Arizona Family in ’69 Ch. 2

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Katie had watched it. Incredible! Her brother licking her Mom’s steaming cunt! His throbbing prick above her face as Mom did her special sixty-nine action! Katie had witnessed that extraordinary mother-action once before, when she had observed Dad and Mom as they had made love. But this had been even more sexually potent: she had seen her Mom in total incestuous sexual abandon, her legs spread wide, her words encouraging her son Eddie, as the two were immersed in scalding-hot sixty-nine action. Katie surmised that Eddie had learned what to do by watching his how his father did it. Mom would do her thing, her head moving up and down, mouth open to capture the prick and then release it, sucking up and down in sexual delirium. Katie herself absorbed this sexual knowledge once again in viewing this new round of sixty-nine action. She knew what she would do: reach up and envelop the erect prick, its shiny head glistening with pre-come, its veins throbbing. She would take it into her mouth, work her tongue around it and then abruptly fall back to release it and watch it throb there above her face before rising to mouth-grasp it again. Oh, yes, but when, when would her turn come? Whose cock would it be? These were her thoughts as she returned to her room after observing the final satisfaction of the pair, Mom dropping back in sleepy exhaustion, Eddie flipping from the bed to hurry back to his own room.

Later that evening, John took a hot bath, letting the reality out there steam away from his consciousness as he centered his mind on the upcoming event of the evening. His heart raced a little as he played out the scenario once again, anticipation making it all the more exciting. After drying, and starting a fresh tub of clean water for Teri, he threw on his robe. He signaled to Teri for the “preparation” to commence. This was one of his new “ideas.” Ever since the moment he had followed Teri in the bedroom at midday and fucked her while knowing that Katie was watching, everything had changed. He was full of exciting forbidden thoughts that now, he realized, could be translated into reality. These were what he and Teri already had come to code as his “ideas.” This one had excited Teri when he had suggested it in a whisper to her earlier, after dinner. He heard her approaching and looked toward the bathroom door.

It was a thrill to see his long-legged wife approach and then take her position, as yet fully dressed, but now poised at the door while the warm water slowly collected in the bathtub.

Teri’s stretched out her arms as if reaching for each side of the doorway, as they had planned the start of the scenario. Now he began to undress her. His pulse quickened as he glanced sideways. Only a few feet away his lovely daughter Katie was peeking from half-open door to her bedroom adjacent to the bathroom! An audience! How appropriate! How exciting!

Putting on a show was great! A show for Katie, his lovely daughter! A daughter who had the hots! John smirked at the thought. Katie watching him strip her Mom! Hmm, and licking and sucking as he did so!

No stockings, just bare smooth long legs with high-heeled shoes. Teri was a gorgeous sexy lady! Kneeling, then, licking his way up her bare legs, he grasped the dress, lifted it … up … and off. Now Teri’s luscious globes came in view to him, pushed up by her half-bra — which he proceed to remove even as he probed Teri’s mouth with his tongue.

And she responded. Ankara escort “John, lover-baby, yes, strip me. Take it all off! Make me hot for the bath and … the lovemaking. Hmm, yes, for the sucking!”

There was that word again! John went into high heat, his cock lifting and exiting his now partially open robe. Oh, yes, Teri asking for the strip. Teri wanting to suck his cock! Hot bath, warm suck! And sweet sexy Katie watching and hearing it all! Oh, having an audience was fantastic!

Suddenly, Teri improvised in a way he not anticipated. She whispered to him, “John-lover, pretend your someone else, OK?”

“Someone else?” His prick responded a bit. “For instance?”

He felt Teri’s entire body tremble and saw goose bumps on her arms as he kissed her breasts.

“Be my boy-lover … you know…” she whispered, “Eddie.”

John’s prick stood up at attention. “Oh, Mom,” he fell into the act, “I like your body so much. I keep jerking off thinking about it. I love to kiss and suck your breasts like this.”

Teri trembled. “Oh, yes, you make Mom feel so good, honey. Take off my panties, make me naked, lover.”

John slipped her panties down. “Mom, Mom, how beautiful you are!”

