Aunt Kathi

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My Uncle Steve was a total bastard. A mean man, lazy, always eager to start trouble for someone else just to amuse himself. He was my mother’s brother and even she didn’t have anything good to say about him. There were times when he tried to be the “good uncle” and would take my fishing or show me how to play basketball, but he would usually just bully and insult me and shove me around. Playing catch he once threw a baseball that broke my nose, another time we were waiting in line at a football game and he shoved this big kid in front of me, and then told the kid I shoved him. I got into a fight with this kid and three of his friends and got the shit kicked out of me, while Uncle Steve just stood there and let them beat me and then called me a pussy afterwards. I hated the man. People always mentioned that I bore a striking resemblance to Steve, and I guess I did, but when anyone said that I always acted offended. Because I was.

Women loved him, though. He was tall, dark and handsome, and he blew every cent he earned making sure he drove a nice car and had a closet full of sharp clothes. He always had an attractive woman by his side. He was always getting into fights, with his women, or over his women. He was in and out of the courts, bar fights, domestic assault. A true asshole.

But he was married three times. The last time was to a woman named Kathi, who he had met at what he called a “gentleman’s club”. He had courted her by putting on an act that he was a kind and caring man, eager to start a family. Kathi was a former dancer, and she definitely looked the part. She was gorgeous, a stunner. Tall, with honey blonde hair and dark brown eyes, and a body that was curve after perfect curve.

Her breasts were big and firm and perfectly round, and when my mother met her the first time she whispered to my father, “I wonder how much THEY cost?” Yes, they were fake, but they weren’t huge, gross implants, just a little lift to make what she had look even better.

I lusted after Aunt Kathi terribly, but I also came to adore her. She was a kind, gentle, sweet-natured woman. She married my Uncle Steve when she was 36 and he was 48. Her dancing days were done, and I think she just wanted to settle down and thought Steve could take care of her and they would be happy.

It only took a few months for her to realize that Steve was a piece of shit. He stayed out all night. He blew his paycheck gambling. He got phone calls from women at all hours. Kathi was devastated by all this, but she took her vows seriously. She confessed her fears and worries to a person who really cared about her and would listen—me, her 18-year-old nephew..

We became confidants. I begged her to divorce Steve, that he would never change. But she wanted to try, and most of all, she wanted a child. She wanted to be a mother, even if the child would be Steve’s.

I went off to college. Aunt Kathi and I would write to each other every week. Her letters were always cheery and upbeat, but when I would ask my mother about her she would say that Kathi was miserable. My mother and father had changed their views about Kathi and became close to her, which Uncle Steve resented.

One night during my last semester, drunk and emotional, I wrote a long impassioned letter to Aunt Kathi, confessing my love for her, my desire to protect her from my uncle, how I worshipped her and wanted to be more than just a nephew to her. I mailed it that night and instantly regretted it. I actually called Aunt Kathi to say that she should throw the letter away, I begged her to. But she said that anything I had to say she wanted to hear. A week went by, and she didn’t write, didn’t call. Then I got a letter, just a friendly letter, that didn’t mention anything I had written to her. She’d ignored it, and I was thankful. But also disappointed, because I hoped that she might feel the same way.

I did very well in school, and when I graduated I got a good job in my home town. I decided to live with my parents for a year or so to save up some money, and so I could be near Aunt Kathi. My uncle had become more unstable. He was in debt, he was drinking more, and on one occasion had threatened to beat the shit of my Aunt Kathi in front of our whole family. And when I talked to Kathi when I got home she confessed she was finally thinking about getting out. Her fortieth birthday was looming and she confessed that she felt that her dream of becoming a mother was dead. I took her hand and gently stroked it, telling her that she shouldn’t think that way.

Just then Uncle Steve walked in. “Well, isn’t this nice?” he said viciously. “Don’t you know that incest is a sin? I guess I’m not the only one in this family who’s a sinner, huh?” He walked over to me and shoved me out of my chair. “Don’t you ever fucking talk to my wife again.”

