Art’s House

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I lied in my bed, flipping through one of those gay “dating” apps on my phone while feeling my morning wood under the covers. It was 10 in the AM on a bright summer day and my mind was relaxed knowing that I didn’t have to worry about any more school stress. On top of that, this was my first summer with my own car, so while I wasn’t on a campus full of horny college hunks, I had plenty of time to chase my real preference, hot daddies looking for some company right here in my little slice of suburbia.

All my life I’ve felt a strong pull to older men, but this past semester only boosted that appeal after a whole course with an incredible DILF history teacher. His gray hair and husky, mature voice made my mind drift off from stories about old empires and dynasties to fantasies about blowing my professor under his desk after hours, feeling his manly, salt and pepper bush as I do my best to deep throat his cock.

Sadly, I didn’t get to live out that classic student and professor fantasy. but I knew today I would be starting a summer of being dominated by older men. I searched tough my phone hoping a hung 58 year old I was chatting with the night before would be on, but sadly he was offline, as where many other of the familiar profiles I’d see in my horny night browsing.

Most men in my desired age range had day jobs to go to, but if I was willing to go a little bit older, and I was, I could find a perfect retiree looking for a little boy toy to come over. I made my profile a not-so-classy shot of my shirtless chest and changed my headline to “Older?” and waited for some messages to roll in. My 5’9 height and 145 pound slim body where a huge plus to many of the older men i’ve talked to in the past.

My luck hit Ankara escort a spark as I received a ping from a 62 year old man who’s profile read “come over” with the beer emoji next to it. His profile picture was a handsome silhouette of a dad bod leaning shirtless against the railing of a resort balcony. He sent me a simple “How’s it going?” followed by his stats reading a tall 6’1 and 185 pounds. He was perfect.

I messaged him back giving my stats and with no hesitation, sneaked in a nice pick of my curved, 7 inch uncut cock. The man sent back a tongue emoji and then a fine shot of his hard, 6 inch but very thick mature circumcised member. I sent him back a close up of my drooling mouth, my young clean shaved face ready to be fucked by my new daddy, and he immediately sent me his address.

I was already clean and showered and fully shaved that morning so I threw on a nice slim navy polo shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans that really showed off my bulge. It was the perfect outfit for a skinny twink looking to score! I hopped in my car, plugged his street in the GPS and drove on over.

I arrived at his modest, suburban 2 story home sitting neatly in the middle of a large, winding neighborhood. I got out of the car as I saw my new hookup opening the front door. “I can’t believe I’m about to have sex with a man four times my age” was all that was running in my head as my skinny jeans tightened from my growing cock. “Grab that news paper for me, boy and get inside.” boomed the man’s masculine, somewhat raspy voice. “Yes sir!” I said, thinking how great that voice is gonna sound moaning over me while i worship his cock.

“My name’s Art, by the way.” He was wearing a nice short sleeved button down and a pair Ankara escort bayan of Tommy Bahama shorts, probably enjoying the sunny weather from his back porch.

“Mine’s Alex, nice to see you face to face!”

“Well Alex, let’s head up stairs, shall we?”

He grabbed my hand tight and led me to his bedroom, his cologne wafting through the air, intoxicating me. We walked up to his neatly made bed as he began unbuttoning his shirt. I watched, both excited and nervous as hell while fumbling out of my tight polo watching him drop his shorts to the ground. I was so excited to see his thick cock in person.

I ripped my skinny jeans off as fast as i could, just wanting to get naked and feel Art’s warm embrace. Art dropped his boxers and his 6 inch cock was out and half erect. He grabbed me as I slid off my briefs and gave me a real deep tongue kiss like no man has ever given me before.

“Take your socks off, I want you completely naked.” He whispered in my ear.

I was so excited I forgot they were even on. And after peeling them off, I climbed into bed with Art and let my tongue caress his mouth. His callous rand squeezed my small bubble butt tight and the sensation sent tingles through my whole pelvic region.

“Lift up your arms, boy” he said in a demanding tone. “I want to lick your armpits.”

I was honestly taken back a bit at the somewhat odd request but as horniness does to a boy, I would of done anything Art asked me in that moment. I lifted my left arm as i lied on top of him and felt his tongue lick up and down my armpit, it was a feeling I never had before but I was damn well enjoying it. Soon he moved to my nipples and thinks began to get even hotter. His tongue traced around Escort Ankara my hard nipples and i couldn’t hold back letting out little moans.

Art loved this, and as I moaned and moaned I could feel his cock growing harder beneath me.

“Keep moaning for me son” he growled as he grabbed my ass with both hands and effortlessly adjusted me so now the head of his fully hard cock would be pressed against my tight shaved hole. I was in pure ecstasy as i grinded against his member.

Art pulled a small tube from his night stand. “Spread your cheeks for me boy.” He said in that erotic, demanding tone.

I did as he told and felt him squirt the lube onto my hole and circle his finger around it. I let out a slight squeal as he eased his finger index finger into me and searched for my prostate. Precum began to leak like a faucet out of me when he added his middle finger, stretching the walls of my ass and furiously milking my cock as i straddle him.

“oh fuck I-I’m cumming!” Thick, creamy white streams poured from my young cock all over Art’s stomach as my eyes rolled into my head in ecstasy. I had never been fingered like that in my life, Art was good with his hands.

While still in my orgasm trance, with my prostate throbbing, I leaned on all fours over Art lying down and wrapped my soft boy lips all over his manly meat. I never tasted a circumcised penis before but Art’s cock made for a great first! I felt like such a dirty little slut hearing his low growling moans as I slobbered all over that thick head. Soon, as his moans turned to pants of pleasure,Art grabbed my shaggy hair and pulled me down over his cock and I felt waves and waves of warm salty cum shooting into the back of my throat.

Art spooned me for a bit after I rolled off of him in a sexual daze, teasing me over how hard I came from “just a little finger action.” But on that bed, I knew I would be coming back to Art’s house all summer long for a lot more than just that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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