Aunt watched her best friend suck my dick_(1)

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I started getting busy with graduating school which prevented me much time to have a social life. Graduation day finally came and it was the first time I saw my aunt since my 18th birthday. She acted like she always does. No one ever suspecting I had seen her naked, then accidentally came on her face and in her mouth. Now 3 months later, I’d been constantly replaying the image of my cum on her face while she looks up at me with my dick in her mouth. Watching her let my cum pour out of her mouth into the sink was still blowing my mind. Knowing she had tasted my cum really got me off. The pervert in me wishes she had swallowed it, honestly. I painfully wished I had been able to take pictures , or a video of her phenomenal body. I had never been this consumed with wanting to absolutely ravage someone in every way conceivable. I’ve only had one girlfriend in my life. We dated a little over a year before she broke up with me for a preachers son. She was very religious. I always saw religion as an assumption people made to answer the unanswerable questions they had. Assumptions trying to make sense of the all the shit that makes zero sense. I never understood the mentality. She did let me fuck her every weekend when we dated. It was very vanilla. Mostly missionary with me pulling out and cumming on her stomach. We 69’d twice but she always complained sucking my dick made her mouth numb. Truth is, I often imagined my aunt in my head when I fucked her.

Early that spring I had gotten a text from my cousin Andy that his parents were putting an in-ground swimming pool in. They were also adding an adjacent in-ground hot tub connected to the pool. The first thing that entered my mind was seeing my aunt Penny in some of her bikinis. Then I wondered if I’d get lucky enough to be there when Niki might also be in the pool. Now that summer was about to start up I knew I’d have a little more free time to try and take advantage before college started in the fall. My cousin Andy had always gone to summer camps growing up, he loved the experience. I went one year, but felt I had wasted one month of my summer vacation. This year was no exception for him. I was going to try and really milk staying at my aunts as much as possible while he was gone. I wasn’t disappointed when Penny actually called the first Friday after graduation asking if I was gonna come see their new pool. She talked about the water basketball set they had, and that I should come play. Penny went into detail about how relaxing it is in the hot tub. Joking with me about how great it is “when you have pent up frustrations you just have to get out”, as she chuckled to herself. I then took the flirting further telling her, ” Oh I intend to get all those frustrations out this summer”. I asked what her schedule was for the next week, she replied ” well Andy is leaving in the morning for summer camp, so it will just be Niki and I lounging by the pool all week.” My heart went into my throat as I asked about a good time to come over. Penny told me anytime I wanted to drop by would be fine. My uncle and Niki’s husband had been supervising a new bank being built, and had been working long hours. I made plans with my aunt to see her new pool that coming Monday sometime in the afternoon. escort bayan

I had decided to not masterbate all weekend. If nothing else I planned to leave a giant load of cum on some of my aunts panties. Since my aunt told me Niki would be there, I wasn’t sure how forward I could be. It was a bluebird sunny day that Monday. I slept late wanting to have as much energy as possible just incase things went how I dreamed. I finally arrived at my aunts house at 1 in the afternoon. The front door was unlocked so I just went inside. It was quiet in the house. I walked toward the back door passing through the kitchen. I noticed some margarita mixes on the counter. I walked out onto the back padio to the image of an amazingly landscaped back yard. They had redone the back yard since putting in the pool. It was just like Penny to pay attention the detail and accent this kidney shaped pool, with a large hot tub on its shallow side with shrubs and blooming summer flowers. Then Penny spoke up, “So what do you think?” I looked over to my left where the women were fully reclined in lounge chairs. Penny was wearing a light green white polka dot bikini, and large white rimmed sunglasses. Her hair was up in the bun just like when she works out. Niki was to my aunts right leaving another empty lounge chair to her right. Niki was in a navy blue one piece. It was low cut showing the upper third of her 38 FF breasts. Her hair was also in a bun accompanied by her large black frame sunglasses. I stood open mouthed for a few seconds before for saying ” breath taking”. The two ladies looked at each other and giggled. Then Niki held up a margarita glass saying they need refills.” There’s more made we just put in the freezer not long ago, it needs to be taken out”, my aunt was telling me as I walked back inside. I shut the freezer door and there stood Niki. I didn’t hear or realize she had followed me in. She didn’t say a word and just walked past me toward the guest bathroom. I was hypnotized by her ass cheeks rising and falling as she walked. I then kicked myself for not thinking quicker to snap a picture with my phone.

