Aunt Brooke, Caught on Film

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Hey all! This is my first Literotica story. I’ve been a fan of the site for years and years.

I’ve always dabbled in creative writing and I’m happy to finally contribute.

Sadly, the story below is complete fiction. 🙂

Let me know if you like it. If you do I’ll work on posting more stories. Thanks!


Summer was always something of a strange experience for me in between grades, but this summer was different because it was my last.

I had graduated high school finally and was two weeks into the following summer. My parents, like ALL parents, wanted me to go to college almost immediately. I told them that I had no idea what I wanted to do just yet, so in the meantime I’d just work my part-time job at Radio Shack and save my cash.

They didn’t like that idea but they’re more interested in me being happy than wasting money changing majors in college. My parents are awesome.

“Beer! Parties! Chicks!” were the main topics during the last months of high school. That part of college life I knew I was going to feel envious of, just a little, but I was never much of a party animal. I enjoyed dabbling with electronics and had a knack for fixing anything with wires – hence my job at Radio Shack.

My introvertive nature didn’t prevent me from enjoying time with friends, however. My best friend Sam, who has a talent for bringing in the ladies, always made sure I met plenty of females. I had a girlfriend here and there and got around to third base (received one handjob, delivered a stinky pinky, and enjoyed a bare breast cupping), but I was still virginal.

Unlike most guys my age I wasn’t REALLY bothered by being a virgin. I did want my first to be somewhat special but I didn’t think about it too much.

Sam would often boast, “Dude, I am SO getting you laid!”

I would shrug. “Whatever.” He’d laugh and we go back to our Call of Duty marathons.

After work one evening I came home and my mother was on the phone facing the sink; distress in her voice. My dad, sitting up in his recliner looked over at me and shrugged mouthing, “I have NO idea.”

I set my bag down and reaching in the fridge for a Pibb.

“Okay. Of course you can stay with us. When will you be here?”

I opened the Pibb and Mom spun around, waving with an uneasy smile. “Okay Brooke, see you then. Bye.”

“Aunt Brooke okay?” I asked.

My mom sighed loudly and closed her phone, looking at me and then my father. Her short brown hair was a slight mess and a stressful look in her blue eyes.

“Dan left Brooke. She’s flying here tomorrow morning.”

“Whaaat?” exclaimed Dad, mouth agape.

I haven’t seen Aunt Brooke in about ten years. My mom and her would talk relatively often, but Brooke was always traveling with her now ex-husband. They didn’t have kids and pretty much took the road less traveled.

“What happened?” Dad asked, standing up and walking over to mom. Both were in their mid forties. Dad was showing quite a bit of grey in his formally brownish/black hair and his moustache. Mom looked really good for her age; she could pass for late thirties.

“I don’t know all the details, but Dan pretty much came out of nowhere and wanted a divorce. I’m guessing some mid-life crisis bullshit.” She responded, hands on her hips. Dad hugged her and kissed the top of her head.

“Wow. I did NOT see that coming,” Dad said.

Ten years. I vaguely remember her at a family reunion. She was tall, blondish, and just… well, beautiful. I quickly formed a kiddie crush on her, but that obviously faded away as I got older and hadn’t seen her since I was eight.

She was also fifteen years younger than my mom. I remember my grandmother talking about her “wonderful little surprise” that was Brooke while my Mom was in high school. Brooke was thirty one.

“Wait, mid-life crisis? How much older was Dan than her?” I asked.

Mom responded, “Asshole is fifty-three.”

“Damn, that’s quite a gap.” I responded.

“Well Ben, sometimes age is just a number between couples.” Dad said, still holding mom.

I had a four hour shift the next day. We had received a large shipment of webcams and video cables, so I spent most of my time there taking inventory and other monotonous nonsense.

I pulled into the driveway from my journey home and walked into a vacant house. Well, almost vacant.

“Hello?” came an unfamiliar voice.

“Hello!” I responded, putting my bag down and walking into the kitchen.

My Aunt Brooke was sitting at the table, hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and looked very tired. She stood up and walked over, looking me over.

“Taller than me and everything.” She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight.

“You just might be the only man that I love anymore.”

I hugged back, “Great to see you.”

“Thanks sweetie. Great to see you. I’m a total mess, sorry you have to see me like this, especially after ten years.” Ankara escort She said, breaking the hug and caressing her hand on my face.

“You need a shave.” she said, astonished.

