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Authors note: Although this story follows the adventures of brother and sister Lindsay and Dean, it’s not necessary to have read the first story to understand this one.

Lindsay looked at her brother across the kitchen table. She wanted him desperately. A mere 20 minutes ago he had been in her bed fingering her clit. He conveniently didn’t finish the job. She was in agony having to make small talk with her parents when all she wanted to do was fuck her brother. When she looked at him across the kitchen table there was no sympathetic gleam in his eye. He appeared completely relaxed and nonchalant. She knew he woke with his typical morning wood. He seemed perfectly satisfied to go and whack himself off in the bathroom. Lindsay found that diddling herself didn’t satisfy her, she needed a hard cock.

They were expected to hook up with some friends at the beach in an hour so there would be no time or opportunity for them to be together. After breakfast Lindsay went to her room to chose a bathing suit and pack up her gear for the day. Her boyfriend Allen would be there. He was only a pretend boyfriend (for appearances sake only), but only she and Dean knew that. Dean felt it was important that they maintain outside relationships so no one would ever suspect their relationship.

Lindsay carelessly sorted through the drawer looking for a suit to wear when her eye caught a cherry red color. She pulled out the string bikini and realized she’d forgotten to put it with the stuff they sent to the salvation army. It was two summers ago when she last wore that suit, and it barely fit then. Since that time her bust size grew to its current DDD size. Her hips and ass had also filled out since then and became rounder, more shapely.

On a whim she pulled the suit on. She carefully pulled up the panties which now fit like low ride jeans. She turned to look at her ass and her crack was barely covered. Next came the top. She adjusted it several times to make it fit properly but the bottom line is that it was just too small. It covered what it was supposed to, but barely. A wicked thought passed through her mind, she was going to make Dean pay for leaving her unfucked. The other girls would call her a slut, and she’d have a swarm of guys following her all day, but none of that mattered though, because she was only wearing this for Dean. She threw a t-shirt and shorts on top of her clothes and bounded downstairs, anxious to get to the beach so she could take off her clothes in front of her brother.

When they arrived at the beach Lindsay’s boyfriend Allen was already there. As soon as she was in arms reach he grabbed her and gave her a deep tongue kiss. Dean cleared his throat to break it up, playing the part of the protective brother. Lindsay knew he was really the jealous lover. Allen ran to the water and Lindsay promised to join him once she got settled. Lindsay put down her bag, stood in front of Dean and faced the water. She slowly lowered her shorts, and she made sure to bend over so he’d get an eye full of her barely covered ass. She sat down and smiled at her brother as she slowly pulled the top over her head. To the casual observer Dean wasn’t phased by his sister’s clothes, but Lindsay picked up on the flare of his nostrils and the deepening of his breath. She knew she had Dean right where she wanted him. Lindsay’s tits were puckering over the top and out of the sides of the top. Dean closed his eyes and pictured himself sucking on his sister’s tits. Lindsay got up and made her way to join Allen in the water. Every head turned as she walked by in that cherry red suit; both men and women alike looked at the busty beauty lustily. As Dean surveyed the beach and everyone’s reaction to his sister it hit him that that there would be real competition to keep her interests from turning to someone else.

An hour later Lindsay and Allen walked hand in hand out of the water. Lindsay attracted even more attention from everyone now that her suit was wet. The water hardened nipples could be seen from quite a distance. After coming near Dean’s blanket to get their towels the couple was off again, this time walking down the boardwalk. Dean knew they were going to make out somewhere; Isparta Escort after all that’s what he would do if he were in Allen’s position.

Dean thought about how he left his sister horny that morning and regretted it deeply. Was she still horny? Would she let Allen fuck her since she couldn’t be with him? Up until now she’d only been with him, but what if curiosity got the better of her and she decided to let someone else get between her legs. Every minute they were gone seemed like an eternity to Dean. He almost thought about going to look for them, but then thought better of it.

By the time the couple finally returned Dean was on pins and needles. Her and her boyfriend sat down on blankets next to Dean’s. When he glanced over at his sister he noted that she sat in such a way that her legs were parted right before him. Because her suit was so tight he was able to perfectly see all the folds of her cunt through the straining bikini bottom. Her clit was swollen so he knew that the wetness he saw was more than just sea water. Dean was tempted to grab his sister and leave so he could fuck her for the rest of the afternoon, but he thought better of it. He looked at his watch. It was only 3 in the afternoon. It would be suspicious if they left before high tide. And he reminded himself that that’s just what this little beach excursion was about, keeping up appearances.

