Aunt Ana From Behind


The plan was to go to a Santana concert at the nearby Concord pavilion with my family. I’d never been to a concert before and was excited about it. My mother’s two sisters and their family were coming with us, so it was going to be a family outing.

Being a young, horny eighteen year old, I found myself checking out my multiple aunts from time to time, though I knew it was totally wrong. The thing was, I spent a lot of time around my family, and sex was always on my mind, so naturally I wondered how it would be to fuck my aunts. Most were ugly and were easy to avoid nasty thoughts, but one of them, Ana for example, (who was accompanying us that day) always caught my attention.

Ana was thirty-eight. She didn’t have any kids and was married to her second husband, a fifty something guy named Dom, who I got along with fine.There were two reasons she married a man twenty years her senior, in my opinion, for money and because he took religion as seriously as she did. My mother always said that she’d only been with two men in her life, her first husband and then Dom.

Ana, wasn’t bad to look at. She was light skinned, and had big brown eyes. She maintained a youthful attitude, having never been a parent, but she thought herself superior to anyone who wasn’t a Pentecostal. She’d converted over to a Pentecostal church years ago in her youth. My family was catholic, which at time caused a few playful arguments, but she took her religion seriously. She didn’t drink. Didn’t smoke weed. She went to church every Sunday and was always trying to get me and my other cousins to go with her to her church.

Her breasts were perky B-cups. She wasn’t thin, but neither fat. I’d say you could call her a voluptuous Latina in her late thirties. She worked out daily. She was easily approachable and nice to the point of fault. I never saw her raise her voice or get angry. She smiled a lot and laughed more. Her best feature was her bulbous butt, which looked magnificent in whatever she wore, and got looks wherever she went.

I remember exactly what Ana wore on that Saturday afternoon so many years ago. It’s ingrained into my mind, burned you could say, because I’m not sure if I’m scarred from the incestuous event I’m about to tell. My aunt wore a thin black skirt that went loose to her mid thighs. Tall black leather boots adorned her feet. For a blouse, she wore a black silk shirt that tied around her neck. All black. I remember thinking she looked ready for a funeral.

When we arrived we were supposed to sit in the grassy hill area over looking the show. There were several bands that opened, but when Santana was about to come out on stage, my uncle Dom really wanted to go down and see it up close. My parents were with my younger brothers and wanted to stay on the hill. So did my other aunt, the mother of my cousin who’d come with us. So Ana, being the youngest, offered to keep an eye on us in the front.

Ana and Dom followed behind me and my cousin as we walked down the hill and through the crowds. There were a lot of drunk people there that day.

We neared the front, trying our best to get as close as we could to the action. We were able to stay close together, just at the fringe of where the crowd got tightly bunched. There were many people dancing and the smell of marijuana was in the air. My cousin began to dance with a girl, and I noticed my aunt and uncle dancing, so I was left alone for a song or two. My aunt seeing this tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I wanted to dance. I thought this was pretty lame, dancing with my aunt, but I couldn’t turn her down.

We danced a song in a playful manner, not getting really close. It was just a friendly dance, nothing like what was going on around us. The song came to an end and we stopped dancing. But with the end of the song the crowd got really tight. More people had shown up and a push jammed bodies together.

It so happened I was between my aunt and uncle when this happened, Ana to the left, Dom to the right. I couldn’t move forward or back, or side to side. Panic crossed my mind for a minute. I recalled news stories of people being crushed to death, and imagined myself on the floor being trampled. I put my arms halfway down with my elbows half way bent and pushed out with all my might, trying to make for my lungs to breathe. After a couple of swells, the pressure relaxed.

My aunt tapped me on the shoulder and screamed into my ear. It was hard to hear what she was saying the music was so loud, but I caught most of it: “Can you scoot so I can get next to Dom?”

I nodded and tried to push back. My aunt scooted in front of me. It was really tight. I mean so tight that she had to stick an arm in front of my chest, then her body. I was a few inches taller than my short aunt, and the top of her head passed under my chin. I caught the fragrance of her shampoo. Then the most glorious thing happened. Something I hadn’t thought or expected to ever occur. As Ana moved in front of me, trying desperately 1080 porno to get to her husband, my uncle, her plump bubble butt crossed my path…it pushed against my groin.

