Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 09

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In this saucy chapter a chance meeting in a Singapore beauty salon adds a telling new erotic dimension to the innocence of sensuous Selena, the buxom local virgin just one day out from her 20th birthday.

The naive au pair to a 50 year-old masterful seducer, French photographer Jacques Pardie, is turned on by his ardent amorous charisma, yet she’s determined not to surrender to him the ultimate prize he seeks. Piece by piece he’s putting the human jigsaw together in his quest to win her totally. The shy scaredy cat is learning from him inch-by-inch, touch-by-touch, word-by-word but her willpower to protect her virgin pussy from penetration remains so far frustratingly inpenetrable to her employer.

Conversely and across many rooftops to another part of Singapore, the ever-inventive Indian landlord Mr Singh is making much faster progress in his sexual sejour (to use the French spelling) with two spunky expelled Asian schoolgirls Mandy and Sherrie.

Just as Selena on this sunny Saturday morning is dressed to make a 10am appointment at the Bioskin Beauty Salon at Raffles Place in the CBD where she meets an American raised but Filipina-born woman who will have an educational impact on the shy Asian, the erotically inclined Indian landlord is licking his chops.

He makes good use of opportunity to titillate further the two supposedly 18 year-old disgraced senior schoolies he finds still out cold on his living room settee after excess alcohol and lots of hot action (hot chapter 7). What happened was of their making, he considers, for making him demonstrate that there can be a dark side to a dark skin man.

Yes they were certainly asking for it he’s sure after he overheard them joking about Indian men being wimps in sex. What stung him the most was their cheeky jibes about him probably having a harmless penis. Well, so much for that.

Mandy with a 34c size breasts and Sherrie 34b cup size are big girls on top but more like little girls in the mind – easily led and curious, lacking maturity but full of cheekiness, especially around their generously formed backsides.

Just from their conversations he heard through the speaker on his side of the wall they ceased being virgins at the turn of their teen years and probably because of those early experiences they’ve become a sexually precocious pair of adult wannabes who lack commonsense. Sex in the city is one thing but sex in the science lab was something else between classes at school and their experiment literally blew up in their faces, putting them at odds with the school principal who got even by expelling them.

How lucky they were to find Mr Singh advertising a vacancy left by Selena taking up her au pair job with the French couple and how lucky they were to convince him they qualified for the students’ concession even though they admitted they now had to try to find jobs. Indeed, how lucky again they were to find a landlord who so readily was sucked in by the size of their tits.

Their proof of age was to flash the size of their breasts. They rightly believed that any Indian landlord would gladly invite such glorious physical attractions into his abode as proof of their youthful maturity. He knows Indian women are among the most erotic and beautiful as any females in the world, but the innocence of younger Asian women rattle the Bombay-born man’s balls.

What he likes especially is the proliferation of big thick nipples on so many Asian chicks and the pair of pairs in his living room is living proof that a living room is a good place to let him live it up. Like many other young Asian women’s nipples, including Selena’s he’s seen lasciviously through his spy wall into her bedroom, Asian dollies really get to the point in making their tits mouth watering.

Losing Selena was hard to take but gaining Mandy and Sherrie was hard for him in another way. He suspects they put their age up a year or so to get the apartment as senior students but just seeing the size of their knockers as their only proof of age demonstrates that when opportunity knocks he should not sit back and look at gift horses in the mouth, he should lead them into his stable. Since the age of consent in Singapore is 16 anyway, if they fibbed to him about their age he’s still on safe ground.

Now, the next morning, they’re still lying there naked; two attractive Asian angels disguised as little devils. But so much flesh so soon is not what he’s after; he wants to enjoy getting them out of their clothing as it’s sexier for an older man than such a walk-up start like they’re offering him this moment. He decides to just have a soft suck on their breasts and not get overly amorous of they’ll wake too soon.

He then goes to his bedroom and returns with two sets of opaque silk g-string panties for body hugging appeal. He’s very much into curves and he wants to be into their curves again, especially the ones that start at their pubic bones with the big swell that curves down between their legs. He’s got the underwear set Maraş Escort from a sex shop anticipating at the time that the day will come when he can get these two sassy lassies to parade in them for him.