“Oh, God, yes, Eddie-baby, hold me, let me feel your big cock against me,” Teri cried out, unaware or uncaring about Katie’s hot ears as these took in her mother’s lusty words.

Katie’s mind became a jumble of confused phrases and images, each more abandoned than the next as she watched and listened. If only she could let her Dad know what this was doing to her, if only he knew how much she loved him. Wasn’t it 1969 when people were saying that we should make love, not war. Didn’t they mean sex … what Mom and Dad had shown their children, Eddie and her? Were other girls eager for their Dads the way she was? Did Dad want her the way Mom wanted Eddie? She wanted him! Katie flushed. Yes, she wanted her father, she wanted Dad. Dad stripping her! Dad kissing her! Dad’s hands on her body, the way they were now caressing Mom’s legs and ass! Oh, Dad, if only you knew how much I want you!

John admired Teri’s lovely breasts as he kissed and then licked and then sucked them, while his hands rubbed her ass, now covered only by panties. Hmm, he thought, Teri’s legs are spread nicely and with those shoes on! And her arms spread out too! He knelt now. He lifted one leg and looking up at her, licked the top of the shoe.

Teri found the suggestion she read in his eyes so exciting she reverted to John’s own identity, forgetting the Eddie-fantasy.

“John-lover, yes,” cried Teri, “lick me that way! Oh, baby, that’s a new one, I like it.” Now she took up a role. “Slave, lick me! Do as your mistress commands!”

Katie almost fainted at the sight. Mom getting her black high-heeled shoe licked by Dad! The huge angry head of his prick peeking out of his robe! Mistress-Mom calling out for Slave-Dad to lick her! Oh, yes, Dad, I’ll be your love-slave if you want, only how to make it happen?

John smiled as he now shifted the other foot. He was in no hurry. He placed his mouth under the thin pointy heel, jet-black, glossy, silky-smooth … exciting! Exciting to suck a black pointy heel! Exciting to be fucked by it! Exciting to have Katie watching him as he became her Mom’s love-slave, his mouth taking in whatever his Mistress wanted to insert.

Teri felt the goose bumps again. Just when she thought nothing new Ankara escort bayan could happen in an erotic encounter after a couple of decades of marriage, John came through again! Being mistress to him! Fucking his mouth with the black mistress shoes with their tall shiny black heels! Oh, lord, too much!

“Mistress Teri wants you to fuck your mouth, slave, fuck it with her black heel-prick! On your back, slave!”

John almost came at the command. He fell back onto the bathroom floor, his robe falling open to reveal his erect cock. Teri, naked now except for the erotic shoes, stood over him and planted one foot above his face. “Reach up and suck your mistress’s black heel-prick, slave-lover, suck it up and down!”

John got the point: he would simulate Teri’s own special technique, working up and down on her “cock.” He thrilled at the concept of it, the sheer beauty of the living analogy. And better yet: Katie was watching!

Because otherwise she could not see the ongoing encounter as well, Katie had moved out from her room and was now at the bathroom door, peeking into it. Her mother had her back to the door and seemed unaware of her daughter’s taking in the new pathway of hot adult action. Katie’s eyes feasted on the sight of her Mom as the tall Amazon mistress commanded her love-slave husband to suck her in that special way!

Katie watched, enthralled. It was so exciting! Daddy stretched out on the floor! That fantastic organ on display! It was throbbing, all full of veins, the head so big, so moist … so … delicious! If only she could find the courage to swallow it up right now!

As John sucked up and down on Teri’s smooth black heel, he watched his daughter and saw the sexual fever in her hot eyes and flushed face, her red ears, her trembling arms. Lovely Katie! Her breasts! Oh, to kiss and suck those teen tits, to nibble at them while she begged her Dad to let her suck his big prick the way Mom had “taught” her!

John sucked and continued his daughter-centered reverie. Hot sweet Katie! To fuck her! Oh, God, yes, to fuck her! He wanted to make love to his own daughter! He knew he shouldn’t. Even in this crazy time, fathers did not want to make love to their lovely teen daughters — did they? Or … did they? Who could resist it? Prancing around the house half-naked! Smirking knowingly when listening to her parents whisper of sexual matters! Daughters were temptresses, sexually awakened and seeking to be fulfilled. John let the thought go to its conclusion. Yes, to be full-filled — with hard prick, lover-daughter, baby, hard prick!

