Aunt Alex Undone Ch. 03


Raymond sat very still in the darkened room at the foot of his aunt’s bed, watching her sleep. After a short time had passed he rose and pulled back the heavy curtains, letting in the daylight. As he returned to the foot of her bed he studied his aunt’s petite form under the covers. She stirred at the brightness and pushed herself up, half sitting in the bed.

Alex ran a hand through her tousled blonde hair, straightening it and letting it fall over the thin camisole that covered her breasts. After they had arrived home from the episode in the airport parking lot she had taken the time to clean herself up. She showered and scrubbed off her makeup, which had been ruined by the rain and the load of semen that Raymond’s younger brother had spewed across her face. She had let the shower run over her for a long time, over her breasts and belly, down her back and between her ass cheeks which had so recently played host to her oldest nephew’s surging manhood. Her skin was clean now, her hair lustrous from her shower and sleep. Her cheeks had a fresh warm glow and her full voluptuous lips were soft and inviting in the morning light.

“Raymond,” she said. “What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you to wake up,” he replied.

“Are you?” She said in a mocking tone “I’m surprised. You and your brothers don’t seem to wait around much these days.”

Before speaking, Raymond’s eyes roamed over his Aunt’s body. He noticed how her hair framed her pretty face as it flowed down toward her small pert breasts. He wondered if her nipples were flushed with color like her cheeks.

“Well,” he said, moving closer. “Sometimes it doesn’t pay to wait. Sometimes you’ve got to reach out and take what you want before you miss the chance.”

Alex leaned back against the headboard to consider what he said. She pulled her knees up to her chest and the bed covers slid down, settling around her ankles. Her legs were bare and Raymond imagined what he would find where they met. He pictured the soft folds of flesh at the entrance to her sex, accented by wisps of gently curling blonde hair.

“Is that why you’re here?” she asked. “There’s something you’ve come to take?”

“Yes, there is.” he replied, reaching forward and pushing her legs apart. He quickly moved between them, pressing her against the headboard, then grabbed her top and pulled it off, groping at her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples. She squirmed and cried out at his rough mauling of her breasts and tried to push his hands away. Her efforts to resist him were rewarded with a vicious slap across her face. Raymond grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her forward onto her stomach, then straddled her, pinning her hands behind her back. He found her camisole and used it to tie her wrists, then climbed off the bed and rolled her onto her back.

As Alex writhed on the bed she could feel her nipples stiffen with arousal. Raymond noticed her erect nipples and gave each one a twist and a pull, leaving them red and swollen atop her round, firm breasts.

Raymond moved between his aunt’s legs, grabbed her panties and pulled them off, leaving her naked and bound on her bed. He put his hand on her lightly furred mound then moved it downward, slipping his fingers between the soft lips of her sex.

“There,” he said. “That’s what I’m after.”

He pushed his fingers deeper inside his aunt, probing, exploring, farther and farther. He could feel her wetness, her natural lubrication increasing as he moved his fingers within her; first two, then a third, now all five pressing past the portals of her womanhood, deep inside of her. A soft moan escaped from her and when Nathan looked, he saw his aunt moving rhythmically with the thrusts of his hand inside her. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted and another moan welled up and out of her.

With his free hand Raymond searched among the bed sheets and found Alex’s panties. He wadded them into a ball and forced them between her parted lips, over her tongue and far into his aunt’s mouth. He took hold of her hair and pulled her head back, arching her petite body upward. Inside her, he made his hand into a fist, pulled it partly out of her and thrust it back in. Alex gave out another moan, this time one of pure animal lust, which was stifled by her own panties that her young nephew had stuffed in her throat.

Alex bucked against the pressure of her nephew’s hand inside her. She had never before been taken this way, had not even imagined such a thing. How could she have ever imagined that she would be penetrated by her muscular nephew’s large, powerful hand, now balled into a fist inside her wet sex. Muscles deep in her abdomen contracted and released, pulling his fist deeper into her. Her bucking grew more intense and her moans increased and came faster and louder through the panties that were lodged in her mouth. Raymond had released his grip on her hair and she had raised her hips high enabling görükle escort bayan him to push deep up inside her past his wrist. Her shoulders were flat against the mattress and her blonde hair spread out on the sheets around her head like a pool of liquid gold. Her small breasts shook with the force of her bucking and her aching red nipples danced to the cadence of the her nephew’s forearm-deep strokes into her womanhood. She was consumed by powerful waves of carnal passion that erupted from between her legs and coursed through her body like rivers of living electricity; now crashing over her like huge breakers; now rippling through her like circles in a pond; all centered around Raymond’s fist, penetrating her, driving her to shameful levels of satisfaction.

