Artists Impression Ch. 02

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Friday morning, 7.30 am it was a trial getting up at that time given the exhausting exercise and the late hour of retirement, Brian remained in the land of nod.

Dressed only in my diaphanous pale blue nylon night dress, pink satin dressing gown and old fluffy mules, I shuffled, stretching, scratching and yawning down to the entrance hallway of the flats. Telephones were often a shared facility in houses such as this.

I dialled the number…

“Highway supermarket.”

I inserted the appropriate coins.

I yawned.

“Its Brian Woodcock’s landlady here, unfortunately he was unwell in the night, and won’t be in work for a few days.”

I yawned again.

“Oh dear, sorry to hear that. What’s wrong, do you know?”

“Not sure, maybe food poisoning, very sick!”

“Oh dear, any idea what caused it?”

I had to think quickly, what had he been eating the previous night?

“Not sure, I think it may have been something fishy.”

“Well give him our good wishes, hope he is back to work soon.”


Now back to my studio, to wake Brian with his breakfast.

Something fishy indeed, the nearest he had been to something fishy was my pussy!

I performed my morning duties in the bathroom, Oooh that tingle as my flannel refreshed my still sensitive parts. I clamped my thighs together savouring the moment.

I decided that he truly deserved a ‘full English’; I wanted his energy to be at peak. I had no intention of dipping out on the conjugals, even though conjugal activity was a long way from his “rights”.

A girl, ok, woman has her needs you know. I had been lusting after young Brian for too long to let it just disappear after just one night of fornication.

Besides I did want to paint him in the nude, in aaalll his glory, and if I had my way, two versions, one for me and one for exhibition.

The one for me was not going to be too difficult, heck he seemed to sport an erection almost permanently; the one for exhibition was going to be more of a challenge.

In the kitchen, frying pan, toaster, bacon, eggs bread, all the usual. I had already cast off my dressing gown, hoisting my nightdress I tied a frilly apron around my waist before starting to exercise my dubious culinary skills.

My efforts soon generated a wholesome if somewhat smoky aroma, the kettle boiled, tea was made, and plates rattled as I set the table for the morning repast. I heard my bed springs squeak from the other room, followed by the loud high pressure relief of Brian’s bladder.

Vigorous teeth cleaning followed as I stepped away from the cooker and removed my nightdress. Standing now in just my mules and apron. Fortunately the majority of the frying had been completed or my delicate, tender after last nights activity, tits would have been spattered with hot spits of bacon fat.

Brian entered the kitchen obviously refreshed and stark bullock naked.

“I’ve over slept; I’ll be late for work.”

He yawned and stretched then typically scratched his balls.

Although having mumbled about being late for work, he showed no sign of urgency, no hurry to remedy the situation.

“I phone, and told them you were sick, wouldn’t be in till Monday.”

“Naughteeee.” was Brian’s response.

“Help yourself to what you want for breakfast.”

The state of his rigid cock did not suggest work, as his eyes appreciated both my style of kitchen wear and of course the breakfast I had prepared.

He stepped towards me and took me in his arms in passionate embrace, kissing me with open mouthed urgency.

My tits, nipples erect pressed into his sparsely haired chest, while his rigidity nuzzled to my pussy, protected by my simple frilly apron. His hand squeezed my tit before he dropped his head to suckle it.

I threw my head back, arching my back forcing the nipple further between his lips. With his tongue he caressed up from the nipple around the aureole, and upward over my chest and my throat, regaining my lips with another tongue probing exchange.

He paused.

Then cleared the nicely laid table, cutlery, crockery and the fresh hot pot of tea, all placed neatly on the work surface to the side. It was a delight to watch his cock bouncing about as he moved around, I could but stand and watch.

He approached again and we fell once more into the passionate embrace. I tingled at the touch of his hard knob against my apron clad hairy muff.

I sighed, the breath swallowed by the passion of our open mouthed osculation.

Suddenly, without a word of warning he scooped me gently, well, sort of scooped me, if you can call lifting one leg to waist high scooping, and with him holding that one leg and me hopping on the other, delivered my backside to the breakfast table.

One last hop…


And that was it. I was ensconced on the table. He eased me back till I was lying; my feet clear of the floor, the wood of the table cool against my back and my buttocks right on the edge of the table.

