At Her Husband’s Request Ch. 02

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Carol woke up late the next morning. Her husband and son had left the house for work and school and she was alone as the thoughts and images of last nights surprising events filled her sleepy head. Did it really happen? Was it a dream? Her hand traveled down her tight tummy and over the small tuft of soft blond hair above her otherwise cleanly waxed mound then glided along the slit of her pussy and dipped in to find an already ample supply of wetness there. Carol’s pussy was more like that of a girl than a mother of an eighteen year old son. It was small and tight with pretty lips on the inside. “Oh my god,” She breathed aloud in the quiet room, “Oh my god, what is happening to me?”

With her eyes closed and still half asleep she was able to relive the incredibly exciting feeling of uninhibited abandon that she had been prompted to perform for her son. “Ohhh fuuuck.” She whispered in disbelief as her other hand squeezed at the cone shaped breast that her only son had softly squeezed as she kissed him goodnight. Her puffy pink nipples were drawing tighter and the half inch buds at the tips became more sensitive. Her mind raced with a thousand flashing images, but the most recurring was the sight of her son’s huge, veiny, hard dick and the thought that it was she; his own mother that had caused it to swell and erupt before her eyes.

Her orgasm approached rapidly and her release came hard and powerful as she pictured his large, plumb shaped cock head swelling and turning a deeper shade of purple. Rocking in the throes of her climax, she imagined her boy jacking off and cumming into her open mouth as she was being gloriously fucked by her approving husband.

As she started to coming into fuller consciousness and recovered from her orgasm, the feelings of lust and depravity quickly turned to guilt and shame. How could I be thinking such wicked and perverted thoughts about my son? What kind of a person does the things I’ve done? How will I ever look him in the eye after last night? She left her bed and busied herself getting showered and dressed for the day, but the nagging thoughts stayed with her and even brought her to tears.

Leaving her house to shop for a dress that she would wear to an upcoming cocktail party, Carol felt as if everyone that saw her could tell what she was thinking and what she had done. She was quite beside herself and disturbed when her husband called her cell phone. She blurted out her concerns and shame to her loving, understanding husband who helped very much to quell her pain. “You’ve spent way too much time dwelling on this alone this morning baby.” He comforted, “It’s going to be fine, I’ll be home early and Mark is going to his buddy’s house tonight, so we can have a nice dinner alone and watch a movie.”

“Alright honey but I still think that it’s…”

“It’s going to be just fine; I’ll see you in a couple of hours. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Carol answered, feeling much better. That evening the two lovers had a long talk about what had transpired under their roof. Carol mentioned the part about their son stroking himself on the couch and fondling her breast but couldn’t bring herself to divulge the secret that their son had watched them having sex. By the end of the night Carol felt completely safe and happy again and when they made love that night she found that the two of them were even closer than ever.

The next day they talked on the phone several times and when Mark got home from school that evening it was as if nothing had ever happened. The three of them chatted normally over dinner and then Mark retired to his room to do whatever he did in there. As soon as he thought she was ready, James began to bring up the subject of her teasing Mark and relating how much he would like it and how the thought of it made him absolutely crazy. At first she insisted absolutely not, but when Carol fully realized that their little game seemed to have no lasting consequences on their relationship, she began to flirt with the idea and found that deep down inside of her, she wanted it to happen again as much as he and Mark did.

Over the next couple of weeks the topic was brought up again and again. Fueled by reading hot incest stories to each other and discussing them, it became a regular part of their foreplay. James would always ask if Mark had been watching her or whether she had seen him hard again and would listen intent and serious as she described the most innocent things. When Carol would report that his eyes were always following her or that she had noticed a bulge in his pants, James would then question her about how this made her feel. When she confided that she would often get wet under her son’s gaze, James would tell her that this turned him on more than anything and prompt her to take it further.

Carol loved the attention she was getting and how hot her husband became when she started to comply with some of his ideas. They both knew that Mark had snooped in their room on a regular basis and they always kept their computer inaccessible by means of Kars Escort a security code for fear of him finding photos or saved stories that were private. Carol had never let her husband take any fully nude pictures of her but just sexy pictures of her in teddies and nylons, although there were some with her rear half covered and some that showed her breasts through thin material.