He let the “reality” of the “preparation” resume control of his mind and body. John removed the shoe. Teri, his large-breasted hot wife, was all naked for her warm bath and now entered the bathtub. “See you soon, lover,” she smiled fetchingly to him.

He turned to leave the bathroom. Suddenly, he bumped into Katie, who had been too slow to react to her mother’s abrupt move to the tub. Katie had on only an old shirt that John had given last year. It was open in front. And, for his part, John had not thought to close his robe. When they bumped, flesh met flesh.

Katie jumped as if the target of an electric shock. Dad’s monster organ against her bare belly! Oh, God, oh, yes! She did not move away, but pressed forward. Her body was the brain now. The belly-brain said, “More!” The vagina-brain echoed, “Yes, more! Get that hot thing in here!” Her Escort Ankara entire heated body was commanding her to take forbidden action. Thus, Katie continued to press herself against her Dad’s bare flesh, itself hot and firm.

John swooned as his prick rubbed against lovely Katie’s bare belly and as his eyes took in the panorama of her lovely face and smooth shoulders … and luscious breasts, each featuring a pointy nipple against a puffy aureole.

John felt an inner turmoil. Oh, yes, oh, no! I shouldn’t want her this way! I love her as my daughter, she’s my own child! Letting her watch, yes, that was an incredible turn-on. Letting her see her father’s core of being, his hot hard prick at attention! That was heaven! To be seen by his daughter! Letting her see how he and her Mom made love, that was a joy! Katie seeing her Mom suck his prick with such fervor! Yes, being watched by Katie was wonderful. But to go further, to make love to Katie? Impossible!

John pulled away and Katie looked alarmed. She turned beet red with shame. “Oh, Dad,” she whispered — she did not want Mom to hear her now. “Oh, Dad, I’m sorry, sorry, I must be crazy. Everything is all mixed up. I don’t know what’s been happening. I feel so strange. I want such things as … as a girl should not want … from her own father!”

John felt contrite, genuinely moved by her earnest confession. “Honey, I understand. There’s no problem. We’re just trying to be open about our sexual lives, your Mom and I. We love you, but we don’t mean to … to …”

“Dad, Dad,” she whispered, approaching him again and leaning against him, “I can’t help it. I need … it … you.”

She paused and then looked up at him. “I want you to love me. To make love to me!” There she had said it! She had told him at last! But what would he think? How could he want me? He has Mom, so he doesn’t need me! She stared anxiously into his eyes.

John lifted her face and started to plant a fatherly kiss on her lips. But then it became something more. Her mouth opened. His tongue took orders from his groin as his semi-erect cock now began to grow under the hot pressure of his loving daughter’s bare belly. He let his tongue plunge into the warm waiting mouth, then withdrew it and repeated. He was tongue-fucking his daughter! Was this happening? Could it be? And now her tongue swept into his mouth in return. The two tongues intertwined in hot moist embrace, fucking their mouths, in and out.

“Oh, baby, baby, not here…” John quickly moved them into her bedroom and closed the door.

“Daddy, Daddy!”

“Baby, baby, yes, yes — down!”

Katie trembled with lust as she lay down on the bed naked, waiting. She closed her eyes. Soon it would happen. She would be Mom! She would look up and see it there, waiting for her to reach up to it. In a moment she felt her Dad, naked now, move to the bed. She felt his tongue on her feet, then her thighs.

She spread her legs, keeping her eyes closed. Father! Oh, father! Yes, yes, I’m in heaven! She felt his kiss down there, his tongue moving rapidly, in and out! Oh, rapture, oh heaven-on-earth, my father, my lover, my Daddy making love to me!

She waited a moment longer to take in the wonder of it. Then she opened her eyes. Even in the darkening room, she knew that what she saw was momentous … the culmination of everything she had learned in this brief time. She had learned about love, about sex, about words and worlds that once had been forbidden, living only in unspoken erotic daydreams. But now…

With her eyes still feasting on the sight just above her, she raised her head, opened her mouth and then… Fantasy mutated into reality.

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