Au Naturel Ch. 02


Hi. There you are. Been here long? Sorry I’m running a little late. I got hung up in traffic. I see you have a soda. Have you ordered lunch yet? Good, let’s order then. Yes, I haven’t forgotten. You want more stories of outdoor and naked sex. Let’s eat first and I’ll tell you one of my favorites.

OK. Get settled, and I’ll tell you one of my favorite stories of all. After the divorce, I eventually began seeing different women. Most of the women I met were very nice. Yes, there were a few disasters, but overall it was a good experience. Some of the women I ended up having sex with, but I never really seemed to click with any of them. But then I met this one woman. I’m going to call her “Stacey.” You know, “The names were changed to protect the not so innocent.” She was a real wild one when it came to sex. Sometimes the sex was almost like a wrestling match or a battle. And she was really vocal too. She’s the story today.

Oh, I need to tell you that I’m leaving out all the moans and groans and grunts and growls and gasps, the long oh’s and ah’s and oo’s and un’s and arg’s, the long yesss’s and nooo’s. You can put them in wherever you want. I’m just going to let your imagination do that. Let’s just say that there as a lot of noise when Stacey and I had sex.

It didn’t matter what kind of sex we had, she would let herself completely go. Her body was all over the place and she talked and yelled incessantly. I mean she could be loud. Really, really loud. She tried to keep her “enthusiasm” under control most of the time if she thought people might hear. But all it did was make her frustrated. But sometimes her frustration made sex even better.

Stacey got me into sounds of sex too. I found that the talking and screaming during sex turned me on. It was like … like … there was a kind of a … a … freedom in being able to express the sensations I was feeling in my body through words and sounds. Stacey told me to think of the sounds of sex as a way of coming, of having an orgasm, with words and unintelligible noises.

Anyway, on with my story. You might wonder how I can remember all the words and noises we made. I have relived my experiences with Stacey so many times, over and over in my mind, that I’ll never forget what we said. Though I may not tell them exactly or in the order we spoke them, it’s as close as I can remember.

One time after a rousing and noisy round of sex, she said, “I wish we could be somewhere where it didn’t matter how loud we wanted to be.”

I thought for a moment, “How about going camping?”

Her eyes lit up, “That’s a great idea. Where? When?”

“I’ll make some plans and surprise you.”

I had one of those pop-up campers, so all I had to do was find a place. There were several large state and national parks within a few hours drive. I found one with a primitive camping area a long way from the other sites. No electricity, no water, no showers, no bathrooms, nothing but a fire ring and a picnic table. The site was located in a woods along a stream.

“Perfect,” I said to myself.

“Perfect,” she said when I told her about it.

We decided to leave on a Monday hoping that most of the campers had already left after the weekend. Our hopes were realized because when we got to the campground, we found it completely deserted.

The campsite was a small clearing in the woods, next to a stream. We walked the place over, watched the water in the stream drift by, checked out the picnic table and the fire ring.

Standing in the center of the clearing, Stacey whirled around with her hands above her head. “Oh, this is so perfect. Absolutely kazak escort perfect.”

She helped me set up the camper. I went looking for firewood while she put chairs around the fire ring, put the plastic tableclothe on the picnic table, and organized the camper.

When we finished, I asked, “Are you hungry yet?”

She grabbed my shoulders and shouted, “I’m hungry for sex, I’m hungry for you, I’m hungry for your cock, I’m hungry to yell and scream, and I don’t want to do it inside the camper either!”

We pulled a mattress out of one side of the camper pull-out, took it over by the stream, and stripped off our clothing.

Stacey often liked to start sex with oral and this time was no different. She started by kneeling at my feet on the mattress, then looked up at me and told me exactly what she was going to do to me.

She said, each phrase getting louder and louder, “I’m going to take your cock into my hands. I’m going to make you bigger and harder. I’m going to stroke you. I’m going to take you into my mouth. I’m going to use my tongue and my lips and the deepest recesses of my throat. I’m going to lick you and suck you until you’re harder than you’ve ever been. I’m going to use my lips and my tongue and my hands and my fingers and make you explode into my mouth, filling my mouth with your glorious come!”