One evening as the two were relaxing in their room with Mark locked away in his own room, James concocted a plan. “Let’s leave something for him to find.” James suggested, “Let’s leave a slide show on the computer with your sexy pictures as a screen saver and see if he takes the bait.”

“What, are you kidding?” Carol’s heart raced.

“No, it’ll be great, he’ll freak out.” James pushed.

“I’ll have to think about it.” Carol feigned her objection.

“Let’s take some more right now.” James said excitedly grabbing the digital camera.

“I’m a mess, we can’t right now.” Carol’s interest was starting to show with a wry smile.

“Get dolled up baby; this is going to be perfect.”

Carol acted reluctant but inside she was thrilled, she wondered how far she would allow herself to go in revealing herself this way. “O.K., what would you like me to wear?” She asked.

“How about your new dress and some black, seamed stockings?”

“Alright, go away and I’ll tell you when I’m ready.” Carol said, motioning with her hands for him to scoot. Getting totally naked, she sat at her vanity and took it upon herself to apply long false eyelashes as she had done ‘that night’. Her short, blonde bob was neat and sexy in the style of Louise Brooks. She chose a dark, eye shadow, which gave her a brooding, sultry look. She was on the verge of doing something very naughty and nasty and it sent shivers up her spine. She was about to pose for her husband, doing god knows what, for the express purpose of turning on their teenage son.

“Do you want to fuck your mommy?” Carol said aloud, watching her reflection in the mirror as she applied her red lipstick. Carol’s tummy was full of butterflies as she donned her black, seamed stockings and three inch, ankle strap heels. The excitement of preparing herself while her boy was in the next room was delicious. Mark’s decadent, horny mother rose and headed towards the wall that separated their bedrooms. Quietly she placed her ear against the cool surface of the wall and listened intently, hoping possibly to hear the muffled sounds of his fevered breathing as he masturbated. She spread her legs and felt the dampness of her parted labia. Her nipples grazed the cold, bumpy surface of the wall and tingled with sensation. “Fuck yourself for mommy, baby, stroke that long, hard dick for your mommy.” Carol whispered as she imagined him doing it. Little did she know that on the other side of the wall, her son was doing just that.

Mark was naked and hard. His ear was against his wall as he listened for the sounds of his parent’s fucking, or to be more precise, the sound of his mother as they fucked. Six inches of wood and plaster separated mother and son’s cheeks as they masturbated and lusted for each other. Their muscular bodies were flexed and aroused as their hands manipulated the most sensitive parts of their sex. Carol thought she could hear him breathing and the slurping sound of his fist lubricated with pre-cum as fucked it. She closed her eyes and wondered if it was just her overactive imagination. She slid two fingers easily into her tender, wet pussy and began to move them noisily so that he might hear the sloshing sound of her cunt. “Unngg, God I’m horny.” She said loudly. Mark heard this distinctly and mouthed the words “Oh fuck,” as he quickened the furious pace of hand on rod. He looked down at his raging erection which stood out from his body a solid nine inches. He squeezed the bulbous head at the base causing a warm trickle of clear fluid to seep from the tip. Then he brought his hand to his mouth and tasted his pre-cum. Carol continued to finger herself as she strained to hear anything. Suddenly the moment was interrupted by a tap on the door.

“Are you ready yet?” James queried through the door.

“Almost honey, just a minute.” Carol quickly left the wall and sucked the drippings from her fingers, then headed to the dresser to find a tiny G-string and pulled it up her sweet legs until it was snug against her glistening cunt. She then headed for the closet and grabbed her new dress. It was a silver metallic of a very fine, soft weave, very low cut front and backless to just below the waist. She slipped into the dress and fastened the thin clasp that attached behind her neck. The soft material clung to her breasts, showing their full outline. Her dress flared slightly at the waist and had a thin layer of silver weave that scalloped just above her pretty knees.

Checking herself one last time in the mirror, Carol was pleased with her look and by the way her hard nipples pointed through the fabric of her dress. She turned and walked to the door to call for Kars Escort Bayan James. Like a flash her husband was in the room, “Goddamn, you look hot.” He exclaimed, eyeing her from head to toe. Carol did a slow turn and brought her finger to her mouth to bite the tip lightly as she watched her husband’s response and admiration. James walked close to her to feel the fabric of the dress as it clung tightly to her breasts. He leaned in close to kiss her, but she turned her head. Smiling, she said; “Settle down tiger, you’ll mess up my lipstick.”

