Today was much like any other day might be except for one little, major, difference. Marc walked in the door, stopped, and looked at Candy.

She turned to face him, “I didn’t hear the truck. You’re home a little earlier than I expected. Do you need help unloading or something?” She was wondering why he stopped right inside the door.

“No, I have a surprise though,” he said in a strange voice she couldn’t identify.

“What is it? Where is it?” she asked excitedly.

She loved surprises! He opened the door, motioned to someone, and held out his hand. The next thing she knew there was an Asian girl, looking about 15 or 16, standing in her living room with a dirty bundle in her hand and staring down at the floor.

Marc and Candy had talked about getting an Asian girl to live with them before, as a threesome, although Candy had been uncomfortable with the idea. After thinking about it more she had warmed to it somewhat, but had not told Marc. Was this what she thought it was or just some kind of coincidence?

Candy was a very conventional 28-year-old woman who liked to think of herself as open-minded until proven otherwise. She had blonde hair, hazel eyes and an athletic build. She and Marc had been married for five years and the gloss was already gone.

“Marc? Is this what I think it is?” she asked as neutrally as she could. She didn’t want him to catch an attitude before she even knew what was going on, but it wasn’t working.

“No! It’s a foreign exchange student! What do you think?” he retorted sarcastically.

‘Don’t get angry Candy, do not get angry,’ she told herself.

“I simply asked a question,” she said calmly. “I just thought it might be something else since you usually make sure we both agree to something this big before going ahead with it. NOW, before you reply, since the last time we talked about this I’ve warmed up to the idea a little bit. I’m receptive as long as we don’t get in any trouble, of course. Can you tell me where you got her, where she’s from?”

It seems a car he had to pick up was very near the city marina. You see, Marc is a mechanic with his own shop. Since he’s just been in business a couple years, he drops off and picks up cars quite often as a service to his customers to build business. Goodwill he calls it.

Marc is 28 with sandy hair and green eyes and a muscular 5′ 11″ build. He dropped out of high school in his junior year to work full time at the mechanic’s shop his father worked at and dreamed of nothing but racing cars.

He loves to go down to the marina and dreams of putting their boat in the water soon. There was an Asian man there trying to “rent” this girl for $5.00. Marc asked her age and the man said she was 16.

‘Good marketing strategy. I guess he knows the age wanted most when renting over here,’ Candy thought.

Anyway, Marc later found that the truth is she’s 18. Candy still says she looks 15 or 16, but as Marc reminds her, Asians are tiny and petite. Marc told the man he wasn’t interested in renting her but he could probably find her a good home.

The man said that would be “Good, velly good! $50.00.” She must have been getting too old to earn her keep, and a home sounded good to him as he wouldn’t have to feed her anymore.

So Marc said, “Okay. Where is her stuff?” The man picked up that bundle that was sitting next to them and tossed it over to him and that was that.

“She hasn’t looked at me or spoken since I met them. I forgot to get her name from the man and she speaks no English. On the ride home, though, she looked out the window and smiled at each new thing she saw. I’m sorry to spring this on you, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I figured if you were adamant about not having her here, we could find a church, or something that handles such things. But I couldn’t let him just go on renting her out. Granted, I want her for the same thing, but we would take care of her,” Marc said in what sounded like sincerity.

“Okay, let’s see what I’m working with here,” Candy said more to herself than anyone else. She took the girl’s arm and gently guided her to the couch where she sat down with her at her feet and started combing her fingers through her hair, looking for lice. She found no nits, no lice, so no problem. Good! She picked up the pack and opened it. Everything in it was dirty so she took the whole thing and put it on top of the washer to put in later that evening.

Going to the bathroom she called to Marc, “Honey, please go in my closet and find a big tee shirt for me to put on her until her clothes are washed. I’m going to bathe her. Thank you.”

She started the water and put bubbles in it in case she liked them. She took Asia (the name she decided to call her) to the bathroom with her and undressed her. She wasn’t a bit shy and held still. She couldn’t get over how docile she was. There wasn’t a mark on her body. It was well formed from her small perky breasts to the slight curve of her hips and flat stomach. Maybe Onwin she hadn’t been ‘rented’ that much after all.