I Malatya Escort spread my legs; the flimsy apron fell between them covering my curly golden treasure.

I sighed.

Brian dropped to his knees as I raised my legs to catch my heels on the table edge, still the apron between them. Now, I knew, if, when, he lifted the apron my golden curls would be the only covering to my otherwise lewdly displayed pussy.

And so it was, he flipped the apron clear, it fell half across my tits.

His finger tip touched my anus, I shivered, and a thrill ran through my body. He drew the finger forward, up along my now very juicy slit as he touched my pussy his finger was sucked into its soft moistness.

I moaned my acceptance of his intrusion. Next his thumbs, one each side parted the outer lips to even more lewdly expose my being. I could sense my eyes on that most intimate part.

I felt his hot breath as more thrills coursed through my body, followed by the ‘electric’ shock of his tongue as it started to tease. I was so pleased that my morning ablutions had removed the sticky, creamy residue of our night’s enjoyment.

As a newcomer to this most pleasurable sport he may not have appreciated a richer dish to start the day.

It touched my clit first, that made me jump I can tell you! He then proceeded to examine in detail every tiny part of my pussy with his tongue, assisted where needed by his inquisitive fingers.

Brian clearly knew what he wanted for his breakfast, and it wasn’t a ‘full English’. I can’t say that I was disappointed. His breakfast was my own very enjoyable breakfast too.

He held my hips to at least partially control my pelvic thrusting allowing unfettered scope to his probing tongue.

Suddenly the tongue was gone and as I lay with my fore arm across my eyes I could sense the increase in lubrication in anticipation of a more substantial intrusion. I didn’t need to see to know that Brian was now standing between my parted thighs.

His fingers stroked and caressed my curls, I tingled with anticipation. There was movement. It’s going to be …now.

It wasn’t, he moved instead to my side and began to trace my nipples and caress, and squeeze my breasts, a little more that a handful, they were certainly worth the attention which elicited a moan from me.

Leaning across me he replaced the fingers tweaking my left nipple with his lips, his sparse chest hair teasing my right breast. He suckled, flicked his tongue across, nibbled and teased as slowly his hand crept down over my body stroking, fondling its way gently back to my curly mat.

The attention to my titties, the engorgement of my nipples, the swirling tongue and the caressing hand were all having an effect. His finger parted my curls and slipped between the lips of my pussy.

He touched my anus, I started. He drew his finger back along the silky furrow until inevitably he reached my clit. The lightest of touches on my sensitivity send me into a crashing orgasm.

His lips met mine, my thighs slammed together, ensuring that his finger and my clit were welded forever, or at the very least until this orgasm had passed.

Our tongues fenced on in the arena of our open mouths as we savoured each of us our partner’s distinctive flavour as we jousted on, riding out the waves of passion ,both physical and emotional as the orgasm drove ever onward.

I wanted to weep, to hug yet more firmly, to force my tongue even further into Brian’s mouth. Not on my clit, I wanted that finger, in me or at least I ached for something to be in me, preferably something firm and satisfying.

As I slowly descended from the ebbing tide of orgasm, not a momentary short sharp experience but a truly shattering, extended plateau of sheer pleasure, my thighs reluctantly released his hand as they fell asunder, leaving poor deserted pussy wantonly exposed to the world.

Unashamed, at the intensity of my feelings, a tear trickled down my cheek; his finger traced the sensitive areas of my slippery slit. He tenderly kissed away the tear.

“Why the tears?”

“Oh, nothing really, the depth of feeling, your sensitivity, the intensity of that orgasm, a little disappointment.”

Brian coloured up, blushing deeply.

“Ahhhw, why disappointment?”

“It may sound a bit mean but…”

“What did I do?”

“Its more what you didn’t. I thought you were going to fuck me, and you didn’t.”

“Oh dear, an impatient, unhappy customer. Tsk, tsk.” His finger continued his ministrations to my puss.

I moaned as he kissed me again. His turgid knob touching against my buttock.

“Who says I have finished my breakfast?” he again fingered my clit.

He stood once more between my thighs. His bulbous knob nestling at the very edge of my pussy lips, poised to strike.

“Should I continue my breakfast?” he withdrew and bent to tenderly kiss my clit. Drawing a breath to take in my aromatic secretion.

“Oh yes, oh yes, please please do, I’m sorry.”

