At the Gym


After a hard day at the office you go to the gym for a relaxing swim. You walk out of the ladies’ changing rooms in your black bikini. It is getting late so the pool is quiet; the few people that are in there give you admiring looks as you lower yourself into the water – I am one of them.

I wonder at your perfect, dark skin, slender legs and flat stomach. As you stand in the shallow end you pull your hair back and tie it up, revealing the full beauty of your face. As you do your laps we pass each other a few times and I am sure we exchange smiles. We both finish our laps at he same time but at opposite ends of the pool.

I lift myself out of the pool via the ledge at the deep end whilst you slowly climb up the ladders at the shallow end. This gives me time to marvel at your bum as you wiggle up the steps. Your cheeks are almost fully revealed as the material has crept together from your swim. The pool is now empty except for us and I get to drink in every Bycasino detail of your fantastic body. You turn to face me and I don’t have time to avert my gaze. With a shy smile you walk back towards the changing rooms, I keep my eyes locked on you and as you disappear into the ladies’ changing room you turn and give me one more smile.

I make my way over to the changing rooms; I hesitate just before I go into the mens’ and instead stand over by the entrance to the ladies’. Everything is quiet, and then I hear a shower being turned on. An idea enters my head and my heart starts to pump – I give a ‘you only live once’ shrug of my shoulders and I pop my head around the entrance. The changing rooms are empty – I creep in, towards the showers. I stop, hold my breath and slowly peer around the corner. You stand with your back to me, shampoo running from your hair and down your body…your naked, glistening body makes me hard straight away.

With Bycasino giriş my breath still held I pad quietly up to you. I release my breath as I reach you; I wrap one hand around your waist, pulling you into me as I kiss your neck. You let out a small gasp, I clasp my other hand gently on your mouth and continue my kissing and licking of your neck. I feel your nipples harden and your body relax. I press my hard cock into the small of your back and you reach around to feel it. You start to nibble my hand and so I release your mouth and move my hand slowly down your body. I get to your trimmed pubes and stop, you squeeze my cock and so I carry on to your clit and lips. Your clit is hard and your lips seem very wet, and not just from the shower. I circle your clit as I kiss your neck, shoulders and back, every now and again you turn your head to kiss me. You tug my swimming shorts down and my cock springs out, I rub it into the crack of your Bycasino deneme bonusu arse and you let out a little moan.

As I carry on working on your clit and kissing you your legs start to tremble. As I rub my cock down the crack of your arse and towards your now wet slit I ease your legs a little wider and lean you forward…and then, I ease myself in. The tightness of your pussy catches me by surprise and I have to stop and gather myself in case I cum too quickly. I resume and you let out a groan as I slowly slide in and out of your tight pussy. After a while your legs start to tremble again and your breathing quickens…then your body tightens, breathing quickens and you grip my arse cheeks and pull me into you as you orgasm.

I no longer need to hold on and I release myself into you as I kiss you. You prop yourself up against the shower wall, breathing heavily. I pull my shorts up and retreat back to the male changing rooms before you can turn to see me.

I am dressed and out of the gym before you. As you make your way out of the gym into the car park I start the car and drive over. You hop into the passenger seat and give me a kiss. “Good workout?” I ask.

“Yes, not bad.” You reply, smiling at me. And I drive us home for tea.