At My Mercy

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She busied herself at the computer, while he made coffee. Having finally figured out that the playlist that was warranted was called Indie and New Wave. Much to her surprise there was actually stuff on there that she liked.

“I’m going to check my mail” he told her and disappeared out the door.

She was up like a flash, there would be only a few moments in which to complete her task. The silk scarves that were hidden in the back pack were removed and quickly tied to the four corners of the bed. She had already done the measurements to make sure they reached as far as needed. The ends had been tied into slip knots for easy maneuverability. The idea was to at least bring it to the point of no resistance.

They had talked about this and he had offered ties for her to use,but they always seemed to be unavailable. Unless she were to go snooping through the close, the element of spontaneity and surprise would be lost in plans and preparations.

Not following a plan was what intrigued her. That and having him at her mercy, and expectation.

She had no idea what she was going to do with him. All she knew for sure was that she wanted to be in control of the situation, to use his body for her own satisfaction, until she had her fill of him.

Hearing the key in the door she kicked the silk under the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.

When the time came he seemed surprised but willing as she sat on top of his chest and laid her body against his. .Running her hands from his shoulders to his wrist, she tactility pushed his arms out moving her hands along she felt the fine muscle under his soft skin. Suddenly both his hands were caught in the slip knots she had devised, so that they would tighten if one were to pull on them.

She smiled broadly at his obvious surprise .Surprised but amused.

Actually ,so was she, but for a much different reason.There had been a lot of crazy shit in her life, but no sexual exploitations. There had always been a fixture man,The other half, a husband, a boyfriend. The only exploring they did was with someone else .She could not help but laugh at the prospect of tying one of them up.

This one, however was a willing and totaly sexual partner. A man who did not expect her to perform out of duty. She did whatever she wanted to do with him just because she wanted to. It was so much less inhibiting this way. Even though they had become good friends the purpose of their meeting was sex, nothing but pure unadulterated sex. She could do things now that she would not even consider before.

“When did you do this?”,he asked with a chuckle.

“While you were getting the mail” finishing with his wrist she traced her fingers from his chin to his neck. Her hand were shaking. Ignoring her nervousness she continued to Mersin Escort trace her fingers down his chest and then along the groin area and down his legs untill she reached the restraints she had made for his ankles.

“What are you going to do to me “? , he asked.

She ignored him and busied herself securing the ankle restraints. Once they were securely tied, she made her way back up his body again, this time with her tongue. She loved the taste of his skin, hesitating briefly at his dick, she licked it and softly sucked on the head of it. Not wanting to get side tracked she continued making her way up his body. The nape of his neck beckoned as her tongue tasted the ever so slight salt of his skin.

Then she stood up ,”I’ll be right back” ,and before he could protest she was gone.

He listened as she changed the music to the blues and then turn the sound up to one decimal under the allowance. After a while, with an ash tray, a loaded pipe, and a beer, she returned smiling down at him.

It was impossible to hide her pleasure at the site of him, he was beautiful!

Lighting a cigarette she stood looking down at him , and finally answered his question “whatever the fuck I want to do”, she took a hit off the pipe and held it to his mouth so he could smoke.

“.Better make sure you can’t get out of this”,she told him and busied herself seeing that the restraints were secure, “does it feel uncomfortable”?

” What are you planning to do with me?” he asked again ,obviously amused by it all.

She stood up and took a drag from the cigarette and offered it to him, he shook his head.

” I don’t know, except for two things, I am not going to hurt you and you will come more than once.”

Then she began to remove her clothes, slowly , she took off her stockings and wiggled out of her panties, pulling the straps of her top off her shoulders .She massaged her breast and played with her nipples, at the same time she lightly fingered her pussy. It was all so sensual. Her brain was sending messages to her pussy and she could feel herself getting wet. So hot for him and this event. She was literally shaking with anticipation.

.Lying down beside him , placing her breast on his chest, she simultaneously licked his skin and kissed him, and played with her wet and hot pussy. Fucking herself with her finger she placed her dripping finger in his mouth so he could taste her. Lifting herself up on her elbow , she made her hard nipples available so that he could suck on them. She fucked herself harder with her fingers and rubbed her clit and then back in her pussy while he sucked on her titties.

Then she climbed onto his chest and sat her hot and wet pussy over his mouth, and he began to suck on her clit while she continued to Mersin Escort Bayan play with her hard nipples. It felt like she was fucking him in his mouth. Her clit was hard and she began to cum, like waves, soft at first and then head rushing. Until she was spent.