Never did I imagine that it would be possible to get such a good feel of my aunt’s behind–not that I really wanted to–she was my aunt after all. But years of admiring that thing led to a few nights of masturbating with that fleshy rear end in mind. Now there it was, right against me.

My uncle was right beside me. I glanced at him and saw a look of concern on his normally calm face. I don’t think he was expecting such a crowd.

“Are you okay?” He asked, tapping my aunt’s shoulder. Again I read his lips because of the noise.

“Yeah.” She answered.

“Come here. Would you scoot back so your aunt can get over here.” My uncle asked me, again screaming to be heard. I nodded and pushed back to allow my aunt more freedom to move. As I did a surge occurred and I was pushed into my aunt. I got a good push into her soft ass then.

“Whoa.” My aunt said.

The crowd relieved pressure and I could have scooted back now for her to slide by, but that last surge had stirred my arousal. I only wanted a second more of her ass pushed up against me, something to remember for later that night when I would masturbate, so instead of letting my aunt pass, I pretended I couldn’t.

“Let me through.” She called to me.

“I’m trying.” I said, lying. I leaned my head in to sniff her hair, and then felt blood rushing to my penis. Oh no, I thought. I needed to back off now before she felt her nephew’s erection behind her. So I moved back to let my aunt through but the opening had closed. I saw another man where my uncle had been. My uncle Dom was now a few steps to the right of us. He kept his eye contact on us and waved when I saw him.

“It’s hard to get you through there’s so many people.” I said, leaning into my aunt.

“I know. Maybe we can wait a song or two and the crowd will ease up.” She called back to me.

That was fine with me, I thought, except my damned penis was coming to life because of my aunt’s rotund cheeks.

Please lord, let my erection go away, I thought. I looked up to the night sky and past all the lights of the show and focused on the music. Santana was ripping a few riffs with the guitar and I began to focus on that. Bit by bit my erection began to fade and I took a breath of relief, but then my aunt began to dance a little.

She swayed side to side. There was a little room between us now, a few inches. I looked around me and saw my uncle watching the show. Beside me, to the left and right, were couples. They were dancing to the music as best they could in the conditions, the guys with their hands around their dates waists and rocking some. I had no idea were my cousin was.

A small surge of crowd occurred and I was tight against my aunt again.

“Oh.” She said. And stopped dancing, but soon, she started up because the music was so good and everyone was dancing. Her hips swayed side to side and caused that bulbous backside to slide across my crotch. My hard on began to return. This time much quicker. I fought it. I backed off her as best I could and reached down, pulling my erection up and tucking it into the waistband of my shorts. So now the bottom of my cock was facing outwards, head up, so maybe it wouldn’t poke her and become noticeable if we got pushed together.

A surge occurred and I pressed against my aunt. My erection right up against her ass. The thin material of her skirt gave no resistance and my erection became engulfed in fat ass. My cock found her crack quite easily and rested there. I could heat between her cheeks.

I held my breathe. My heart was beating rapidly. My poor aunt was being accosted by her young nephew.

Maybe she didn’t feel it at all, I convinced myself. Maybe she just felt pressure from behind, something innocent and normal. I relaxed a bit and told myself to take a deep breathe. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation of my cock being secretly hugged by my aunt’s butt–

“Excuse me.” She said, glancing over her shoulder.

She felt it. She felt her perverted nephew’s bulging cock pressing into her defenseless ass, but there was nothing to be done. Nothing to be said. Nowhere to go. She had to take it for the time being.

“The crowd.” I answered, very flushed.

She tried to turn away, angling away from me and my naughty, incestuous erection. I couldn’t blame her. But when she turned it only rubbed against my cock. My penis was now against my aunt’s right butt cheek. Directly over the fleshiest, roundest part. I bit my lip it felt so good. It was just as delicious as I always imagined.

I knew it was wrong, and I felt ashamed by my actions, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Have you seen Dom?” She asked me. I saw how uncomfortable her face was. She wouldn’t look me in the eye. Her cheeks were red. I felt 2 k porno awful.

“No.” I said, though I knew he was nearby, I didn’t want her to see him. I wanted her to stay right there in front of me. She saw him anyways, and I heard her call out to him, but he was distracted or couldn’t hear.

