Auntie Taken By Storm

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Unless I am a pervert and views things of a sexual nature different to average folks, I think I could say with some degree of conviction that it is impossible for two members of the opposite sex who are at an age of sexual interest whether young or old, related or not, to be living alone together in a house and not, at times, at least play with the idea of having sex with each other. Putting aside the factors of sexual unattractiveness or low libido, under such circumstances, sex is sure to find a welcome playground in one or both minds.

Now, I am a twenty two year old man who is, judging from reactions that I get, very attractive to females. I have almost no inhibitions where sex is concerned, and a very high sex drive. My aunt Delena, who is sixty, used to be, from all I’ve heard and from pictures of her that I’ve seen something of a bombshell. At this advanced age she still possesses a reasonably well preserved face and figure and a definite sexual glint in her eyes. The body of a black woman is not easily slackened by age. Aunt Delena was cruelly abandoned five years ago by her husband of thirty five years, for a much younger woman.

Judging from the movies she shows interest in, and a little discovery I accidentally made a few weeks ago; sex toys in her bedroom, Delena is still very much interested in sex. I also know that she likes a regular drink, her preference being rum and ginger. She openly takes an occasional drink, but behind the door of her bedroom and when she is alone at home, indulges much more frequently than she lets on; I’ve seen the bottles in the garbage, and seen her in a bit of a tipsy condition a number of times when there was no signs of her having been drinking.

Delena is known by the family to be deathly afraid of storms, to the point of sometimes visibly trembling while one is raging. Beats me how someone could live to be sixty and still be afraid of storms, like a child. Of her three grown children two of them are married and living some distance away. The eldest of the three, a girl, is the unmarried one, and was living with her until about a year ago when she went abroad to take up a well-paying job.

I recently secured a job at a meteorological center a distance away from my home town, but very close to my aunt’s home. Her younger sister, my mom, asked her to let me move in with her until I found a place of my own, and she agreed.

As the weeks of living with my aunt went by, I found myself becoming more and more aware of her as a woman, and enjoyed the occasional sight of her in thin nightdresses or loose and accidentally revealing clothes. I was almost always hard when around her, or fantasizing about seeing her naked and making love to that splendid mature body. After about three weeks there I had made up my mind that if the opportunity presented itself I was going to fuck my aunt Delena. I progressed from waiting for an opportunity, to planning in my head how to speed up the possibility.

My job at the met office meant that I had knowledge of impending storms; and it clicked in my mind that a good storm would bring me results as far as fucking Delena was concerned.

So it was that on a night when there was going to be a lot of thunder, lightning and rain I came home that evening with a large bottle of rum, a six pack of ginger ale, and a big lie.

It started raining moderately but consistently about seven o’clock, by which time my aunt had already taken her bath, had dinner, and was plopped down in front of the TV. I knew that the weather was going to get very nasty by about nine o’clock. I took my bath and put on boxers and T-shirt, and entered the den where Delena was sitting and sipping a disguised rum and ginger. I saw how her eyes popped open when she saw the large bottle of rum I was holding in my hand and the two glasses. I put them down on the coffee table without saying a word, and left the room. I returned shortly after with ginger ale and a bowl of ice cubes. I sat down on the sofa next to my aunt. Usually I would sit in a separate chair. She was wearing a loose, knee length towel robe with a nightie of similar length underneath.

“Aunt Delena, I know that you don’t drink often, but I’d be happy if tonight you’d join me in knocking off this bottle, it’s kind of an occasion, I got an unexpected little promotion today, and as I don’t have any drinking buddies as yet at work, I brought home this for us to celebrate together.”

She looked at the bottle and then back at me incredulously.

“What’s wrong auntie, you don’t like this type of rum; or if you don’t feel like drinking it’s alright with me, I won’t mind.”

“No, no, Pat, I’m just surprised, did I hear you say knock off the bottle?” and she gave me the incredulous look again, followed by a wry smile.

“I never even knew that you drank alcohol; I guess I still see you as my little nephew.”

“Actually I don’t drink,’ I lied, “I’ve only had a drink once in my life, and I felt so miserable that I’ve Gaziantep Escort stayed away from it since then, but this is a special occasion.”

