At the Club Ch. 03


Friday afternoon couldn’t come soon enough. He had a hard time concentrating at work and finally decided to leave work early. He wrapped up a couple of projects and drove to the local mall, a small glimmer of hope that he would run into her there. He thought he spotted her car and he pulled into a spot some distance away.

He went inside the department store and wandered around. He made his way back to women’s clothing, his heart beating faster and faster. He rounded a corner and stopped dead in his tracks. She was slowly looking through a rack of summer dresses. Her brown hair pulled back in a simple clip, her breasts looked huge in the snug black top she wore and her jeans caressed every curve of her ass and hips. He stared at her for a minute and then ducked behind a large rack of clothes when she looked up. She looked around the store for a minute and then back at the rack. She selected two dresses and wandered towards the fitting rooms. He followed her to the fitting rooms, thankful the store was not busy. He had decided, in the few short minutes he had seen her, he couldn’t wait till they were at the club. He had to feel her body now.

She went into a large fitting room and he stopped the door before she could lock it.

“What the hell?” She protested. She swung open the door and looked angry until she realized it was him. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the dressing room. Pushing him up against the door as she locked it, she quickly attacked his mouth with her own. He moaned quietly, he hadn’t imagined the heat of her skin would feel as hot as it did. Her tongue slid into his mouth as her arms wrapped around his neck. They stood there, leaning against the door for several minutes, kissing passionately. He pulled back first, taking a deep breath and looked down at her. Her mouth looked slightly bruised. He licked her bottom lip.

“I took a chance you might be here.” He said softly. She laughed in his arms.

“Are you stalking me?” She smiled and teased him. He wrapped his hand in her thick brown hair. “I saw you when I was looking around, I felt someone watching me. I don’t even know if those dresses will fit.” It was his turn to laugh. He pulled her arms away from his neck and gently moved her away from him.

“Try them on.” He crossed his arms and stared at her. She blushed but didn’t hesitate as she undressed. She pulled off the black t-shirt and he watched her breasts bounce in the midnight blue bra. She undid the jeans and wiggled her hips as she slid them down. She turned around and bent at the waist to pull them off. He leaned forward and grabbed both her ass cheeks. He squeezed them and slapped them playfully. He stepped back. She straightened and reached behind her back to undo the bra clasps. She slid it down her arms and tossed it at him. He caught it and watched her intently. He realized she was much more comfortable then she had been the night she undressed in his apartment. She coughed and he brought his attention back to her with a smile.

“Allow me.” He stepped close to her, feeling her nipples brush against his shirt. He hooked his fingers in the waist band of her panties and pulled them down. He let them slide down her legs and she stepped out of them. He realized then she had shaved her pussy bare. He slid a hand over the bare skin and she shuddered. He wrapped his other arm around her waist for support as he slid a finger into the slit of her pussy. She was wet and so hot. She tilted her head back and moaned quietly. He kissed her then, as he slid his finger into her. He finger fucked her as they kissed, her body writhing in his arms. He wanted nothing more than to feel her skin against his but he wanted to see what dresses she had picked. He released her and she pouted. He kissed her nose. “You will have plenty of chances to cum. Stop pouting.” He slapped her ass.

She took a dress off the hanger and slipped it over her head. It was a pale purple. He watched as it settled over the curves of her body, her nipples pressing against the fabric. It was definitely sheer. He could see the dark rings of her areolas and he understood why she was shaved. He smiled and beckoned for her to turn. The dress was snug and came almost to her knees. It looked more appropriate for a church then a club.

“The other?” She nodded and slid the dress off. The second dress was in two pieces. The top was red lace and the skirt was a red gauze material. She slid the skirt on and he could barely make out the outline of her legs. She pulled the top on. Her nipples were nearly visible. Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort And the top had enough support to push up her large breasts. He imagined dancing with her, her breasts bouncing to the music as he would dance pressed up against her body. He pictured his hands sliding under the skirt, pulling it up so others could see she had nothing under it. He cock throbbed in his pants, hardening as he felt the infusion of blood pulse through it. He must have been staring because she smiled.

“You must like this one.” He focused on her face and nodded. She stepped forward and placed a hand over his cock. It jumped under her hand. “You’re hard and we haven’t done anything in several minutes.” She traced the outline with her fingers. “Shall I suck you? Or perhaps you want to fuck me now?” She gently squeezed his shaft and stepped back. “Or shall I change and just see you tonight?” She turned around and slid the skirt up her legs, watching him in the mirror. When her ass was revealed, he took two strides forward while unzipping his pants. He pulled his cock out of his boxers and grabbed her hips. He slid into her on the first thrust. She moaned and put a hand out to the wall to brace herself.

“Is this what you wanted, my little cock tease? Did you want me to fuck you where anyone could hear us?” He whispered. He slammed himself into her, his hips slapping against her ass quietly. She pushed her other fist into her mouth and pushed back against him. The sound of their fucking seemed to echo in the room. He watched her face in the mirror. She was staring at him, a look of intense pleasure on her face. He felt the start of her orgasm when her cunt began to tighten around his cock, causing his cum to church in his balls. She gasped as she came and he held still. The wild pulsing of her pussy almost made him cum in her. He pulled out and she begged him quietly to finish in her.

