“Ask Anna Anything” Ch. 01


Anna thought she might slowly be going crazy.

She was thirty-four, voluntarily childless and had been married for five years. Her husband, Elliott, had a great job. Since her income was negligible by comparison to his, he had pestered her to give up her own job as a senior stylist in a hair and beauty salon – which was all well and good, but as he worked away a lot and most of her friends either worked or were tied up tending to small children she found herself often alone. Worse, his regular absences meant she was seriously sex-starved.

So much free time and disposable income meant Anna looked good. She spent hours at the gym and pool so her naturally curvy five foot eight body was taut and toned. She was also a regular visitor to the salon she’d worked at and her long, blonde hair was always beautifully styled and coloured; her green eyes framed with thick, enhanced lashes; her entire body waxed hairless; and her skin glowing with a natural-looking all-over tan.

Anna opened the calendar on her iPad and flicked back through the weeks. She hadn’t had sex, she calculated, for thirteen days! No wonder she was so bloody horny. She honestly felt that if she didn’t get some cock soon she’d be reduced to seducing strangers in the supermarket. She rummaged in an under-bed storage box for her mains-powered magic wand and lay back on her under-used mattress, her long legs spread. Even turning the dial up to maximum and replaying her favourite fantasies in her head, though, couldn’t get her off today. She needed some interaction.

OK, she thought. Here goes.

With trembling fingers she logged into a sex chat forum she’d been browsing for the last few weeks and began a new thread.

New topic – Ask Anna Anything

Bored&Horny: Hi, guys. This is Anna de-lurking. I’m a 34 yo housewife looking for some online fun. Who wants to play?

ChocolateyGoodness: Hi Anna. Sounds interesting. Where are you and what do you look like?

Bored&Horny: I’m in the UK. 5′ 8″, slim, blonde hair, green eyes.

Essex_guy_72: Bra size?

Bored&Horny: 34DD

ChocolateyGoodness: Mmmmm, nice. Show us?

Anna hesitated. Could she really post photographs of herself on this site? She was unashamed of her body and didn’t have a problem showing it off, but pictures could travel so far in cyberspace. What if someone she knew saw it?

She considered for a moment. Her pussy was moistening at the thought of a picture of her tits circulating on the ‘net, of unknown men looking at her, lusting after her, perhaps wanking over her.

She decided to compromise. She thought carefully about framing and what might identify her, and removed the necklace she wore every day, replacing it with a pendant that dangled temptingly in her cleavage. Then she pulled her top over her head and looked in the mirror at her breasts, swelling beneath her pretty violet bra. She brushed her dishevelled hair so it cascaded over her shoulders. Taking a deep breath, she stood in front of a plain, white-painted door and snapped a picture of herself from the hollow of her throat to her waist. Before she could change her mind, she uploaded the photo.

Her iPad pinged several times in quick succession. The forum users clearly liked what they saw.

Dirtyoldman: Beautiful. Proves you don’t need to be naked to be sexy.

Redd67: Lovely. I’d like to suck on those.


6: mmmmmmmmm

Pheromonal: Can I cum over them?

ChocolateyGoodness and Pheremonal had sent her friend requests, which she accepted. Her pussy was very wet now and her fingers crept between her slippery labia. Several more posts said, simply, “Nice tits.” Anna laughed. How was she supposed to respond to that?

She had slipped her middle finger into her sopping tunnel by the time ChocolateyGoodness responded. “Thank you, Anna. So pretty. How about setting them loose?”

This time she didn’t really think. She unclipped the bra so her breasts bounced free, then discarded her wedding ring. Propping her phone on the lip of the drugs cupboard and setting the timer to ten seconds to allow enough time to make sure she was posed to her satisfaction, she cupped her tits in her hands and spread her fingers out to cover her swollen pink nipples. The camera flashed and before she could change her mind she uploaded the second picture.

Redd67: Cheating, Anna! I want to see your nipples. Are you turned on? Are they erect?

ChocolateyGoodness: Hear, hear. Come on, Anna. No hands this time.

She was trembling now. Once again she returned to the bathroom, stood up straight, her elbows bent and fingers laced behind her head so her breasts jutted out from her chest, and took another photo. She uploaded it and before any responses could appear quickly logged out and grabbed the magic wand again. This time she had no problem in achieving a shuddering orgasm.

