Anything I Can Do?


“Well, it’s good to see you holding up, anyway,” his friend commented, pouring the last of the pitcher into a glass and sliding it to him.

“How long were you together anyway?” another asked.

“It would have been fourteen years this summer,” he commented, bringing the glass to his lips.

“That is a long time,” the only woman in the group commented.

“Yeah, it’s been pretty strange, being alone,” he replied. “But in the end, it was a mercy. She fought harder than I thought she could have.”

“So now what will you do?” someone else asked. He looked around the table at his friends who were still with him after his wife’s two-year battle. He was grateful to these people, the ones who hadn’t acted like cancer was contagious.

“Keep learning to live again, I guess,” he started somberly. “I am not looking forward to the dating scene again!” he chuckled. “I was so bad at it the first time! I was just lucky someone felt sorry for me!”

“You are still young,” his buddy gestured with a half eaten buffalo wing. “Get back on that horse!”

He smiled, “I am really not as interested in horses as you seem to be!” the table laughed.

“Anyway,” wing man said, mouth full of the last of the chicken, “It’s good to see you out, still makin’ jokes. You will get through this in time, buddy.”

“Which reminds me, I told my wife I was only going for one drink, three hours ago!”

“Oooh, yeah,” another glanced at his watch. “I have to get the boys to hockey in the morning!”

Chairs scraped up all around the table as his friends stood, finishing their drinks and throwing money down to cover the tab.

“If there is anything we can do…” one trailed off, awkwardly. There was a chorus of yes, yeah, and seriously, from around the table, as his friends nodded their heads.

“Of course,” he said, “thank you all…”

They threaded their way out of the pub, to their various cars, small talk petering out in the cool, pre-spring air. He made his way toward his truck, and noted the sheet of ice that had been puddles when he got to the pub. He turned to his female friend, and quickly noted her fine high-heeled boots. Gallantly, he stopped and offered his arm. “Mi’lady,”

“Thanks, but I should be good,” she started before losing her balance! He quickly steadied her and they shared a wry smile. “Thank you, good Sir!” she exclaimed as she took his arm. His work boots made for excellent purchase on the ice as he guided her towards her car. She nearly slipped twice more before they got to her Kuşadası Escort door. She got out her keys and unlocked her car.

“Thank you,” she murmured.

“My pleasure,”

“Look, I am serious, if there is anything you need, let me know.” She leaned in and hugged him tight. He was struck instantly by her warmth as she grasped his ribs; he was too tall for most people to hug around his shoulders. He immediately leaned down and hugged her back. He didn’t give it a moment’s thought, he pulled her tight and kissed the top of her head, like he had done so many times with his late wife. He inhaled deeply, smelling her shampoo, and luxuriating in the feminine scent. The moment only lasted a second, before he realized what he was doing! He jerked straight, wiping moisture from his eyes and pretending to be nonchalant, hoping she hadn’t noticed.

“Well,” he cleared his throat “I guess I’d better get home.” She stood, blocking his way. She looked into his eyes, searching back and forth.

“That is what you need,” she said decisively.

“Huh?” he stammered. She pulled open the car door.

“Get in!” she demanded.

“What about my truck,” he began. She pulled his head down to hers and kissed him quickly on the lips.

“It will be okay,” she promised, and gently guided him into her car. As if in a daze, he got in, and moved to the passenger seat. She got in and started the car. They drove on in silence; she chewed her lip occasionally. They pulled up in front of a building. “This is my apartment. You are coming inside.” He had never known she lived so close to the pub they all frequented.

“Look,” she started as she opened the door to her apartment. “I can’t imagine what you’re going through and how you can still be so positive and strong — I honestly don’t know how you do it. You are a very, very strong man…” He mumbled something about having a job to do, and paying the piper later as she closed the door behind them. She crowded him against the wall of the foyer, pressed her body against his, and looked up, searching his eyes once again.

“This doesn’t change anything between me and my boy friend,” she whispered, almost to herself. “But I know what you need, and you deserve to get it!” She pulled his coat off of his shoulders and leaned in for a hungry, open-mouthed kiss. She could feel his body twitch fiercely as she bit his lips, running one hand up and down his face, the other on the back of his head, keeping him from pulling away.