“No. Suck me off.” She dropped to her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth. His eyes rolled back in his head and he exploded in her mouth. She greedily sucked his cum into her mouth, not letting a drop spill.

He came back to earth, feeling her licking him gently, cleaning his cock before tucking it back into his pants. She stood after zipping him up. She sat him down on the bench and stepped back to slide off the top and skirt. He watched her dress as he thought about how infatuated he was with her and didn’t know a damn thing about her. He knew her name and that she was a damn good fuck and fabulous cock sucker. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to know more, or if he just wanted what they did have to be based on fucking. She finished dressing and straddled his legs. She ran a hand through his hair.

“Are you all right?” She asked. He nodded and kissed her cleavage. She stepped back and he stood. He lifted the red dress from the hook and opened the door. He looked into the corridor and stepped out, holding the door open. She came out and they walked out. A mother and daughter walked into the room they had just left.

“It smells like pussy in here.” A squeaky voice said. There was a loud smack and inaudible scolding. He looked at her and together they laughed. She held her hand out for the dress.

“I’ll get the dress. After that, it’s the least I could do.” She smiled and thanked him. They walked to a check-counter and the clerk smiled.

“Big date?” The clerk asked with a smile.

“Very.” She replied to the clerks query with a smile. He coughed as he felt a hand squeeze his cock. He set the dress on the counter and pulled out his wallet. He didn’t correct the clerk when she rang up the wrong price for the dress. He would have paid a thousand dollars at that point. The dress was wrapped in a bag and he took it from the clerk.

“Thank you.” They walked out of the store, not saying much. She led him to her car and he placed the dress inside it. She smiled at him and he realized she looked thoughtful. He caught her in his arms and rested his hands on her hips as he leaned back against the car.

“What?” He asked. She looked up at him. “Ask whatever it is you want to know.”

“Have you ever….I mean.” She took a deep breath. “Do you hook up with women this way often?” She took another breath. “I am not complaining, but I don’t normally hook up with guys in clubs or go home with them. And in the span of a week I have done that and fucked the same guy in a store fitting room.” She ran her fingers through her hair. “I think I am finally hitting that freaked out phase.” He felt her stiffen against him. He was scared she was going to pull away from him and take off. He placed his fingers under her chin and raised her head so she had to look at him.

“If this is too much for you, tell me. I told you that first night, I will not do anything to hurt you. That includes emotionally, not just physically.” He watched the tension flow out of her shoulders but her face still showed worry. “Do you want this to continue?” She looked away and he felt his heart drop into his chest.

“I don’t know.” He kissed her forehead and reached over to open the driver’s side door.

“Get in.” She sat, still looking upset and confused. He took a card out of his wallet and a pen and wrote his number on the back. “This is my cell number. Go home and think about it and then call me if you want to see me tonight. If I don’t hear from you, then I will never bother you again.” He walked away from her car. He took a few breaths to clear his head, wanting nothing more than to stomp back to her car, grab her and kiss her and make her want him again. He got into his car and watched her car pull out of the lot. He sat there, for a good hour, the sun heating up the car.

He wanted to feel her skin against his again. He wanted to wrap himself in the warm, velvet depths of her pussy but he would have been happy to just of been physically close to her. He slammed his hand against the steering wheel. He finds the one woman that makes his blood boil and he scares her away.

He turned the car on, warm air blasting from the vents. He rolled down the windows and registered a hand reaching into the passenger side window and unlocking the door. It opened and she slid in beside him. She was holding the dress and her purse. He stared at her in shock, not believing she was sitting beside him in his car.

“I got about 200 feet before I realized I was being an idiot. As crazy as all of this is, I want you. I want your cock. I want to suck you and fuck you until neither of us can stand to do it anymore. I want to lay with you and memorize every inch of your body, so when I am alone, I can imagine what it would feel like to kiss your shoulder or run my fingers along your hip.” She took a deep breath and looked at him. “And I want to see that mischievous smile that I know is just for me.” He smiled then, and she smiled back. “I want to go to your place and fuck. Now.” He smiled his mischievous smile then.

“You agreed to do exactly as I said.” She looked at him, defiance in her eyes.

“I can still get out and change my mind about all of this.” He laughed. He reached across her and put her seatbelt on her. He put his own on and pulled out of the space. Neither said much in the car.

Once they were in his apartment, he hung the dress in the bathroom. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching him. He leaned against the door frame. She stood and came towards him, dropping her purse on a chair and slipping off her shoes. She ran her hands over his chest and slapped his hands away when he tried to touch her.

