So I figured I’d do what I could to slow down time while we’re here.”

“An excellent idea,” I agreed.

“So how have you guys been?” Eva asked, her question floated generally to the new arrivals, two of whom we hadn’t seen in several months, the other two a full year. Eva talked on the phone with both Felicia and Becky on a regular basis. “I assume you’ve heard about these two already?” She pointed to Jack and Sophie, the latter of whom was seated on her new fiancee’s lap as he piloted the boat out onto the lake.

“I know! It’s so exciting!” Felicia squealed. “We are going to throw a kick-ass wedding party.”

“Woah,” Jack said. “We haven’t even had an engagement party yet.”

“Isn’t that what tonight is for?” Todd asked, smiling and raising his eyebrows repeatedly.

“The bonfire orgy?” Sophie giggled. “That’s great and everything, but we were thinking something a little more intimate tomorrow night.”

“I like the sound of that,” Becky said, her eyes passing from me to Eva, then to Jack and Sophie and back to me again. It was clear that Becky was fighting hard to hold herself back from tearing off her bathing suit and instigating some open-air naked shenanigans. Not that I could blame her. After assuming for most of the week that we wouldn’t be seeing our friends this time around, the sudden knowledge that sex with Becky and Felicia was not only possible, but very likely imminent, had me sporting a partial erection ever since my shower with Eva.

“Do you have any ideas for the wedding?” Felicia pried, ignoring Jack’s protest against stressing over future details.

“Kind of,” Sophie said. “I think we’re going to end up doing two weddings. One back home with our families and friends and all of the usual stuff. And another one up here with our lake friends.”

“Yeah,” Jack said. “Even if the lake wedding just turns out to be a second party, we want to be able to celebrate the way we want to celebrate without having to worry about our families being there. If you know what I mean.”

“He means orgies,” Eva said.

“Thank you, Eva,” Jack chuckled. “I’m sure everyone would have been hopelessly confused without your translation assistance.”

“I certainly appreciate the blunt approach,” Robert said, eyeing Eva’s busty figure from where he sat across from her in the rear of the boat.

“Speaking of blunt approach,” Todd said. “Blunt approaching.”

He’d managed to get the enormous joint lit even in the mid-lake breeze, and now he passed it to Becky, who puffed on it before passing it to me. I inhaled once and enjoyed the dank aroma and flavor, held it in for a few seconds and exhaled slowly as the buzz immediately settled in just behind my eyes and the dark blue of the lake and pale canopy of the sky seemed to suffuse themselves into the foreground of my vision, wrapping me up in warmth and color. The second hit on the joint sharpened the colors of the girls’ bikini tops and made the cold beer in my left hand feel suddenly twice as heavy. The twenty or so seconds that I partook stretched out both behind and in front of me, and I passed the joint to Sophie with an involuntary and almost certainly goofy smile on my face.

“Somebody hit the sweet spot,” Robert laughed. “That was a mighty toke.”

“Early one morning the sun was shinin’, I was a-layin’ in bed…” I sang, tossing my head back and basking in the heat of the sun and the gentle rocking of the boat, which Jack had now set to drift in the middle of the widest part of the lake. “Wonderin’ if she’d Casibom Giriş changed it all, if her hair was still red.”

“Oh Jesus he’s Dylan high,” Jack cackled after getting his own hit while I sang. “Babe, get some tunes going and save us!”

I gave Jack the finger.

We swam. We splashed. We drank. We smoked more and drank again, and the late morning hours gently rolled over us and became the high-sun hours of early afternoon. The girls kept their tops on, which I found both surprising and weirdly tantalizing. It had been such a free-for-all so far this week with naked women everywhere I looked, but to suddenly see four of the most beautiful women I knew all together and showing off their bodies without taking that last step was a delightful tease. Nobody was saying it out loud, but it seemed pretty clear to me that we were all saving our strength for Bonfire Island and the activities we were sure to participate in once we were there.

“Who’s ready for lunch?” Jack called to the rest of us who were still swimming or floating lazily around the boat.

