Apartment Two Zero Six


Jeremy, the maintenance man, is a tall, strong fellow. Nearly every woman in the apartment complex where he works married or not, would grab the opportunity to sleep with him. Every man within, wishes he didn’t work there. And Jeremy knows it.

There have been on many occasions a resident would have something break and of course being the maintenance man, he’d have to fix it. Strange thing he noticed after a few jobs was that the repairs needing to be mad were to things not broken on their own. Pretty soon, he began picking up on other clues. Not only was he only called when their husbands or boyfriends were gone, but their attire was far less than it should have been, even on a few occasions did a woman or two have some kind of lingerie on when she answered the door.

He really couldn’t complain. It’s not like he was offended by their looks, but the temptation did get to him. His job could be on the line if he ever gave in and had sex with a tenant. He didn’t even dare think about it being a married woman or one with a boyfriend. His convictions held out, until today.

He knocks on apartment two zero six and when the door is answered by a beautiful young woman named Ms. Bernett. She is wearing a loose shirt that comes down mid thigh leaving one to wonder what she has on underneath.

“Good morning, Ms. Bernett. You said your toilet was not working?”

Ms. Bernett smiles at him and says, “Just call me Candice and yes that’s what I said. Please come on in.”

He steps inside and starts for the bathroom when Candice asks, “Would you like some coffee?”

Jeremy almost hesitates but instead says, “That’d be nice.”

He follows her into kitchen where she already has two cups out. She pours coffee into both and asks, “Sugar or cream?”

“Neither, I’ll take it black.”

He takes a sip of the coffee when Candice asks, “Do you find me attractive?”

Jeremy’s face reddens a little. “Honestly?”

“I prefer it that way.”

“Well, I find you quite attractive. From what I have seen down at the pool, you have an amazing body.”

“How would you like to feel that body?” she asks pulling off the loose fitting shirt. Beneath it she has absolutely nothing on.

He puts down the cup and smiles. She walks over to him and leans in and kissing him lightly at first with her lips brushing his and then more forcibly when he doesn’t pull away.

Within moments she is pulling off his clothing, letting it fall wherever and themselves to the ground. Jeremy shifts his body so that he is between Candice’s legs. She spreads her legs a bit allowing him to move in. She quickly collects herself and reaches out and grabs Jeremy’ cock and pulls it toward her pussy. Once the tip of his cock enters her opening she lets go and Jeremy takes full control and pushes into her.

Slowly as he starts to inch his way inside her she feels mixed feelings of pain and pleasure. Jeremy keeps going slowly until he stops and looks into her eyes.

“Take me,” Candice moans.

Jeremy nods and withdraws his cock a bit and then slams it forward breaking through her tightness until he is balls deep in her. Candice lets out a scream of pleasure and holds onto Jeremy with her arms wrapped around him. As Candice relaxes so does her grip on Jeremy and he moves his head down and begins playing with her nipples as he begins to pull out his cock slowly and then push it back in even slower. He keeps this slow pace for a while, going ever so slowly until Candice is squirming around underneath him.

Candice shouts in frustration, “Just fuck me already would you!”

Jeremy smiles as he was just waiting for that moment to arrive. He withdraws himself even slower than before and then drives in hard and fast. Candice wraps her arms around him and lets out a moan of pleasure. Jeremy begins to get a rhythm going where he pulls out slowly until just the head of his cock is in and then he slams it back into Candice’s waiting pussy.

After several long minutes Jeremy begins to realize he isn’t going to last much longer with Candice’s pussy pulsating and squeezing his cock so tightly. He lets his animal instincts take over and begins to drives his cock as fast and as hard as he can into her.

Candice wraps her legs and arms around Jeremy and closes her eyes and begins moaning out, “Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Jeremy needing no more encouragement starts giving everything he has and begins Casibom to piston in and out of Candice as fast as he can. He feels his balls begin to tighten up and he knows he is going to cum.

“I’m going to cum,” he manages to say through gritted teeth.

