Aunt Ellie Ch. 2

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I got a few responses of wanting to hear more stories with Aunt Ellie in them, this is what I picture, would happen if we ever did get together. Hope you like.

* * * * *

It’d been almost a week since I’d been with Aunt Ellie, I was often woke from a dream, and I’d realize I’d been dreaming of Aunt Ellie. I couldn’t get the woman out of my mind. I came in from work and saw the new message light flashing on my phone. As I listened to the hang ups, and recordings of sales pitches, I almost just scrapped them all, then I heard a familiar voice, “Jerry, this is your Aunt Ellie, I can’t stop thinking about your visit, and was hoping I could get you to come for a visit this weekend. If you can’t I’ll understand, but if you can, please call me.”

I was in shock, Ellie wanted me again too, I flipped through the address book, and dialed Ellie’s number. The phone rang several times, then I heard her soft sexy voice answer, “Hello?” I wasn’t sure what I should say, so I said the first thing that popped into my mind. “I want to lick your inner thighs up to your sweet, hot, wet, pussy.”

“Oh My God! Jerry, you called!” She exclaimed. I’m packing a change of clothes and on my way.” I told her. “I’ve got the guest condo reserved, so people won’t think anything wrong.” she said. “I’ll be there in about two hours.” I told her, she tells me to be careful and she’d see me soon. I hung up the phone, threw some clothes in a bag, grabbed the ky, and headed out the door.

The drive was uneventful, I pulled up in front of Ellie’s condo in exactly two hours, ten minutes. I pressed the buzzer, “Yes?”

“It’s Jerry.” I called. The door buzzed open, I entered, and up to her floor I went. As the door opened to the elevator, she was standing there, dressed in a robe, when she saw I was alone as I got off the elevator, she let the robe fall open, showing her naked body underneath. Aunt Ellie was a wild woman, I thought to myself, I dropped my bag, my hands going inside her robe, caressing her skin. She moaned into my mouth as we kissed deeply, I broke the kiss, grabbed my bag, and walked her backwards into her condo. Closing the door, I pushed her robe bursa escort to the floor, I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom, laying her on the bed I spread her legs, and without any formalities, went straight for her clit. I sucked her and licked her till she came hard on my face.

I stood, removing my clothes, my cock hard, I leaned down and picked her back up, my cock going between her legs, she wrapped her legs around my waist. I walked into the bathroom as we kissed, her licking her juices off my face. I turned the water on in the shower, and when I felt it was the right temperature, I stepped us into the warm stream of water. After we’d gotten totally wet, we took turns soaping the other up. I turned her towards the front of the shower, bending her at the waist, the water cascading down her back, I bent at the knees slightly, rubbed my cock on her pussy lips, then pushed the fat head into her tight hole.

The water running around my cock as it slid in and out of her hot, tight, wet hole, she started moaning, I’d pull out till just the tip of my dick was in her, then slam it back in hard and deep. Bracing against the wall, Aunt Ellie, grunted back at me, “Yes, Jerry, Fuck your old Aunt Ellie, I love the way you make my breasts bounce when you slam into me, I love the way the water feels as it goes around us.” I reached around and grabbed a nipple, pinching and twisting it, I received the response I wanted, a long moan of lust, I reached down and started to finger her clit, “Yesssss” she hissed.

Pulling my cock out leaving just the head in, I stopped, not moving, she whimpered in frustration, she tried to push back onto my cock, I backed up not allowing it. “Please Jerry, don’t be mean, don’t tease me, fuck me, fuck me hard.” I grabbed her hips and started to piston in and out of her hard and fast, my balls swinging up and slapping her pubic area. “Yes, Jerry, that’s it baby, fuck me, fuck your nasty old auntie.” she hissed through clenched teeth. I felt her start to shudder, her pussy started to squeeze me, milk me, I slammed in as hard and deep as I could, I started pumping my cum deep into her bursa escort cunt. She mewed out her orgasm, so intense, she could hardly breath. I pulled out of her and leaned up against the back wall of the shower, Ellie turned and dropped to her knees, and took me deep into her throat, licking, sucking me clean.