“Yeah, I grew up a bit.” I responded.

She giggled, and went back to sit down. I grabbed a Pibb from the fridge and sat with her. I didn’t know what to say but I felt my kiddie crush kicking back in.

She looked amazing, even in her non-made up state.

“Oh Benny, I don’t know what I did.” she said, looking as if she had nothing left to cry out.

I stammered. “I uhh… don’t know what to say.”

She smiled weakly.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad to be here with loved ones.”

A small moment of awkward silence passed.

“So,” she said, grabbing my hand, “what’s new with you? Chasing any ladies around?”

“Heh, not really.” I sighed loudly, “Just workin’ my job and figuring out what I want to do.”

“Oh why not? You’re a cutie. Ain’t they beatin’ down your door?” she said, softly laughing.

I shook my head.

“I’m not worried about it.”

“Oh that’s not a bad thing. You’re so young – plenty of time to worry later.” She said, with a tone of envy in her voice.

“You’re young too, you know.” I mumbled with a reassuring smile.

“Thanks honey.” she said, standing up. “This whole divorce thing though… kind of feels like a stain on my soul I won’t be able to get rid of.”

Aunt Brooke wearing walked out of the kitchen, “I’m going to lay down and try to sleep.”

Throughout the next week Aunt Brooke slowly started to cheer up. Mom and her would be joking around in the kitchen; Dad picking on both of them. I’d hear them from upstairs and wonder if Brooke was ever actually sad.

She was staying in the room next to mine and at night I’d hear her crying herself to sleep.

One particular night I woke up sometime early in the A.M. I stammered awake and walked towards the bathroom. Aunt Brooke had taken over the upstairs bathroom with her girly stuff, so I had to adjust to that.

I wandered into the bathroom, emptied my bladder, and started back towards my room when something caught my eye.

I stopped.

Aunt Brooke’s door was open and she was sound asleep. The side of the bed she was sleeping on was closest to the door, and the covers were draped over her midsection.

What caught my attention was the red silk nightie she was wearing; stretched from her tossing and turning. The pulled fabric had partially exposed her right nipple.

I was suddenly very awake.

My heart began to pound with nervous excitement and blood rushed to my almost instant erection.

Her breathing would repeatedly reveal and cover more and less of her breast.

I softly rushed back to my room, grabbed my smartphone, snuck back over to her room, and took a moment to angle a picture. The moonlight gave me just enough lighting to get a clear picture. I double checked to make sure the flash and sound was OFF (that would’ve been hard to explain), and snapped a few photos, and snuck back to my room and locked the door.

I pulled up one of the photos on my phone, set it on my desk, dropped my pants, and stroked my erection away.

Once I laid back down I suddenly felt incredibly guilty. That was my AUNT that I just jerked to.

Not only that, but that insane lust that I felt that took over my actions freaked me out a little.

I tried my best not to change my demeanor around my Aunt but I don’t think I was very successful. I think she might have noticed, but didn’t act any differently.

I had a few long shifts sorting and organizing gadgets that came in at work the following week. My sneaky spying act kept running through my head on a constant loop. I wanted to see more, yet I felt terrible for wanting to see more.

The lust has overpowered the guilt and my mind kept racing.

I did try to sneak another peek, but she was usually completely covered up by her sheets or facing the other way while sleeping. Sometimes around the house I’d sneak a glance here and there when she’d lean over but mostly I was too afraid of getting called out.

I wanted to see more but had no idea how.

Then, it hit me.

My store had a nice sized shipment of web cams come in, including some expensive wireless ones. Some of them were really tiny too; easy to hide. I cracked a package open and studied them on my early shift when business was slow.

I thought about modding them a bit to where they could fit in a hole in a wall, or in a ceiling. I had attic access to make that happen, though the timing to test and work it out would be difficult. Aunt Brooke was home most of the time. She wasn’t exactly going out and partying or anything.

I then realized that I was actually plotting to mod wireless webcams to spy on my hot aunt.

Once again, lust overpowered logic.

$300 bucks with an employee discount for two wireless webcams with microphones. Not bad I guess. I realized that I had actually spent money to try and sneak some peeks at my aunt and felt mixed feeling Ankara escort bayan about that.

I LOVE technology. I lusted for Aunt Brooke. Bad combination.

I got home and walked in on mom and Aunt Brooke talking about her starting up dating.