Candice can’t form any words and just nods and pulls him further in with her legs. She throws her head back and gives out her loudest moan yet. Jeremy feels his cock being gripped over and over again as Candice is rocked by her orgasm. The feeling is indescribable to Jeremy and that is all he needs to be pushed over the edge.

Jeremy slams himself as deep as he can into Candice and holds himself there as he shoots all his cum as deep as he can into her. Candice, feeling Jeremy’ warm cum shoot deep into her pussy, is sent to a whole new height in her orgasm. It is all she can do just to hold on to Jeremy for dear life as her body is ravaged by wave after wave of pleasure as Jeremy lays there enjoying the feeling of Candice milking all the cum out of his cock with her pussy.

Jeremy lays on Candice exhausted from his efforts but fully satisfied. Candice coming down from her orgasm begins to smile as she reflects on her best orgasm ever. She turns to Jeremy and kisses him softly and then rolls back over and slowly gets to her feet.

The next day he receives a call from apartment two zero six and it is urgent. Donning on his tool belt he is out the door in a flash. Now, standing in front of the apartment, it is all too quiet. He knocks on the door and almost immediately the door is opened and standing before him is a young woman that he has never seen here before, wearing a tight pair of shorts and tank top. Both articles of clothing are barely hiding her most private parts.

“You called about an emergency,” he says.

The girl smiles, “The kitchen sink is on the fritz.”

He grins and asks, “What happened?”

The girl shrugs. “I just turned on the water and it starts spraying everywhere.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look.”

The girl opens the door wider and steps to the side, allowing Jeremy to stroll in. He already knows where the kitchen is and begins walking that way.

“I haven’t seen you here before,” he says. “Are you Ms. Bernett’s sister?”

The girl smiles and says, “Candice, Ms. Bernett, is my mother. I’m visiting from college.”

“Ah,” he says. “I didn’t think she had a daughter your age, considering she doesn’t look that old.”

“I’m only nineteen,” she says. “But my mother was young when she had me. She was fifteen at the time.”

“Oh wow.”

“By the way, my name is Taylor.”

He turns around and shakes her extended hand lightly. “I’m Jeremy the maintenance man.”

“Yeah I figured,” she says with a quick laugh.

Jeremy smiles and laughs a little himself. “Yeah it is obvious. So you said it just started spraying?”

“Yeah, as soon as I turned it on.”

Jeremy walks over to the sink and turns the knob. Instantly, the water comes flying out of the sprayer and all over his shirt. Quickly he turns if off and silently curses himself. He fiddles with the sprayer for a moment before saying, “Well your problem seems to be that this sprayer has to be replaced. I have one in my shed, I’ll go get it.”

He turns and nearly runs into Taylor. “Oh, your shirt is all wet,” she says.

“It’s alright,” he answers. “I’ve got another in the shed as well, for instances like this.”

“Well, at least let me dry it for you.” She reaches for the edges of the shirt and starts to lift it.

His hands go to hers, stopping her. “No, no, it’s quit alright.”

Grinning, Taylor is more determined than ever. “You’re not leaving here until I dry it,” she says forcefully. “Besides, I’ve heard what a great body you have.”

Jeremy holds her hands down. “Not something I am willing to show off to another woman.”

“Fine,” Taylor says. And instead, she grabs the edges of her shirt and pulls it off, releasing a pair of nicely rounded breasts. “Then I will show off mine.”

Jeremy starts to say something when she unbuttons her shorts and they fall to the floor to reveal a perfectly shaved mound. “My mother said she had no trouble getting your clothes off. Maybe this will make it easier for you to decide.”

Jeremy smiles and quickly gets out of his clothes.

“My mother told me how you just took her right here in the kitchen.”

“Do you discuss everything Casibom Giriş with your mother?” he asks.

She nods. “Everything.” Taylor slides up onto the kitchen table and spreads her legs wide for him.