I had left for school as a boy; I came home a man. A man 6’2″ and 215 pounds and easily a match for this burned-out bully. I stood up and moved toward him, murder on my mind. Steve saw this and shrank back, afraid. But Aunt Kathi stepped bursa eskort between us and she said, “Danny, go home, please, please,”

I did as she asked. But I knew I wanted revenge on Steve. I didn’t know how soon it would come. The next day Aunt Kathi called and asked if I wanted to meet for dinner. I said sure, and we met at a nice Italian place in our neighborhood. She looked stunning. She was just wearing a pair of jeans and a black sleeveless blouse, but she’d had her hair done and her nails done and her makeup was perfect and she looked…happy. Like she’d finally made a decision about something.

We sat down, ordered wine, drank. She said. “I wanted to talk to you about that letter you sent me.”

My mouth went dry. “What letter?” I asked, thinking that it was forgotten.

“The letter you wrote where you told me that you loved me. That I was the most beautiful woman in the world. That when you made love to your girlfriend that you imagined you were making love to me. Remember?”

“Oh, that letter,” I joked. I drank my glass in one gulp.

She laughed. “That letter. I never told you that I loved that letter. That I loved what you said to me. That I love you. Because I do.”

My face was burning. “I know you do.”

“No,” she said. “I mean I love you the way a woman loves a man. Not like an aunt loves a nephew. I want you. Right now. Tonight.”

I was shaking. “When you stood up to Steve, I knew I could leave him. And I’m going to, soon. But I want to make love to you while I’m still married to him, I want him humiliated.”

The waiter came and asked if we were ready for dinner. “No,” Kathi said, “we’ve decided to just have drinks. Can we have our bill, please?”

I really started losing control now, I was flushed and quivering with a desire I had never known. “Do you still want to make love with me?” she asked. “Or are you worried about how much older I am? Or what people might say if they find out? They might.”

“I don’t care about anything in the world right now,” I said hoarsely, “except having our waiter bring us our goddamn check right now.”

He magically appeared with the bill. I handed him a twenty to cover our six dollar bill and told him to keep it. Kathi laughed and we left . We drove separately, and I wondered what would happen if Steve was home. I’d just kill him and then make love to Kathi.

Finally, finally, we pulled into her driveway. We went inside and she pulled me against her and we kissed, hot and hard, Her tongue slid into my mouth and gently circled my lips. She tugged at my shirt and pulled it out of my pants and she slid her hands across my chest, her nails scratching my stomach. I caressed her breasts through her blouse, and when that wasn’t enough I slid my hand under her blouse and felt her stiff nipples through her bra. I was beyond lust. I picked her up and I said, “We need to go to the bedroom right now.”

She laughed and let me carry her up the stairs. I threw her on the bed and stopped her giggles with my hungry kisses. I yanked my shirt off, frantically twisted the hooks of her bra, shoved my pants down around my ankles, all the while kissing her and licking her nipples and stroking her hair.

She loved how excited I was, how badly I needed her, how desperate I was. I think after years of marriage to man who treated her with contempt it thrilled her to know that a man could still be insane with lust for her.

At last we were nude, her big soft breasts tipped with perfect pink nipples stiff with desire, her pussy covered with light blonde hair. I devoured her, sucking those nipples into hard buds, then sliding my tongue down her body to dip and slide and twist all over her pussy. Kathi moaned, groaned, pushed my head deeper into her groin as my tongue brought her to climax. “Oh Danny, you make me feel so GOOD!” she moaned as her orgasm washed over her. “Danny, please, I want you NOW!”

I was so excited, to be with this woman of my dreams, to have tasted her, to have felt her orgasm echo through my tongue, that I was almost about to come just as I mounted her. Kathi reached down and softly stroked my cock as I gently pushed at her opening. She guided me inside of her, and as inch after delicious inch went inside her eyes widened and her mouth made a big ‘O’ and she said, “Oh, Danny. Big, you feel so big.” I was hard as iron and as I started thrusting she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my ass and she whispered, “Fuck me, Danny, just fuck me with that big cock and come in me. I want you to come in me, I want you to fill me up,”

It only took about twenty strokes. I couldn’t make it last, I didn’t want to make it last. I burst into tears, actual tears, and I cried, “Aunt Kathi!” and I came. I ejaculated with such force that Kathi sucked in her breath and shuddered. My cock pumped a vast amount of semen deep inside her, soaking her womb with my seed.

We held each other a long time, gently kissing each other. I finally withdrew my penis and she said, “This won’t bursa escort bayan be the only time, I promise.”

I told her I loved her, and she said the same back to me. I went home in a daze, totally satisfied and exhausted in every way. So what would happen now?