Dean thought the day couldn’t get any worse, but then Allen decided he wanted to pull out the suntan oil. He started by putting it on himself, but Dean knew what was coming; it was a stunt he had pulled many times. Once he put enough on his body to make it look realistic he offered to put in on Lindsay. He started rubbing the coconut scented oil on her feet and started working his way up her legs. Dean saw him frown as Lindsay reached for the bottle and started to apply it herself to her arms, chest and neck. She also beat him to her inner thighs. He bade her turn over and he started to apply it to her back. After a few moments Allen moved from his position beside her and straddled her back as he continued to apply the oil to her body. He moved up and down over the soft flesh. Dean noted how he took extra time to apply the lotion by strap of her bikini top and the way he opened his fingers as wide as possible when he was near the swell of her tits. He kept moving downward and downward and then his groin accidentally made contact with her ass. Allen’s semi bulge immediately became a raging hard on. He quickly moved to back to sit at her side and put his towel in his lap. Dean smiled inwardly, because at least he wasn’t the only one being tortured today.

At last the day ended and Lindsay followed her brother back to the car. Dean sat in the driver’s seat and felt disappointed that their father had needed the van for the rest of the weekend. He could still fuck her in the back seat of the car, but it would be cramped and he wouldn’t be able to take her the way he wanted. He would have to wait until they got home, but at least she was close enough so he could touch her as they drove.

Once they got a few miles down the dark road, away from everybody his hand extended to her thigh where he felt the soft warm flesh. He caressed his sister letting his hand rest on her inner thigh. From time to time he would move a finger or two up to touch at her pussy.

“You looked really hot today Lindsay.”

“Thanks. I’m glad you like it since I wore this suit just for you.”

“Really, I thought it might have been for Allen.”

“I have no real interest in him, you know that.”

“Well you looked pretty chummy. When you guys went for that walk did you fuck?”

“No, we just made out. He said my suit got him really hot.”

“Yep, he got a raging hard on while he was putting the suntan oil on you. So what did you two do together?”

“What’s this, you want all the grizzly details?”

“Every one of them.”

“Well we found a secluded spot under the boardwalk and kissed.”

“Did he use tongue?”

“Of course. He kissed down my neck to, but I told him if he left me with a hickey it was over between us.”

“What about your tits?”

“Well Isparta Escort Bayan he touched them of course and my ass too.”

“Did he suck on your tits?”

“Well, he kissed around the exposed parts, but I wouldn’t take off my top because there was always a chance someone could come by and see us. He sucked my nipples through the fabric, does that count?”

“I suppose so. Did you like it?”

“Yes, but not as much as when you do it.”

Dean moved his hand under his sister’s shirt. He began to gently squeeze the tit that was closest to him as she spoke.

“Good. It’s just a reminder than these are mine, not his.” He gave her sister’s breast a good squeeze to emphasize his point. “Did he touch you between your legs?”

“No. I think he would have if we had more time. But a group of kids were coming in near us so we cut it short.”

Lindsay reached over and started to touch her brother’s cock through the thin fabric of his shorts. He shifted a bit.

“You’ve got a semi.”

“It’s never completely limp around you unless we’ve just finished fucking.”

“You want a blow job?”

“Hell yes, but I can’t do it while I’m driving?”

“Really, I’ve heard lots of guys get it that way.”

“Remember 3 years ago when I got in that accident?”

“No way, you were getting blown?”

“Big time. I totally enjoyed it, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes on the road.”

“Too bad.”

Lindsay took his hand, and started sucking on his index finger. She bobbed her head up and down and started to make loud sucking noises. Dean’s foot hit the gas and they went 20 miles over the speed limit for the rest of the trip home.

Upon entering the house Lindsay knew she they’d be fucking soon. She quickly pulled off her t-shirt and flung it over a chair. Her hand went to the strap of her suit, but Dean stopped her.

“What’s up? You don’t want to…”

“Of course I want to. Just leave the suit on, OK.”

Lindsay shrugged her shoulders as she removed her shorts and sneakers.

Dean took out the beach blanket and laid it in the middle of the living room floor.

“Come on over here you beach slut.”

“Beach slut? I’m a beach tease, not a beach slut” she proceeded to model her form around. “I’m only a slut for you.” She said with a playful lilt.

“What about Allen?

“I can’t believe you’re still thinking about him. Don’t be jealous. It’s only for appearances, you know that. I wore this suit for you, not him. And the whole time we were together I was only thinking about you.” Lindsay began to run her hands over her body to get her brother back into the mood. It didn’t take much.

He stood and put his arms around her waist and began to kiss and tongue her hard. He ran his fingers over the half covered ass. After the kiss he looked into his sister’s eyes “Do you really want me over Allen? More girls chase after him in one week than I get in one month.”