Jeremy steps up and grabs her ass. With both hands wrapped around Taylor’s ass, Jeremy slides his tongue up and down over her pussy lips working slowly and closer each time toward her clit. Once his tongue hits it, her legs go rubbery and she begins to moan. She tilts her hips up to make her pussy more accessible.

“Mmmm,” she groans. “Don’t you dare stop.”

Minutes pass then she suddenly pushes him away. She slides off the table and pushes him to the floor before spinning around. Wordlessly, she straddles his head with her legs and quickly lowered her head to his throbbing cock, sucking it into her mouth while stroking his shaft.

“Mmmm,” she continues to groan as her head bobs up and down the shaft of his cock. Her free hand slides down to softly caress his balls.

Jeremy looks up to see the glory of her squirming ass and wet pussy as he reaches up and parts her pussy lips and begins to lick inside. Eventually, he focuses his attention on licking and flicking his tongue on her pulsating clit making Taylor’s moans increase in intensity. Continuing to manipulate her clit with his tongue, Jeremy begins to alternate squeezing her ass and breasts.

Pretty soon Jeremy feels the cum building up in his balls and knows he won’t hold out for much longer. So he begins to buck his hips to meet her mouth until finally the cum surges up his pulsating cock and explodes in Taylor’s mouth. She swallows as much as she can but some manages to ooze down the shaft of his cock.

Once Jeremy’s cock ceases to spasm, he flips Taylor onto her back. He starts by slowly circling her clit with his tongue, gradually increasing the speed and alternately flicking it with the tip of his tongue. All the while Taylor holds his head, shoving his face into her pussy.

“Mmmm, that’s it,” she moans loudly as her ass squirms and her hips begin to buck. Jeremy licks and flicks, faster and faster to bring on her orgasm.

“Yes!” she screams, eyes closed as she grabs his head tight while he feels her body stiffen and her pussy spasm.

While she is distracts with her intense orgasm, Jeremy takes the opportunity to quickly move up her body and place his rock hard cock on her clit and rubs it back and forth on it. Taylor’s eyes roll back as she enjoys her second intense orgasm brought on by his cock.

As her juices pour out, he places his cock at the entrance to her pussy and parts her lips with his cockhead and slowly pushes it in inch by inch until his cock is buried balls deep in her pussy. Taylor groans and moans, eyes closed incoherently.

Jeremy pulls his cock back slowly until it is almost out and then slowly inches it back in. Taylor’s groans grow louder. He keeps this up for a few strokes before increasing his speed faster and faster. Their hips buck together, their moans match each other and her breasts bounce with the rhythm. The feeling of her pussy’s warm velvet liquid vise is exquisite on his cock.

Jeremy keeps up the in and out, slamming hard against her pussy while he put his head down and sucks her breasts and nipples, adding even more excitement to her experience as indicated by her squealing. Then he begins to kiss her, their tongues each other’s mouths as they bounce with their fucking.

Jeremy suddenly pulls out of Taylor’s pussy eliciting a disappointed whine from her. He ignores the complaint and rolls onto his back, lying on the floor and guides her onto of himself with her back to him. After slowly lowering herself onto his cock she eagerly begins to bounce up and down, her pussy squeezing his cock tightly and her juices leaking onto his body.

Taylor lays her back flat onto Jeremy’s chest with her feet flat on the ground and his cock still remaining in her pussy. He begins to buck his hips up and in, whipping his cock back and forth in her pussy. His hands now free, wrap around her gorgeous breasts to squeeze and pinch her nipples.

Jeremy reaches down with one hand and starts rubbing her clit with his forefinger at the same time that he grinds his cock up into her pussy while still twisting her nipple.

“Aahh!” Taylor screams with pleasure.

Jeremy feels himself approaching orgasm so he flips her back over and mounts her missionary Casibom Yeni Giriş style. He puts her legs up over each of his shoulders and positioning himself so his cock rubs her clit as he pistons it in and out.

After a few minutes of this he drops her legs and starts fucking her hard and fast. Taylor screams louder and louder with each thrust while bucking her hips up to meet each lunge of his cock in her tight and wet pussy.