She managed to keep me hard, and continued to suck me, the water hitting her in the head, a couple of times she got chocked on the water going up her nose when she breathed in. I started to pump into her mouth, my balls slapping her on the chin, I grabbed her hair with my hands and started to fuck her face. It took less than 15 minutes for her to make me cum in her mouth. Exhausted, we got out of the shower, dried off and went to her king sized bed and laid down. My head was on her thigh, hers on mine, I watched as my cum started to trickle out of her hole, down the crack of her ass. I spread her legs, and started to lick and suck her clean, paying close attention to her asshole. I rolled her over onto her stomach on top of two of the king sized pillows, her ass was sticking up perfectly. I managed to get my bag over close to the bed and retrieve the ky without missing a lick on her tight virgin asshole.

Once she’d relaxed enough for my tongue to penetrate fairly easily and deeply, I lubed a finger, and started to tickle her hole with it. I started sucking her inner lips, as I stretched them almost to a painful point, I allowed my finger to press into her tight asshole. After several minutes of sucking her pussy and fingering her ass with my finger, I inserted a second finger, she only moaned louder. Soon I had a third finger inserted deep into her tight ass, she was moaning loudly, enjoying the feeling of fullness. With my free hand I lubed my cock generously with KY, I knelt behind her, and told her to push when she felt me pushing into her, if it started to hurt, for her to squeeze my hand and then squeeze my cock hard, like she was trying to pinch it into. She grasp my hand tightly, I told her to rub her clit with her other hand, I could feel her nails graze my cock, I started to push slowly, I bursa eskort love watching as my cock stretches her ass hole and slowly disappears into her.

The head slowly disappears into her, then an inch, she squeezes my hand tightly, and her ass snaps down hard on my cock. As she squeezes, I pull about half an inch out, she relaxes, push I tell her, when I feel her pushing, I push inward with my cock, another inch slips in, I can feel the resistance of her tight rectal ring, I push a little more, she squeezes my hand and dick simultaneously, I stop, pull out a bit, she moans, she pushes, I push, another inch, squeeze, pull, push, another inch, this continues until I’ve got my cock buried to the hilt in her ass.

“Oh my God, I feel so full, Jerry, it feels sooo good.” She moaned. Now Ellie, when you feel me pull my dick out of you, you squeeze, when you feel me pushing, you push, when we start to get into it and you want it hard and fast, just push, don’t squeeze or you’ll hurt us both. She shook her head in acknowledgment, I started to pull out, she squeezed, I was so close to cumming, but wanted this to be good for her too.

I pulled till just the head was in her ass, then pushed back in to the hilt. Out, in, out, in, she loosened up nicely and was wanting it harder, soon my balls were slapping on her pussy, her pussy juices were flowing so much, it was running down my balls. She spread her pussy open so that each time my balls hit, they smacked her clit.

I fucked her ass for over 30 minutes, then she stopped, rolled over onto her back, my cock still buried deep in her ass, “I want to look in your eyes when you cum in my ass Jerry.” She said. I leaned down and kissed her deeply as I pushed in deeper, her pussy wetting my pubic area and stomach. I pulled out and slammed it back in, soon we had our rhythm again, “Cum in me, Jerry, Cum in me now.” she said, biting her bottom lip. I shoved in deep, my cock swelling, she moans, I start shooting deep into her ass. Our eyes locked together, I start to jerk and spasm with each shot of cum.

I collapse on top of her, she kisses my forehead, stroking my hair, whispering sweet nothings. And to think we still had two more days to play, before I had to go home. I sucked a nipple into my mouth, cuddled against her, suckling like a baby, I drift off to sleep, my cock buried in my Aunts ass, cum running out from around it. Weekends were taking on a new meaning for me.

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