“Maybe you just need a little rebound somethin’ somethin’, huh?” my mom said, not realizing I was there.

“Maybe. It’s been a while–” Aunt Brooke spoke, cutting herself off as I stepped into the living room.

“Bad timing on my part eh?” I said, smiling.

Aunt Brooke smiled wryly. Mom blushed a little.

“Well you’re an adult now. Sex talk shouldn’t phase you, right?” Brooke said, sipping on a glass of red wine.

“That may be so, but not with my son!” My mom said, raising her hand in defiance. Brooke and I laughed. They seemed a little drunk to me.

“Whatcha got there?” Mom said, gesturing at my hands while attempting to change the subject.

The Radio Shack bag containing my shiny new webcams. I almost forgot I had them.

“Oh, these?” I said, holding the back up, “Just some nerdy electronic stuff. Gonna go geek out for a while.”

Aunt Brooke raised an eyebrow. I almost felt as if she knew what I was up to for a second.

“Are you building a girlfriend or something up there? I thought guys your age just wanted to chase some tail around.” she garishly spoke, sipping on her wine.

“I said no sex talk with my son, damnit!” Mom sarcastically said, mock glaring at Brooke.

“Alright, I’ll leave you ladies to it… well, whatever ‘it’ is.” I said, dramatically flinging my arms and exiting upstairs. They continued to talk about Brooke hitting the dating scene. I almost stuck around to hear more but I wanted to crack these puppies open and see what’s ticking on the inside.

Battery life wasn’t great on these cams according so some online research I did, but I found some adapters that could power them from a wall socket. Some clever soldering will fix that up.

I rummaged through my spare parts. I used plastic casing to help insulate the wires to create much more manageable version of the cams. The original casing was too bulky and would cause suspicion, even though they were small.

I stepped out of my room for a moment to survey where I could plant the cameras. Mom and Brooke were still yammering away downstairs.

I quietly opened the door to Brooke’s room. I looked at her closet.

“Maybe her closet? But the doors are shut most of the time.” I thought.

Bedpost? No.

Dresser? Maybe. It’s an older dresser with some potential for hiding.

I looked up towards the ceiling fan.

“There.” I actually said out loud.

The ceiling fan was perfect. I could drill a small hole next to the ceiling fan mount and plan the camera there.

I creeped out of her room, went to the bathroom and shut the door. This one I could do faster because I didn’t have to sneak around. This was the ideal spot, but where…

She’d be naked in the shower, obviously. I swiped the curtain aside and looked around.

“Shit.” I thought.

The bathroom was painted dark, and the tile went up to the shower head. There was a small light in the shower on the ceiling.

“That might work,” I thought, “but the steam from the shower might damage the cam. If I mounted it next to the light it would be very tough to notice. How many people look directly at lights when they’re on?”

Problem solving was my specialty.

I spent the next few days tweaking the cams. The microphones were small but they worked well. I had modded them to where they were somewhat snake-like; easy to bend and contort.

I needed a field test.

I took one of the cams into the bathroom and set it somewhere behind some bathroom decor on the sink. I actually plugged it into a wall socket but made it seem as if the wire going into the cam appeared to have plugged into one of her curling irons. Worst that could happen is that she’d reach over and unplug it.

After setting my test up I ran to my computer and pulled up the live cam footage. It was working perfectly.

I smiled.

Upon hitting record, I walked back to the bathroom, turned the light on and off, faux coughed a few times, and walked back to my room.

The recording was clear. The frame rate of the cams wasn’t terrific, but it IS a webcam after all. It was more than enough.

“Okay,” I said, “now to really give it a test.”

That night we had Chinese delivered. Our dinner was high spirited to keep Aunt Brooke in a positive mindset. She was definitely healing from her divorce, but I could tell she wasn’t quite on her feet.

“I feel so bad for being here a month already,” Brooke said before gnawing on an egg roll.

Dad perked up and rolled his eyes. “Would you stop it already. You can stay here for as long as you like. Having you around really breaks things up around here.”

I nodded in aggressive agreement. I really didn’t want her to leave… especially after all this work I’ve been putting into my little operation.

“See? Ben agrees.” mom said, Escort Ankara smiling at me.

Aunt Brooke glanced down and half smiled. “Thank you. I’m so lucky to have you guys.”