And she did. She used her hands and her mouth, her lips and her tongue. She stroked my cock, squeezed, my balls, and fingered my anus while she licked and sucked my cock.

And all the time I was letting go with my words. “That’s it, Stacey … that’s it … lick my cock … twirl your tongue … suck my cock … take it deep … suck me, Stacey … suck me … suck me harder … push against my anus … ”

At one point, she took her mouth off my cock and shouted, “Put your my cock between my breasts. I’m going to fuck you with my titties.”

I put my cock between them. She pushed her breasts together with her hands. We both made fucking motions, my cock moving up and down between her breasts. It was a real turn on to see the head of my cock peek out then disappear then peek out again as it slid between her breasts.

While still squeezing her breasts, she started in on her nipples with her fingers, pulling and pinching and yelling, “Fuck me … fuck me, Richie … fuck my tits.”

My knees got weak.

“I’m going to come,” I shouted.

Before I did, she shouted back, “Fuck my mouth. Fuck my mouth.”

Then she took my entire cock deep into her throat. I grabbed her head and pumped my hips. She grabbed my ass, pulled me deep, gave me one big hard suck, and I came.

“Stacey … Stacey …” I yelled, and I came with another shout. I could feel her throat swallowing my come. I kept coming until I had nothing left, screaming for all I was worth.

I collapsed on the mattress. She never took her mouth off my cock. She kept sucking and sucking.

I couldn’t believe the sensations. I could hardly stand it. I cried out, “Stacey … Stacey … suck me … suck me … ”

She made all kind of noises too, even with her mouth wrapped around my cock. Her body began to squirm. She touched a finger to her clit and and rubbed it furiously.

With a loud, “mmmmph,” from her lips, she came.

With my cock still in her mouth she came. Now that’s an experience I’ll never forget. Her body thrashing around but not letting go of my cock. It’s turning me on just remembering it!

Ok. I’ve got myself under control now.

After awhile, Stacey said, “Now, I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck your istanbul bayan escort face. Turn over.”

I rolled on my back. She got on her knees, straddled me, and lowered her pussy to my face.

Then she started a running commentary that went something like this.

“Lick me, Rich … lick me … like that … suck my pussy lips … suck hard … harder … open my pussy lips with your tongue … find my clit … right there … suck it … suck my clit, Rich … wrap your lips around it … grab my hips … pull me harder against your mouth … stick your tongue in my pussy, Rich … suck my clit again … keep sucking, Richie … keep … sucking … grab my nipples … squeeze ’em … twist ’em … pinch ’em … harder … harder … I’m starting to come … I’m starting to come … push your finger in my back hole, Rich … harder …”

As soon as she started coming she leaned forward on her hands and started grinding her hips on my mouth. She was literally fucking my face. Her screams pierced through the woods.

I know. I know. It was amazing. It was one of the most erotic moments in my life. But then, sex with Stacey was always erotic. Like I said, she was a wild one. And, like me, she absolutely loved oral sex.

Yes, I have more stories about our camping trip. That wasn’t the only sex we had by a long shot. OK, OK. I’ll tell you another moment.

It was the same day. After we recovered, we hopped into the stream. Still naked, we splashed each other, waded across to the other side, and just generally played around. Every so often she’d grab my cock and I’d grab her pussy or touch her nipples.

At one point she said, “I think I’m hungry for food now. Let’s start supper.”

We picked up our clothes, but instead of putting them on, we decided to stay naked the whole time we where there.

I won’t bore you with any details about making supper and cleaning up. I know you are anxious to hear more about Stacey and me and sex.

We eventually ended back on the mattress. It was a warm summer night. We just sat there, watching the stream, talking, enjoying each other’s company. I reached over, put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her against me. She put her head on my shoulder. We sat there. In silence. Watched the sun disappear behind the trees.

“Now I’m hungry, Stacey,” I said.

With a smile she asked, “Hungry for what?”

“Hungry for you. I want to fuck you, Stacey. Right now, right here. I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop or you pass out!”

“I thought you’d never ask. And I have a special treat for you,” she added.

