Auntie’s Panties Ch. 06

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Big Dicks

Hailey’s hips bucked slightly as Daisy slid his tongue deeper between her velvet lips. His probing tongue enjoying greater access to her juicy flesh with each thrust his worn and widened butt hole received from the ten inch dildo that hung from Brenda’s waist. Brenda’s hands rested on the hips of her one time boyfriend as she rhythmically fucked him with the rubber probe as her mistress had instructed. Brenda thought only to serve her mistress. She had no thought for her own pleasure unless directed to do so.

As her orgasm grew nearer Hailey shifted her position on the red leather sofa chair and lifted her legs so that her calves rested on Daisy’s shoulders. She held onto his bleached blond ponytail ensuring that Daisy’s mouth remained fixed to her flooding she rode her early waves of pleasure, As Brenda continued to fuck him, Daisy’s nylon covered knees slid slightly on the plush carpet. As dutiful as the mindless slave who was driving deep within his ass, Daisy obediently worked Hailey’s warm and wet flesh without protest. His mistress, no longer merely his Aunt, had directed that his increasingly experienced tongue should work hard to pleasure the slave who had once been an intelligent, inquisitive woman, called Hailey. As Daisy’s lungs filled with Hailey’s musk and his throat with her telling nectar, Brenda shuffled slightly forward herself to compensate for Daisy’s enforced movement caused as Hailey shifted position and drew Daisy tighter to her juicy opening.

Phoebe watched her submissives’ performances from an adjacent lounger enjoying the spectacle, having set the initial direction. Hailey and Brenda were now hers to command. Mindless playthings of their mistress, each having submitted to the mind manipulating power of the jewel that hung from their necks. Their independent thought had been overridden by the need to sate their sexual hunger. That hunger had been instilled through Phoebe’s controlling manner and teasing words and firmly implanted within their weakened minds by the power of the jewel. And as time went by reasoning was rapidly replaced by hunger and desire such that their dependency on their mistress became greater as only she enabled them to sate that hunger..

The sight of her sexually debauched charges made even Phoebe’s slit wet and she toyed and teased her own lips through her loose and open white silk dressing grown as she took in the sight of the submissive threesome. For as much as Daisy had retained some of his conscious thought his will was only to serve his Aunt. His mistress. He had, after all, been the bait that had drawn Hailey and Brenda into Phoebe’s knowing clutches. And his reward for playing such an active part in their capture had been for Phoebe to increase his doses of estrogen such that his unknowing descent into a wanting state of feminism increased at a greater rate.

As Phoebe slipped a second finger into her warm cunt she allowed her strokes to match the rhythm of the white petticoat fan from Daisy’s maid’s uniform which bobbed across his rear as Brenda fucked him. And as much as Phoebe was keen to come herself, she knew that the evening’s festivities would provide plenty of opportunity so she made sure that she kept herself only on the edge. Hailey, on the other hand, had been directed to have no such self control and she exploded into Daisy’s mouth crying out as she came, keeping a told hold of Daisy’s head such that he drank fully of warm, thick juices.

Phoebe waited until Hailey’s gasps subsided slightly before bringing the floor show to its conclusion. “That will be enough now my sluts. Ready yourself for my inspection.” Brenda immediately stopped pounding Daisy’s ass and as she removed the rubber phallus from Daisy’s hole there was a subtle popping noise which drew a simultaneous moan of release from Daisy’s cum drenched lips.

As Brenda stood, Phoebe smiled taking in the sight of her pixie haired marionette waiting patiently for her next command, the belted rubber dildo protruding obscenely from above her shaved mound. Daisy in turn slowly rose to his feet, he bent down and drew his black satin panties up his stockinged legs and straightened his petticoat beneath his black satin maid uniform. Phoebe noticing as he did so that his left stocking had laddered at the knee and his red lipstick was patchy across his lips. Finally Hailey helped herself from the sofa, her orgasmic musk obvious and sweet to Phoebe’s nostrils.

Phoebe slowly rose herself and walked towards her slaves. Each of them stood head bowed awaiting their next direction. She removed the dildo from Brenda’s hips watching as the dreamy eyed woman looked on in wonder as she did so. From behind the docile plaything, Phoebe flicked the fringe of Brenda’s pixie cut, for no real reason, and cupped Brenda’s right breast, tweaking the metal stud bar that pierced its nipple. Phoebe enjoyed the warmth of Brenda’s body as she stood close to her and although she could not see Brenda’s eyes close as Phoebe manipulated the metal piercing, Phoebe could hear the deep moan Kadıköy Escort that her actions caused. “Are you wet slave?”