After a brief struggle putting the outfits on the girls without waking them from their deep sleep he pops a powerful sex aphrodisiac pill down their throats that is timed to start working on them within half an hour. He stands back and admits to himself that sexy lingerie makes a beautiful body much sexier and for him, he’s lucky to have two for the time of one and both girls in their prime youthful years makes it all the better. Their curvaceous figures are so firm, so full and so f-u-c-k-a-b-l-e, his erection returns readily but all too soon. He’s ready to wake them from their 3am sleep wearing just a pair of white hipster briefs that don’t hide the shape of his manhood.

While Mr Singh taps Mandy on the shoulder across town at the Raffles Place beauty parlour three other women are seated ahead of Selena and talking their heads off for the past half-hour about men – a popular subject in an all women’s domain in Singapore. Two of them are in their mid twenties and will walk out the door with brash but trendy tints and dyes in their hair – anything to be different to black.

Josette’s booked Selena into the salon as a further way of spoiling her with a manicure, pedicure and a facial; this one quite different to the one she received from Jacques just the other day after their erotic photographic session

The other woman sitting nearest to Selena is an American educated Filipina woman aged somewhere closer to 40. She’s elegantly attired and far more sophisticated than the two local Singaporeans who get up to leave. Sensing Selena’s shy the older woman introduces herself.

She’s immediately attracted by Selena’s look of pure innocence and her buxom curvy shape in the traditional slim Singaporean mould. In fact, she feels she’s never seen a face so sweet and innocent as the young woman now taking a seat close to her. It stirs an interest within her.

“Hello, I’m Meredith, what’s your name,” she inquiries looking at the slightly built but curvaceous figure settling next to her and showing her hands to the manicurist. “I notice you did not comment when those other two young women and I were magging ours heads off about men just a while ago,” she says with a friendly tilt.

“Oh hello,” the shy one laughs lightly. “It’s just that I was brought up not to speak unless I’m spoken to first; it was the way I was educated at the orphanage.”

“Good for you then, but now I’ve spoken to you first, you can tell me your opinion of men today; do you think they have lost their romantic ways because modern women are now more liberated?”

Selena hates being put on the spot in case it shows up her many shortcomings, her sheer lack of any world experience especially with the opposite sex. While being asked for an opinion seems simple and harmless, it’s seen by her as a test of her knowledge. How can she explain why her knowledge of men is so limited when she’s just a day off turning 20? After all, Singapore girls who go clubbing have no trouble meeting men it’s just that she’s not one of them for reasons she likes to keep to herself – the fear of being exposed to sexual advances.

“Oh men, yes, well I think we have to live with them, we can’t expect them to be perfect,” she laughs nervously. Meredith is an experienced lover, a sexy woman in her own right and she senses that Selena is exceptionally shy in company and unusually guarded.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Oh no, heavens no,” Selena answers hoping to change the subject away from anything she’s never comfortable about. “I’m not ready for that yet.”

“How old are you sweetie?” the older woman asks looking at how Selena seems uncomfortable talking about relationships, and wondering why. Selena tells her she turns 20 tomorrow so this is her last day as a teenager .Meredith decides in her own mind she must get to know this young woman better. She’s got some time on her hands with her American husband in Thailand on business until Monday and she’s keen for a casual encounter with the pretty Singaporean if for no other reason her youthful wholesome appearance.

Meredith takes a longer look at Selena’s slinkiness, her young face and well developed breasts positioned inside a white cotton top over which she’s wearing a cream coloured satin lightweight long sleeve jacket with collar. A silver pendant in the shape of a cross hangs around her neck with the cross sitting just above the top of her bustline.

The Filipina woman is dressed smartly in casual business attire – black full length wool/polyester pants, black high heel shoes and a white satin blouse unbuttoned at the top to reveal a sexy cleavage. Her 38b cup black lace bra holds a more fulsome set of tits that would tantalise any male onlooker and rightly deserve to be stamped proudly with a ‘Made in the Philippines’ Maraş Escort Bayan label. Despite her older appearance compared to Selena’s youthful body Meredith’s bust looks better than her actual years suggest and without the need of clinical help.