“Not Malatya Escort Bayan another word dear teacher of such magic.” He replaced his cock at my entrance and with one short stab impaled me upon it.

Truly to slide the full length of my passage, pushing aside the lubricated folds within as it progessed. He grasped my backside and pulled me towards him forcing his prick even further into my depths.

Sliding back and forth within me I could but savour this sausage breakfast, I came with the first intrusion and the gentle surging and retreating kept the orgasm or was it orgasms, rolling, it certainly felt like just one very intense cum, rolling and rolling along.

I was on “the pill” so had no worries, when he said that he was about to deliver on his promise, I was prepared, moments before he let go my orgasm had begun to diminish. As he released and the jets of hot, burning, spunk shot hard against my insides I exploded again, my juices flushing down through my channel.

Gently he continued to fuck me, gently, gently, sliding in and out, in and out of my pussy, greasy now with our combined juices. My golden curls smeared with the evidence of our breakfast entangling themselves with his dark hair.

His cock still rigid was still embedded in me when he reached to pull me upright. Sitting now on the edge of the table, I had no desire to relinquish the peg which was such a comfort.

His gentle fucking continued as I clenched and released my vaginal muscles, endeavouring if I could, to milk still more essence from his cock. I nuzzled his neck as his hand returned to tweak my nipple, then pushed his head back to feast upon his lips, my tongue probing the recesses of his mouth and he returning the compliment.

His gentle thrusts started to fade, I could feel his slackening, I tried to squeeze, to hold him, it was not to be, the event, stimulating, pleasurable, exciting event had passed.

His cock, wet and flaccid slithered from my juicy slit as he eased me down from my perch. Lolling wetly against my leg, dribbling the stringy residue from its tip.

We embraced, firmly, we had too, the alternative was to have landed in a heap on the floor.

“Still disappointed?” he whispered into my ear.

I kissed him passionately on the mouth, whilst breathing,


And shaking my head.

“Thank you, a fuck I wanted, and a fuck you gave, thank you, thank you.”

My apron fell to cover my nakedness, well part of it, as I turned to switch on the kettle, I needed coffee.

Brian left me, his juice starting to grease my thighs as it seeped from me. I could hear sounds, water running.

God I need a pee.

In the bathroom Brian was running a bath, I joined him, he looked round and smiled.

“We can share this, can’t we?”

I nodded.

“Do you mind?” I nodded toward the lavatory.

“No, its ok.”

He turned to watch, if that was what he wanted to see I would show him. I stood and straddled the pan, and pulling my lips apart I paused as several drools of our combined juices slobbered from me.

The act of easing my lips apart misdirected other parts of my anatomy, and my piss, when I started sprayed everywhere but into the pan. I had to sit so as not to cause too much mess.

Brian was obviously stimulated by what he saw as whilst I was noisily emptying my bladder he was re erecting. I leaned forward and taking hold of his cock, kissed its purple head. Of course, all action has a consequence, and a ripper of a fart echoed around the pan, long and loud.

I giggled, feeling myself turning bright red, Brian giggled, our giggles turning into belly bursting guffaws of laughter. Brian was kneeling on the floor and I had to join him. He thrust his hand between my thighs and flicked the last few spurts of urine free.

“I think we will need this bath.” was all he said.

Grabbing the mop from the corner and starting to clean the mess I had made on the floor. I left him, returning to the kitchen to make coffee. It was too early to have the more conventional (in my circle of friends) glass of vino whilst taking a candle lit bath. Having placed the coffee within reach I joined Brian in the tub.

Isn’t it always the way the guys leave us girls with the plug hole end of the tub? Instead, I sat between his legs he flannelled my back, my neck, my shoulders, then round and over my breasts. I put my head back, seeking his mouth for a kiss.

The coarse terry fabric of the flannel on my nipples was sort of bitter sweet, I was so sensitive, but could not avoid them becoming erect. His touch was light and in response to his stimulation and fondling of my tits, I felt his cock erecting, first between my bum cheeks and then up along my back. I wriggled back against it, causing it to firm even more.

He washed me thoroughly, down now over my belly and my upper thighs. The soapy flannel again caused a sharp intake of breath as he moved it down between my legs to shampoo my golden curls, I Escort Malatya moaned my appreciation.

