Assembling for Dinner

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“Oh hello ladies,” Celia noticed that the guests from school were arriving, filing through the doorway.

“Mmm Oh my what a large pair we have here,” a husky voice murmured, hot breath wafting in Dave’s ear as he felt a soft wam body with hard pointed nipples press into his back. Fingers brushed his inner thighs as they sought his balls, rubbing and tickling, squeezing his scrotum.

“All your’s Julia,” said Celia, greeting the newcomer with a hearty suck of her exposed nipple. “Good trip?”

“Yes thanks, the girls are in playful mood and we have some very wet pussies, including mine l might add. Why don’t you see how wet l am my horny darling?”

Julia’s short jacket was open, naked except for that garment she displayed fulsome tits, erect nipples and taut abdomen. Celia knelt before her, used v fingers to open her cunt and licked inside the sodden morsel.

“Amanda honey, l’m sure Celia would love it if you squirm between her legs and pleasure her pussy.”

“Yes please,” exclaimed a short haired young lady as she lay down on her back, head between Celia’s now very wide spread thighs. Using both hands she prised cunt lips apart, pushed the middle finger of one hand into gooey pussy, up to her knuckle. She raised her head slightly and licked into the minge, rubbing and teasing the hard throbbing clit.

Dave spread his thighs wider as Julia let her fingers move further along his ball sack, tickle his cock where it joined his testicles. He shuddered and trembled as the teasing released more pre cum.

“So you like lots of cock play do you? Good because we absolutely love it,” Maxine whispered in his ear, licking and mouthing his face. She planted her mouth over his, forced her tongue through lips for a long passionate tongue battle. She felt Dave’s cock engorging even more which produced a full on gush in her flooding twat.

Fi ran her fingertips down Maxine’s tummy, feeling her shudder as she pressed her mons. Massaging harder the muscle relaxed and became more malleable, both girls loving the looseness and pliability. Dave felt pussy juice swamp his fingers, so of course he frigged faster, Maxine tensed, shuddering and trembling as her orgasm took her.

“Ladies l’d quite like to sit down and watch some live lesbian debauchery, judging by the cunt smell here and the heaving moaning bodies l think some voyeuring fondling would produce copious amounts of oozing,” murmured Dave.

“Mmm yes let’s,” agreed Maxine, leading Dave to the nearby corner settee unit. “Sit here in the middle lover boy.”

Dave sprawled in the designated space, Maxine lay one side of him with the back of her head on his right thigh. Fi lay the other in the same attitude. Dave reached out either side of him and placed a finger tip on an available nipple. He rubbed the pointed mounds and felt his cock dribble as they became harder and more pointed.

He looked round and saw heads bobbing as pussies were eaten, fingers squelched hot wet cunts, two girls were rubbing their minges together. He looked to his left and saw Fi was slowly fingering her pussy, legs wide open, cunt lips squidgy. To his right Maxine was rubbing her pussy mound, round and round, big slow circles.

“Slower Fi, push your fingers in to your palm knuckle but do it slower, tease your pussy, make it ooze,” Dave murmured, his voice trembling with controlled sexual energy.

“Mmm love you my horny teasing sexy man,” Fi cooed as she clenched her thighs, relaxed then clenched again.

“String out your orgasm baby, make the feelings last,” Dave’s cock was now pouring pre cum, Fi’s pussy fingering istanbul travesti sending him into ecstasy.

One of the school guests crawled in Dave’s direction on all fours, a hungry look on her leering face which was focussed on his dripping iron hard erection. Her breasts hung heavy with pointed, obviously hard nipples.

“Enjoying yourself Laura honey? Looking at your lovely tits and hard nipples you must be,” queried Fi.

“Oh yes very much Fi, Angela just ate my cunt until l orgasmed over her face, now she and Tina are eating each other out. Um would you like to watch me masturbate? I love playing with myself in front of people, it really turns me on.”

“Laura we would love to have you wank for us,” Maxine sounded excited.

“Would you like to lie down flat or prefer to be more upright so you can see us watching you?” Enquired a breathless Fi.

“More upright, want you to see me playing with my tits to begin with, that’s how l like to start. I’ll just arrange some pillows on this pouffe.”

“Put a couple to sit on, that will raise your cunt so we can see right into you and we won’t miss anything,” explained Dave, cock throbbing as he looked forward to a very erotic few minutes, hopefully long minutes.

“You like to look at wet engorged cunts then do you? Naughty boy,” teased Maxine, letting a finger slide up and down her puffed out pussy.