“You know, I think I’ve seen you somewhere before only a week ago perhaps,” she chats. You were getting in the back seat of a sporty red Mercedes Benz with white upholstery. I’m sure it was you and I remember noticing that girl had a silver pendant around her neck just like the one you are wearing. I have a good memory for faces and something made me look twice. Were you ever at a restaurant in Chun Tin Road? You might have been that young lady that was just ahead of me leaving the restaurant.”

Selena’s face brightens, remembering the visit to the Vis-a-Vis French restaurant with Jacques and Josette. “Yes, yes I did go to a restaurant there called the Vis-a-Vis, my employer Jacques Pardie is a Frenchman and he goes there often.”

“Well, there you go, I was right, it must have been you. Now you mentioned that I do recall a very smart looking woman and a very, very handsome older man getting behind the wheel of the car. Now you say he is your employer? How lucky!”

“Yes, he is a very nice man, he is French and his partner is also French; she used to be a model in Paris I think. She is very sexy; I just wish I had her confidence.”

“And what do you do working for them, do they run a business?”

“Oh yes, I am very lucky to recently be selected as their au pair as he is a very busy man. He is a photographer and he travels many times. He wants to take me to Australia with him next week where he has an apartment called 69 I think it was called in the Q1 beachfront tower in Surfers Paradise.”

“That’s an unusual name for an apartment,” Meredith suggests.

Selena laughs “I am sorry, I always get it wrong, it’s on floor 69 and he wants me to be there to celebrate it with him as he hasn’t strayed there yet even though he bought it fully furnished as an investment property. I thought how lucky could I be just working for him. I said I could be the six and he could be the nine and he laughed at me because he thinks I am very gullible especially when I keep telling him it’s one of my strengths.”

“Were you a good scholar at high school?” Meredith can already tell that indeed Selena is naive and probably very gullible, so naive to think it’s an advantage to tell her boss she’s gullible. She was never good at understanding the real meaning of many words.

“Oh I was not good at school I am sorry to say. I always finished at the bottom end of my class. I was so lucky to get my au pair job,” she explains.

“Well you do have a good boss then don’t you; I used to work as a secretary to a company director in California and I was younger then of course, in my late twenties, single and little bit trimmer too than I am now. He was a man about 50 with a shock of white wavy hair and quite dashing. He took me on several business trips with him. It was quite exciting as I enjoyed the jet travel and staying in fancy hotels.”

The manicurist working on Meredith’s fingernails blinks and can’t resist a secretive smile.

Selena, being so subservient, naive and inexperienced did not even ponder for one moment that Meredith could have enjoyed some frisky fun when with her boss so she falls back to what little she knows of Mr Pardie’s luxury apartment in the Q1, the tallest all-residential building in the world when completed in 2005.

“Yes, I am quite excited about travelling to Australia. I even had a dream about him taking me there and we were dancing on his big motor yacht and we were just about to kiss when I woke up and I discovered I was still in Barker Road.”

“Oh you live over there; it is a nice area. I don’t live too far from there. My husband and I own one of the freehold apartments at the Balmoral Heights development. Do you have a car?”

“No, I don’t drive and don’t have a car. Josette dropped me off and I was going home on public transport after looking around the shops.”

“Well then I will take you back to your home when we finish here but we must go to my apartment and allow me to show you my aquarium and the lovely tropical goldfish and share a nice drink together. We can just swing off the Bukit Timah Road and duck into KFC at the Far East Plaza in Scotts Road and take back some hot roast chicken for a something to eat. I’ve got lots of things I can add to it in my kitchen.”

Selena looks happy. “That sounds like it would be good,” she smiles sweetly.

“Good, so we will do it and enjoy ourselves while the menfolk are away,” her new friend informs.

“Your man is away? He is not to be there?”

“No darling, he’s in Bangkok until Monday we’ll have the place to ourselves. We’ve just got our Jacuzzi fixed; there was a problem with the motor. You will enjoy it I’m certain.”

Meredith notices her uniformed manicurist look across Escort Maraş at Selena with a wispy smile at the same time feeling the subtle soft squeeze of her hand by the beautician.