I walked back out with the pitcher of margaritas and glasses. My aunt thanked me, then told me I could have one if wanted. I declined then took off my shirt and jumped into the pool. I swam a few laps then noticed Niki had come back out. Both women were leaning in toward each other whispering, then laughing as they separated. I asked if they were gonna swim with me, but they seemed too preoccupied to hear me. Right when I though nothing fun was gonna play out Niki ran and jumped in. My aunt followed. In a matter of moments I had two smoking hot cougars with painfully sexy bodies swimming with me. The basketball goal they had was in the waist high area of the pool. I proposed a game of water basketball. Them versus me. Niki knew why I challenged them and called me out. ” He just wants to watch our tits bounce around while we try to run in the water.” I quickly replied ” You’re damn right I do.” Niki seemed pleased with my boldness returning a devilish grin. My aunt spoke up saying she was too buzzed for any of that, she just needed to cool off a minute. Niki then kept flirting with me. I think she bursa escort bayan was curious how far I’d take it. She started shaking her tits side to side then up and down right in front of me. Niki says ” Here, is this what you wanted?” I said ” take them out then do that is what I want.” Then she did. Niki reached up to her one piece bathing suits straps and pulled them down under her enormous tits. They weren’t as perky as my aunts, but they were larger. Not a ton of sag with very dark pink areolas. Her areolas were still very large even with her nipples being quite hard. She continued shaking her tits toying with me ” Are you a tit man?, You like big tittes don’t you.” I admit I was a bit in shock. But my cock wasn’t in shock. It was at full mast. I looked over at my aunt who was smiling then said ” Niki is a bit of an exhibitionist, she poses nude in our art classes a lot.” Then Niki pulled her bathsuit the rest of the way off. “I think I want to work on a full body tan today” Niki purred into my ear. My aunt had started walking out of the pool and over to her chair. I didn’t hesitate anymore and lightly cupped the side of Niki’s breasts. I started kissing the side of her neck just below her ear. She started rubbing her hands on my chest as we started to kiss. I pulled back then started alternating on licking and sucking her nipples. She pulled her shoulder length blond hair out of her bun. Then threw her sunglasses toward my aunt. I just kept buring my face into her cleavage. Her tits were magnificent. She had very dramatic tan lines from her suit. The upper third was very dark with the lower part extremely pale. Her areola seemed very sensitive scrunching up tight becoming less then half the size they had been. I was surprised she let me play and suck on her tits as long as she did.

Niki then backed away pulling on my arm. She held onto my arm walking us out of the pool. She had the bathing suit in the other hand and tossed it toward her lounge chair. I was staring at her glorious ass. My aunt had gone into the house and wasn’t outside. Niki pushed me down onto the lounge chair in the middle of the three. She grabbed the top of my trunks and pulled them down saying ” you won’t be needing these.” I finally got to see her pussy. It was very trimmed with just a small landing strip. Niki was a true blond. She walked around to my left then scooted that lounge chair next to mine. She sat down next to me and we started kissing again. I went back to fondling her breasts while she started to run on my inner thigh. I took the hint and started to do the same to her. I moved up and started to lightly rub the bottom of her stomach. Then I slowly moved my way down to her clit making circles around it with my finger tips. She was now fully stroking my cock. We never stopped kissing while we jerked each other off. Then I heard the back door open up. Penny was walking back outside. She didn’t say a word. I could sense her sitting down right next to me. I broke off Niki and looked over at my aunt. She had on her sunglasses just smiling sipping her margarita. Penny then adjusted the back of her lounge chair so it was upright. The next thing I knew Niki had leaned over and started licking my cock. I looked bursa eskort down to see her lick from my balls all the way up to the tip of my shaft. Then she put the head of my dick in her mouth and started bobbing on it. I looked back over at my aunt and noticed her nipples had become hard. Then as if reading my mind Penny untied her top and took it off. I was in heaven. Getting my dick sucked by Niki while being able to stare at my aunts flawless tits. Penny just sat their with her tits out watching her best friend suck her nephews cock. Niki started gagging then pulled off. She looked at my aunt and said ” I can’t control my gag relex”. My aunt told her ” Right when you feel like you’re about to gag just keep sliding it down your throat.” Then Niki went back to trying to stick all my cock down her throat. She would get it about half down then gag and pull off. I never dreamed it would be this fucking hot. Niki gagging on my cock with my aunt giving her directions on how to deep throat me best. The 4th time I could feel her start gagging then just kept sliding my dick down her throat. She had my cock all the way down her throat as my aunt told her ” see you dirty slut, I told you practice makes perfect.” I knew I wouldn’t last long and let Niki know. She pulled my cock out of her throat and asked me ” When is the last time you had an orgasm?” I told her ” about 3 days”. She looked over at Penny and smiled.

Niki then got up and sat at the feet end of my aunts lounge chair. “Stand up” she commanded me. I stood up and she started sucking my cock again. My aunt was to my right, with Niki sitting at her feet on the same lounge chair. I kept staring at my aunts tits then down at Niki looking up at me slobbing my knob. Niki pulled off my dick and told my aunt to shake her tits for me. Niki went back to sucking me off as my aunt didn’t say a word then just started alternating from shaking her tits side to side to bouncing them up and down. My aunt never stopped watching Niki suck my cock as she shook her tits for me. It was more than I could take. I told Niki “I’m cumming”. She pulled all of my dick out of her mouth. She looked up at me, opened her mouth, then stuck out her tongue. My aunt moved up to the edge of her seat to get a better look. Niki was stroking my cock looking up at me with those stunning blue eyes. The tip of my cock meeting the tip of her tongue. Then I moaned as the first spurt shot out of my dick like a cannon. It flew high and landed on Niki’s forehaed streaming down her nose. She adjusted a little as the second spurt covered her tongue from tonsils to the tip. Niki made a cup with her tongue as the next two spurts filled her open mouth. I’m not sure about the last few dribbles as I was about to pass out and could barely keep my eyes open from this intense orgasm she was giving me. A couple seconds later I had recovered and looked down to see Niki looking up at me. A rope of my cum lining her nose up to her forehead with a giant load completely covering her tongue. She never broke eye contact as she closed her mouth and swallowed my load. I just stood open mouthed as she did. I looked down at my aunt who was looking up at me and joked ” Something else we should just keep between us?” We both busted out laughing. Niki was licking the remaining cum off the tip of my cock when she looked over at my aunt and said ” You’re right, his cum does taste like pineapple.”

To be continued……

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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