We kept fucking. It just got better and better and better. I could last longer than ten seconds, and we would go at it like athletes, different positions, fucking all night. We kept things quiet for three months, which amazed me. Every month or so Kathi would go berserk with lust, and she would demand that I fuck her four or five times a day. I would fuck her before work, then at lunch we would meet for a nooner, then we’d fuck before dinner, before bed…I thought my cock would drop off.

And then it happened. We were in bed, she was giving me a rare blowjob, sliding her warm lips up and down my shaft, cooing that it was all right to come in her mouth, she wanted to swallow my come instead of my shooting it inside her. My orgasm just about to explode, when the bedroom door opened, and Uncle Steve stood there in the doorway.

For a long time no one moved. My cock was still in Aunt Kathi’s frozen mouth, Steve looked like someone had hit him in the head with a hammer. And then she let my cock fall from her lips and she said, “Hey Steve, watch this,” and her mouth engulfed me and in an instant I was there. “Yeah,” I growled, knowing what she wanted to do, that she wanted to humiliate him totally, “suck that big cock, make me come in your mouth!” I roared with pleasure as she swallowed my come, her sucking lips making a loud wet sound that filled the room.

Aunt Kathi got up and walked over to him, licking my come off her lips. “I’ll be all moved out by tomorrow. I don’t want anything from you. I don’t want your house, I don’t want your money, and,” she motioned for me to stand next to her, “I don’t want your cock.” She reached down and fondled me. “I have all the cock I could ever want right here.”

He looked like Kathi had hit him with a hammer. She pulled out suitcases and started packing right then and there. Steve looked like he was going to try to stop her, but I loomed over him, my sticky cock swinging between my legs, and I said, “Fuck off, Steve. Go run off with one of your sluts and don’t come back till late. Leave, or I’ll lock you in the basement like the dog.”

He left, and I helped Kathi load our cars with her clothes, mementos, books, and the other things that we accumulate as time goes by. “That’s it,” she said when our cars were full to bursting. “I’m done with him.” She suddenly reached up and kissed me. “Thank you. I know how hard this is going to be on you, if he tells everyone about us. I don’t know if he’d do anything violent, but you’d better be careful around him. He doesn’t have a gun, but you never know.”

I hadn’t thought of that, but now I saw there was reasons to really worry. But I didn’t care. I would do anything for her, fight for her, kill for her.

Kathi spent that first night at my place, then she took a small apartment and got a job with my company as a clerical worker. I was making more than enough to support us but she refused, saying that she had to learn to live on her own. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen between us. We still saw each other every day, and sex almost every night. Uncle Steve never told anyone why he and Kathi split up, but he bad-mouthed her to my family at every turn. But I think he was afraid of me, afraid of what might happen if he started blabbing. And I think he was truly humiliated, that his gorgeous wife would rather fuck his 23 year old nephew than him.

Then, abruptly, Kathi and I stopped making love. For two weeks, we either wouldn’t do anything, or she would give me a blow job or a hand job, but she wouldn’t let me inside her. I didn’t know what was going on, and she assured me that she still loved me. She excited me terribly, and as delicious as her blow jobs were, to feel the wonderful power of her warm lips, emptying me again and again, it didn’t make up for the lack of closeness I felt when we made love.

I decided to confront her over this. Maybe we should tell everyone about our affair. I was at work thinking this over when I got a phone call from my mother. She sounded terrible.

“You need to come to the hospital right away,” she said. “Your Uncle Steve has been shot.”

Oh, Christ, I thought. She shot him, Kathi went and shot him. I felt the room spin around me and I managed to ask what happened.

“He…He apparently was seeing someone else, another woman, and they got into an argument and Steve hit her. She pulled out a gun and shot him. He’s…he’s very bad.”

I told my mom I would meet her there. I told my boss what happened and, I hate to say it, almost skipped to my car. If the fucker died it would be make things so much easier. But how could I wish for my own flesh and blood to die?

I got there, and the whole family was there. Kathi was there, she was still his görükle escort wife, still next of kin. She looked sad and shocked. Everyone did, but I think most people in my family thought this was how Steve would meet his end.

He’d been shot three times, twice in the chest, once in the shoulder. He was very critical, and the doctors said that he didn’t have much chance of survival. He drifted in and out of consciousness. I’d been there a few hours when I saw Kathi talking to a nurse, and then she came over to me and my mother.

