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My sister had recently moved into a new house. It was quite a nice place but, as with any new place you move into, it needed some minor adjustments. She and her husband were quite capable of doing most of these little things but there were a couple of extra power points to be installed. That’s where I came in, being an electrician by trade. Lauren claimed that it was only right I come and give her a little assistance.

I wandered around one fine Saturday afternoon and got to work. There was nothing too difficult to be done. Just extra points in the lounge room, main bedroom and kitchen. I hopped to and things went quite smoothly.

I’d finished the lounge and bedroom and was working in the kitchen when my sister told me she was going down the street. She wouldn’t be long, she said, but if I finished before she got back I could just lock the door and go on my merry way. Translation – she was going shopping and would be gone for hours.

She departed and I continued with the power points. Why anyone would have built a kitchen with only one point was beyond me. What did the previous owners do? Use a power board and run everything off that? Anyway, I finished installing the points and was packing up my gear when I heard someone at the front door.

The main door was open and whoever it was opened the wire door and wandered in, calling out to Lauren. I just yelled out, “Kitchen,” and continued tidying up.

A very pretty young woman came wandering in to the kitchen. She looked to be in her early twenties and was casually dressed. You know the sort of thing, light top and shorts, just clothes for the sake of wearing clothes at home. She wasn’t going anywhere. It seemed that visiting my sister didn’t count as going anywhere.

“Well, hullo,” I murmured, “and aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. If you’re looking for Lauren she’s shopping and who knows when she’ll be back. If you want Bill, he’s gone to the game and won’t be home until much later.”

“I’m Anna. I live next door. I know where Bill is,” she said with a smile. “He’s gone with my husband. I was hoping to catch Lauren and cadge a couple of eggs off her. I can’t be bothered going down the street for them.”

“You’ll probably find a couple in the fridge. Just help yourself.”

I had no objection to giving away Lauren’s dairy products to such a pretty young thing.

“Ah, before you grab the eggs, I was wondering if you could do something for me?” I asked, giving her my most charming smile.

She looked at me in an inquiring manner. Smart girl. Don’t agree before you know what you’re agreeing to.

“You are a remarkably pretty young woman. I was hoping you might take off your clothes so that I can properly whatsapp escort admire your figure, and then succumb to my advances and let me make love to you.”

“I beg your pardon?” she said, sounding thoroughly scandalised.

“I said I was hoping that you might. . .”

That was as far as I got before she interrupted me.

“I heard. I heard. I was just wondering if you’d have the gall to say it again.”

“Well, obviously I do.” I looked at her expectantly.

She looked back at me, seeming slightly bemused.

“What?” she said.

I waited.

“Oh, come on,” she protested. “You don’t seriously expect me to take off my clothes, let alone. . .”

“Not expect,” I admitted, “but seriously want and hope. So how about it? It should be a very interesting experience.”

“May I point out I don’t even know you? You can’t go asking complete strangers things like that.”

“I’m Peter, Lauren’s brother. Now we know each other. And I can ask things like that because if I don’t ask I’ll be left wondering if I should have.”

“Has that line ever worked?” She seemed surprised to think that it might.

“I have to admit that I’ve never tried it out before. You’re the first young lady I’ve met that has struck me with a sense of lust at first sight.”

“Don’t you mean love at first sight?”

“Not really. I don’t want to marry you. I just want to admire your naked body and fuck you, if you’ll pardon the language.”

“And my getting a couple of eggs is dependent on this?”

“Now you’re being silly,” I told her. “I just thought it would be more sensible to ask you before you had the eggs because I didn’t want to have eggs thrown at me. The eggs are yours to do what you like with. Except throw them at me.”

“I think I’d better take the eggs and go.”

“That’s good. You’re only thinking you should take the eggs and go. That means you’re also considering my request. Think of it has something different, something adventurous. Do you need help undoing any buttons or things?”

“You do know you’re certifiable?”

“I have been told this at times. Do you know your nipples have peaked and are pointing at me? The idea of me taking you here and now is exciting you. By the time you’ve undressed you’ll be fully aroused and ready for me.”

She glanced down at her top where her nipples were displaying two little tents. I reached out and started to give her top a little tug to free it from her shorts, but then I stopped and stepped back.

She gave me a look, not saying anything but still asking what I was playing at.

“What?” I asked, spreading my hands in a gesture of innocent helplessness. istanbul escort bayan “I was just going to help you get undressed but then I thought that you’d probably find it more exciting to just do it yourself, knowing that I was watching and waiting.”