Alex was completely immersed in her climax when her other two nephews entered the room and saw her on the bed with her hands tied behind her back, her hips raised up, wantonly pistoning her sex on her nephew’s fist.

“Look here!” quipped Nathan, nudging his brother Ethan, ” We’ve caught Ray with his hand in the cookie jar! It looks like she’s quite a handful, eh brother?”

Nathan’s voice jarred Alex out of her private world of sexual ecstasy and back into the bedroom, where she was so wickedly exposed to her young nephews. Her intense pleasure was immediately replaced by equally intense shame over these boys being witness to her submission and degradation. Her writhing passion on the end of her nephew’s arm became instead a desperate effort to escape her depraved impalement and her moans of fulfillment became choked whimpers of humiliation.

“What’s this?” asked Nathan, reaching down and pushing fingers past his aunt’s lips. He plucked Alex’s panties from her mouth and held them up.

“Are these yours, Auntie?” he asked. She nodded affirmative and Nathan continued. “How’d they get there, Ray? Did she put them there or you?”

Raymond continued to worm his arm up inside his aunt as he answered; “I did, but I’ve gotta say she didn’t put up much resistance. I kinda think maybe she wanted a taste of her own juices.”

“I’d say you can give her a heaping handful of it now, brother,” replied Nathan.

Alex, immobile on her bed, had to endure their humiliating banter. Raymond pulled his forearm from inside his aunt’s pussy and held his hand, dripping with her fluids over her face. He smeared her juices onto her lips and over her face before pushing his fingers into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own elixir. At the same time, Nathan reached down and pinched one of her nipples, pulling and twisting it before he released it.

“I really wish you had some decent boobs, Auntie,” he said. “Then I could give you a good tit – fucking. It’s hardly worth messing with these little things.”

In the meantime Ethan had stripped off his clothes and approached the bed.

“I’ll give it a try,” he said. “It’s a dirty job but someone has got to do it” laughed Ethan as he straddled Alex’s torso on the bed. His long limp penis dragged across his aunt’s belly as he positioned himself over her and grasped her small breasts, cupping them and squeezing them together around his swelling member. As small as Alex’s breasts were, they were still able to cradle Ethan’s cock as he pumped it vigorously between them. Nathan grabbed his aunt by her hair and pushed her face forward toward his brother’s cock head as it reached the end of its stroke between her boobs.

“Open up and give him some tongue action, Auntie,” he said. “It’s the least you can do. He’s doing you a favor fucking those little pin-pricks you call tits.”

Alex did as her nephew demanded, stretching her tongue forward to meet Ethan’s advancing shaft-head. With her nephew’s balled fist no longer inside her, her carnal lust had retreated and been replaced by a sense of debasement. Alex knew she’d been left open, unguarded and vulnerable to anything the boys might choose to do with her. A wave of nauseating shame filled her as she realized that whatever pleasures they would take from her and her body, she could not deny them. She sensed that the boys’ sexual demands were catapulting her toward the portals of another realm where her very essence would be ruled by the carnal passions of her three young nephews.

Ethan had tired of pumping his cock between his aunt’s meager breasts. Her tongue lapping at his cock-head reminded him of the pleasures her mouth had provided and he moved forward, grasping both sides of her head as he did. Instead of penetrating her mouth he slid his penis across her lips and balanced his testicles on them. Knowing what was expected of her, Alex parted her sensuous lips and allowed the boy’s balls to settle between them. Her wet tongue washed her nephew’s sac and she inhaled his twin orbs the rest of the way into her mouth. In front of her eyes bobbed the head of Ethan’s manhood, reddening and swelling from arousal. Alex’s vision was dominated altıparmak eskort by the underside of his penis, ribboned by the pulsing veins which fueled his growing erection. She longed to grasp and stroke it but her hands were still bound behind her back.