James was thrilled and grabbed the camera as his lovely wife sat on the edge of the bed. “What would you like me to do first?” She asked eagerly.

“Let’s have you sitting at your vanity, like you’re applying your make-up.” James suggested.

Carol sat down at the vanity and started to get into her role of seductress and model. She flashed her beautiful smile, then a sexy flirtatious glance over her shoulder as she held a tube of lipstick near her face. As her husband clicked away, she pretended to adjust the top of her dress and pushed her breasts together at the sides, accentuating her ample cleavage. All the while she thought about her son and pretended that he was watching. She turned to the side and crossed her legs, the hem of her dress rested well above her knees, giving him a nice view of her smooth, black, nylon covered thighs. With lips slightly parted, she lifted her knee a bit and pointed her foot up in the air, then began to run her fingers up and down the length of her sexy hose.

“Talk to me as if I were Mark baby, tell him what you’re thinking.” James said almost nervously, anxiously awaiting her response to this bold question.

Carol looked up a bit surprised, but rapt at the idea. “Do you like your mother’s legs dear?” She cooed as she stroked them. “I see you watching me honey, do you get turned on looking at your naughty mommy?” James’ cock began to swell as he continued to fire away with his camera.

“Oh yeah,” He moaned quietly, thrilling to his wife’s tempting words.

“Do you want to see the tops of mama’s stockings baby? Look at my legs lover; look at the pale skin of your mother’s thigh above her nylons. Does it make you want to touch me there?” Carol hoped that her son was listening as she lifted the hem of her skirt to expose herself to him. Mark’s mom began circling the stiff nipple at her left breast as she coaxed him softly. “Mmmm, sometimes when I see my boy looking at me, I get so worked up that my pussy starts to drip. Did you know that you make your mama’s pussy wet baby?”

Carol looked into the camera’s eye and brought her hand between her legs to touch her clit through her tiny, satin panties, while her other hand tended to her ripe nipples, pinching and pulling slightly, then flicking the hardened tips up and down. Making a face like a young girl who was apologizing for being bad, she continued her increasingly dirty narration. “Sometimes mommy’s even think about fucking their sons. Do you ever think that you’d like to fuck your mommy?” Carol was starting to heat up fast; she couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth.

From his reaction, her husband more than approved, his dick was hard as steel and he gripped his rod through his pants as he listened and encouraged. “Oh fuck yes,” He stammered.

Meanwhile in his room, the six foot eighteen year old had been listening intently to the activities in his parent’s bedroom. Was this really happening? It was way too good to be true. He all but stopped touching his rigid manhood for fear of cumming prematurely as his mind raced and tried to get itself around the unbelievable things he was hearing.

Carol left the vanity and was now kneeling on their king sized bed. She began clutching and squeezing her firm tits through her dress as she spoke. “I want you to watch me Mark; I want you to stroke your hard dick while you watch me touch myself. Would you like to feel your mother’s soft breasts?” Carol reached behind her neck and unfastened her clasp, then slowly pulled it down, exposing her incredible, full, pale boobs. “It’s alright honey,” Carol continued as she lightly pinched her pink nipples. “I want you to see me and your father doesn’t mind. In fact, it turns him on when I tell him how horny I become at the thought of making you hard.”

James and Mark were both in awe at what they were hearing. Both men were solid and throbbing, waiting to hear what she was going to say or do next. Mark was especially affected and felt a little queasy from the height of his lust. As he held his young, swollen, dripping cock he felt as if he might come if he applied even the slightest pressure. James quickly undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. His erection was pushing the front of his boxers out and he reached in to free it as he continued to take pictures of his wife.

Seeing her husband’s obvious reaction excited and encouraged her as she removed her dress and lay down with her back against some pillows at the Escort Kars headboard. “What would you like me to do for you lover? Is this what you dream about when you’re jacking off at night? Your mom open and willing, ready for her baby’s hard dick.” Carol spread her legs and started gliding her fingers around the insides of her thighs at the tops of her stockings. She was breathing heavily and getting a bit shaky from saying such wickedly naughty things out loud. It was a completely new experience for her and the effect it was having took her by surprise.