“Oh fuck yes!” I cried, kicking my feet to propel me toward the boat’s ladder. “Set a course for the nearest taco truck, Boat-Man!”

“And my best man is a moron,” Jack said, chuckling at my foolishness. “Can you imagine how nasty a food truck would be this far out in the boonies?”

* * *

“Hey, did you guys end up hanging out with Jeff and Christie last night?” Eva asked Sophie as we chowed on cheeseburgers on the cabin deck.

“Who the hell are Jeff and Christie?” I asked.

“That couple we met when we were on marine patrol, doofus,” Eva said, slapping my arm. “Before we busted Molly and Billy and Hailey?”

“Oh right!” I chuckled. “Pink bikini and her husband!”

“So yes, me and Jack had fun with them last night while you two were camping,” Sophie said. “I think they’re arranging a babysitter so they can come to the Bonfire.”

“There’s going to be a whole bunch of people there tonight,” Jack said. “You guys thought last year was fun.”

My cock twitched in my shorts at the images my imagination was conjuring, based on my memories of last year, but expanded and multiplied. Given all of the people we’d met or reunited with this week, it was clear Jack was right. Matt and Tina had a bigger crew at their house this year. Our neighbors were going to be joining us. We’d met Ken and Lucy and Lily, plus Kevin and Claire on Tuesday, Gary and Meredith and their young friends Molly and Billy and Hailey on Wednesday. And who knew how many other couples and adventurous group sex freaks there were lurking around this lake.

“Tina told me Luke and Rebekah might be there,” Sophie said.

Jack smiled. “That would be amazing.”

“Who are Luke and Rebekah?” I asked tentatively. “I’m not forgetting someone else I’ve already met am I?”

“No,” Sophie said with a smirk. “You would remember if you met Luke and Rebekah.”

“Along with the Chief,” Jack said, “they’re kind of the founders of the Bonfire and the whole Marine Patrol thing. They also run that church camp down at the south end of the lake you were asking me about the other day, Will.”

“Are you telling us that the founders of the Bonfire Orgy are churchies?” Felicia protested. “What the hell kind of church camp is it anyway?”

“We’ve heard things,” Sophie said. Everyone was paying close attention now as some long-speculated Lake lore seemed to be just below the surface. What was it with this place, being the most common question. “But Jack and I have never been to the camp. We’ve always kept busy doing other things.”

“And other people,” Jack said with a chuckle. “We only met Luke and Rebekah once, and there was no sex involved, but…” He stopped, looking to Sophie, perhaps for help finding the words.

“They’re special,” Sophie said. “The way things are here at the lake just suddenly feels completely normal when you’re around them, and we were only around them for about ten minutes at the Marine Patrol office a few years ago.”

“So are they like, super sexy or something?” Becky asked.

“To put it mildly,” Jack said.

“I’ve never wanted to fuck someone after just meeting them as badly as I wanted to fuck those two that day,” Sophie said. “I’ve had sex with everyone here and I love all of you, but even as wet as I get thinking about you guys is nothing compared to that day.”

Jack adjusted in his seat and it was clear that he was fully erect, his huge cock straining to escape his shorts. “Just thinking about it gets me hard,” he said. His face had taken on a slight flush and his breathing had quickened as he and Sophie told us about this mysterious couple.

“Does this guy have like the world’s biggest cock or something?” Felicia joked.

“We have no idea,” Sophie said. “But my pussy is so fucking wet now I can barely think. Just from remembering when I shook their hands.”

“Every fucking time we talk about it this happens,” Jack said. “I can’t wait until the Bonfire. I need to fuck. Now.”

He Casibom Yeni Giriş stood up and pulled down his swim trunks and his huge cock popped up and slapped audibly against his stomach. Sophie was naked just seconds later and they were in each other’s arms, mouths locked together and hands roaming frantically while the rest of us looked on in surprise and no small level of horniness. A pair of naked tits is usually enough to make me hard, but I realized I was fully erect even before our friends stood up and stripped.

Eva reached over and grabbed my cock through my shorts. “Felicia or Becky?” she whispered in my ear. “I want to watch you fuck one of them right now.”

