Art Class Wanted Something Special


As a male art model, I’m called on quite frequently to pose for classes at several area colleges, universities, and private art groups. There seem to be plenty of female models, but the instructors tell me that it’s rare to find reliable male models. So, I help out when I can.

I’ve read many stories on this site telling of how models handled erections, and sometimes how the model was invited to use the erection on one of the female student artists, or even on a female instructor, after all the others had left the studio. Well, my story doesn’t quite end up like that, although it would make exciting fiction. Also, I am happily married, and, so was the instructor. So, what I’ll tell here was real-life.

I received a phone call from an art instructor I hadn’t met or worked for, and she explained I’d been recommended by other instructors and could I please agree to posing for one night a week for the next three weeks? My calendar was clear, so I agreed. On the first meeting, we met, I got settled in, and the three-hour session went as planned. The class consisted of about a half a dozen undergraduate girls. The instructor was middle-age and quite attractive, and was dressed conservatively in a skirt and blouse. We all got along quite well. When posing, I always welcome casual conversation at the discretion of the instructor. I know we models are supposed to be just impersonal objects to draw and paint, but I don’t mind projecting myself as a person, if it’s appropriate to the class setting. During breaks, I reach for my robe and visit each easel to view some of the art in progress. (If this were fiction, I would write about walking around naked Bycasino during the breaks, but that’s not what professional models do!).

While posing, I’m not too worried about getting an erection. Usually, the pose is demanding and it’s all I can do to just concentrate on balance, coming up with interesting poses, and following the artists’ and instructor’s requests. And, of course, dealing with muscles that really feel the strain during long poses. If my penis does start to fill out, it usually relaxes before it’s noticeable. Some poses, like kneeling or bending at the waist, would conceal an erection, so if for some reason I feel one coming on, I’ll choose one of those poses. However, a reclining pose, especially under warm lights, on a sofa with pillows, can easily lead to a hard-on. That’s when I have to try counting backwards from two hundred in a foreign language. Usually works, but if it doesn’t then I just live with it; everyone there is over 18. Also, the casual conversation during the longer poses helps: they ask me about my career, I ask them about their majors, and we almost always talk about preferences in music, and sometimes the instructor tunes in Pandora on a laptop. These distractions help pass the time, and also help with avoiding erections.

The second week of posing for this same class, I noticed right away that the instructor was in a much shorter skirt and a very tight blouse covered by a thin sweater. And also that she had moved her own stool to behind the arc of six students facing me. So the arrangement was this: me on a raised platform, the six students facing me over or around their easels, and Bycasino giriş the instructor just behind them, where she could observe them and their work, but they could not see her while she was seated. But I could. I noticed a little desk lamp for the small table just in front of the instructor’s stool.

After the initial short “gesture” and five- and ten-minute poses, we got to the final hour. For this, she asked for a reclining pose on the sofa. She told me to get comfortable as this would last the whole hour. Well, the pose alone, on the sofa with pillows, with me lying on my back but with my body tilted toward the artists, and warmed by the flood lamps, was enough to prompt an erection, so several minutes into the pose I began my counting exercise (I speak only English, but have learned to count in about five different languages, just for situations like this!). Now I noticed the instructor, perched on her stool behind the students, making eye contact with me (unusual in a life drawing class). The short skirt was hiked up and open toward me. The setup was very intimate: the room was dark except for the flood lamps on me and the small lamp on her desk lighting up her thin panties.

My counting got down to about 185 in the first language, when I felt the stirrings of a hard-on. With further counting, I managed to keep it right there. Instructor got up, walked around among her students, commented on their work, then disappeared for a few minutes. When she returned to her stool, the sweater was off, revealing that the blouse was very thin and sheer. Also, with her feet on the crossbars of her stool, the skirt was once Bycasino deneme bonusu again open to me but now she was giving me an unobstructed view of her bare pussy. For the next several minutes she shifted her legs: more open to the left, then to the right, but always with her legs apart. Every few minutes she put a couple of fingers to her pussy, sometimes bringing them to her mouth.

By now I’d given up any attempt to control an erection, and just let it build to the straining point but tried to keep from coming. I could feel a warm trail of pre-cum oozing down the side of my penis and onto my leg. I was truly enjoying the feeling of being hard in front of these young women, and the sight of their instructor’s open pussy and thinly covered breasts. And also, I was enjoying the erection itself, and the realization that I was getting paid to do this! We had another twenty or so minutes to go in this final pose of the second evening, so I just relaxed (except for my penis, which now felt to me probably ten times as large as it really was, and was aimed right at these girls and their instructor). I just enjoyed the moment, wishing it could last forever.

Alas, the session was up. The students applauded, packed up their supplies, and filed out. Being a professional, I slipped into my robe, although it did little to hide my erection, and the rubbing against the fabric inside only made things more intense. After straightening her skirt, the instructor came over and laughingly explained to me that her students had been pestering her all semester to provide a male model with an erection for them to draw. As it was a public college, she couldn’t advertise for that, and certainly couldn’t just come out and ask a model for a hard-on. So she figured she could silently entice one, and this is exactly what she proceeded to do. Her students were in on it, and I was the butt of their joke. And we had one more week to go!