Ethan pulled his dripping balls from his aunt’s mouth and positioned his erection at the entrance, pushing it over her lips and across her tongue, not stopping until his swollen meat was far back into her throat. With one hand on the back of her head and the other gripping her chin he pumped his erect penis in and out, using her face to satisfy his sexual need.

Waves of shame washed over Alex, bound on the bed in her sister’s home, naked, exposed and on display to the boys she had raised from babies, while one of them used her mouth like it was another sex organ, a point of copulation, a place to deposit sticky wads of semen. But behind her shame she sensed another feeling begin to stir deep within her. The feeling fed on her shame and degradation at the hands of these boys and it grew within her. It was like something seen at the edges of her vision and she wondered when it would erupt and engulf her.

Raymond positioned himself between his aunt’s legs and entered her with his hard penis. Alex’s pussy had recovered from the rough intrusion by her nephew’s hand and was now relaxed and wet, ready for his penetration. Without pausing he pushed into her. Reflexively her muscles drew him deeper inside and he responded with long hard thrusts. Ethan renewed his grip on her head and chin and pistoned his cock into her mouth, matching his brother’s thrusts stroke for stroke. Alex’s muscles relaxed, allowing her nephew’s swollen cock to press unhindered across her tongue to unprecedented depths beyond the portals of her throat. Her face was pressed against his groin, her nose buried in his coarse pubic hair and she inhaled his musky manliness. He withdrew his cock from her face and as he did more of her shame and revulsion withdrew from her as well, leaving her yearning for his cock, needing it behind her lips not hovering, dripping in front of them; needing his powerful manhood twitching and swelling inside her mouth, not in front of her face. Alex was forming a plea, about to beg him to fuck her face when he pushed his cock back into her mouth, turning her stifled plea into a moan of carnal abandonment.

Alex felt the bed move beneath her and wondered if it was the beginning of an ecstatic climax before she realized that Nathan had joined his brothers on the bed, lifting her and positioning himself under her. Once in position he grabbed her butt, lifted her and spread her ass-cheeks to allow him access to her puckered rear entrance. His movements pressed her further onto Raymond’s hard cock and she moaned again. Nathan held her ass up, guided the swollen red tip of his cock to her anus and then dropped her onto his shaft. Nathan, barely past his teens, had a large well-formed cock that stretched his aunt’s rectum as he thrust deep into her butt, causing her to groan like a wanton creature, just as she had the night before when he had penetrated her ass in a dark corner of the airport parking lot. At that time he had taken her like she was an animal: entering her from behind as she knelt on the wet pavement in a filthy dumpster enclosure. Now she was sandwiched between two of her nephews, riven by their cocks, consumed by desire, while her youngest nephew shoved his penis in and out of her throat.

Once again, Raymond was the first of the boys to climax, pumping his load deep inside his aunt. Spent and sweating, he pulled his dripping wet cock out of her and climbed off of the bed. As if on cue, Ethan and Nathan both pulled their cocks out of their aunt and moved to swap positions.

Neither boy had come yet and Alex, still on her back with her hands bound and trapped under her begged them to re-enter her. Ethan paused and fumbled in his pants which lay crumpled on the floor. He stood and opened a small packet which contained a condom that he he rolled onto his slippery cock. He pushed his aunt’s legs up in the air, sliding roughly into her crimson anus and deep into her bowels, surprised at how tight her rectum was after the pounding it had received from his brother’s swollen tool.

Nathan straddled his aunt’s chest, once again mocking her small breasts, calling them “useless pips” before grabbing a handful of her hair and slapping her across the face.

Nathan slapped his aunt repeatedly, reddening her cheeks and causing tears to well up in her eyes. Between between his vicious slaps, Alex pleaded with her young nephew. Her tearful pleas were not, however, imploring him to stop, but to give her his cock, to fuck her mouth and come all over her. Instead of putting his hard meat in her mouth, Nathan moved forward to straddle his aunt’s head. He grasped his own ass-cheeks, spreading them in front of her face nilüfer escort and instructed her, “Lick my butt, Auntie.”

