At the Villa Ch. 11


Chapter 11: Lydia’s Day Part 01

Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.



Only a few days were left, before the ladies were due to get on the boat and return back home. The day and the hour were getting closer and closer. As usual, on these particular days, when I stayed ‘home alone’; today it is, for the last time. I chauffeured the five other ladies with the exception of Lydia, down towards one of the beaches. The one I chose on this specific morning was a rather small inlet, to which I had not yet took these gorgeous ladies to swim, sunbathe and play in the blue Aegean waters. On a first impression they immediately loved the small sandy beach, which it was rather secluded.

Knowing that Lydia was waiting for me at the villa, I drove back as fast as I could. I didn’t like to leave Lydia excitedly waiting for me, dreaming about what she was expecting to enjoy during this planned day together.

I was very sure that I was going to find my Lydia, hot and readily excited. It was going to be, hopefully, a whole day without any reservations or interruptions from the rest of the others, something we both had longed for. Finally the plan fitted perfectly as I had planned it so every one of the guests had a chance to express her wishes, ideas and naturally enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

As I arrived, I drove straight through the open gate; closed the gate and walked towards the pool area where I was expecting to find my Lydia. Outside there was nobody, no Lydia, so I walked inside. The first thing I noticed was that there was great silence, except for some light romantic music playing in my bedroom.

The sound was very low, barely audible. I walked slowly towards the door and stopped at the entrance. There, mesmerized, I stood silently standing, watching that beautiful goddess lying on my bed, her eyes closed, her perfectly shaped breasts with nipples hard, pointing upwards, while her legs, were more that slightly open.

It was an extraordinary and unexpected scene; more complex to visualize and digest, but hard to forget. One of her hands was resting over one of her breasts with two of the fingers rolling the already hard and excited nipple.

The other hand was resting over the length of her body, going downwards towards her pelvis with a finger toying with her clit. She looked nothing less than a real life Venus.

I took some time digesting her beauty, while I focused my eyes on that particular spot, which happened to be between her legs, where her finger was massaging her little knot. The way she was playing with her erogenous zones was not ‘teasing’, but it was the sexual hunger which was roaming through her hot blood as it flows through her veins.

She was building up enough sexual passion; getting herself ready for my arrival. I realized that she was not aware of my silent arrival and neither my presence at the entrance to my bedroom, even though a sweet smile escaped from between her lips.

I relaxed and calmly watched the most beautiful view in its perfect authenticity; infront of my eyes. There were no movements, except of her hands and her lips. She was totally lost in the most probable dirty dream of sexual desires. What she was dreaming I had no idea, although I assumed. I silently waited and made no movements except those that were caused by my dick. It was as hard as steel, pushing my swimming trunks to the limits.

I was becoming uncomfortable, so I decided to take off my trunks when I made a slight noise. Immediately she opened her eyes; rather shocked.

‘You’re already back! How long have you been there?’ Lydia asked.

‘Long enough… Where have you been?’

‘What do you mean, long enough, dad?’

‘I think you know what I mean, you little dirty girl.’ I answered.

‘Ooohh! Please pardon me dad. I became so excited, thinking what might or what may happen during this day alone with me and in your arms… I was lost in the most exciting dream ever.’ She answered.

‘It must have been a very, very hot and sexy dream!’

‘It was much hotter than you had ever dreamed, dad. But please don’t ask. During this special day, we together, may pass through more exciting hot dreams or maybe much more exciting and…’

‘… hotter and passionate you mean, or just sexy. So you were waiting?’ I asked.

‘More than waiting dad… I also want to have a detailed recount of what were like those first exciting dirty days; just blowing cherries.’ She teased.

‘Are you jealous?’ I asked as I walked the last few steps towards my bed. Already totally naked, Casibom I lay down next to Lydia’s relaxed body. I sat myself on the side, while I watched for Lydia’s movements.

‘Why should I be? I had only one cherry and now its’ been blown off by the master; of whom I am so very proud.’ She proudly recited.

‘Thanks. I’m very proud that I had been the master of ceremonies like I was, when I took your mother’ ass; on her insistence. ‘ I said while I laid down and moved my body closer to hers, lifting my face as I moved my lips towards hers.