Dinner was delicious. Time seemed to drag for me though; I wanted to test this cam out and see Brooke in all her glory. She tends to shower at night before she goes to bed, and since Mom and Dad’s master bedroom is downstairs with a bathroom, I don’t have to worry about accidentally recording them. Yikes.

10:04 PM switched over. Dad had excused himself for bed, and Mom was yawning.

“I’m beat,” mom said, stretching. “I’m going to pass out. G’night kids!”

“Night mom.” I said, yawning in response.

“Night sis.” Brooke said. Mom walked out.


Brooke continued to flip through channels.

Damnit. I fidgeted.

My apprehension caught her eye. Sometimes she’s VERY observant, especially when you don’t want her to be.

“Okay there kiddo?” she said.

“Yup. I’m pretty tired. Think that Chinese food is inducing a food coma.” I cleverly responded.

“Uh huh.” she spoke, almost as if she knew I was lying. Shit, I really need to watch myself around her.

“Hah, well anyway I think I’m gonna turn in. Gonna stay up?” I asked, hoping for a favorable response.

“Maybe. If don’t find something I like on TV here.”

Ugh. More waiting. I figured I could go to bed, flip the software on and put headphones on and wait. That way when she walked into the bathroom I could hear her and not have those sounds travel through the speaker.

“Okay, g’night Aunt Brooke. Love you.” I said, stretching and standing.

“G’night sweetie. Love you more.” Her soft voice spoke. Soothing.

I slowly walked upstairs to hide my anticipation. She’s so good at reading people, so I have to act and pretend I didn’t have a tremendous crush on her.


Click click.

I was surfing around online, waiting for Brooke to make her grand entrance. I had the cam on, but only a small bit of residual light was showing through the door.

One of my earbuds was in as I waited. My free ear was listening for any signs of her coming upstairs.


It was very quiet after the AC shut off.

Then I heard the TV sounds stop. I perked right up.

Erection already?

Wow, I am pathetic.

I heard some rummaging in the kitchen, and saw the light go off from underneath my door.

“Game time,” I whispered.

The familiar soft creaks from the stairs sounded off.

I heard her walk down the hall and, for a second, I thought she stopped in front of my door. It was closed (and locked; I take NO chances), and then I wondered if she could see the light from my monitor.

“Damnit. Next time toss a towel or something by the door.” I thought.

Then I heard sounds in my headphones.

I maximized the web cam.

Nothing yet. She was in her room gathering some stuff for her shower.

It felt like my heart was about to shatter my sternum. My level of excitement could not be measured, and my dick was straining against my pajama pants.

I freed the beast. I knew I’d be stroking like a madman in a minute.

Then more sounds and light from the bathroom came on.

Wow, this cam feed was very clear.

I watched as Brooke closed and locked the bathroom door. The sound made my ear wince. The gain in the mic was high.

She set her nightie down on the toilet and looked in the mirror. She stared for a minute and sighed unhappily. What on earth could she be unsatisfied with? She’s gorgeous!

She started to reach and pull her shirt over her head. I hit record immediately.

Her bra was plain. Flesh colored.

She then reach behind and unclasped.

I thought I Was about to cum.

Her breasts sexily wobbled free. The colors on the cam captured her in exquisite detail. She was moving pretty fast as her pants were unzipped and dropped, then she thumbed her plain white panties down.

I grasped my dick.

I caught a brief glimpse of her brown pubic hair. She kept it trim, even after her divorce. Even after she hasn’t had sex in a while.

“Awesome.” I said.

She turned to face the shower, showing her magnificent ass. She slightly bent over to turn the shower on. I didn’t quite catch any of her pussy lips from her bending over. She then stepped in and closed the curtain.

I didn’t cum yet.

I waited and kept recording.

The sounds of water splashing and her soft humming filled my earphones. She took her time, that’s for sure. For a second there I thought I heard a moan, as if she was pleasuring herself, but it was so faint. I could be wrong.

The shower suddenly shut off. My eyes widened and I was at full attention.

The curtain opened and I started to stroke my unbelievably hard cock.

As she toweled off I felt I was treated to a show. Her boobs playfully swayed (my guess is that she was a C cup), and her figure showing that forbidden patch of pubic hair sent me over the edge.

I came very hard. I tried to hide my grunt but I couldn’t hold back. It wasn’t loud but it wasn’t exactly quiet.

I looked at the cam to see if she noticed. I wasn’t sure if she did. I thought I saw a small smile on her face though as she dried off her midsection.

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