“Steve wants to talk to you,” she said to my mom, “and then to Danny. I’ll go in with him.”

My mom spent five minutes with him and then warned me, “He’s very, very weak. Just said hello and let him rest.” Kathi took me by the hand and led me in.

“I love you,” she whispered, squeezing my hand. I was overjoyed and relieved. “I love you too.”

We were led into the ICU. Steve was there, pale, rasping, obviously just hanging on. He saw me, saw Kathi, and his face contorted into an evil smirk. “It’s the cunt and the pussy. You’d like this, me going out, huh? Ain’t gonna fuckin’ happen. I’m gonna settle with you when I get out of here. Getting shot puts things in perspective. Gonna deal with you, cunt.”

I wanted to strangle him right then and there, but Kathi said, “Do I look different, Steve?”

“Yeah. Older.”

“Nothing else?”


“I should,” she said, leaning next to him, “because I’m told that when a woman is pregnant, she gives off a glow? You don’t think I’m glowing?”

I don’t know who looked more shocked, me or Steve. Because Kathi hadn’t had sex with Steve in six months, and I’d been sleeping with her every night…

“I’m carrying Danny’s child, Steve. Everyone will think it’s yours, but we’ll know the truth. I hope he’s a strong son, even though I’ll have to try to explain how YOU could have a child who isn’t a piece of shit.” Kathi snuggled next to me, looked into my eyes, and put my hand on her belly. “I’m sorry, I was afraid to tell you. I wanted to have a child, with you, and now we’re going to. I hope you aren’t angry.”

I shook my head. I was almost delirious with joy. And Steve had to lie there and see it, see how we didn’t give a damn about him. We left without even saying goodbye. And it came as no big surprise to us when, two hours later, the doctor came in to announce that Steve had taken a sudden turn for the worse, and was dead.

The woman who shot Steve was acquitted of murder charges, self-defense. Kathi actually testified for the woman, who was 22 and quite pretty and terrified. My family was overjoyed at Kathi’s pregnancy, glad that there was at least some good news in our family. And when she delivered a healthy, beautiful boy, no one was the wiser that I was more than just happy at the birth of a cousin. Kathi didn’t tell anyone, and I didn’t either. I wanted to, so badly, but I respected her wishes to raise the boy as Steve’s.

I never asked Kathi to move in with me, though she knew that’s what I wanted. I was making tons of money, I told Kathi she didn’t need to work, but she liked her new job and the friends she’d made. I was terribly depressed.

One night, at home alone six months after little Andy was born, there came a knock on my door that sounded familiar. I opened it and there was Aunt Kathi, looking like a goddess. She was wearing a tight red sweater and a black miniskirt and stockings and heels. “Hi, wow,” I said.

“Your folks are watching Andy,” she said, smiling coyly at me. “I told them I had a date tonight. They didn’t ask with who.”

I let her in and she just attacked me. She pinned me to the wall and drove her tongue inside my mouth and her breasts against my chest. She pulled my shirt over my head and kissed my stomach, my nipples, her busy hands at my belt, at my zipper. When my pants were halfway down around my ankles she thrust her hands into my groin and fondled my erection, “Oh, baby, do you know how much I’ve missed that,” she moaned.

She took my by the hand and said, “Upstairs.” I waddled out of my pants and followed her. We lay down on my bed and she didn’t wait. She pulled her panties off and climbed on top of my, grasping my cock in her hands and lowering her pussy. She ground herself down on my cock and whimpered, “Oh, baby, yes!” I didn’t get a chance to thrust, she just squatted over me and fucked me like a animal. I lasted only a minute before I ejaculated and writhed and twisted beneath her, screaming, “Oh, Kathi, fuck me, I love you, yes!” That one time of course would never be enough, and pretty soon we were fucking almost every other night. I’d spend a lot of nights at her place and so I got to see her and my son, who had a hold on me that I couldn’t believe. We talked more and more about telling everyone the truth, and being together permanently.

Our decision was made for us when, eight months later, Kathi found out she was pregnant AGAIN. There was no way to claim Steve as the father of what we soon found out were twin girls. Twins! It was too much. Kathi and I went to everyone in the family, told them first that she was pregnant again, and then, once all the congratulations were made, told them who the father was. Of Andy, too. It wasn’t easy, my parents especially were outraged, but as time went by everyone came to accept it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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