Lindsay frowned at her brother. “Well here’s your proof, you’re about to get something he’s never going to.”

Dean rested his hard cock against his sister’s groin. Lindsay moaned with anticipation as her brother continued to kiss down her neck. When he got close to her tits he stopped. He loved his sister’s large tits and he wanted to really take his time with them. He started by caressing the bare skin that would have normally been covered by a suit. He moved his hands up and down along the sides and top of her suit. He moved his hands underneath and noted that there was uncovered flesh there as well. Then he moved his hands on top with the nipples under his palms and started to squeeze and pump her tits.

Dean moved back from his sister again. “Take off the top Sis.”

Lindsay arched her back seductively, reached behind herself and slowly undid both ties. As soon as Dean saw that they were free he reached down, grabbed the red top and snatched it away. He then dove into her chest like a hungry wolf cub. He suckled her long and heartily with loud slurping noises. Normally when he sucked his sister’s tits their parents were home so everything had to be very quiet. But since their parents were Escort Isparta gone for the rest of the weekend he was free to suck as he wanted. He was able to suck her tits the way tits that size are supposed to be sucked.

“Lay down Lindsay.” Dean removed all of his clothing.

“I’m ready for that blow job.”

Lindsay looked at her brother’s cock as it was freed from its confinement. He straddled over her, his long thick cock poised in front of him. He put his cock at the entrance to her mouth, rubbing the head over her lips. He allowed her to kiss at the head for a few moments, but that was all he could stand.

“Open your mouth and suck me Lindsay.”

Lindsay obeyed her older brother and opened her mouth. Her hands played with his balls and the parts of his shaft that couldn’t fit in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on her brothers sweet cock. She loved the musty smell of it and the thickness. She closed her eyes and ran her tongue along the largest vein. When her brother started to moan Lindsay started to suck harder. Then all at once the cock was gone. She opened her eyes and saw that Dean was moving down her body. She though he would fuck her now, but instead he rested his hard cock between her tits.

“What are you doing?”

“You heard of tittie fucking?”


Dean took one of her tits in each hand and held them together tightly over his cock. Satisfied that he made a nice tight channel for his cock, yet wasn’t hurting her he began to move back and forth. Lindsay looked at the cock head that slipped in and out between her breasts. She found that she liked this position very much. While her brother was fucking her tits she reached a hand and pinched her own nipples. She was sopping wet with desire.

“I’m cumming Lindsay, I’m cumming Sis.” Announced Dean right before he came. A moment or two later a stream of cum shot out onto Lindsay’s face. But Dean didn’t stop pumping, a second stream crossed her face as well. The last stream only reached her neck.

Dean sat for a moment and closed his eyes as he felt the orgasm going through his body. He looked down at the cum covered face of his little sister.

“I’ve never seen you look more beautiful.”

“I hope this stuff doesn’t break me out.”

“Actually, I’ve heard it’s really good for you skin.”


“That’s what I heard.”

Dean moved down between his sisters legs and pulled down her panties. He looked at her shaved mound and licked his lips. He dove in and began to suck his sister’s clit with the same gusto that he used for her large tits. Lindsay had been so horny all day she felt like she was going to come with the first lick. But she held herself back so she could enjoy him sucking her. Then Dean moved his attention down to her opening and ran his tongue over the swollen lips. He moved his face from between her legs and inserted a finger. Lindsay’s entire lower half rose up off the floor like it was possessed.

“Damn, somebody needs a good fucking.” Said Dean as he continued to work his finger in and out of his little sister.

“Hell yeah. I’ve needed it since this morning and you know it.”

Dean felt his cock stirring again. He was just about ready to give his sister want she wanted.

He wrapped his lips back around her clit as his fingers kept working. A few minutes later he could feel his manhood at full attention. He pulled away from his sister and he heard her moan in protest.

“I need you Dean.”

“Don’t worry, you’re gonna get it.”

He slid his hard cock into her and just like always, he felt like he was home. No other woman could satisfy him like his sister. He started to pound in and out of her just like he wanted to do all day. He pictured her showing all her shit to every body on the beach and he started to pound her harder. Then he pictured that asshole Allen with his hands all over his sister’s tits. He gave a few extra hard thrusts in his honor as well. Lindsay just lay there taking every each thrust with joy.

“Yeah Dean, that’s so good. That’s sooo good.”

He’d never fucked his sister this hard before, he had no idea that she could take it, or that she would like it. But her pelvis was meeting his every thrust.

After a few minutes Lindsay came and Dean came a second or two behind her. Totally spent Dean collapsed next to his sister on the blanket.

“I love you Lindsay”

“I love you too Dean. You’re the best big brother a girl could ask for.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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