Still looking at me she said a rude word and pulled her top out of her shorts. Unlike me she didn’t stop, lifting it up and over her head. A flick of her fingers and her shorts were undone and dropping, leaving her in panties and bra. Still giving me nasty looks she reached behind herself and unclipped her bra, flexing her shoulders so it slid down her arms. Dropping the bra to one side she reached for her panties, hesitated a moment, and then slipped them off.

Standing proudly in front of me she did a slow pirouette, letting me see all of her.

“Now you’ve seen me,” she snapped. “If you don’t mind I’m going to get dressed again.”

“Yes, I do mind, and no, you’re not. Not just yet, anyway.”

“What do you mean, no?”

“Just that. The original request was that you would now succumb to my advances. You have to give me a chance to make them.”

While I explained I was also unbuckling my belt. I dropped my trousers and underpants, completing the show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

“If it’s any consolation my advances will be reasonably simple.”

“How simple,” she asked, sounding quite suspicious.

“I’m rather a direct man,” I explained. “I’m just going to ease you back against the table, push your legs slightly further apart, and advance.”

Even as I was speaking I was easing her back so she was leaning back against the table. Her legs were already nicely parted so I just move between them, my cock pressing at her pussy.

“Wait a moment,” she gasped. “I haven’t said you could actually take me.”

“Well you’d better make up your mind fast. My cock is assuming that you will agree.”

Assuming was one way of putting it. Busy moving into position was another. I’d found the spot I wanted and was pressing, my cock pushing past her lips and plunging into her. She still wasn’t saying no so I just kept on pressing forward.

It only took moments to be fully inside her. Her passage was warm and wet and welcoming and I’d just slipped in with no resistance.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” she insisted. “I didn’t say you could.”

She didn’t say I couldn’t either. No only means no if you actually say it. My hands closed over her breasts, not tightly, but firmly enough for her to know I wanted them.

“If necessary, I’ll apologize later,” I assured her. “For right now I’ll have to ask you to play along with me and pretend you want it.”

I started özbek escort moving in her, just pulling out and returning in a businesslike manner. I have to say she put on a marvellous show of pretending to accept me. She made a funny noise at the back of her throat and then she was pushing hard to meet me. We established quite a fast rhythm right from the word go. At the same time my hands were all over her breasts and she had her arms around me, clutching at my shoulders.

We were going at it hard and fast. Highly enjoyable, but with one small flaw. We were going to finish too fast. At least, I damn sure was. What I needed was to interrupt the flow for a few moments, give the eager excitement a chance to abate a bit. I picked my time carefully, happily banging away and letting the excitement and pleasure increase. At the appropriate moment I disengaged.

Goodness me. Such language. And from such a refined young lady. I was shocked. Not so shocked that I failed to act, I’ll admit. I spun her around so that she was now bending forward over the table, hands on the table supporting her.

“Shall I continue?” I asked sweetly, as though there was anything that would prevent me.

“Yes, you rotten swine. Go on,” she wailed. I guess I finally had my permission.

I thrust forcefully back into her, hands again reaching around to capture the trophies at the front. Holding her breasts firmly I started driving in again. This time I managed to hold the rhythm down a notch. Just a fraction slower, but it gave me more control and, better yet, more endurance. As an unfortunate side effect it also seemed to leave Anna hovering just short of her own climax. Still, these things happen. All she had to do was wait a little longer and I’m sure it would eventuate.

I kept up the slower rhythm for a while, standing firm and ignoring gentle requests that I go a bit harder. I also ignored not so gentle suggestions and outright threats of what would happen if I didn’t pull my finger out and get with it. I couldn’t see what she was complaining about. After all, I was still bringing her pleasure.

That moment again approached where I had to do or die. This time I let nature take its course, kicking the rhythm back up that notch and letting rip. Anna shrieked and climaxed, and I was right there with her, ready and willing as my own climax let rip.

Afterwards I disengaged again and we were both leaning on the table breathing hard. Anna gave me a speaking look and just shook her head, apparently unwilling to admit what had just taken place. I pulled up my trousers while she scrambled into her clothes. While she was tidying herself up I opened the fridge and extracted a couple of eggs.

She gave the eggs a bemused look and then took them.

“Do you visit your sister very often?” she asked.

“Mm, not really,” I admitted.

“Thank god for that,” she said, and walked away.

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out whether that last line of hers was an insult or not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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