She arrives at his place, nervous and excited all at the same time. She can’t wait to see him. Will he still like her? Has she gained weight since he’s seen her. Does he care how she looks on the out side? She turns the car off, takes a deep breath, and opens the door to her car and starts to walk towards his door. She pauses before knocking and takes another breath of cold night air. She can’t believe it’s been a year since he’s touched her with those hands. She closes her eyes and tries to remember the last time they were together, remembering it was the last night she was in Lowell, on her way to Manila. She said her good-byes, as did he. She wished she could have stayed there with him, but she was sadly head over heels for another guy. One she later regretted ever being with. But that’s how things goes.

Something behind her snaps and she opens her eyes to realize she’d been standing there for quite a while, with her hand rested against the door. She slowly knocked on the door and waited. She herd a voice from inside yelling “Just a second! I’m on my way.” A few seconds later, the door comes open and he’s looking face to face at her.

She can’t believe how gorgeous he looks. Like a picture on a magazine cover. His eyes gaze into hers and she can’t find the words to say anything except for hello. He smiles with his wide, beautiful smile, and then takes her into his arms, hugging her tight. She hugs him back and smiles as she breathes in the smell of his colon. He stops hugging her, smiles once again and motions for her to come inside bursa bayan eskort so that he can close the door. Once she’s in, she starts to take off her coat. She turns around and faces him with her coat half off, and he pushes her up against the wall, kissing her passionately.

She’s breathless. She can’t breath at all. She starts to kiss him back as he runs his hands down her thighs, back up over her chest, and on her neck. He puts his hand behind her head and pulls her closer to him, taking in all of her that he could. She kisses him back, running her hands over his stomach, and then to the tops of his pants. He lets go of the back of her head, stops kissing her and takes her hands in his.

She smiles at him softly and asked why he stopped. All he could do was smile at her. He leads her into the bedroom and lays her on the bed. He kisses down her neck as he softly unbuttons her shirt. Sliding his hands in on her breast, she lets out a light moan. He asks what’s wrong, and she replies that his hands were cold. She offers to warm them up for him. She takes his hand and slides one of his fingers into her mouth. She slowly wraps her tongue around it, sliding it back out of her mouth.

He looks down at her with an open mouth and a stunned look. She slides another finger into her mouth, then another until all of his five fingers have been warmed by her tongue and mouth. He smiles down at her, then takes his hand and places it back in her shit and on her breast. She smiles widely. His bursa evi olan escort hand feels so good on her body. As he fondles one of her breasts with one hand, he slowly uses the other to unbutton her pants. He smiles down at her and asks what color of panties she has on. She smiles big and then replies with, what panties? He slowly pushes his hand down until he can feel the wetness of her now drenched pussy. Realizing that he must be doing something right, he continues to massage her breast and gently pet her pussy.

She reaches up and kisses him, lightly biting his lip, and then letting go of it just as soft. He grabs her shirt and almost rips it off of her, exposing the top half of her body. He now wears a huge grin on his face and she asks why, he just smiles and suggests that she’s beautiful with nothing on her. She blushes, smiles, then starts to slip off her pants. She removes her pants, crawls over to where he’s sitting on the bed and kisses him passionately. She knocks him back on the bed where she crawls on top of him, straddling him hard against the bed.

She could feel his hard cock through his pants against her now aching pussy. She wanted nothing but to feel him inside her right then and there. She ran her tongue down his neck and up the other side. She can feel his eyes roll back in his head so she does it again. She smiles, stops and looks up at him. He now has the biggest grin on his face. He grabs the back of her head and brings her close to his face, he whispers bursa rus escort into her ear, then licks it. She laughs and slides down to his crotch, unbuttons his pants, and slides down his jeans and boxers. She gazes down at his now over enlarged, hard as a rock cock.

She takes it in her hand and lightly starts to stroke it with her hand as she continues to lick his neck. She kisses his lips and takes her hand away from his cock. He gets this confused look to his face, wondering why she stopped. She places a finger to his lips and shushes him. Then she slowly moves down to his crotch and places the tip of his hard cock in her mouth. She licks it with her tongue and then slides it out again. She looks up at him to see a huge smile on his face as he nods as if to tell her to continue. She then slides her lips over his cock again, sliding it all the way down until the whole thing is in her mouth. She then slides her tongue over and down it, then slides it back out, sucking lightly. She continues to do this, over and over again, watching his face as she does so.

He starts to breath deeper as she increases her speed. She starts to go even faster as he starts to moan. He tells her how good it feels and for her not to stop. She goes a bit faster, flipping her tongue around his cock as much as possible. She can feel his dick start to pulse, she speeds up more, listening to his breathing and to the sounds he was making from her sucking him off.

She starts to suck a bit harder and she goes a bit faster as he lets out a huge moan. She wraps her hand around the bottom part of his cock, just leaving the top in her mouth. She starts moving fast and faster until she can’t even take it anymore. He yells out he’s cumming, and she stops moving and swallows all of the warm cum that came from his once enlarged cock.

She smiles up at him and laughs. So how was that for a hello?