She had been so engrossed that she hadn’t noticed that her retired neighbour across the road was standing in his front garden, watering can in hand and was ısparta escort watching her as she walked topless across her bedroom to retrieve her discarded bra and top. Embarrassed, she ducked below the window sill. She disliked lace curtains but he was always hanging about out there and it wasn’t the first time she’d been caught out. She decided perhaps they were an essential investment. Dressing hastily, she clattered downstairs to make a sandwich.

. . .

Next morning, when she would normally have been heading out to a pilates class, Anna logged in to the forum again.

Her eyes widened when she saw how many views her thread had attracted. Numerous new posters congratulated her on the beauty of her naked breasts, and she had 24 new friend requests. Her friends from yesterday had commented too.

ChocolateyGoodness: I second Redd. Those nipples are crying out to be sucked on. Your chest looks a little flushed, Anna. This is exciting you, isn’t it?

Pheremonal had posted a photo of his own: in the foreground, an erect cock; in the background a laptop displaying the photograph of her naked breasts. The laptop’s screen was spattered with cum. Anna gasped and felt a stab of lust in her groin.

Her iPad pinged to herald a new private message. It was from Pheremonal.

Pheremonal: I hope you like my tribute pic. Your tits are awesome. I couldn’t help shooting a load all over them.

She typed a reply with shaking fingers.

Bored&Horny: I’m glad you like them. I LOVE your tribute. I wish I could scoop it up with my fingers and taste it.

Pheremonal: And now I’m hard all over again.

On the thread she wrote: “Yes, it turned me on taking and posting the pics. I’m flattered you all liked them.”

Redd67: Did you touch yourself?

Bored&Horny: Yes.

Dirtyoldman: Show us.

Obediently, Anna wriggled out of her yoga pants and knickers and spread her thighs. She parted her outer labia with her fingers and snapped her photo. Her pink inner labia matched her painted fingernails she noticed, and giggled.

MrStiffy: What a pretty pussy, and pretty fingernails.

Redd67: Do you always use your fingers when you masturbate, or do you use toys too?

Bored&Horny: I use both. I like a bit of variety. My favourite toy right now is a pebble vibrator.

Pheremonal: I think we need a video. Cum for us, Anna.

Anna stripped off her top and sports bra and retrieved the vibrator from the box in her walk-in closet. She lay back on her pillows and thought about Pheremonal and how he must have looked wanking over her topless photo. She wondered what his name was, how old he was, where he lived. Then she imagined sucking the dick she’d seen in the photo into her hot, wet mouth, running her tongue along the underside, gagging on it. She moaned softly, her juices flowing thickly, and turned on the video function on her phone. Now she thought about all the posters in her thread watching her getting herself off and her excitement built. She writhed, deliberately increasing the volume of her moans to be heard over the buzz of the toy. The more she thought about what she was doing, what she was showing to this group of strangers, the closer she got to orgasm.

And then she climaxed, gasping, “Oh God, oh God, I’m cumming!”

She lay, panting and drained, for several seconds before she realised she was still filming and reached for the phone.

“I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did,” she purred, and pressed Stop. She uploaded the video and logged out, standing up.

She glanced out of the window and again the bloody neighbour was looking up at her window from his front garden. Irritably, she yanked the curtains across the window before pulling her clothes back on. She would still be able to make Body Pump, she thought, as she went downstairs. She opened the front door a little nervously, wondering whether her neighbour would say anything, but he had gone inside. She felt obscurely disappointed.

. . .

When she logged in again, she had ten new private messages.

She opened ChocolateyGoodness’s first. “Fucking hell, that was hot,” it said. “Will you do it again, just for me?”

Anna hit reply. “Send me a photo and I might not be able to resist ;)”

The photo when it arrived was definitely not a disappointment. He had exercised some caution too, and it showed him from the neck down, naked in a full length mirror. His body, too, was toned from the gym, his skin was a rich brown. She wanted to scrape her teeth over his jutting collarbone and lick him all over, from his biceps to his sculpted chest to the erect cock he held in his palm, strands of pre-cum connecting the head to his fingers.

Bored&Horny: Is that for me?

ChocolateyGoodness: That’s what happened when I watched your video.

Anna’s knickers were drenched. This time she selected the magic wand again from her toybox, stripping off her clothes. She knew she would cum quicker this time and propped his photo, displayed kars escort on her iPad, within view before starting to film. “This is just for you, babe,” she said, into the camera. “I want to scoop up all that precum with my tongue before you fuck me.” The tingle deep in her core began to radiate outwards until she was bucking and convulsing in orgasm and crying, “Oh God, I’m cumming!” She wished she knew his real name.