After settling back down beside him, she started rubbing and licking his skin again she loved the taste of him, his neck, his chest and his abdomen until she reached his cock.

She she licked up and down his hardening cock as though it were a lollipop And then sucked him into her mouth, as far back as he could get his cock to go, and she sucked on his cock until she felt the warm salty cum fill her throat. Swallowing so she would not have to stop until every drop had been sucked out of him.

After his soft dick relaxed, and could no longer shoot anymore of his cum into her throat, she laid herself close to his body,and they both slumbered in quiet afterglow.

After a while she awoke and was pleased to hear the even breathing that told her he was still sleeping.

Lighting another cigarette she watched him sleep, he was physical perfection in her eyes,

Suddenly she giggled at the whole idea of it, this fabulous man laid out and tied up at her digression. He was starting to stir from his sleep.

Paying no attention to him ,she ran her hand up the lenght of his leg, stopping short of his cock. Then she ran her hand up the other leg.

This time she very gently took his cock into her warm hand, and rubbed softly on his balls.

Sitting on her knees beside him, she ran her hands all over his body ,touching him to her content. She so loved to touch him.

When she couldn’t resist any longer she quickly bent down and took his (flacid cock into her mouth and began to run her tongue around the head of his dick.

She needed to taste all of his skin again and ran her tongue and her fingers across his chest and his neck. Such soft and warm skin, sensually moist, all the while easy and gently touching his cock.

The feel of his body made her rush.

Until she could no longer resist, she bent and took his swelling cock into her mouth and began to suck. She could feel him stifen inside her mouth, but he couldn’t cum yet, she still needed to use his body for her own pleasure and his dick would need to be hard until she had all that she wanted of him…for the moment.

She put her body across his chest again and moved herself so that he could lick her clit, she pulled the skin back with one hand so her clit was isolated,and protruding and pulled at her nipples with the other hand, and again, she was going to cum . His tongue was the master of ceremonies and the awsome rush starting at her clit and spreading through out her body Escort Mersin causing her to tense up and then shake as the merging orgasm totaly took control of her entire being.

Once the orgasmic spasms subsided she fell limp and spent against his chest and rested there for a moment.

His cock had started to relax also , so she moved back down his body untill she rested between his legs, facing him. This way he could watch her suck his dick, he liked that.

Playing with her tongue around the head of his cock , licking one side and then the other, holding it tight with her hand. And again inside her mouth, “my mouth must be hot”, she thought as she took it in as far as it would go. All the while , he watched.

His cock was hard now , so gently she climbed back up on top of him , this time just above his cock, and took it in her hand and began to rub his hard dick against her clit. The aphrodisiac effect was enormous.

She dipped her finger in her dripping pussy and stuck it in his mouth, so that he could taste her again.

Then back to rubbing his hard cock on her clit as she played with her swollen nipples.

Again the sensation of cumming consumed her.

stopping just short of a climax, she moved her body up and over his enormously swollen cock and let herself be filled up with him.

He began to respond and started to fuck her back.

“No!” she told him “only I move”, and with that she started a slow deliberate rocking motion that put his cock right on the spot. It felt so good! She played with her titties and kept one hand on his abdomen to remind him to be still. It felt sooo good!, it made her feel light headed.

It was useless to try and concentrate on him. She tried to watch his face but got so lost in the sensation that she had to close her eyes as it took over her whole body. Slowly she rocked back and forth, hitting the spot each time, bringing her higher, total head rushing higher.

She kept it up, back and forth in and out, she was so wet and he was so hard, untill she could not stand it any more, still she never moved any faster, just deeper, trying to get all of him as close to the zone as possible.

She was starting to cum and tried to tell him but it took her breath away , rendering her speechless, and breathless.

In waves and….waves……………and more waves of sensual sensation of complete orgasmic spasms all through her body , so hard that she almost lost her rhythm.

.Then he started to cum , she felt him stiffening , with that she started fucking him hard and allowing him to move. She watched his face as he spent through his orgasm.

When it was over she laid down beside him again, and gently began to remove the restraints. Running her hands across his body for a minute and then jumped up and said “I’m getting dressed , I need to be home by 8:00. Antiques Roadshow is on and I don’t want to miss it”……………………..

by Connie

CW-USP._April, 3, 2010

d c.-#0308 0070 5983 8072

all right are reserved………… ..


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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