Gently, she guided him to the Kuşadası Escort Bayan living room, where she aligned him in front of an overstuffed antique chair. She threw her coat aside, and slid down his body, kissing and undoing the buttons on his dress shirt. She pulled it open to reveal the tight white undershirt he had underneath, then moved lower, sliding her hands down his lean body, she pressed her face against the crotch of his jeans. She was rewarded with the feeling of his hard penis pressed against her cheek. She had imagined that it must be big, considering that he himself was over six feet tall. She reached for his belt.

“Wait,” he choked. “You don’t have to…”

“I want to,” she told him gently. “You care about so many people, and you try so hard to help them. Let someone take care of you for a change.” He moaned, she pulled open his belt, snapped the button open and slid his zipper down. Before he could argue she quickly tugged his jeans down and shoved him into the chair.

His head was bowed and turned away from her as she observed his nude waist for the first time. His dark pubic hair was neatly trimmed and his large angry erection pointed straight up, throbbing in time with his heartbeat. The head of his cock was shiny with his excitement, and she looked down to note that his boxers where soaked too. She smirked wryly; she was pleased to know she hadn’t lost her touch. Gently she extracted his foot from his socks and pants, so he could spread his legs wide. She leaned up onto her haunches and undid her own shirt, sliding it off of her back. She heard him moan as he watched her furtively. She had a pretty lace bra on which only served to excite him more. She undid the zipper at the back of her skirt, thrusting her breasts into prominence, and slid the skirt off, revealing matching lace panties. She decided to leave her long, high heeled boots on, and got on all fours, approaching his vulnerable groin like a predator. The slight whimper he gave out as she approached put an extra gleam in her eyes as she neared his naked thighs. His teeth chattered audibly, and he appeared to be trembling.

She wasted no time, thrusting her tongue into a point she ran it from the bottom of his heavy balls, all the way up the sensitive underside to the tip of his cock in a single swipe. His body lurched and she could see that his lean muscles were tense. She swirled her tongue around the head of his penis once, twice, before grabbing the base roughly and sliding as much as she could into her Escort Kuşadası mouth. Again he lurched, his strangled cry made her realize that he was long overdue for what she had decided to give him. She put her best effort into soothing him, pushing him as deep as she could without gagging, changing from long, slow, deep strokes to short fast strokes and back again. Occasionally she would take him out of her mouth to lick the underside, or jerk him with her hand as she kissed and licked his balls. She looked up into his face, he was biting his lip, trying to quiet his moans, his eyes were clenched tight, and tears were drying on his cheeks. She threw herself into her gift, sucking and blowing in turns, pausing to gently nip him with her small white teeth.

She could tell he was getting close, his breathing was fast and heavy, she noticed the tendons standing out on his white knuckles as he gripped the arms of the chair. She quickly gathered his tight balls in one hand pressing against the sensitive area under them, and dove down on his penis pushing it deeper than she had managed ever before! She felt the pulse generated under his balls even before she heard him start to howl. He had tried so hard to keep from pushing into her before, but now he could not help thrusting as blast after blast of thick semen burst from him! She backed off, putting her hand around his cock and let him come hard into her mouth. Normally she found swallowing cum to be distasteful, but at this moment she was pleased and proud. She felt that this was his thank you for her intimate gift. Eventually his ejaculations slowed and stopped, small aftershocks made his body tremble. She backed off of his penis, pushing a little cum up off of her chin and back into her mouth: she wasn’t about to waste any of it!

He was slumped back in the chair, seemingly relaxed but she noticed his hands were still twisted and grasping. She realized that his muscles had cramped, and gently worked each hand until they fell open naturally. His eyes cracked open as she gently took his other leg out of his pants.

“Thank you,” he croaked.

“Shhh,” she whispered. Gently she urged him to stand up from the chair. She realized from his clumsy movements that he was three quarters asleep already! She supported as much of his weight as she could as she guided him to her bedroom. She peeled back the covers and he practically fell into bed, literally asleep before he hit the pillow, his breathing deep and even. She went to the other side of her bed and unzipped her boots. She massaged her sore feet and reflected on what had happened. She was so glad that she could give him something, she thought as she slid into bed beside him. She would let him sleep for a while she decided, but her own soaked panties told her that she was not nearly done with this man yet…