He was more than happy with the show, though. “Amazing,” his next PM said. “So horny. I came so hard. Do you cam?”


“Or Skype? We can masturbate for each other live on cam.”

“I don’t know about that,” Anna typed, hesitantly.

“Think about it.”

. . .

New PM from ChocolateyGoodness: Did you think about it, Anna? I’ve thought of nothing else. Skype with me.

Bored&Horny: It scares me.

ChocolateyGoodness: Why?

Bored&Horny: Too real.

ChocolateyGoodness: Watch this.

“This” was a video of him masturbating, saying her name, talking about how he’d like to fuck her up the arse. She almost came on the spot. It was still shot from the neck down, standing in front of that same full-length mirror. His fingers formed a tight circle, nearly as tight as her anus, and he thrust his cock in and out of it. The room was warm, Anna knew, but she was shivering.

Frightened by her overpowering lust, she closed the PM window and read the other posts on her thread.

CheatingSpouse: Anna, I’m an arse man. Can I see it?

Anna dug around in her underwear drawer and located a pair of fishnet hold-ups, which she pulled up over her smooth legs, then stepped into a pair of high red court shoes. She propped up her phone on her bookcase and turned her back on it, bending forward from the waist and putting her palms on her knees. She was going for Marilyn Monroe. She was delighted with the resulting snap and posted it.

CheatingSpouse: You angel. Beautiful bum. Will you spread your cheeks so I can see your little hole?

Blushing, she did as he asked.

CheatingSpouse: Mmmmmm. Delicious. Off for a leisurely wank now.

Anna giggled.

MrStiffy: OK, Anna. It’s time for a full body shot, including your face.

Bored&Horny: No fucking way! Anyone might see this! Even my husband.

MrStiffy: “Ask Anna Anything”, it says. You may be in contravention of the trades descriptions Act.

ChocolateyGoodness: Wear a mask or a blindfold over your eyes, Anna.

Now, that was an idea. Anna had attended a masked ball the previous year and it didn’t take her long to track down the golden Venetian mask she had worn. She put it on and looked at her reflection in the medicine cabinet mirror. She was confident she was unrecognisable, provided she covered the tattoo on her left hipbone. She put her hands low on her hips. Perfect.

She paused before posting the photo. This felt much riskier than anything she’d done before, but it was a massive turn on. The juices were bubbling between her legs. She hit “OK”.

The response was overwhelming.

ChocolateyGoodness PMed again. “You are so fucking hot. Please Skype with me. Just as you are right now. Here’s my number.”

She was too turned on to refuse and in seconds she had him on her screen, quite naked but wearing sunglasses. She giggled.

“Good look, huh?” he said.

“You’re gorgeous,” she said, truthfully, nipples hardening as she gazed at his athletic body and hard, veiny dick.

“You too,” he said.

He took his cock in his hand, stroking it and showed her the glistening pre-cum leaking from its head. “That’s all for you, Anna. So much lubrication. There’ll be no problem sliding it into your arsehole.” He made that tiny circle with his fingers again and forced his dick through it.

“Is that as tight as your arsehole, Anna?”

“Yes,” she breathed.

“Touch yourself,” he told her.

She began to use her fingers, sucking them first for lubrication, making him catch his breath.

“God, I wish you were here with me,” she told him. “I wish it was your tongue on my clit right now instead of my fingers.” She spread her outer labia with her index and little fingers and slid her middle finger very slowly into her wet pussy with a moan of satisfaction.

His fist was around his cock, slick and white with his pre-cum. “That’s it, Anna. Finger fuck your little pussy.”

Her eyes travelled over his body, imagining his hands on her breasts, his hips between her thighs and her fingers worked harder between her thighs. With her free hand she cupped her breast, kneading, pinching her nipple and rolling it between her fingers. “What’s your name?” she asked urgently. “I need to know what to call you.”

“Call me Raf,” he said finally.

“Oh Raf, suck on my nipples,” she said, writhing and bucking on the bed. “Fuck me Raf. Take me up the arse.” And her words became less coherent as her orgasm approached.

He was about to cum too, jacking his dick hard. “I’m going to fuck you, Anna, hard in kastamonu escort your little white arsehole, fuck you so hard. Get ready for it, babe: I’m going to cum so deep -” Simultaneously, they climaxed, Anna’s back arching violently, he spraying cum over the mirror.