Alex could hardly believe what she had heard. Even Nathan’s brothers were shocked at this degradation of their aunt.”Jesus, brother!” said Ethan, still pounding deeply into his aunt’s ass. “For fuck’s sake, Nate,” said Raymond from across the room. Alex thought for a moment that the other boys might persuade their older brother from his deviant demand until she heard Raymond laugh and quipped, “I guess it “taint” Aunties day!” She tried to turn away from the sight of her young nephew’s puckered anus positioned directly over of her face but her head was trapped between his legs. Like Raymond, Nathan had worked up a sweat as they sandwiched her body between them. Streams of sweat ran down his torso, groin and butt. His thighs were coated with a pungent film of perspiration.

Alex could feel the sweat-matted pubic hair on her nephew’s balls clinging to her forehead. Her nose was pressed against the damp, sticky region between his scrotum and rectum, and she could not escape the clammy stench that assaulted her nostrils. She fought back nausea and disgust as her nephew lowered his ass onto her face, again instructing her to lick his butthole. She suppressed the urge to retch as she submitted to his foul demand, parting her voluptuous lips and extending her tongue until it made contact with the puckered entrance to his anus. His sweat-slickened ass-cheeks pressed against her high, beautiful cheekbones as he settled lower onto her face, leaving her no alternative except to slide her tongue up inside his ass. Nathan could feel his aunt’s lips pressed against his bung-hole and her tongue worming around inside his ass as he moved his butt back and forth on her face. Alex, surrendering completely to her nephew’s use of her, puckered her moist lips, kissing and sucking ant his asshole while she probed his bowels with her tongue. As Nathan lifted his ass off of her face to allow her to breathe, strings of sticky mucus trailed between his asshole and his aunt’s mouth. She caught them with her tongue and reeled them in past her lips sucking and slurping them into her mouth.

Ethan, looking between his aunt’s uplifted thighs as he vigorously assailed her ass with his boner, watched as she strained her face upward to return her tongue to Nathan’s now empty asshole. Nathan obliged her by settling back down onto her face, grinding his ass onto it and pressing her head down into the mattress. Even though they were muffled by Nathan’s asshole planted firmly over her mouth, the boys could hear her moans and screams of lust. Ethan continued the ass-stretching violation of his aunt until he erupted into her bowels. He kept his cock lodged in her backside while he watched her tonguing his brother’s asshole.

Nathan once again lifted his ass from Alex’s face, this time moving forward and turning toward his aunt’s petite form on the bed. He stroked his cock and pointed it at his aunt’s glistening lips. With a loud groan he ejaculated straight into her open mouth, filling it with load after load of his thick semen. Alex hungrily gulped down her nephew’s jizz-loads, reveling in its hot stickiness as streamed down her throat.

Ethan pulled his cock out of his aunt’s ass, revealing the engorged condom stretched over his penis. The latex sleeve was swollen with semen and hung from the end of his cock. A thick layer of rectal mucus coated it and a long strand trailed from the tip. He moved to the end of the bed where his aunt’s voluptuous lips gaped open, waiting for her nephew to use her mouth for his pleasure.

Alex’s head hung over the end of the mattress, her blonde hair trailing down to the floor, her hands still trapped under her, tied behind her back. She watched her nephew peel the condom off of his penis and dangle it over her mouth, sweeping it back and forth across her lips. Mucus from inside her ass ran down the outside of the latex sac, dripping onto her parted lips and into her open mouth.

With his other hand, Ethan took hold of the bulbous end of the condom and pinching the opening shut, turned the semen filled condom over, positioning it over her waiting lips.

“What do you want, Auntie?” he asked. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want your cum,” she moaned. “I want it all in my mouth. Please give it to me now!”

Ethan released the open end of the condom, allowing the contents to gush out and slither into his aunt’s mouth. She savored his semen in her mouth before allowing it to slide down her throat. Alex then took her nephew’s condom between her lips and sucked at it, determined to get every last drop of the boy’s ejaculate.

As Alex greedily swallowed the last of her young nephew’s sperm she became aware of a new awakening inside her, a new dimension of her that had lain dormant but waiting to surface. She realized that something within her had been straining for release, and the boys’ depraved use of her for their sexual pleasure had finally jarred it loose.

This visit with the young men and their mother had barely begun, and they had already taken Alex in ways she’d never imagined, to realms she’d never fathomed. The rest of the visit would reveal to them all just what had been unleashed.