“I can think of nothing better to view,” murmured Dave.

“You have lovely nipples Laura,” Fi observed as Laura, now recumbent with cushions supporting her in an upright position, lightly let her hands brush across her breasts.

She would tease her nipples, then run fingers up and down her cleavage, around her nipples.

“Like my tit fondling? I love to tease them, and watch how my audience react. The slower l do it the more sensual it feels, can you see how my nipples are getting harder? My tits feel lovely and heavy.”

“Mmm your making my cunt gush you horny sweetie, is your’s wet and juicy? Dave keeps telling me to finger slowly but you are making it harder and harder to comply,” Fi sighed, thighs clamping around her fingers. She was clenching and squirming, eyes fixed on Laura’s tits.

“Would you like me to spread my cunt lips? I’m ready to finger down there, my this is so fucking horny,” panted Laura.

“Yes please Laura,” Maxine too was feeling the sexual energy, her finger rubbing around her aroused minge.

“So Laura, when you wank how do you get yourself in the mood? Do you watch or read porn, just fantasise, sext or what? Or do you feel horny and let your fingers do their job?” Dave wanted to prolong the masturbation, draw out the fucking horny experience.

“Depends, all those really. I like to watch porn, especially threesomes where two women fuck one man. Love to watch blowjobs with one of the women fingering her cunt while watching.”

“I like to watch two women making out with another one or two jerking off while watching,” Maxine shuddered as Dave lightly pinched her nipple, pulling and twisting the bullet hard morsel.

“I saw one with 2 women, one was kneeling behind the other and rubbing one fingertip on each of her nipples,” recalled Dave. “I found that really horny, the woman being nipple rubbed got off on it so l use it on ladies now who are fortunate enough to let me abuse them.”

“Mm as you are now on me and it is a wonderful turn on,” purred Fi.

“In the morning if l’m lazing in bed l’ll spread my legs wide and fantasise, that makes my cunt juicy,” Laura continued. “I don’t touch, l just let my cunt moisten as l conjure istanbul travestileri up dirty thoughts.”

“I used to sext 3 or 4 women and l would write text porn stories which l tried to send before they got up, they seemed to enjoy them,” remarked Dave.

“Oh that sounds awesome, someone thinking erotic things about me as my pussy is juicing up, mmm,” Laura lay a finger along her pussy slit and squeezed her thighs, trapping the digit and pressing hard. “Now l’m going to rub my lips, make them juicier so l can slip into my cunt.”

“Tell us about your fantasy Laura, as you lie in bed with your juicy pussy,” Maxine requested in a tremulous voice.

“I’m sitting in a cafe, wearing a plunge crop top and a short loose skirt. Legs open but not too far, no knickers or bra. I’m sitting at a small round table with a single middle leg, the chair l’m sitting on feels sexy on my pussy so l fidget to get maximum rubbing.

Two ladies are sitting at the next table, both facing me. They are wearing blouses and three quarter length loose skirts. Their hands keep fluttering and fiddling with their necks and chests, as though they are flustered. Both look at me, chatting to each other. One looks pointedly at my cleavage and licks her lips lewdly. My cunt tingles as l juice up. I place one foot on a nearby chair which opens my thighs wide, my pussy in clear view.

The other lady looks me straight in the eye and drops a napkin, deliberately. She then pushes her chair aside, away from behind her table so she is in plain sight of me, spreads her knees so legs are wide open, lifts the hem of her skirt to reveal all and crouches down to collect the napkin. I can see her enticing naked cunt, stockings and suspenders! She smiles a wicked sinful smile, runs her tongue tip along her lips.

Her companion hands her a mobile phone and she takes a photo of me. I put two fingers in a v and open my cunt, she takes another photo. Both women now look at the camera photo and by their actions l know they are zooming in on the pic. A few moments later my phone pings, a Bluetooth file is requesting permission to receive. Yes l accept.

The photo the ladies took of me, zoomed in to show my open pussy. I screenshot the picture, add my name and phone number and Bluetooth back. My phone pings again, a message.

‘Thanks for replying my dear, we are going for a Drive, would you like to cum?’

‘Love to,’ l reply, ‘mmm drive and cum, sounds delicious.'”