I turned, to kneel in front of him and taking the flannel from him, soaped it and started to bathe my young Adonis. As I washed his neck and shoulders, I hoped that he would appreciate my titties which were close to his face. I was not to be disappointed.

He lifted each in turn and suckled as I worked on his ablutions, caressing gently, handling gently, and suckling sometimes not as gently as he nibbled on each distended nipple.

Kneeling high in the cooling water of the bath he allowed me to wash his erection, shuddering as the coarse flannel grazed across the exposed glans. Having cleaned his turgid cock, probably over cleaned it, I slipped the flannel down between his legs I reached as far as I could up between his cheeks washing and cleaning.

On the way back, I touched his anus, he jumped, and emitted a low moan and shuddered. Very gently I caressed his balls as I washed the area, hoping that I would not cause an eruption.

Finished washing him, I eased him back to lie in the bath, his cock, standing proud of the water like a submarine’s periscope. I dipped my head and now it was my turn to suckle as I drew it deep into my mouth.

I suppose that it was about five minutes of sucking when I decided that things were going to get messy. We had only just cleaned up, so I decided that it had better be a deposit in the bank of pussy.

I stood over Brian, and tucked my feet under his hips, then lowered myself till I was crouched above him, it took but a couple of little wriggles to ensure the missile was locked on target and the I lowered myself on to it.

“Well my horny young model, your cock is in my cunt now; you might just as well fuck it.” Did I really say that?

Oh my goodness, I was as horny as I had ever been, and it still wasn’t near lunch time. Where he got his energy from I have no idea, but to steady myself I held on dearly to the sides of the bath tub.

Every thrust sent a tidal wave of bath water up to the very lip of the bath. His periodic extra hard thrusts slopped the water over the side. To saturate the floor.

To saturate the floor? Oh shit! I leapt off his cock and out of the bath just as he hit pay dirt. A tremendous fountain of cum shot into the air to fall back and float in globules on the cooling water.

I dashed from the room and grabbed an armful of towels dumping them unceremoniously on the bathroom floor.

“What’s going on?” Brian was stroking his still shooting cock.

“The flat down stairs, we will flood the place, all this water on the floor!”

“Oh shit!”

We both started to mop the water from the floor, I passing the towels to Brian to wring out as they became to wet to be useful. Soon the task was complete and floor adequately dried.

The one glimmer of fun during the episode was watching Brian’s cock bouncing about as we moved. I couldn’t watch properly, I was scrabbling around on the floor doing the mopping, but I did keep catching sight of it as it bobbed about.

My pussy ached from the rapid withdrawal of a cock just as I too, had been about to ‘blow’ when our situation became apparent to me. Funnily enough I only had my eyes open because I was concentrating on watching Brian’s face, they would normally have been closed!

I was still on my hands and knees when Brian surprised me. Straight in from behind, doggy style! There was no resistance, I was so wet and slippery, in to the hilt, his balls slapping rhythmically against the tops of my thighs.

When I determined that I wanted to have Brian, I expected a good fuck, if I was lucky. When I discovered he was a virgin, my expectations diminished. But I still thought I might get a measure of satisfaction, and to be honest I was not disappointed.

Little did I realise that once I had unleashed the beast within, that I would have little control. I’m not complaining, rather enjoying the situation.

So there I was, no breakfast, well bathed, floor mopped, and a good hard cock embedded in the usual orifice. I dropped from my hands to my elbows, my cunt now high and conveniently placed for the assault now being made upon it.

I was not, I was determined going to be deprived of another orgasm, if Brian was going to ride me doggy, then I would make sure I got off too. I pushed my hand under between my thighs and exercised my clit with a couple of digits.

I was thrusting back to meet his every push lustily savouring every slap of his ball on my thighs, and periodically stroking them, when, that is, when I could desert my clit.

His thrusts became deeper and more urgent so I strove to meet him, as he lunged hard and even deeper, I started to cum, my clit unbearably sensitive, then felt the hot blasts of his spunk deep, deep in my cunt.

Thank god I thought for the ‘Pill’, lets hope it’s as reliable as it is supposed to be. The way that fuck went into me I should surely without its protection, be well and truly pregnant.

Gradually his erection diminished and slipped from my well greased hole, trailing the sticky threads down the backs of my thighs. I was fucked, well fucked, almost feeling a little faint as I eased myself to my feet. With the help of the hand basin and the side of the bath.

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