Turning the water off she put her in the tub. She got her washed up and her hair squeaky clean, too. It reached down to the middle of her back. Candy wondered if she should trim it. It would be easier to take care of, but that would be a shame. She would wait a few days. Marc came in just then with the shirt and a clean towel (what a sweetheart, she didn’t ask for that).

“How’s it going?” he asked.

“If you mean her demeanor it hasn’t changed. She is the most docile thing I’ve ever seen. I wonder how much ‘renting’ this man had her doing?!” she said almost spitting nails, she was so angry. Now that tone of voice got a reaction from Asia. She backed into the corner, looking her fully in the face with big, huge eyes scared as a cornered rabbit.

She immediately changed her tone to a soothing one and said, “Asia, I wasn’t talking to you. You have been hurt enough sweetheart. I would never hurt you.”

She moved over to her and took her in her arms. She struggled a little but Candy wouldn’t let go and so she stopped. After a while, she put her head on her shoulder and a little while longer Asia put her arms around her. Candy just kept holding her until Asia had had enough.

Candy made the bed up in the extra bedroom they used for an office and left Asia to catch up on her probably much needed rest. She curled up on her side and looked like she would drop right off as Candy left.

“Candy, I need to tell you something, “Marc said as she came out of the room turning the light off. She sat in the chair across from the couch and looked at him expectantly. “I know we always agreed to do these things together because the sex without the other around would be, and feel, like cheating. I did have her bend over the seat getting in the truck, just to test her out.”

His voice got high as he tried to justify himself.

“I just couldn’t help myself. All of a sudden, I have an Asian girl of my own that I can do what I want with and I wanted to try it. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even think of you until it was all over, which didn’t take very long.”

“She’s light and I could pick her up and lift her up and down on my dick. When I set her down, she crouched on the running board and bent over the seat making an easier entrance for me. That’s about it for contributing but I slam fucked, pulled her around by her hair, stuck it up her ass and pounded it in. It was great! I could do whatever I wanted and she didn’t blink an eye.”

His eyes were bright and he kept licking his lips as he gave this description although he did have the foresight to look down now and then as though he were contrite even though it was anything but convincing. She didn’t say anything for a few minutes. She didn’t know what to say.

‘What was I supposed to feel? Angry? Protective? Betrayed? Left out?’ Candy thought hysterically.

After thinking about it, she decided she felt all those things and some more she couldn’t put into words yet. But she knew communicating with Marc, especially now that Asia was living with them, was a major priority if this, or they, were going to work.

“Please give me the right to be heard all the way through now, okay?” Candy requested.

Marc nodded.

“All in one day I’ve had another woman, not just any woman but one meant to be a sex toy, moved into my home. Then I find that she has been thoroughly fucked by my husband before he even makes it home. And you don’t even know her name. Okay. Those are the angry and betrayed feelings.

“That poor girl has been sold to who knows what kind of trash and treated in the poorest manner, we know that by her docile attitude, and probably hasn’t ever even known about good hygiene, and you’re going to slam fuck her and pull her around by her hair? Why don’t you let her get healthy first before you start the bondage stuff? Okay. Those are the protective feelings.

“Marc, when we talked about this fantasy you know I was turned on by your harsh behavior with her. I even thought I might be able to get into that a little myself. Now it would be secondhand. Everything will be secondhand because you already had her. Okay. Those are the left out feelings.

“I told you when you made that stupid rule about both being there that it wasn’t practical. What if I’m watching television and get that tingling. Should I get my dildo out and do myself? I can’t even have her help a little? What if you’re in the workshop, she’s out there watching, and you get the urge to have her go down on her knees right there? Are you going to call me out there? It just doesn’t work,” Candy finished.

“How are you going to feel walking in on something like that? I mean, I don’t want to have you say one thing and then run off in tears the next. I can’t deal with it,” said Marc, always looking for guarantees, at least reassurances.

“Well there are no guarantees with this little game. You see, I’ve never played Onwin giriş it and half the time I don’t like it and half the time I’m titillated by it, so I’m trying to give it my best shot. I just hope it doesn’t do any permanent damage. That’s it, damage control, that’s what I’m trying to do. So we will try it, if it doesn’t work we’ll work out something else, no big scenes. Lets both just try to be extra, super sensitive, okay? I know that doesn’t come easy for you,” she grinned.