“No.” He knew he looked faintly amused. He had always been the dominant person in a relationship but he enjoyed a role reversal at times. She stared unbuttoning his shirt and slid it off his shoulders. She laid it over the back of the chair. She knelt and removed his socks and shoes. She reached up and undid his pants and pulled them down slowly, along with his boxers. She kissed the shaft of his cock as it was revealed. She sucked the head into her mouth and he gasped. His heart hammered in his chest and his breathing quickened. She released his cock and stood up.

“Undress me.” He pulled her shirt off and undid her bra, ducking his head to suck on her nipples. She moaned, “The rest of my clothes.” Her nipple was released with an audible popping sound. He knelt and undid her jeans. Sliding the jeans and panties down her legs, he watched her juices glisten over her pussy mound and along the slit. He knelt there, staring up her body. “Eat me.” She commanded. He reached up and held her lips open with his fingers. He licked her slit several times and fucked his tongue into her pussy. Her juices flowed out of her and across his cheeks. He gulped. He began flicking and licking her clit and her whole body shuddered.

He stopped long enough to maneuver her to the bed. He pulled on her hips so her ass was at the edge and he continued to suck and lick her cunt. She was grinding her pussy against his mouth and he put her legs over his shoulders. His arms wrapped around her legs, he held the lips open. He sucked gently on her clit and then attacked it with his tongue. She was moaning and clawing at the bedspread. He slid a finger into her pussy and felt the velvet walls envelope his finger. She was so tight and wet and he could feel the muscles jump every time his tongue licked her clit. He slid his finger in and out of her and felt her body tighten.

“I’m close.” She whispered. She grabbed his head and held it against her pussy. “Lick my clit!” He slid his finger out of her and held her lips open. He attacked her clit and her whole body shuddered. She tightened her legs around his head and held him in place. She practically screamed as the orgasm tore through her body. Her juices gushed out of her and he lapped at her pussy. She released his head and fell back on the bed, breathing fast. He leaned back on his heels and stared at her pussy. It was red, engorged and her pussy juice was everywhere. He ran a finger along her slit and she slapped his hand away. “Too sensitive.” He laughed and leaned forward. He bit her thigh and stood up.

She was at just the right height for him to dip his hips and start fucking into her, but he decided to wait and see what she wanted. She opened her eyes and stretched. She sat up and wrapped her arms around his hips. His cock rested against her breasts and he felt it throb. She giggled and bent her head, sucking the tip into her mouth. He gasped and wrapped his fingers in her hair. Her mouth was so hot and wet that he nearly came when she slid his cock into her mouth. He shivered and she pulled back. She pushed on his hips till he stepped back. She stood and kissed him softly. He kissed her back and they spent a few moments enjoying each other’s mouths. She stepped back.

“Lay down.” She ordered him. He stretched out on his back, his cock resting against his abdomen. She straddled his legs and crawled along his body. A mischievous glint entered her eyes. Teasingly, she stuck her tongue out bringing it closer and closer to his prick. Then, suddenly, her tongue lashed his cock from the base to the angry red tip. He clenched his fingers and grabbed the bed spread as he stretched out, giving her more access to his cock. She could see his eyes watching her every move.

She loved that he was watching her and that she could see every emotion, every tingle of pleasure reflected in his face. She caught his gaze with her eyes and this time ever so slowly licked her way back down to the base of his cock. He moaned as she rubbed the tip over her tongue in slow circles. She slid her tongue along the shaft and down to his balls. Around and around and over his balls she swirled her tongue. He went slightly crazy at her teasing. When she sucked his sacs deep into her amazing mouth his eyes closed and his head fell back with a moan. Gently, she rolled his balls with her tongue and then pulling them away from his body before releasing them with a popping noise.

She kissed and licked her way back to the tip of his cock. She tightened her lips around his cock and groaned. He wrapped his hands in her hair tightly and held her head. He fucked his cock into her mouth. He was breathing heavily, his cock pulsing and throbbing against her tongue. With his hands still holding her head, he guided her mouth up and down on his rod, slowly, oh so slowly. He pulled her head up, drawing her mouth to the very tip of swollen shaft before pushing his way back into the wet heat of her mouth. She loved feeling his cock sliding in and out of her mouth and hearing the moans that were torn from him. She watched his body writhe beneath her as she sucked his cock.

His hands had grabbed her hair when he started coming, holding her tightly as his come burst into her mouth. Swallowing quickly, she tried to catch all of his delicious come, but there was too much. It dripped down her chin and then slowly dripped onto him. Only when the last tremor eased from his body did he release her to lie back on the bed.

She slowly cleaned of his cock and groin. She sat up and stretched and got up off the bed. She went into the bathroom and he heard the water running. He lay on the bed and was lost to his thoughts. He couldn’t stop thinking about his infatuation with her and her body. She was amazing in bed and was willing to do just about anything he wanted. He ran his hand over his cock, feeling her saliva lubricate it as he stroked it gently. It was still sensitive from her mouth.

She came to the doorway. He smiled at her. He turned on his side and patted the bed. She came to the bed and stretched out beside him. She lay on her back and he cuddled with her. They fell asleep, his hand holding her breast and her hand wrapped around his cock.