“Do you like my panties Mark? Watch me as your mommy pushes her panties into her pussy.” Carol brought her hand down to the tiny black triangle between her white thighs and began running a finger up and down the cleft of her cunt. She dipped a finger in and pushed the satiny fabric into the wet folds. Closing her eyes and emitting a soft moan, Mark’s mother swirled her finger deeper into her sex, then up and out to flick lightly at the tip of her erect clit as she pinched and tugged sharply on the nipple of her right breast. “Oh god, oh fuck.” She whispered as her fingers worked at her sensitive clit, then back down into the flowing, warm center of her pussy. Carol continued this for some time until her panties were thoroughly saturated with her emanations.

“Look at your mamma’s pussy now Mark. Look what you’ve done to mamma’s pussy.” Carol lifted her ass and peeled off the messy G-string and tossed it aside. She spread her legs even wider and craned her neck forward to examine the state of her pulsing cunt. She slipped two fingers inside and drew out a long, thick strand of clear fluid, then brought the dripping fingers to her mouth. She smeared the slime across her lips and chin, and then dropped her hand again to shove the fingers even deeper into her hole. She fucked herself fast and hard while staring at her pussy with her wet lips open wide. Over and over she pumped at herself, and then sucked her fingers clean, feeding on her own lust.

Mark could take no more and started thrusting at his rod. He came instantly with his mother’s words ringing in his ears. “Look what you’ve done to your mamma’s pussy.” Stream after long stream of thick, hot cum sprayed against the wall and ran down as his legs trembled and nearly gave out from the force of his orgasm.

James dropped the camera and tore down his boxers. Quickly removing his T-shirt and socks, he strode towards his wife and joined her in their bed. After kissing her passionately, he lay down on his back and positioned her so that she was lying on top of him on her back. Wrapping his left arm around her and clutching her breasts, he guided the distended head of his thick penis into her wanton cavern. She gasped with desire as he moved his hand around her thigh, then reached and found the nub of her aching clit and cradled it between his first two fingers. His cock drove straight up and along the spongy surface of her G-spot as he applied the slightest pressure to her clit and drew his fingers up and down rapidly.

Carol cried out loudly as her husband began to thrust against the slippery walls of her cunt. She placed her hands on the tops of his thighs as she reveled in the sensation within her. The head of his dick pounded at her G-spot as they fucked furiously, releasing the pent up pressure of their forbidden fantasies. “Tell me you want fuck him.” James urged lowly into her ear as his ass raised and lowered from the bed with increasing force.

“I..I himmm.” She stammered.

“Tell me who you want to fuck baby.” He groaned.

“I want to fuck Mark. I want to fuck my own son. God help me..I want.. to fuck.. my OWN SON. I want to fuck my own son. OHHH GOD, I WANT TO FUCK MY OWN SON.” Her illicit words rang out loud and clear in the quiet house. James was close to cumming, but held fast and waited until his wife came first. “FUCK ME MARK…FUCK YOUR MOTHER…FUCK MOMMY..FUCK YOUR MOMMY.” Carol bellowed and then went totally stiff.

James doubled his pace at his wife’s clit and G-spot as he focused on the fixed expression on her face. She looked as if she was screaming but she was completely rigid and silent. They both came simultaneously with a groan, the spasms of her contracting sex gripped the head of his spurting cock, interrupting the flow and then released as his load shot deep inside her womb. “OH FUCK….OH FUCK.” She howled as her juices poured out of her pussy and flowed down his tightened balls in a warm torrent.

James was amazed and thrilled at the intensity of her orgasm and kept pumping and lathering her clit until her bucking started to subside. As they caught their breath and recovered from one of the best climaxes of their life, they kissed and basked in the sensations that pulsed through their bodies.

The next morning Carol awoke and found that she felt none of the previous feelings of guilt and remorse, but an excited anticipation at the prospect of her son finding her pictures and the effect that she knew it would have on him. James was already at their computer cropping and preparing the shots for the slide show. After Carol made the final selections of which ones she would allow him to show. They draped her dress over the computer chair and left her panties and stockings on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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