“A special treat? And what might that be?”

“I’ve been learning Tai Chi and my pussy is going to make your cock feel like it’s never felt before. I’m going to grip it, I’m going to squeeze it, I’m going to hug it with my pussy.”

She rolled on her back, spread her legs, and pulled me on top of her.

“Lick my pussy a little just to get my juices going again.”

I licked her then put my knees between her legs. She rubbed my cock up and down her wet pussy then helped me slide into her.

And, of course, she started another running commentary. As best as I can remember, it went something like this:

“I love it when you’re on top, Rich … when you’re above me … I love the expression on your face when your cock slides into my pussy … when you are inside me … feel me? … feel my pussy gripping your cock? … fuck me, Rich … fuck me … in … out … deeper … do you feel it? … do you feel it … my tight pussy squeezing your cock? … fuck me … slow … azeri escort slower … can you feel the walls of my pussy? … yes you can … I can see it in your face … move your hips, Richie … slower … go deeper … deeper … you’re filling me with your cock … you’re filling me completely … pump your cock in and out of my pussy, Rich … faster … faster … harder … don’t stop … I’m coming already … I feel your energy flowing into me … don’t stop … harder … faster … deeper … I’m coming again … don’t slow down … your cock feels wonderful in my pussy, Richie … it’s where it should be … my Richie … my pussy is meant to be home to your cock … I want your cock so much, Rich … you don’t know how much I want it … how much I want you … feel my pussy squeezing your cock, Richie? … your cock is so hard … drive your hard cock in me … pound your hard cock into my pussy … do my nipples, Richie … twist … pull … squeeze … bury your cock in me … push your cock into me … really … really … fuck me, Rich … harder … deeper … faster … drive your cock deeper … deeper … don’t stop … never stop … fuck me forever, Richie … I love the feel of your cock inside me … I need your cock inside me … fuck me … fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before … fuck me forever, Richie … I’m shaking … I’m coming … fuck me … fuck me … fuck me … shoot your come deep … come in my pussy, Richie … don’t slow down …. pound me … bang me … it’s so good to fuck this way, Richie … harder … faster … I feel your cock fucking my pussy … I need your cock fucking my pussy … more … deeper … faster … gimmie your come, Richie … gimmie your come … I want your come inside me … now … now … I can’t wait any longer … come … come for me, Richie … I need it now … now … I feel it … I feel your come spurting out of your cock … shoot it into my pussy, Richie … more … more … I want more of your come … I want your come filling me … I’m coming … do you feel my pussy loving your cock, Richie? … do you feel me coming? … gimmie me all your come … it feels so good … I’m crying, Richie … I’m crying … don’t take your cock out yet … keep moving … it feels so good … make me come again, Richie … lick my ears … suck my earlobes … stick you tongue in my ear … kiss me, Rich … kiss me … stick your tongue in my mouth … let me suck it … here I come again …”

And she came. Her pussy squeezed my cock so hard I couldn’t pull it out if I wanted to. She came with an ear-shattering yell. And she wouldn’t stop fucking me. She kept battering her pussy against my cock.

She began slowing down and, with a whimper, finally stopped.

We stayed there, on the mattress, holding each other tight, my cock still in her pussy, under a starlit sky and a quarter moon, and fell asleep.

So you liked that story? I’m glad. It’s one of my favorite memories. Do I have more Stacey stories? Of course I do. I told you she was a wild one. You want another one now? I’m sorry, I’ve really got to run. It’ll have to wait until next time. When? How about next week, same time, same place? No, not now. I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to wait. I promise to come up with a good story for you.

What ever happened to Stacey? She was offered a job in San Francisco and couldn’t turn it down. Do I miss her? I sure do. Not only did we have great sex, but we wrote emails nearly every day. We talked about life in general but our emails were also filled with our thoughts and ideas and fantasies about sex. They were so erotic sometimes we would have to stop reading and masturbate to our words before we even finished. I’ve saved all of the emails. I love going back and re-reading them. You want me to read you some of the things we wrote next time? OK, I can do that.

Well, I need to get going. See you next week.