She gasped and panted. “Th- that was so good, Raf,” she stammered.

“You were great, Anna,” he agreed. “I’m working from home tomorrow and the wife’s out all day. Want to do it again?”

“Yes,” she said. “I do.”

. . .

She was splayed on her bed again, naked but for hold ups and high heels, writhing with lust as Raf told her in graphic detail how he planned to violate her, when the doorbell rang.

“Fuck!” she spat. “It’s the sodding postman. Fuck off!”

She would have ignored it, but Raf said, “Get it, Anna, we’ve got all day.”

She swung her legs off the bed, annoyed with Raf as much as with the interruption, and reached for a bathrobe.

“No!” Raf said, sharply. “Go as you are.”

“I – I can’t!” she stammered.

“Like you couldn’t Skype with me? Go on, Anna, give him – and us – a thrill. Take the iPad downstairs when you answer the door. I want to see this.”

She began to argue, but he said, with a slight edge to his voice, “Do as I tell you, Anna,” and she shivered in arousal. She wasn’t sure whether it was the idea of showing her body to an acquaintance or of submitting to Raf’s demands against her will that was turning her on most.

“And lose the mask,” Raf continued. “He’s seen your face before.”

Anna untied the ribbon securing her mask, picked up the iPad and bounded down the stairs, worried – now she’d made her decision – that he would already have given up and got back in his van. When she threw open the door, his back was turned as he groped on the passenger seat of the van for a “While You Were Out” card. He turned back without looking up, his eyes on the electronic device in his hands, “Sign here, please, Mrs Jennings,” he said, holding it out. She scribbled on the little screen and as he took it back he finally looked up.

His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. Anna smiled into his eyes. “Thank you very much,” she said. “I’m sorry it took me so long to come to the door; I was in the middle of something.”

He was silent, gaping.

She took the parcel from his hand, deliberately brushing his fingers with her own. She turned away, then paused and looked back over her shoulder, smiling at him again. She could clearly see the bulge of his swelling dick between his legs. Emboldened, she winked and pursed her lips in an air-kiss, then nudged the door with one naked hip to push it closed.

When she got back upstairs she was trembling with lust and excitement, her juices coursing down her inner thighs.

“That was fantastic, Mrs Jennings,” said Raf. She was so exhilarated by her blatant exhibitionism that she failed to notice his use of her name. Neither did it occur to her to replace the mask that had concealed her face. She collapsed onto her bed, her fingers already inside her sopping pussy, as Raf talked them both to orgasm.

. . .

Elliott returned home that evening, anxious to make up for lost time by fucking her as often as he could before he needed to leave again. Anna PMed Raf: “I won’t be online for a couple of days. Hubby’s home.”

He replied, “Ask him to film as he fucks you and then post it in your thread. I dare you.”

Anna stared at her screen in disbelief and unbidden arousal. In bed that night, she straddled Elliott and lowered herself onto his erection. He held her hips and, groaning, watched his slick, glistening cock enter her and then re-emerge as she rose on her knees.

“Does it turn you on watching us fuck?” Anna whispered.

“Oh God, yes,” rasped Elliott.

“Then film it,” Anna urged, thrusting her phone into his hand. “I’ll send you the video and you can watch it back while you’re away and masturbate.”

He grinned at that.

“Only from the neck down,” Anna said. “I don’t want anyone seeing it by accident and being able to recognise me.” She had quite forgotten about the lotus flower tattoo.

He filmed her as she rode him, her hips rolling, her breasts bouncing, her juices running down his shaft. She closed her eyes and imagined Raf watching her fuck her husband. She kneaded her breasts, pinching her engorged nipples, rocked and gyrated. Beads of sweat rolled down between her tits as she worked energetically to bring them both off. Elliott’s hands gripped her hips, forcing his cock deeper inside her pussy and she focused on the first twinges of her climax as the wave radiated out from her core. “Fuck!” she screamed. “I’m cumming, baby!”

She rode out an incredibly powerful orgasm, her head thrown back, gasping and moaning. At last, Elliott pushed her upwards off his cock and flipped her onto her back. “I want to cum over your tits,” he growled. Kneeling up between her legs and holding his big penis in his fist, he spurted hot semen over her labia, belly, tits and throat. There was loads of the stuff: it just kept on coming, pooling in her belly button, running slimily down the slopes of her breasts onto the sheets below, and between her legs. He gave a long, guttural cry as she massaged his jizz into her skin with both hands.