“Yes mistress.”


“I wanted so much to taste Hailey’s sweet nectar as she came.”

Phoebe smiled and walked around to the front of her devoted flock turning to Hailey whose body was soaked in perspiration. “No need to ask if you’re wet is there Hailey?”

“I came mistress,” Hailey said dully. Phoebe smiled at the wanton shell before her. She knew that neither Hailey nor Brenda cared for anything than to be their mistress’s willing playthings.

Phoebe placed her fingers between Hailey’s thighs and found evident signs of Hailey’s cum. As Phoebe buried her fingers deep within the slave, Hailey shifted her gait and moaned deeply. Phoebe extracted her fingers and lifted them towards Brenda’s mouth teasing her momentarily before firmly directing her.

“Taste.” Brenda’s mouth opened and she moved it onto Phoebe’s fingers lapping at Phoebe’s fingers like a thirsty pet. “Good girl,” Phoebe said, slowly withdrawing her fingers from Brenda’s mouth.

“Now,” Phoebe said suddenly, “I want you both to nap for a few hours and then get showered and changed for tonight’s party. I have set your alarm clock accordingly. When it sounds you are prepare yourselves as I have instructed. Is that clear?”

“Yes mistress.” Uniformly delivered.

“I have also laid out your clothing in your room. I expect you both to make me proud tonight. Is that clear?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Good. Now go.”

The two naked women half skipped from the living room as they headed towards the door, hand in hand. “And no making out in the showers you dirty sluts.” The two of them carried on towards the stairwell but each giggled knowingly at Phoebe’s comment as they did so.

Phoebe turned to Daisy who stood with his head bowed and his heeled shoes positioned as if standing to attention. Phoebe noted that as well his tarnished stocking his energetic work between Hailey’s thighs had meant his white lace headpiece remained fixed to his hair by only one of of its four grips and his blonde pony tail was loose and disorganized. “You should also tidy yourself up Daisy. We will be having guests tonight as you know, so your normal house uniform will not be adequate. You will also find something suitable in your room which you will wear. The guests are due to start arriving at 7pm so I expect you ready to serve by 6pm. Am I clear?”

“Yes mistress.” Although Daisy’s mind was still reasonably lucid, his will had been diminished by the enforced feminisation that his Auntie, his mistress, had imposed upon him over so many years and had re-enforced mercilessly since her return into his life. Phoebe had slowly and deliberately sissified her nephew first by dressing him in lingerie and then setting suitable traps into which his submissive will tumbled and yet strangely felt at home within. The day that Phoebe witnessed Daisy willingly & excitedly taking a firm cock into his mouth was the day that Phoebe knew Daisy was just another one of her transformed obedient slaves. Any initial humiliation that Daisy had felt as his transformation began had now been replaced by the excitement of being forced into service as his Aunt’s sissified maid.

As Daisy began to leave the lounge Phoebe thrust the dildo towards him. “Take this and lick it clean before tonight. I have a feeling it will be used again.” Daisy said nothing as he took the large rubber phallus from Phoebe, he merely curtsied and left the room leaving Phoebe to her thoughts

She checked her watch and decided that she was not actually prepared to wait three hours for her orgasm after all and returned to the lounger, spread her thighs and began to finger her clit with intent.


When Daisy saw the outfit his mistress had chosen for him he became very excited. The white latex outfit was a far cry from the normal silks and satins that he had become accustomed to since his Aunt had enforced her domination of his will. Daisy was excited, however, he noticed the cut and shape of the latex outfit would mean his physical shape would have full public exposure. Even though his normal maid’s uniforms provided some exposure to his private areas the under skirts would generally provide some protection. This outfit was stark in comparison and would provide no protection. Daisy’s face blushed with embarrassment and excitement at the thought.

He hurriedly showered and then powered his body before starting to dress himself. Daisy sat at his dressing table and turned his attention to first applying the latex stockings to his legs. He first placed his right hand into one of the stockings feeling the strange mix of a cooling and warming effect across his skin as he did so. He bent forward and started to draw the first of the stockings up his right leg. The latex sat snugly against his hairless powdered leg. It wasn’t long before his second leg was similarly Kadıköy Escort Bayan covered, his feet fitting snugly into the toe of each stocking.