He grinned back, got up and held out a hand to her, “Let’s go to bed, I’m beat.”

“Sure, it’s all that fucking you’ve been doing,” she said as she poked him in the ribs. “Hang on; I have to put her clothes in the washing machine. She may be more work than fun for me.”

They weren’t in bed ten minutes when in tiptoed Asia who stood at the end of the bed. Candy wasn’t sure how she felt but she thought maybe Asia was lonely and just needed a warm body so she held her hand out to her and she bounced over and climbed in next to Candy snuggling as close as she could get. Candy put an arm around her and closed her eyes. She did seem like a sweet thing. Marc swung his arm over both of them before he started snoring for the night.

The next morning Candy awoke with Asia’s arms and legs on top of her. After untangling, she went into the kitchen to start coffee and breakfast. She could hear Marc’s shower going and she tried to have breakfast ready when he got out. Marc was big on breakfast because he usually skipped lunch and Candy hated the sight of food in the morning so she bought convenience food; toaster waffles and eggs today.

Candy was sipping her coffee when Marc came in dressed for the day and sat down. Starting to eat, he looked at her askew and asked, “What are you going to do today?”

“You mean what am I going to do with her today don’t you? I haven’t the foggiest. I guess I’ll have to improvise. Its way too much like having a kid, Marc,” she complained.

“You’ll figure it out. I have faith in you. I’ve got to go.”

“You haven’t finished yet,” she objected.

“I’m full. More room for dinner,” he said and hurried out the door.

“Chicken,” Candy muttered.

Asia came wandering in just then, sleepy-eyed and tousle-headed, looking like any young teenager. Candy motioned for her to sit down and put some food in front of her.

“She knows what to do with that,” said Candy to herself aloud.

She started loading the dishwasher. When she came back to the table for Marc’s plate, she saw Asia had finished hers and had Marc’s plate finishing his, too.

“Well I guess there will be no more wasted food around here thanks to you,” she said and grinned at Asia. To her surprise and glee, Asia smiled back.

Asia watched her clean up the kitchen then she went to the bathroom to wash up. Asia watched that also. Candy gave her a washcloth of her own and motioned for her to wash, also. Candy went to the dryer and unloaded it into a basket. Taking the basket into the bedroom, she set it down by the bed. She began making the bed. Asia got on the other side and with a little help from Candy; they got the bed made to Candy’s satisfaction. She patted Asia’s back and said, “Thank you,” smiling. Dumping the clothes on the bed to fold, Asia got right in to help as these were her clothes. It didn’t take long. It appeared to be only three sets, or changes, and one long shirt that might be for nightwear or maybe that was for dress. As close as Candy could tell she looked to wear a size 5.

“So that’s what we will do today. We’re going shopping,” Candy announced.

She went to her closet to find herself something to wear as Asia was dressing in what she had picked.

As they climbed into Candy’s refurbished Corvair Asia’s big eyes worried her a little. Would she be able to handle her on this outing alone? Some regular women were hard to handle on a shopping spree, much less one that had been deprived in the way, shape and form that Asia had been.

Pulling into the mall parking lot Asia was fascinated by all the cars and people and Candy had to take her by the hand to keep her in step with her as they entered. Once inside, the décor, music and smells assaulted her like a tent being pulled over her head. She stopped moving and just rotated in place taking it all in. She finally succumbed to Candy’s tugging on her arm.

They went from store to store, Candy picking out clothes and then going to the changing rooms for Asia to try them on. Candy loved it in one way, bringing out the designer in her, and hated it in another, Asia looked great in everything. They bought a full wardrobe for Asia and a couple items for Candy she couldn’t resist in the lingerie department before heading back home. Asia chattered away nonstop on the ride back home. Candy just wished she understood it, as she sounded so happy.

It was 7:00 p.m., the dogs were getting restless and sitting by the door, and one was on the couch looking out the curtains. Asia kept petting them and looking at Candy.

“They know Daddy is due home. Huh puppies. Daddy?”