“Yes I have a Jacuzzi at my place in Barker Road, they are lots of fun but I end up putting too much bubble bath in and I get lost in the suds,” she laughs, not realising Meredith plans to get her to share a bubble bath with her. “It would be nice to see your aquarium too; Mr Pardie has a built in pond in our backyard, it’s quite tropical the way it’s designed and it has fish in it but one day when he was out I accidentally fell into the pond and got quite drenched and then I discovered I had locked myself out of the house. It was so embarrassing for me the kind of clothes I was wearing made me look quite rude and revealing.”

“Did your boss find you like that?”

“Oh no, thank goodness, his driver came by early to pick up his wages and he helped me to climb into a window by me getting up on his shoulders. I must have looked so silly.” (Chapter 5)

“Or possibly so sexy,” Meredith adds.

They stop chatting for a while as the ever courteous staff finish their fingernails, toes and round off their pampering with an invigorating facial. They walk out of the salon feeling refreshed and soon after they are in Meredith’s car on their way to what becomes a new and unexpected erotic adventure for Selena.

While they motor to their destination Mr Singh is servicing his two tenants nicely too, giving the now wide awake pair a glass each of his special goat’s milk concoction. It’s a real concoction too, since his cock’s added to the flavour with some of his of his own white gooey milk for added non-fat protein and minerals that’s good for any girl. It’s his way of making them swallow him cum whether they like to or not.

“I am so humbly glad to see you both did enjoy yourselves so much last night. I must compliment you on how lovely you look today,” he says in his typical Indian calm and casual tone, yet eying their natural assets lecherously.

“Where’s our clothes? Sherrie shrills. “How am I wearing someone else’s underwear?

“Oh do not worry your pretty little heads about that. I let you put them on; don’t you remember? Just before I went to bed I showed you those very cute items I bought from a special lingerie shop as a little surprise for you girls.”

He knows that they wouldn’t remember even if he did show them the underwear so they were very tired and ready to go to sleep on the spot.

“Well I don’t mind,” chirps Mandy. “I like this one, it fits well. Hey! How long were you looking at us lying here on the lounge in just this underwear?” He ignores the question and instead, cajoles the two delicious teens to thinking they are lucky to have such a good keeper as he is for looking after them by giving them rent-free accommodation for the first month.

It’s really his way of keeping them close by so he can exercise some of his Tantra sex logic into them. This way they will unconsciously want to come to him time and time again for more of the pleasure building relaxation and sexual energy techniques he can deliver through the ancient form of Tantra massage.

He packs them off to the bathroom to tidy up so they’re fresh again for him and he rewards them with a light breakfast of cereal and toast with marmalade. In that half hour of extra time he knows the aphrodisiacs in them will be coming to the fore and their pussies will be begging for his magic wand again.

He’s right again. Soon after she finishes her breakfast Mandy puts her arm around his bare waist and coos in a mock innocent tone, “gee Mr Singh I didn’t know Indian men could be as erotic as you were last night, you made us do things we wouldn’t have dreamed about.”

Not much, he thinks, but let’s that one go. He smiles and replies humbly as most Indians do especially when confronted with something delicious they want to get their hands on. “Ah yes, but a teacher can be only as good as his student wants to learn.”

“You like us being school students don’t you,” Sherrie pouts. “You think it’s big time being able to educate us, being so much younger than you.”

“But of course,” he says softly. “It is a man’s task to do this. Do you find yourselves feeling good about me right now?”

The younger one Sherrie whom he doubts is lucky to be even seventeen but above the age of consent in this nation, sidles up to him pouting her mouth sexily. “Do yooooo feel good about me Mr Singh,” she drawls in a half whisper, nudging her well developed breasts against his bare chest in her newly acquired sexy underwear ensemble.

“Oh yes of course. It is my duty as a man to admire a beautiful young woman and you must be the youngest one I’ve had to admire for many a year,” he replies as he dresses his arm around her small waist.

“Well I’d better not tell you when I was born,” she teases, “being an old man you might get too excited and have a heart attack. Besides me being younger than Mandy means if you’re a dirty old man you can give me the candy instead of her.”

He scoffs at the mere suggestion that he’s an old man let alone a dirty old one even though she’s said intending to provoke him into showing his masculine instincts.

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