‘When I go back, I will ask Mum how she felt when you stuck that thick monster up her arse.’

‘Please don’t.’ I insisted.

Our lips met and spent a little time just sucking on each other’s lips, until our tongues became entwined together while sharing our mouths; flowing from one to another. Passion started to build and we became hotter and wilder. After we sucked each other’s tongues for a few minutes, Lydia disengaged and said.

‘Dad; what was the idea about this special day. I am sure that you had an agenda to plan these particular days; one for every hot burning beauty. Were they planned from the very first moments we arrived here? I don’t think I may need an answer. I know you wanted me to be your pet, at least for one day. We would be just alone without causing suspicions. We could exchange stories and also get to know each other; more intimately.’

Watching her eyes and moving slowly on top of her body I answered to her statement. ‘Yes sweetie I wanted this special day more than anything, like you said. Although we had already enjoyed some intimate chats here and there as well as what I did with the others; there are still some hidden agendas we have to discover.’

I ended my quick answer, by moving my hand down towards her pelvic area and exchanged it with Lydia’s hand. Immediately my fingers found her vaginal entrance, which quickly I realized how hot and ready she was. Her wet pussy was abundantly leaking hot juices, that probably had been flowing since she started playing with her clitories, if not, since she woke up dreaming about the day ahead.

Pushing her hand away I started massaging the flowing juice all over her separated swollen lips. Lydia moaned; her body trembled, especially when she felt dad’s two fingers moving through the vaginal entrance which I instantly discovered.

I could not believe how wet and hot she was. Her vagina was drenched and her channel of love was slick with the flowing juices. I kissed her again and again as I hugged her against my body. “Sam loved her both as a daughter and as a lover.”

‘But this day; was it in your original plan, or after you had discovered who I am?’ Lydia asked insistently while her dad was nibbling at her hard nipple.

“He was getting rather agitated. Her vaginal muscles were pressing against his fingers while he was wondering if Lydia was ready. Knowing so, as she felt her father moving over her body, she opened her legs wide, pulling her knees towards her body and presented herself to be filled with his awaiting manhood. She was more than ready, waiting restlessly to feel the inside of her vaginal channel, stretched and filled by her father’s hard waiting cock.”

I was still watching her as my hard dong was hanging precisely on top of her vagina. I finally settled on my knees between her wide open legs. My steel hard phallus with that thick purple head was readily aimed at her vaginal opening. I slowly lowered my body, the head touched and slowly settled at the opening of her vagina. With a slight push, it would sure go straight in; all the way into her sopping wet waiting love tube. But before I did so I had to answer for Lydia’s latest comments.

‘Well, not exactly, although they were all planned as you have just described. I started thinking from that very moment when I put the invitation to Olympia. After you discussed the proposition, you ladies agreed that it would be worthwhile to come and stay with me at the villa. Precisely after I fucked Olympia and spent the rest of the night with Diana, my hard dick started to dictate. It was some time, since I had a bevy of twenty year olds, full of sexual vigour in my bedroom; three virgins and one who had never a male inside her body; not bad I thought. So some very quick decisions had to be primed up.’

‘Dad, it seems that Olympia with her secret agenda triggered everything?’ Lydia questioned.

‘She planned the whole scenario; what she didn’t know was; that I was going to make an offer for free accommodation, which means hang around with me at the villa, so I could enjoy the ripe fruits.’

‘And after you enjoyed a hard time fucking Olympia’s body as she had related to us; and what orgasms she had enjoyed; she wanted more and more. So you dad, as the dirty boy you are; was not just happy with just one. You asked for a second helping; and sure enough you chose a virgin.’ Lydia teased.

‘I even knew who the virgins were.’ Casibom Giriş Sam teased back.

‘So with luck I wasn’t your victim that night; I could have ended like my mother with a cock up my ass.’ (Refer to ‘ON THE BOAT; 1, 2 and 3’)

‘Maybe yes; maybe not; but the most obvious logical reason was that if I can convince a virgin then the rest will follow.’ Sam answered.