Unknowing to Daisy’s eyes, the thrill that he was feeling from dressing in such exciting attire was beginning to make the nipples on his increasingly perky breasts very pronounced, a result of the increasing estrogen that Phoebe had been adding to his diet to enhance his physical and mental feminisation.

With the latex hugging his legs, Daisy almost skipped towards the bed in anticipation of putting on the latex top. He looked at the item for a moment and his eyes widened as he imagined how each of the eight suspenders, which hung from its base, would feel as they held the top of his stockings in a taught grip. He fed his arms into each of the sleeves, the latex tight to his skin as he did so. Daisy drew the front of the top together and positioned the two sides of the zip before pulling it slowly towards his neck. As Daisy drew the zip upwards it increased the tightness of the top across his chest making his increasingly visible breasts more pronounced. The sudden sensation across his now compressed skin caused his nipples to become deliciously obvious on the surface of the responsive material and generated a thrill within him that made Daisy shudder slightly.

Leaning forward he took hold of the top of his right stocking and began to steadily attach each of the four suspender straps to the latex before moving on to his other leg. As each strap took hold of a stocking he could feel his body’s length becoming more restricted as the straps created tension between his upper and lower body. With the final strap attached Daisy stood up fully and felt a further tingle run through his nerve ends as the taught material cocooned his body shape. Although he was no stranger to the feel of a suspender belt around his waist, the draw of the suspenders from his top to his stockings was a totally different experience for Daisy and the confinement across his body was developing strange feelings within him that he could not explain.

Picking up the final piece of clothing from the bed Daisy held the panties in his hands examining the fitted butt plug which was stitched into the latex. He opened a tube of lube which an accompanying handwritten note from his mistress directed he should apply to the rubber plug. With the lube applied Daisy stepped into panties and, as with his other items of clothing, the latex full panties clung to his skin snugly. Daisy eased his ass onto the butt plug as he pulled the panties into place across his abdomen and felt the five inches of rubber slot into his used hole like a key into a well worn lock. Sliding his hand into the front of his panties Daisy shifted his flaccid cock into the obstructive snug, but his estrogen infused body meant that the snug was very much redundant.

As Daisy leaned across the bed to reach an unopened shoe box he felt the plug shift within him and he released an unconscious moan of pleasure. Inside the box Daisy found a pair of white five inch heeled stilettos that were suitably constructed from cheap plastic. He sat on the bed and placed each of the shoes onto his feet. Without further hesitation he sat himself at his dressing table and began to apply make up to his face as the final touch to his stark appearance.

When he was satisfied with his work he stood up and walked towards the full length mirror door of his wardrobe and examined himself. He was now an expert at applying his make up and noticed how mistress had of course chosen well when he say how his crimson lips and highlighted cheek bones complimented the harsh white latex outfit so well. His bleach blond pony tail making a slight swishing sound on the material as he moved his head excitedly from side to side.

His mistress would be so proud to show him off tonight Daisy thought admiring himself.


Daisy hurried from the kitchen to the living area responding to the demands of his Aunt’s guests. The three women talked casually as they awaited their hostess. To Daisy’s muted senses the manner of their attire caused him no distraction, but to a less manipulated male mind the sight of the three women would have easily excited his sexual appetite. Each of the women’s explicit outfits exuded power and allure in equal measure. The high end leather, lace and satin corsets and lingerie highlighted the toned bodies of each of the mistresses. Each confident that they were a powerful sexual creature, knowing full well how to use such sexual power to inhibit their prey and mercilessly devour them.

Beside each of the seated mistresses stood two women, none of whom engaged in conservation with their betters or even with Daisy. They each stood with their heads bowed, hands resting crossed at their abdomens as if each of them had been placed into a stand by mode. As Daisy had helped each of them remove the cloaks that they had worn on arrival his dulled mind Escort Kadıköy had not comprehended that some of the women had been, and remained, completely naked bar heeled shoes of no less than five inches. For those that were clothed their attire was gaudy, cheap lingerie more suited to a back street brothel.