“Ok, I’ll help you celebrate, if that’s what you want. I guess the old girl could do with a little drink in weather like this.”

“Good, so if you want you can finish your coffee, or let me take it to the sink for you.” I started to get up.

She gripped the mug tightly, protectively.

“I’ll drink it off,” she said, and put the mug to her lips. Tilting her head back and downing the rum I knew she had in there, in one go.

I cracked the seal of the bottle and poured us both a large drink. I wanted her to get good and sloshed, to increase the chances of me getting into the sweet old pussy. Just the thought of it got my boxers tenting.

“Here’s to many more promotions,” she said, and touched glasses with me. She took a long sip.

“The weather is going to get worse tonight,” I said.

Her hand tightened around the glass.

“Really? I saw the quick look of concern in her eyes.

“Yes, there is going to be a storm, a bad one. It wouldn’t do to be out on the streets tonight.”

As if I had planned it to happen this way, a sudden crack of lightning and rolling thunder interrupted my words. It was not particularly loud, but it caused her to drift down to my side of the sofa, our bodies almost touching.

“I’ve been afraid of storms since I was a child, really afraid,” she said. “But I guess you know that, Pat, the whole family does.” She put the glass to her mouth and emptied it. I quickly poured her another drink.

“No, auntie, I didn’t know that,” I said, feigning surprise. I rested my hand on her thigh. “You don’t have to be afraid, I’m here with you.” I gave the warm thigh a little squeeze.

She gave me a weak smile and leaned closer. I could smell her body spray; it was the scent of apples. The rain came down harder, and I felt her shiver a little. For a while we sat in silence, drinking and watching the sitcom that was playing.

“Oh auntie, there’s a movie I brought home with me from the office today. I’d like to look at it if you don’t mind. The guy who lent me said it’s very good, but I have to return it tomorrow.”

That was a lie, it was a movie from my collection that I’d had for some time. It was one of those soft core adult movies that had some scenes of unsimulated sex; Blow jobs, pussy licking and actual penetration.

“Yeah, why not,” she said.

I got up, turning quickly to hide my tented boxers. I saw her hand reach out and then pull back, and I realized that she might not want to be left alone.

“You can come with me,” I said, and she sprang up and grabbed my arm.

As we walked to the room, I pretended to be a little tipsy, and leaned into her a couple of times, letting my arm brush the side of her big breasts, and my open palm press against her upper thigh and groin area.

In my bedroom I opened the closet and went down on my knees to locate the DVD. She bent down with me and leaned forward, her soft breasts pressing hard into my back. I wondered if she was doing it on purpose or just wasn’t aware, due to being a bit drunk.

She remained close to me as the movie started, our thighs touching. The rain got louder and we had to raise the volume. I poured us both another large drink, and we took liberal gulps. From the beginning of the movie, there was explicit nudity, and it was obvious that steamy sex would follow. I noticed the spark of interest as she realized that it was an erotic movie. I apologized to her, saying I did not know that it was that kind of movie.

“It’s ok,” she said “I’m a big girl you know, lets watch the movie,” she laughed and took a sip from her glass.

Ten minutes into the movie the thunder and lightning started and she threw an arm around me I let my hand fall innocently, high up on her thighs almost touching her pussy. I felt her squirm a little, and heard a barely audible sigh, when the guy penetrated the girl. I could feel her body getting hotter as the minutes went by.

I leaned forward to put my glass on the table with one hand, while the other hand on her thighs went back a little, the fingers pressing against her pussy. I head her gasp, and pulled back slightly. I pretended not to notice, and straightened up back.

A sudden loud roar of thunder made her suddenly threw both arms around my waist. I could feel her elbow grinding into my groin, pressing against my stiff cock. She was trembling like crazy, truly scared. I let one hand find her breast, holding it firmly as she shook against me.

After the roaring ceased she straightened up and took her arms from around my waist. She emptied her glass and poured another drink with trembling fingers.

At one point in the movie a man lifted his girl up off the floor quite easily, and Delena remarked that if it was a woman her size he couldn’t do that. I told her that she was Gaziantep Escort Bayan the same size as the girl, and she said definitely not. I said to prove it I would lift her the same way. She said I couldn’t, and I stood up and told her to stand up too.