‘A real professor of logic;’ Lydia confessed.

‘You are very right my dear and as you see you joined them too.’ I answered.

‘So after you tasted the cake you went also after the icing. Your plans, the future dreams and scenarios you had built in your dirty brain; brought you to the conclusion, that with five young ladies running naked all over your place, your hard cock will always have abounding pussy.’

‘Yes, it was from there on, that I started preparing more interesting programs. Having a bevy of beautiful young ladies was not something that happened every day; especially three virgins at my disposal. The precise moment when I took that decision was; after I tasted Diana’s cherry. Therefore on purpose, I left it intact until I could have ample time to enjoy her body and naturally her sweet virgin pussy. That act could be so fruitful after all of you had settled within the walls of my property.’

‘Did mum teach you to be a dirty boy?’ Lydia asked.

‘That first tight pussy I felt was so good, that my visions went back to the great days in Thessaloniki. That why I’m not answering your question about mum; but maybe you should ask her. So I planned a lot of things; keeping you here for an extra week or more; enjoying the pleasures of lovemaking, fucking, massage and whatever we decided to indulge in; enjoying some wild days running naked all around the villa; the pool and around the garden. Why not, being alone with just one participant at a time? Why not? I was even thinking to keep you here, but that was a risky proposition.’ I explained.

‘You are really a very bad dirty boy, dad. Fucking too many younger girls was not enough?’

‘Don’t you think that Olympia had a motive? Getting her best dirty friend to her lost uncle?’ I asked.

‘No more teasing dad; let’s get to reality. I know, I started the ball rolling …’

‘And Olympia took advantage of that situation!’ I exclaimed.

‘Pardon me dad. So tell me, what were your motives; after we settled in this beautiful place of yours.’

‘My motives; well it’s a very interesting question! Watching naked beauties parading around the swimming pool; was something I always dreamed about; but only when I did not have an available lady or ladies around. Ladies sucking ladies is very interesting and stimulating, both for the actors and the audience. Ladies on their knees getting fucked from behind, eemmm glorious; especially if they were being eaten by another lady. The skies the limits! Just heaven, I must say.’

‘That is not what I asked dad; I just wanted to know when you were alone in the company of one of us as your victim?’

‘Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed every moment when I stayed alone with the others. They all loved being my victims, especially when their orgasms hit the higher levels. I also learned a lot of things and also some secrets, from everyone. They were very open about their sexual dreams, their intimate personal agendas, ideas about sex, marriage and other subjects. Did you ask any of my victims of what they enjoyed most?’

‘Well, girls may talk too much or they can also keep secrets. But some comments were made; mostly about what a fantastic fucking holiday we had.’

‘What about you, my little nympho?’ I asked

‘Most important for me; and I’m very happy about was that Olympia had found my Dad. I’m also very pleased that none of the others knew anything; why we chose to come to this island. In fact it was Olympia’s agenda to help me find my lost uncle. What was not planned was; where we were going to stay; but now, I know that Olympia had already found what I had asked for. And not only she found you and kept it a secret, but she also took pictures of you and planned her own personal secret agenda.’

‘Yes a very secret agenda. That game on the boat was just a front, nothing more, except to lure me to her pussy.’

That’s precisely what it was, dad. Before we arrived at the port in Piraeus, she was already babbling that the first handsome bachelor she will meet on the boat, she was going to do everything to seduce him, and naturally she wanted to get fucked. She was so hot, none of us ever expected that she was going to do it. But she really went for it. You was more than ready; dad. She already knew who her prey was going to be. Maybe she also knew that you would never miss a hot pussy.’ Lydia continued.

‘After what happened I presumed, that Olympia had planned everything. Don’t lie; you knew that she was a real hotty?’ I asked.

‘O.K. dad, you won. You knew we were lovers, but none of us are lesbians. You know that Casibom Güncel Giriş we firstly, prefer a hard prick.’ Lydia insisted.

‘So you had no idea I was your uncle?’ I asked.