Having ensured that each of the mistresses was suitably plied with food and drink Daisy headed up the stairs towards his Aunt’s bedroom. He had been instructed to make her aware when all of the guests were suitably settled so that she could make her grand entrance as hostess. Daisy knocked at the door and waited. The door opened and Daisy was suddenly face to face with his Aunt, he had little time to take in her outfit before he felt a firm hand across his right cheek. “Lower your fucking eyes you submissive piece of shit.” Daisy’s cheek stung but it also reddened from the shame of upsetting his wonderful, dominant, mistress.

Phoebe was already at the bottom of the stairs and heading into the lounge by the time Daisy had composed himself. As he also headed down the stairs himself he heard his Aunt’s voice as she greeted her guests.

“Darlings!” Phoebe exclaimed in a manner intended to cut across any other conversations that may have been taking place. She moved into the lounge greeting the first of her invited guests with a suitably glowing embrace. The embrace was fleeting and cool, the rivalry evident to those of knowing within the room. Phoebe was at least satisfied with her decision to wear six inch heels as she was able to achieve a semblance of equality in physical stature.

“Why Phoebe you look delightful,” the woman said breaking the embrace. Of similar age to her host Mistress Charlotte’s face held a fixed smile but Phoebe could see that her eyes were colder as they fixed her hostess’s eyes calculatingly. Charlotte’s trim body was accentuated by the leather corset that encouraged the flesh of her breasts to spill appetizingly above its over-bust. Charlotte’s eyes brightened slightly as she took in Phoebe’s attire and the slow lick of her lips as she did so excited Phoebe. “In fact my dear Phoebe, you look good enough to eat.”

Phoebe smiled at the comment, pleased with her decision to choose the blood red satin corset from her wardrobe for this special occasion. Her own curvaceous frame elevated by her black patent heels whilst her legs were encased in charcoal fully fashioned stockings. “My dear Charlotte it has been a while since I have enjoyed the taste of your nectar on my tongue.” Charlotte leaned in for a further embrace with Phoebe and this time there was a greater warmth between the two of them.

“You look glorious Phoebe. I am jealous. You will tell me your secret.” Phoebe’s clit twitched as she shifted on her heels. Her mind was cast back to the day when Charlotte had seduced Phoebe into her first experience of lesbianism. Charlotte had found a willing pupil and Phoebe had found her life taking on a new unexpected purpose as Charlotte had schooled Phoebe in the art of lesbianism and then domination. And yet as much as Phoebe was very much the domme to her slaves, she remained very much the slave to her domme. The pupil remaining very much beholden and willing to return for more lessons on the subject of sapphic love and domination.

As Phoebe and Charlotte broke off and Charlotte returned to her seat, Phoebe moved to greet each of the other mistresses in attendance in her lounge. As she did so she gave a cursory look to each of their companion slaves who Phoebe noticed approvingly were suitably cowed and submissive beside their respective mistress. As she moved to embrace Mistress Helen, Phoebe caught sight of the figure that stood behind her right shoulder.

As Helen and Phoebe separated Phoebe moved towards the docile woman. She examined her for a moment and noticed that Helen had decided to augment her breasts since taking ownership. Noting Susan’s age this would have been wise but also costly. “I see you’ve noted the changes I have made on that one. However, it has proven surprisingly versatile so worthy of such investment. And you did let me have it for such a bargain in the first place.” Phoebe looked towards Helen and then back to Susan.

Phoebe stood in front of Susan and placed her hand firmly on the slaves chin, lifting it so that Phoebe could see her face. Not that the docile woman would have likely remembered, but Susan’s transition had begun within the four walls of Phoebe’s house and Phoebe could see that the spirit that this woman had once brought across the threshold of the house was a distant memory. She was now no more than a dutiful slave like each of the other docile figures who stood with their mistresses. Susan’s shaggy mop of red dyed hair hung across her eyes and although Phoebe held her face so that she could stare directly into the slave’s eyes, Susan’s eyes remained focused to the floor. “What is your name?”

“I am Slave Susan, Mistress.”

“Who do you serve?”

“I serve Mistress Helen.” The dull tone in the slave’s voice was a clear sign that the once independent spirit was now owned by her mistress. Free will and spirit surrendered to a better. A perfect scenario in Phoebe’s world. Phoebe examined the slave for a moment more, amused by the knowing scent of musk already coming from between Susan’s thighs.

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