Each time she turned or moved created friction on my penis which hardened me further. She changed how she supported her weight and as she shifted her butt cheek bulged out at my cock and firmed up. The tension and grating made me curl my toes. Was this really happening?

“Can you back up a little?” She asked me. She scared the shit out of me. Would she tell anyone? I knew it was probably worse for her because she was so religious. This was a major sin for the both of us.

“I’m trying, aunt Ana.”

I really tried, but the temptation was too great. Her ass looked os luscious and pleasurable to me…how could I not rub it with my erection? So as secretly as I could I inched back to her butt, resting my throbbing cock against her. My penis settled back over her ass crack and it remained there for some time, unmoving.

I think she became accustomed to it because another song came on and she began to gyrate her hips. Sliding her big juicy butt side to side. My cock rubbed over one magnificently soft cheek, dived into her crack, and slid up to the other cheek, and the process repeated.

It felt magnificent. My arms were still bent at the elbows so that my hands were near her shoulders. I studied her back. Her blouse was tied behind her neck. A small gold chain was also around her neck that spelled out her name, I think Dom got it for her.

Her skirt material was so thin that I could practically feel everything. It was a real swishy type of fabric, not silk, but something similar to that. I looked down between us and saw her butt just rocking back and forth. I loved the way my cock would slip in and out of her ass crack that was very deep and wide, but I wanted it nestled in there like a hot dog in a bun. So the next time it slipped in there I pushed forward as gently as I could, knowing that I would regret it, but not caring.

And the craziest thing occurred, she didn’t get all worked up like she had before. Instead she stood there, still, and allowed me to gently push into her. I pushed until I felt I was as far as I could go.

Being the horny kid I was, I steadily raised myself upwards on my tip toes, then down to the flat of my feet. Doing this created a sliding effect, so that I was slyly humping my poor aunts butt. She still wasn’t moving, so I decided to say something to her to make sure things were okay.

“The music is great live, huh? Santana knows how to play.” I told her in her ear.

“He’s the best there is.” She answered back.

That’s when I knew to go for it. Emboldened by her lack of response to my raging cock molesting her butt, I dropped both of my arms downwards. I welcomed the relief as my elbows had begun to hurt, being bent for some time. As softly as I could, I turned my hands so that they were palm outward, and pressed them to either side of her butt.

She didn’t react.

I inched them up and down, sliding them over her glorious cakes. My fingers wanted to press hard into her flesh, but I fought that urge, and remained as sly as I could. This is very bad, I thought, sick even, but to this day, I won’t deny the ecstasy it produced. Secretly and selfishly gratifying myself on an older, voluptuous family member, created one the rare ultimate highs I’ve ever experienced.

My two hands couldn’t control themselves anymore and I gave her cheeks a soft squeeze, just to test how far I could go with this. Oh, how ample and fleshy they were in my hands. Her bulbous ass flexed under my fingers, and I had to handfuls of ass. I saw her flesh bubble from between her fingers. My finger tips created small, lusty craters in her pillows.

I ran my hands downwards to the very bottom of her butt, where her cheeks curved to meet the flesh of her thighs. Each ass cheek sat in my palms like two oversized and warm water balloons.

She had to know I was cupping the bottoms of her ass, and yet she acted as if nothing were occurring. She had to feel her nephew’s penis wedged up her butt crack. I’ll admit I was in my own private world. Beside me the people were looking forward to the stage, nobody knew what was going on right in front of me except me and my aunt.

I pulled away just a little so that I could see down my aunts back. Much to my pleasure I saw her skirt bunched up into her butt crack where my erection had been.

A surge of crowd pushed me forward again, and because I was a little away from my aunt I fell forward into her. To gain my balance I placed my right hand on her hip. Shit, I thought. She would feel that for sure. Everything I’d done had been slick and done as slowly as I could, as to ensure secrecy–but a hand on her hip. What would she think?

I 3 k porno went to remove my hand, but her own hand shot over my mine and held it into place. What was she doing? I wondered. Had she forgotten I was her nephew?