‘No, Olympia never told me. The idea of a week or so holidaying together was more than interesting, especially after the long university year. Olympia had also promised me that you may be living on this island, so I put some extra cash as I knew that Olympia and Diana could not afford the proposed holiday. But what I did not know was; that she had already located your whereabouts.’ Lydia concluded.

‘I had greatly enjoyed the pleasures of having you as my guests, not to mention the quality time I had spent with you, in the most intimate ways. All of you had your own individual hot spots and secrets. You were all fantastic; always hot and were hungry for more’.

‘I know that some very hot wild sex really took place within these walls, dad. I heard quit a few stories and more than a few comments when we girls were together down at the beaches, and in other places. You know; girlie talk!’ Lydia added.

‘So you know I’m not lying.’

‘Dad I’m proud of you. You had performed very well, not only in your career but also; emmmm with the girlies you managed to lure to your beds. Mum had always stated; that you were the most handsome lover boy around, and sure she was right. I never thought I was your daughter and probably I may have inherited some your sexual genes. I never thought I going to enjoy sex this much; at least not from that first moment when you ripped my hymen. I always thought it was just fucking; but wowww; sex is just fantastic. I’m going to miss you so much; so much I’m going to miss you, Dad.’

‘I think you learned enough to teach any future boyfriend how to please and satisfy your sexual egos.’

‘Depends what he thinks, some believe they know it all.’ Lydia answered.

‘Don’t worry; you’re still too young and you can learn to be strong and then dictate. Without your full participation he could not make any decent moves, he will not understand the art of making love. You must enjoy the pleasures of the flesh as much as he has the right to.’ I advised.

‘Thanks dad, you’re right.’

It was the best decision I took at that moment. And I was right, that spending one day alone with each of individual beauties had proved worth the day; as every lady felt more relaxed, more intimate and probably heard a few stories which could never be recounted in each other’s presence. The days alone with the individual lady were fantastic and incredibly informative, pleasant, pleasurable and of course wild.

‘Dad.’ I allowed her to call me dad as we were just alone, but I never did so when we were in the company of the others, although, when we hid in the Gardner’s Lodge she always did so, even though I was not comfortable.

‘Yes dear.’

‘What about your last day before you left for the north? Has Hera kept her appointment as had been planned?’ Lydia curiously asked.

‘Yes we met as it was planned and we arrived at our destination before eight in the morning, rather early. As planned I had left early that day, before mum and dad were up. Fortunately I managed to get away, unnoticed. So I was in luck, even though mom was not going to stop me. She loved me very much.’

‘So, Hera was there, waiting. What about Ophelia, was she hot?’

‘Which story you want to hear first, Ophelia or Hera’s?’ I asked.

‘I prefer if we have to have them chronically; it should be Ophelia’s story first; dad.’ She answered.

‘As you are so anxious to hear more; I prefer that we start as soon as we finish making love. My dick had been hurting and waiting since yesterday, to enter that little hot hungry pussy of yours. Where do you think we shall go to enjoy the next encounter?’ I asked.

‘Why not alfresco, by the pool?’ She asked.

I just stood up, found one of the large air mattresses and spread it close to the edge by the pool. She joined me and as I lay down, I took her in my arms and kissed her hard on her lips. She was naked. She had discarded her bikini just before she lay down next to me. I was wearing only my trunks but my dick was still a prisoner raging inside them. Lydia kissed me and hugged me as she pushed me down on my back. Our lips were still joined together; our tongues entwined in and out of our mouths, moving from one to another, as the passion fuelled our hunger for each others’ bodies.

With one hand, she started to push my trunks down my legs. I tried to help as I knew that what she was after was hidden somewhere there. As one leg was out, she got on top and slowly lowered her pussy until my hard cock was aligned with the entrance to her temple of love. Slowly her vaginal entrance and the hard awaiting purple head, touched. She waited, and then as she descended slowly, she let the head enter. As it was embedded within her temple of love she let go, until she was totally filled with its’ massive thickness.

‘Ohh dad, it feels so good. Its’ so good… feeling your hot hard cock deep inside my body. What I’m going to do when I go back? I think I will dream about all these experiences, while I will play with my little clitty.’ She said.