“You had better take off that robe, those extra few ounces might be the straw that breaks the camel back,” I said laughing.

“See you’re having second thoughts,” she said as she started to stand up shakily. “Even with this off you won’t be able to lift me as easily as that guy did to the girl. With some hiccups she managed to take off the robe without falling. It was obvious that she was quite drunk now. As she stood there in only her thin plain pink nightie with its narrow shoulder straps, I could see clearly her red underwear and her large hanging breasts, which though hanging, was far from floppy. I could see the dark aureoles and the prominent nipples, and below them her slightly pudgy belly and full thighs. Everything I saw increased my sexual desire for my old sexy aunt Delena.

I bent over, wrapped my hands around her thighs, straightened up and hoisted her easily off the floor.

“See, not so difficult, you’re about the same size of that girl.” I spun around with her, her belly bracing against my chest, her hanging breasts on my forehead, invitingly close to my mouth.

“Put me down before we fall,” she cried out laughingly.

I started to lower her, keeping her body against mine as she came down. My stiff cock wedged its way between her thighs, and I felt it drag roughly against her pussy as she slid to the floor. She felt it too, because I saw her look at the tent intently. But she sat down without saying anything or showing any sign of discomfort at the contact.

“Auntie,” I said trying to make myself sound drunker than I really was, “I want to tell you something about myself, but you must promise not to tell anybody.”

“I promise Pat, whatever it is will remain between just us two.” She drew closer, putting an arm around my back and leaning in with her head on my shoulder. I could feel those soft breasts squashed against my arm, and the jerking of my voracious cock.

“Auntie,” I said, putting a drawl into my voice, and looking her straight in the eyes. “You’re not the only one in the family afraid of storms, I am too, but I’ve managed to keep it hidden from mom and the others all these years, because they would laugh at me. When I was a kid they knew, but as I got older I pretended to have out grown the fear.”

“Oh baby,” she said, throwing both arms around me and rubbing my back, “I know how you feel.” I returned her hug, also rubbing her back and the beginning rise of her buttocks.

” Sometimes, I find it impossible to sleep when there’s a storm, that’s why I’ve been drinking so much tonight, trying to get drunk enough to sleep.” I said.

Just then the thunder and lightning and heavy rain broke loose with a vengeance. She increased the pressure of her embrace, almost squeezing the breath out of me. She threw one of her legs around my waist, trembling and sobbing wildly. I pretended to be trembling and sobbing as well, as we remained in each other’s comforting embrace. We were locked in each other’s arms for about fifteen minutes; all the while my cock was pulsing against the thigh bearing down on it.

The storm eased up considerably and we broke our embrace. She replenished our glasses, and we turned our attention to the TV where a couple was shedding their clothes. The woman took hold of the man’s cock and lowered her head to it, taking part of it into her mouth. The scene shifted.

I told her I was going to the bathroom because I needed to pee badly. She said that she didn’t want to remain in the den alone, so she was coming with me, since she also wanted to pee. Holding on to each other we stumbled our way to the bathroom. She could barely remain on her feet, and I held her up while pretending to be drunker than I really was, allowing myself to brush against and grope at her feminine parts seemingly accidentally. She giggled and said we were a case of the blind leading the blind.

In the bathroom I told her to pee first, and stood outside the door, but she insisted I enter with her. I watched in fascination as she staggeringly raised her night dress, lowered her red lace panties and sat on the bowl. When she was finished she took paper and sopped at her pussy which had a sizable patch of grey hair above and around it. I felt a longing to rip into that grey pussy. There was something very sexy about the grey bush. I would never have believed that I could be so turned on by a grey haired pussy, but it was happening. She got up and motioned to me to go ahead. I walked pass her went to the bowl. I realized that I still had a glass in my hand. I didn’t know if it were mine or hers. Backing her I managed with one hand to free my almost fully erect cock, by pulling down the front of my boxers. I turned Escort Gaziantep around completely, with my cock in one hand and the glass in the other. I called her to come take the glass from me. She gasped at the sight of my puffed up tool, and stepped over tentatively, her eyes fastened to my cock, as she took the glass.