My heart went crazy. This didn’t seem real. And then she backed into me and began to dance like the other couples around us: grinding her ass into me. All of this happened very quickly. The turn of events were like a flash of lightening. Before I knew it my iron hard cock rubbing gently against her had turned her into someone I didn’t know.

When she felt my erection she squeezed my hand, and I responded by pushing into her, and she pushed back, driving me up her butt crack. The music and the sound of the crowd seemed to carry me away. Though we were surrounded by thousands of people, we were the only two on the dance floor. The only two in the world. I’d never felt so close to a woman before. Our bodies were in unison, grinding and grinding together, pressing and rubbing. It didn’t matter that she was my older aunt or that I was her nephew; all of that was forgotten and lost in the music and the ambience of the crowd. Her big butt was the center of my universe and it fed a growing hunger in my soul.

I decided to hump her blatantly. Fuck trying to be slick. I grabbed her hip and pulled her into me. In reaction to that she moved my hand around her so that we were kind of hugging. My hand landed under her belly button. She had a small pouch there, nothing noticeable for a woman her age. My hand lasted there for a few moments before she pushed it down between her legs. I felt both her thighs on either side of my hand, before she pushed into my fingers and drove them between her legs, which she opened up to accommodate me.

Her heat is the first thing I remember as I write this. How hot it was near her juicy cunt. Her skirt hid nothing, and I felt her pelvic bone, and on top of the bone a loose fleshiness; the secret lips of her vagina. Her fingers began to grind my own into this forbidden area. I saw that her head had dropped and she wasn’t looking at the stage anymore. The crowd cheered for something but I’ll never know what it was.

I looked at Dom and saw him glance over at me. He was till there. My uncle was no more than ten feet away and watching me as I rubbed his wife’s pussy and dragged my teenage erection up her ass crack. We made eye contact and he smiled at me, giving me a thumbs up. I nodded to him, unable to return the thumbs up with both my hands working my aunt’s thick body.

I decided to make the most of the situation. There was no going back now I figured. I pulled away from my aunt, her skirt was still dug up into a major booty bite. The top of my shorts were elastic and I pulled them and my boxers down. My shirt was long, thank God, and I pulled the material over my exposed cock. Now I lifted up the back of my aunt’s skirt as secretly as I could and pushed my erection under it.

I fixed the skirt so that it hid my cock, and wouldn’t look as if I were under it. When the skirt was where I wanted it, I pulled my shirt back and voila, my dick was bare and exposed against her ass. My left hand had wandered up her skirt and I felt for her panties, which I discovered was nothing more than a lacy string.

My cock was still pointed upwards and I tried to push it into her fleshy crack again. It wouldn’t fit right, so I used my other hand to open one of her cheeks and my cock fell into the furnace of her crack.

Ana’s body tensed up as she felt this new situation on her backside, but she didn’t say a word to me, but kept dancing and grinding her butt back into her nephew’s penis.

I pulled her skirt up in the front and felt how sopping wet her panties were. I easily pushed the g-string aside and felt her sex. She had a decent sized bush down there, and my finger stroked her hairs for a few turns. I found her lips, and sized them up. Running my fingers feather like down the length of them. Her clit was rock hard, a small hot marble just above the lips. That’s where I concentrated my rubbing, flicking it with my index finger and sinking my middle finger up into her vagina.

I used her pussy as a sort of handle for her body, as I would push my cock into her bare crack, my fingers dug deeper into her pussy.

I felt her small rosebud situated between those massive cheeks. It felt hot and rubbery. The small ringed opening a puckered muscle kissing at my shaft as I rubbed against her. My penis was leaking pre-cum and that lubed up her ass properly for me.

She squeezed her cheeks together and gave me the most pleasant feeling of being crushed by her cheeks. I used this newfound friction to hump secretly, my aunt’s buttocks. Her asshole felt so wonderful. It added so much satisfaction to this butt rub down, knowing I was on the verge on penetrating her anally. Every now and then I would bend my knees so that the tip of cock would catch the tight opening, hold for a moment on her backdoor, then shoot past to be squeezed by gigantic butt cheeks.

My nose found her silky black hair and I inhaled her scent. My chin was on the back of her neck. Everyone around us was doing the same thing. Nobody had a clue that this woman grinding her asshole into me was my aunt.