Before I could answer, Sophie dictated my choice for me. “Becky,” she said. “Get over here and suck my fiancee’s cock.” She then left Jack standing on the deck and sashayed gloriously naked over to Robert, dropping down between his legs as he fished his long thick cock out of his shorts.

“Felicia it is then,” Eva whispered in my ear again. “I’m going to go ride Todd’s cock now.”

* * *

Later on that night we would all experience first-hand and full-force erotic trance effect that swept over us when Jack and Sophie told us about these mysterious strangers Luke and Rebekah. Even writing this months after returning to our comparatively normal lives it’s still difficult to remember the details of the afternoon leading up to my second Bonfire Orgy at the lake. Not because of weed and beer, but because the intensity of the lust-drunk free-for-all of the orgy itself seems to warp the events immediately before and after in my head.

We really had been saving our strength for the Bonfire, but Jack and Sophie had told their seemingly innocuous story and then set the rest of us off in seconds. Eva had stripped off her bathing suit as she crossed the deck to Todd, who met her with his swim trunks already pulled down to his knees and his big cock pointing straight up in the air. I stood up from my seat and took off my shorts as I watched my girlfriend slowly drop down into his lap, taking him deep into her pussy while he happily sucked on her tits.

Becky gave me a smile and a wink as she stood up from sucking Jack’s cock and turned around to give me a delightful show of lowering herself onto his free-standing cock. Jack’s hands found their way around her body in an instant, lifting and squeezing her big luscious tits as her pussy enveloped his big fat cock.

I watched Becky ride Jack’s cock for several long seconds, my own cock standing tall and proud in front of me in the afternoon sun, until I was joined by Felicia, her eyes smoldering with desire. I tore my gaze away from Becky’s incredible naked body to behold Felicia’s. I was mildly disappointed to have missed seeing her take her bathing suit off, but the results were enough to make me go weak in the knees. She had slightly smaller tits than Becky, and maybe just a little bigger than Sophie. Her pink nipples extended insistently from her creamy smooth areolae. Her abs were ripped beneath those two perfect globes and I was delighted to see that she had recently shaved her pubic hair.

“I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I had this cock in me,” Felicia said, reaching over to wrap her fingers around my throbbing rod. “Will you fuck me, please?”

“I would love to fuck you, Felicia,” I said. “Get up on that chair on your knees.” I pointed behind her to the chair that Sophie had abandoned when she and Jack had lit the fuse of this sexual explosion. She complied immediately, placing her knees on the forward edge of the seat and resting her forearms on the back of the chair. I pointed my cock downward enough to direct it between her legs, and let go again so that it sprang up and slapped wetly against her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Felicia groaned. “I’m ready, Will! Put it in!”

I dragged my cock back over her pussy lips until my head was at her entrance, and she pushed back into me, forcing my cock head to pop into her juicy opening. I held onto her hips as we worked to gradually bury my entire length in her cunt.

“Oh fuck, Felicia!” I groaned. “Your pussy feels so fucking good!”

“Fuck!” Felicia yelped. “Did your fucking cock get bigger? Jesus I’m gonna cum already!”

“Fuck yes, cum all over my fucking cock, Felicia!” I reached beneath her upper body and grabbed onto her swinging tits and began to pump my cock in and out of her clenching pussy. I listened to the moans and shrieks of pleasure from behind me as I fucked Felicia facing away from the rest of the group. I was beginning to think about rearranging our bodies so I’d be able to watch my friends fuck when our neighbors filed out from around the corner of the cabin next door and into the yard beside the deck.

Tara and Liz came first, smiling broadly when they saw the eight of us fucking in the open air. They took off their bikini tops and dropped them in the grass as they approached. They were followed by their husbands, Mike and Josh, both of whom slipped their shorts down and walked hard-cocked up onto the deck behind their wives. I greeted Tara and Liz by pulling my cock out of Felicia’s pussy and presenting it to them to suck. Felicia didn’t even bother introducing herself to Josh or Mike before dropping down to suck their cocks.