As Long As Mom and Dad Don’t Know


My name is Alex, and this story happened when I was eighteen years old. My older sister, Heather, was so fucking gorgeous and sexy. I know thinking of my own sister in that way is kind of twisted, but I can’t help it. Nor can I help peeping on her.

The night before, I was watching her, like always. I saw her take off her shirt and her jeans fall to the floor. As I watched her, with her short, dark hair, voluptuous figure, and soft belly, my heart started pounding. My cock started to get hard, as Heather took her bra off, revealing those luscious titties of hers, with those big, brown nipples and areola. It reached full hardness when she took off her panties, showing off her shapely ass, and that beautiful natural bush of hers. As I stared, rubbing my throbbing cock through my pants, I thought about squeezing my sister’s tits, and licking and sucking on her hard, brown nipples, and caressing those huge, pillowy ass-cheeks.

She then did something I’d never seen before. She sat on her bed, and spread her legs. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was given a perfect view of my sister’s pussy! I then figured out what she was doing. She had these pads, like acne pads, or moist towelettes, but something else I guess related to feminine hygiene, and she started to wipe down her twat with them, including holding it open to get inside. At first, I was too shocked to react, but, after a moment or so, my brain clicked back on, and I started to imagine the pad she was using was my tongue. I was eating her out, burying my tongue inside her snatch, while she moaned gratefully. Suddenly, I guess she figured out I was looking at her, and yelled, “Alex, quit staring at my tits!” I ran back to my room, and stroked my cock, thinking about what I’d just seen.

The next day, it was hot, and we were sitting in the TV room, watching a movie, while our parents were at work. My sister was sitting on the couch, wearing a sort bursa bayan eskort of camisole and jean shorts. She suddenly looked over at me.

“Hey, Alex?”


“Sit here, next to me. I, uh, want to talk to you about something.” I went and sat on the couch with her.

“What is it?”

“I wanna talk about you peeping on me.”

“I, wha…?”

“Look, I know why you like looking at me, and it’s okay. I mean, it’s totally messed up for you to be looking at me like that, but, well, I don’t mind. What I’m more concerned with is Mom and Dad catching you. You know they wouldn’t like it.” She then clasped her hands over mine. “The truth is, Alex, and, again, I realize how wrong this is, but, well, I feel the same way about you that you do about me.”


She nodded. “Yes.” She sighed, and put on hand on my knee, and my cock immediately got hard. “And, you know, Mom and Dad are going to be gone all day.”

“Wait, are you thinking…”

“Come here,” she whispered. I leaned over, and she put her arm around me, and her hand on my chest, which she started caressing. “I know this is wrong and bad, you being my brother, but I don’t care.” She then leaned in, and pressed her lips against mine. My sister and I started to make out, her hand caressing the back of my head, my hand rubbing her shoulder, and both our tongues inserted in the others mouth. My hand moved down, and started groping Heather’s breast, and her other hand clutched it. Through her shirt, I could feel how hard her nipple was. By now, my cock was so hard, I thought my fly might bust open. I moved down and started kissing my sister’s neck, and she started to moan.

“Oh, God, Alex, sweetie…I’ve wanted you for so long.” My hand started to move down and up under her shirt. “Hm, wait a second.” She grabbed the bottom of her top, and took it off. bursa evi olan escort I immediately grabbed her tits in both hands, and squeezed them, causing her to tilt her head back and moan, a little louder this time. I then leaned down and took one of them into my mouth, and started licking and sucking on her erect nipple, before moving to the other tit. “Oh, God, just like that, baby.”

My sister started rubbing my thigh, where she encountered my throbbing cock, which she started stroking through my pants. “You know, I heard you last night, in your room, after I ran you off. I know what you were doing in there. You were stroking your cock, thinking about me. Making it big and hard. Rubbing the swollen head until you came all over yourself. Admit it.”


With one hand, she unzipped my fly, as I took my shirt off. With my pants open, she pulled down my boxers, and my cock bounced out. “Jeez, Alex, no wonder you wear such baggy pants.” She then leaned down, and sucked on my head a bit, before moving down, and wrapping her lips around my rock hard shaft. My sister proceeded to make sweet love to my cock with her mouth and tongue. Several times, I felt the orgasm approaching, but she backed off before it happened. My sister was good at this, and she looked incredibly sexy, giving me the most amazing blowjob ever. I could tell she was serious about making her younger brother feel really good.

Suddenly, I put my hand on her shoulder. “Baby, wait.” My sister stopped, and looked up at me. “Let’s switch.” My sister got up, took off her pants and panties, and sat back down. I continued kissing her beautiful tits and sucking on her nipples, then kissed my way down her belly, rubbing my face on it, and licking around the rim of her navel. Before she even spread her legs, I could smell how wet she was. My sister was so wet; she was literally bursa rus escort dripping. I moved down, and started licking the juices off her pussy.

“Ooh, God, Alex, you’re making me so fucking hot!” I could see her squeezing her tits, and biting her lip, as I licked and sucked up her pussy juices. I then stuck my finger in her hole, and began slowly licking around her now hard clit, and she started jerking her hips. “Oh God, Alex! You’re gonna make me cum!” I intermittently pulled my finger out, and sucked her juices off it, then reinserted it, and continued licking her throbbing clit. Suddenly, her hips locked up, as she came. She then sat up, pressed her sweaty forehead against mine, and whispered, “Put your cock in me, Alex. God, I fucking want it,” then lay back down.

I got up on one knee, and pressed my cock against her pussy. My sister moaned and even groaned a little as I pushed it in, her hot, wet cunt grabbing me tightly, and then started to slowly thrust in and out. As I thrust faster her tits and belly bounced up and down. “Ooh, fuck!” Her face was screwed up, as I went faster. “Oh, God, I’m coming!” I slowed down, to let her catch her breath. Breathing hard, she said, “Oh, God, Alex, you have no idea how badly I needed your big cock inside me. You’re such a good little brother.”

My sister grabbed my shoulders, pulled me down on top of her, and we once again thrust our tongues into each other’s mouths. I grabbed hold of her big, soft ass-cheeks, and once again started fucking her, slow, then fast. As I sped up, my sister was practically screaming, and was digging her nails into my back, so hard I thought she might break the skin. Eventually, I felt it approaching. My cock started to contract, and I pulled it out just in time to shoot probably the biggest load I ever have all over her; her bush, her belly, tits, neck, even on her face. Once everything quieted down, we kissed again, even more passionately than before.

“We should probably get dressed before Mom and Dad come home.”


She put her hand on my arm. “I love you, Alex. I love you so much.”

We kissed again, and got dressed. Mom and Dad never found out, and still don’t know that Heather and I are regular sexual partners to this day.