That just made them wriggle more, and of course, Asia didn’t know what she meant. She got on the couch and motioned for Asia to kneel beside her. Holding the curtain open where the one dog was sitting she pointed outside and said “Daddy,” and got off the couch. When Asia looked back at her, she pointed out the window indicating she should keep looking. Just then Marc pulled up in the drive and the dog in the window went nuts barking.

Candy goes, “Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home!” and the other dog starts barking.

As soon as he starts walking towards the house the dog gets out of the window and comes to stand by the front door, so Asia did, too. When Marc comes in the door both dogs are barking, jumping and wriggling.

“How did it go today?” Marc asked as he walked in. “Did you both survive?”

“Yes, I taught her a little around the house, but most of the day we spent shopping and spending your money. You know having two women around means twice as much shopping,” Candy teased. “We’ll model it for you after you eat.”

“And I’m starved,” he said. He went to shower and then hurried to eat dinner. Asia stared at him eating the whole time and wouldn’t eat until he finished. We just figured it was her culture and let it be.

As soon as the dishes were in the dishwasher Candy took Asia’s hand and they went in the bedroom to where she left their new purchases on the bed. Tugging them out of the bags, they started putting them on. She got the idea after the first time of prancing in the living room, twirling around once in front of Marc and then prancing back in the bedroom for another item. She loved it and had a big smile on her face.

Marc loved it too and just lay back watching the show. When they got to the lingerie, he looked rather sleepy-eyed so Candy knew they looked good then. Candy was a bit afraid of Marc’s libido after what he told her yesterday and with Asia just warming up to them she didn’t want to bring back that docile being. They finished up quickly and put everything away.

Candy showed Asia where her dresser was in her room, the office, and gave her the new clothes as well as the ones she brought with her to put away. Then she came into the living room to join them.

Marc’s habit is to “get comfortable” after he gets home. This means to get out of his clothes; all of them. This didn’t seem to bother Asia; she seems to lean that way herself. He used to lie on the couch and watch television but she wants to sit next to him so he lets her. She’s like a little puppy dog with Marc tonight. She goes everywhere he does and seems anxious to please him.

He has a habit of fondling his penis sometimes, in an off-hand manner. Asia must have watched him. Once she brushed his hand away and imitated his fondling perfectly. From then on, when they watched television she did all the fondling.

When they go to bed for the night Asia usually wants to sleep with Marc now, so she sleeps on that side of the bed. Marc wanted to put her in the middle to be fair to Candy but she said, “Fair to me is to at least let me be near my husband in bed.”

Therefore, she sleeps on the other side and they end up spooning all night. She thinks that should bother her, but it doesn’t.

She says, “That is the side he usually ended up turning to before, so why be different now?”

The first night Asia slept over there Candy could feel the bed moving a little, and slowly moving onto her side, she could see him moving back and forth and knew that he was screwing her. She wanted to see closer, but knew if she moved too much she would interrupt and probably make him mad, so she tried to slowly move up on her elbow. This was a little better but all she could see was the top of Asia’s side. She decided the hell with it, it’s supposed to be a threesome, she can at least watch. She put her hand softly on his back and rubbed it a couple of times. Then she sat up leaning over. He had a hand on each side of Asia’s waist working her back and forth onto his cock. She could see it going in and out, glistening. Asia was making soft little mewling noises. Candy began to feel tingling in her crotch and, lifting her nightgown, put her hand down to rub her clit to the same rhythm Marc had going in Asia. Marc began to move faster and harder and Asia was bucking and whimpering. Candy started coming and lay back against the headboard.

A little while later Marc stiffened and then stopped and Asia left to go to the bathroom. Marc rolled over towards Candy, “Are you all right?”

“Yes, I guess I came a little too early,” she said.

“Should I have wakened you?” he asked.

“There’s no way I would have known the answer to that question except to have tried it, so I guess it worked out fine, honey. Don’t worry about it,” she said. “Let’s go back to sleep.”

“I’m all for that,” he sighed. Asia came and slipped back in next to Candy and curled up around her. She thought that was sweet and wrapped an arm around her before she fell asleep. That was the best thing she could do for her right then. Was she feeling maybe a little twinge of jealousy?