The relating of the fantasy has excited all: Laura is now frigging with 3 fingers, pussy pouring juice, Dave is squeezing, twisting and rubbing nipples fast and hard, Maxine and Fi are also fingering deep inside gushing cunts. Laura takes in all this sexual activity, is overwhelmed that her wanking has turned them on so much. Shuddering and gasping, screaming her release she climaxes. Dave eases up from the girl’s heads, leans towards Laura and French kisses her.

“Straddle Fi’s face, lean forward and slowly lower your pussy onto her mouth. Put your arms round her bum, use your fingers to open her swollen cunt lips. Bury your tongue in her minge, lick around a while then suck and lick her clit until she cums.” Dave commands.

“Oh fuck yes,” cries Laura, cunt still dripping as she obeys.

As Laura mounts her Fi accepts her gooey pussy with her tongue, places her hands either side of the mushy swollen lips, gasps with delight as Laura tongues her now wide open cunt and the two enter sixty nine heaven.

“Finger Laura’s pussy, make her pour her cunt juice over Fi’s face.” Dave whispers to Maxine.

Maxine travesti istanbul stands up, leans over Laura’s back and pushes two fingers into her receptive minge. Dave stands behind Maxine, who is bent over arse prominent. Cock in hand he places his hard leaking bell end at her pussy entrance, rubs it against her cunt crack. Holds it there so she can feel his swollen head. As she trembles and shakes he pushes into her.

“Oh my lord, mmm,” she cries.

Dave begins to fuck her, letting her enjoy his hard rod filling her.

“Hi baby,” whispers Celia, rubbing her pussy mound against his bum as she traces her fingers up and down his spine. Dave shudders, turning to kiss her offered lips. Celia pulls his head into her face, flicking her tongue along his mouth.

“I’m going to finger for you as l watch you fuck Maxine,” Celia informs him, sitting down by his side. Spreading her legs she rubs her inner thighs, slowly letting her fingers trace little circles until she runs them along her swollen glistening labia. Dave watches as she pushes fingers inside and slowly pleasures her cunt.

“Mmm your big hard cock looks so lovely, Maxine’s pussy juice and your pre cum soaking it. My cunt is sopping wet and gooey as fuck, Julie has been licking me out and she’s so good at it,” Celia is letting her fingers tease her clit, her soaking wet cunt making lovely squelching noises. She clenches her thighs as a spasm hits her.

“Honey she is not the only one well versed in cunt munching,” pants Maxine, ” you are fucking awesome at it too.”

“Well thank you my darling, and thank you for letting me practise on your lovely pussy. Dave has a wonderful cock, don’t you think? Judging by the way your cunt is flooding and your panting l think you do.”

“Dave’s cock is doing fucking wonderful things to my pussy babe, l am fucking rampant. He’s been playing with my tits, and Fi’s, while Laura has been wanking in front of us. That was so sexy. I am now going to burst, what with my fingers in her twat and this huge cock in mine.”

“I am loving watching you two fuck, and Fi and Laura licking each other’s cunts, l have a feeling my orgasm is very close. Dave my darling, pull your cock out so only the head is throbbing in Maxine’s cunt. I want to drool over your manhood.”

Celia lies on her back and lifts her left leg so her ankle is resting on the back of the settee. Her womanhood is wantonly displayed, adding to her sexual excitement. Both her hands are fingering her raging cunt, pulling her lips apart and ravaging her gushing minge.

Maxine is staring at her and tipping over into ecstasy, Dave now pounds her pussy, ramming his rigid cock in and out.

“Faster Dave, long hard strokes, want to hear your balls slapping her arse as you fuck her with your hard throbbing cock,” screams Celia as her approaching orgasm sends her into sexual bliss.

“Push more Fingers into Laura’s cunt Maxine, fill her up, make that twat pour,” Dave yells, “push her head into Fi’s pussy, want them both drowning in cunt fluid.”

Laura shudders, trembles, bucks and writhes as the stimulation of muff diving Fi, her cunt being tongued and finger fucked sends her into orgasm. Fi responds to Laura’s frantic gyrations, the tonguing of her turgid pussy drives her to climax.

“Keep licking and fingering, make them cum again,” urges Dave as his cock swells, he shudders and trembles as Maxine wriggles her arse, clenches her squirming cunt and he shoots his load. He pounds the yearning pussy to empty his balls.

As he retreats Celia grabs his dick and licks up his shaft, cleans his spunk dribbling bell end. Maxine turns, forces her lips to his and they hold a long intimate embrace.

“Phew that was awesome,” sighs Dave, seating himself.

“Right, now we’ve got our breathe back jacuzzi time,” suggests Celia, “then dinner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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