I had barely finished when the storm raged once more and she flew into my arms, almost knocking me over. Arms tightly around each other we stumbled out of the bathroom. I decided that it was time to get down to brass tacks.

“Auntie Delena, I’m really afraid, can I sleep with you?”

“Baby, I’m afraid too, so I would be happy to have you sleep with me, we will keep each other’s company.”

I lifted her off the ground and took her to her room and put her down on the big soft bed. She looked up at me with drunk and something like confused eyes. I didn’t care for either, all I saw was an attractive sexy elderly woman that I was about to fuck and no look or negative feeling was going to get in my way. I watched as she turned on her side, her back to me and her legs slightly drawn up in a halfway fetal position.

I climbed onto the bed and lay behind her, pressing my body against hers. I threw an arm around her and fastened my hands onto a huge soft breast and felt the nipple stiffen immediately in my palm. We lay in that spooning position silent but speaking volumes with our touching bodies. After about three minutes I probed behind her thighs with my knee, and she lifted a leg, allowing mine to slip between hers. My cock asked questions of the cleft of her butt cheeks, and she answered by pushing back firmly against my eagerness.

“Delena, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so badly.”

“I know baby, I know, but do you think it’s the right thing, do you really, really want to go there?” she reached around and patted my hips.

“Yes my sweet auntie, I want to go here.” I put my hand between her thighs and cupped her soaking pussy. “Here is where I want to be, here is where I belong.’

“Well baby, just get in there as quick as you can, I can hardly wait, it’s been so long. Fuck me; fuck me good with that big hard cock.”

She turned onto her back and started taking off her nightie. I helped her get it off, and then roughly dragged her panties off and threw them to the floor. I got out of my clothes and threw myself onto her. She grunted as my weight descended on her. I found her mouth with my mine, and she opened up to my probing tongue. I licked her face, her neck, and bit her shoulder as I fondled the old but still full and mostly firm breasts. I lowered my mouth and took a stiff nipple into it. She writhed under me, thrusting upwards. I felt her hand all over my cock and balls, rubbing, squeezing, and pumping. I slid lower, licking he soft belly, poking my tongue into her navel. I rubbed my face around in the grey bush, sniffing her mature musk. I took the little clit into my mouth, pulling at it and teasing it with my tongue. Then I parted the folds and let my tongue enter her hot eager pussy. She jerked hard underneath my face. Her hand clamped down on the back of my head.

“Oh my, oh my, I never imagined I’d know this sweetness again. Oh, thank you baby thank you.” With her hand holding my head fast, she started winding furiously against my face.

“Put it into me now honey, put that big wonderful thing into me. I want it now, now” she shrieked.

She spread her legs wide as I rose up into position to take her. She grabbed hold of my cock and guided it to the entrance of her waiting chute. I pushed forward against the surprising tightness. I saw her grimace at the resistance, but her eyes implored me to go on. I pushed harder and felt the walls gradually separate. I gave three firm thrusts, and found my way in. she breathed out hard and loud with each thrust. I developed a slow rhythmic grind as her pussy insides adjusted to accept my hardness. She reached up and grabbed my back, pulling me down flat onto her gently writhing body. She bit into my biceps, gently sucking at the muscle as I quickened my pace inside her. Her hands kept me clamped down to her as she writhed under my thrusting.

She suddenly released her hold on me and threw her hands out wide gripping the two sides of the bed as she bit down on her lip, her nostrils flaring and her eyes rolling. She raised her legs high in the air along my sides, then she bent them at the knees and spreaded out, totally accepting my hammering. I rose up, taking the upper part of my body off her, resting on my hands cobra-like. Looking down I saw her pale brown body glistening with sweat. I saw her spread out big breasts rippling and bouncing as I pummeled.

There was a sudden loud crack of lightning and rolling of thunder. Her eyes flew open wide, and I saw that familiar look of fear in her eyes as she once again reached up and pulled me down onto her. She wrapped her legs around and between the back of my legs, locking me into position. I felt her frenzied shaking. I put my mouth over hers and started kissing her ardently. Her tongue wrestled with mine, as her fingers delved into my back. The rain was beating loudly on the roof as I beat against her mound. I could feel the ample hair every time I ground down hard on her.

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