Once again the cum races up his shaft and he plasters the inside of her pussy with hot cum. He feels his balls completely empty as he continues to ram his cock in and out of her pussy. Then finally, he collapses on top of her with both of them shuddering in intense ecstasy.

“I hope you don’t have plans for dinner,” she says breathing hard. “My Mom wants you to come over for a home cooked meal.”

Jeremy shows up on time for dinner and it goes smoothly with normal conversation. When they are all finished it is Taylor’s mother that stands up first and asks, “Who’s up for dessert?” She has a devious grin on her face. Before Jeremy knows it, Taylor is up, grabbing his hand and dragging toward the bedroom.

Once inside the room, Taylor gets down on her knees and pulls down Jeremy’s pants. She pushes him onto the bed and spreads his legs and swallows as much of his cock in her mouth as she can and goes to work sucking and stroking it like a pro.

Candice sits on the bed kneeling, taking off her shirt. She bends over Jeremy with her breasts dangling in his face. “Suck on my breasts,” she pleads softly.

She doesn’t give him much of a choice as she shoves a breast into his mouth. He immediately starts sucking on it, drawing circles around her nipple with his tongue. Immediately, he loves the feel of her hard nub in his mouth. He gently bites her nipple and she groans with pleasure.

“Bite me harder,” she moans.

He does as she asks, clamping down on her nipple with full force and she shrieks in pleasurable pain. Then he takes his hand and starts rubbing her other nipple in between his fingers, pinching hard, eliciting even more shrieks from her.

Taylor is still giving him a wonderful blowjob and he soon gets closer and closer to cumming. She feels his balls tighten and abruptly pulls away and moves up by his ear to whisper in it, “I want that cum in my pussy.”

Candice gets off the bed and wiggles out of her tight skirt. Jeremy reaches out and softly strokes her damp slit as Taylor slides off the bed and begins kissing her mother. She puts her hands on Candice’s waist and pulls her away from Jeremy’s prodding fingers and back onto the bed.

“You’re gonna eat her pussy while you fuck me,” Taylor orders Jeremy.

Candice straddles his face looking away from him and facing Taylor as Taylor straddles him. Jeremy doesn’t waste any time and quickly thrusts his tongue into Candice’s warm, wet pussy as Taylor takes his cock in her hand and guides it to her own dripping pussy. She lifts herself up then sit down on hard, impaling herself with his hard cock. She moans loudly as Jeremy’s cock fills her tight pussy.

Jeremy continues eating Candice’s pussy, lapping up her sweet juices, flicking her clit with his tongue. Remembering how she likes having her nipples bitten, he bites down hard on her clit and is rewarded with a loud moan. “Jeremy! That feels so fucking good!”

Taylor sets her own pace to maximize her pleasure and leans over to kiss her mother and for the next few minutes the only noises are moans and wet sloshing noises of Taylor’s pussy against Jeremy’s cock and his tongue lapping up Candice’s pussy juice. Candice eventually breaks their kissing to move her mouth down to Taylor’s nipples and bites down on one of them, hard.

“You bitch!” Taylor cries.

Candice releases her nipple only to do the same to the other one. This time Taylor just moans with pleasure and she starts to increase her stride, bucking faster and faster making Jeremy unsure as to how much longer he can hold his load.

He licks at Candice’s pussy furiously to be rewarded with her loud screaming as she cums all over his face. He doesn’t stop though. He goes back to chewing on her hard clit as Taylor increases her speed on his cock.

“Ohhh baby,” he moans, breaking off Candice’s clit. “I don’t think I can hold it much longer.”

Before either girl can respond, he cums hard and fast shooting his load deep inside Taylor’s dripping wet pussy.

“I’m cumming too,” Taylor cries as her orgasm washes over her.

Jeremy continues to thrust until every last drop of his cum is inside her. After these past few days, Jeremy doesn’t mind having to fix anything in apartment two zero six.